Winston got it right

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  1. The best argument for democracy is having a conversation with a drunken arrogant politician like Winston Churchill was.


  2. The only thing about Democracy is that it is usually decidedly UN-Democratic!!! Gaz


  3. Winston Churchill is often attacked for many and varied reasons, but all I know is that if he had not inspired the English to make a stand against Hitler, the U.K. would have gone down as fast as every other country did. His spoken words could not have been said by anyone who was not genuine in his beliefs. What would be the reason other than the hope that the English would prevail. And they did. But for Winston Churchill, your kids would all be in the NAZI world army, or they would be dead. We could do with a bit more of that in Australia at the this time to inspire all those who have given up hope or too lazy to get involved in trying to save this country from the totalitarian agenda of the one world government, now well under way, while most spend their time worshipping the God of Sport and Big Pharma, while the country collapses around them.


  4. Folks should read the banned book (banned by Amazon one year ago) The Bad War by M.S. King. As well as How Britain initiated Both World Wars by Nick Kollerstrom. Winston Churchill was no saint, no demigod. (He rather enjoyed the war crime of Dresden.) Sadly, the mass media enforces the one and only allowed view of historical events concerning World War II. As we have lamented on our blog, there is an entrenched bias in Western historiography against Germans and Germany.

    As to Democracy, it only works, it can only work with a virtuous citizenry. ignorance and apathy are not virtues but are the prevailing or predominant characteristics now of the population. As well, propaganda that plays to people’s emotions serves to get people to vote for things that are not truly in their best interests.


  5. Thanks Larry you have a great outlook on things that matter.Ed


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