PM’s no-show at repatriation “a bastard act” – Veterans Party

Hearses carrying the remains of 33 Australian service personnel and dependants leave RAAF Base Richmond after a repatriation ceremony at the base to welcome them home from cemeteries in Malaysia and Singapore. Photo by  Corporal David Gibbs

Mr Davey said that the PM’s decision demonstrates that he is seemingly more interested in his own political career than honouring fallen veterans and their families on a day of national significance.

“Like many Australians, I chose to watch the live coverage of the Terendak Repatriation. To my surprise, which quickly turned into an emotion of disgust, was the evident absence of our Prime Minister,” Mr Davey said.

“The Prime Minister holds the office that determines if Australia’s men and women go to war, and he should certainly have been there to see their return home, especially at a moment of such significance to the families, Vietnam Veterans and the wider Australian public.

“Mr Turnbull’s decision to campaign in a mattress factory was incomprehensible, and probably robbed the opposition leader of the opportunity to attend alongside the PM in a show of bipartisanship.

“I’ve been hearing the reaction of many veterans and whilst the majority of them were hammering the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has also been copping a fair flogging.

“Now I’m only speculating here, but I would suggest that if Mr Turnbull had made the conscious decision not to attend, then probably no opportunity existed for Mr Shorten to attend – but, Mr Shorten probably needs to clarify why he was not there too.”

Mr Davey added that Treasurer Scott Morrison’s choice of words and signage at a concurrent press conference was a poor decision.

“If I was Mr Morrison I’d be checking whether my closest advisers and confidants were members of another political party, because using the word ‘war’ in both his speech and accompanying signage at the time of a repatriation ceremony was simply clueless,” Mr Davey said.

“Surely such a political aspirant didn’t come up with this ‘brain-child’ idea himself.

The Veterans Party leader said today’s performance by key members of the Government were hardly heartening for Australia’s veterans or those who serve in the Australian Defence Force, let alone others in the Australian public.

“Let me say this to you Mr Turnbull; your decision today leads many to the suspicion that you possess no tradition other than self-interest. You have demonstrated a complete lack of leadership and a total disconnect from the issues close to the heart of our country. Even odds however, come Anzac Day, and you are the Prime Minister, you’ll be there hand on heart and taking salutes from members of the men and women who serve our country,” Mr Davey said.



Tuesday morning 31st May 2016 leader of this nation Malcolm Turnbull did not acknowledge returning thirty-three of our soldier and dependants from Malaysia and Singapore cemeteries in coffin draped with the Australian flag and carried by members of our ADF from the two Hercules aircraft at Richmond RAAF Base in NSW led by a chaplain, a lone piper and a drummer through a guard of honour into a hangar where some 100 relative had assembled to grieve.


Opposition leader Bill Shorten also was conspicuous by his absence as he maintain that plethora of lies and deceit with Mr Turnbull on their panic stricken campaign trail reflecting voters turning away in droves from the corrupt governments delivered by Liberal and Labor, took preference to honoring our fallen returning home.

Ex-service men and women wishing to reclaim Australia from the clutches of Liberal, Labor and Greens, to disengage them from controlling your parliament, may vote for “Veterans Party ” by visiting candidates tab on their website – and place the LNP’ALP’Greens last on you ballot paper.

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Do not forget to take a pen with you on polling day, just to keep the bastard honest. Polling booth pencils can and do get altered. If you are challenged using ink, ask to see the supervisor of the booth to show you where in the electoral act it states you must use pencil – it does not exist.