TV media tipped off as Mark Aldridge, candidate for Wakefield in Adelaide, is arrested by cops. A similar thing happened last time Mark ran for Parliament.

Federal candidate threatens legal action over arrest

Roscoe Whalan, 7News Adelaide, Yahoo!7

Updated August 19, 2013, 6:28 pm

A candidate in next months federal election is threatening legal action against police claiming he has been unfairly targetted after he was arrested and released without charge.

Independent candidate Mark Aldridge said police showed up on his doorstop around 8am yesterday without a warrant.

Using his secret camera watch, Mr Aldridge said he documented what happened inside the Elizabeth police station.

Bruised and battered to be honest, and pretty horrific and scary experience for sure, Mr Aldridge told 7News.

He said he was only then given a warrant for his arrest, asking for a DNA sample in relation to alleged breaches of his firearm licence.

But after six hours in custody, he was released without giving a sample and without being charged.

Mr Aldridge is running as an independent in the seat of Wakefield, in Adelaides north.

He said he was arrested on different matters while campaigning in 2010.

Im not really sure what this is about, and the timing didnt seem very appropriate, Mr Aldridge said.

Ill definitely be taking action against the police for putting me in custody for no reason.

This will be going to court and Ill fight this all the way, and they can keep trying to intimidate me if they like, and I will keep fighting back.

His lawyer Greg Morcom said: This is just another example of the police having no respect for my clients and indeed the publics civil liberties in general.

Police refused to answer questions from 7News about the incident, instead suggesting if Mr Aldridge has a problem then he should take it to the police ombudsman.

*NOTE: Member for Wakefield Nick Champion attacked the anti-Gillard protest in Canberra in 2011, saying a banner talking about Agenda 21 and UN-IMF global governance are very weird, strange, extreme, conspiracy theories.

Sounds like Champion, a former union organizer and ALP state president, is one of those socialist types promoting those very programs behind the scenes while denying they even exist.

Liberal candidate for Wakefield is Tom Zorich, a businessman who needs a 12% swing to unseat Champion.
Someone desperately wants to discredit Aldridge and it looks more like Champion, who would be very familiar with union-style political dirty tricks. He would not want Aldridge to get a substantial vote that could spill over to the Liberals on preference distribution.