Letter to the Editor

My brother has been a medical research scientist/Professor in Germany for 40 years.  He is about to retire to live near my other two brothers at Bega.

Having published over 100 peer-reviewed Papers, he is one of the top world experts in DNA, mRNA etc.
When the coronavirus problem began, I telephoned him in Germany and asked him about the mRNA vaccines.

2.5 years ago over the telephone and 1.25 years ago in person he said to me:-

  1.   mRNA technology has great potential in many fields including vaccines, cancer, diabetes etc BUT NOT UNTIL AFTER ANOTHER FIVE YEARS OF RESEARCH
  2.   the vaccines against coronavirus will not work, but by the time people wake up to that fact, billions in profits will have been made;
  3.  the vaccines against coronavirus will not prevent one infected person ( vaccinated or not) from transmitting the disease to another person
  4. “they” HOPE that the vaccines will reduce the frequency of mortality and severity of symptoms of coronavirus, but it is too early to say, because we do not yet have enough SCIENTIFIC data to know one way or the other.
    “they” HOPE that is the case and that is the official propaganda line, but as yet we do not know – we do not (as at 1.25yrs ago) have enough data.

In other words mRNA vaccines MIGHT be of benefit to cattle.

But we need to be vigilant and insist on knowing the benefits vs the risks before proceeding with anything.
We do not want bullshit propaganda (as has happened), we want PROPER SCIENTIFIC DATA and transparency and accountability.

L Stewart

Coffs Harbour