Letter to the Editor

I believe it is not just our leaders who are crazy, we the people must be to put up with this. I am attaching an article by ABC news I came across, 5 Apr 2022. I guess it is election year so perhaps the MSM may start stirring the pot.

Businessman Chris Hartley listed as director and secretary of the mysterious group

The article refers to funding provided by the government (taxpayer) in this year’s budget to the tune of $18 million, for 5 years commencing from 2021/22, then $4 million each year after that; awarded to a non profit organisation (it’s a charity!?) registered Apr 2021, known as The Australian Future Leaders Foundation Ltd.


The funding is for a program known as the Australian Future Leaders Program. (Anything sounding familiar in all this?) The directors are noted as Chris Hartley, Julie Overton & Andrew Overton. Details of Julie Overton & Andrew Overton from Linked-in I have attached (I believe them to be the correct people identified in the article). Chris Hartley I could not access.
According to the article, the organisation has no office, staff or website. (except the directors listed) There was no tender process and it was given approval as the Governor General endorsed the proposal, in fact, and I quote ‘the Governor-General supports the Australian Future Leaders Program and intends to serve as its inaugural Patron.’

Would that be a paying role? I hope not. There is even more in the article. I am thinking further investigation may be warranted.


from Blisskitt