Google bans a search for Cairns News

We wish to apologise to readers for Mark Zuckerberg and his Jewish mates for blocking cell phones from using a Google search for Cairns News.

We at Cairns News refuse to use Google at all when there are numerous other search engines available.

Zuckerberg is a tool of the Deep State who has censored thousands of Falsebook users for criticising his ilk.

It came to our notice today that cell phones could not log onto Cairns News using a Google search.

We tested our phones and found we were unable to Google search Cairns News. Nothing new here and remember there are other search engines. Editor

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. please let folk know ________________________________


  2. Please forward ________________________________


  3. Not seeing the big picture? The classic Coke bottle lenses do it every time.

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  4. Ever been on Falsebook and tried doing a Google search from there? Don’t tell us you don’t know who owns Google, we’d have to conclude your level of knowledge is very poor. lol What’s the weather like in Jaffa today?

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  5. Hi periguinfalcon, Lol. Maybe just not seeing the BIG picture like so many others? But you are absolutely correct.
    Whilst Sundarararajan is Indian, he is simply another sell-out puppet of his Jewish masters…
    Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of Google.
    The founders of which are Larry Page (Jewish) and Sergey Brin (Jewish Russian).
    Shareholders include BlackRock and Vanguard. Jewish.
    Reckon that’s enough Jewish to sink a ship huh?!


  6. periguinfalcon

    Google is jew owned ! Are you retarded????

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  7. Are you crazy Mark z does not own Google he has Facebook the CEO of Google is Pichai Sundararajan and he’s of Indian decent not Jewish.


  8. crisscross767

    Re the returned to me message from Akismet posted below.

    Wed 25/05/2022 9:02 AM
    As I said in my original email I am no longer receiving notifications of new posts or replies to comments.

    Whoever reads the emails at Cairns news did not understand the situation.


    Whats that?

    Sent with ProtonMail secure email.

    ——- Original Message ——-


  9. And Ed – My comment authorization does not seem to stick – I have to login every time – this changed about a week ago??

    I sent you an image directly..


  10. crisscross767

    Dear editor, Could you sort this out please. What they say is beyond my comprehension.

    Akismet Support

    Michelle (Automattic)

    May 22, 2022, 17:34 UTC


    The options to notify any comments via email are deactivated in:

    To continue administrating this account, we need account ownership confirmation.

    I recommend you to contact us using the correct owner’s credentials or share the last Transaction or Receipt ID on this email as a confirmation.

    Since you have access to the credit card statements used for this account, you’d find a unique transaction identifier for each Jetpack transaction.

    It’ll be a letter/number code followed by *Jetpack. They are also on any emailed receipts from Jetpack.

    They’ll look like this:

    XXXXXXXXXX *Jetpack

    You may also be able to call your credit card company for this information.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    My best regards,


  11. Dear editor:

    I have been bypassing, blocking (litterally), and boycotting google for ten years now and…

    I live very well and find everything I need on the web..

    I even blocked all their Ip adresses on my firewall.

    I refuse to use youtube, facebook and others of the same kind.

    My life has never been better and I do not expect any traffic from them and yet I get a lot.

    It’s like mansitream news, you are not obliged to read, hear or watch them and yet you still get the news, only they are real and not fae news.


  12. That why I used Ducky Ducky Go


  13. Everything is Jew owned, they will gradually change the algorithms in the next few years for the search engines, wait until the goyim slowly die off replacing you with third world trash who can’t reason, think or are devoid of any logic. Reports are saying that in 2026 all cars will require a government control “KILL SWITCH” on all vehicles. George Orwell was correct, just got the dates wrong! ALL media is Jew owned just like your politicians, the whole elections saga is just democracy in disguise for the dumb idiots, Labour were going to win, its not rocket science folks. Your leaders are hand picked and groomed for years to come, its just a big pantomime for grownups. A big illusion! God help us all in the next two years!


  14. It’s true, the Google Jews Sergey and Larry now have you on page 2 for a Jewgle Search: cairns news. Looks like they have written a special algorithm just for I have had a lot of fun with jewgle over the years. My favourite was the ‘israhell’ search which would always pop up with the helpful query: ‘did you mean israel?’. And of course the gorilla search : images page at one time included a lot of the migrant invasions image they had already censored for more conventional searches. You are still page one , first entry on duck duck go.


  15. Thanks Tonyryan43, I was looking for an alternative to duckduckgo


  16. Must be the servers malfunctioning unintentionally or intentionally? Ed

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  17. Good to hear but it was true. Ed


  18. I used Duck Duck Go, all good!


  19. Why would any self respecting moron use something like Google which has ZILCH RESPECT for morons and their privacy?

    They appear to track everything a moron does and everywhere a moron goes, and they spread the information to whoever they want for whatever reason they want, including entities which specialise in keeping COMPLETE DOSSIERS on people.

    So guess then why the guvernors want to force you into having a “DIGITAL IDENTITY”?

    Tracking on uber steroids, 24/7!!!

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  20. not true, just tried and it worked


  21. Hi crisscross767, I noticed yesterday the Editor posted about this issue – also being raised by other contributors.
    He explained that the CN system is currently overloaded hence the “spasmodic” receipt of emails.

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  22. Thank you for this article.I have had thath problem all this year.I read the main page on email and when I press to go to Comment, I am informed that my server can’t do it.Very frustrating.
    I will try Duck Duck Go.


  23. crisscross767

    Jew Gabriel Weinberg Owns DuckDuckGo – GoyimTV

    Rindfleisch Published on Mar 12, 2021 Alternative searchengines:

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  24. crisscross767

    I no longer receive Cains News email notifications. It’s the second time it has happened. I notified Askimet a few days ago but so far no reply.


  25. Greg Morrison

    They are Wankers😡

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  26. swisscows works well.


  27. Try the search “cairns news org” – that works 😉



    For Tasmanians who haven’t a clue what issues their Senate candidates stand for, as it would be hard to find on Giigle Insanity.

    The only one without a link is Fenella Edwards who on face-plant points to ‘how to vote one climate action.’

    In the words of the Australian Federation Party, “The big parties have lied to the People and acted incompetently in managing public health, the economy and defence. They have exaggerated the magnitude of the covid pandemic by nearly 50 times (see the diagram below) and adopted policies straight from Communist China. In this process, they have taken on a mountain of debt and put to risk Australia’s economy and defence. Their policy of shutting down international and internal borders and cramping supply chains, and taking on massive debt have created massive inflation and also fed into high home prices. A stench of corruption pervades these parties: they are not driven by Australia’s interests.”

    Today for Cairns News and the children on Australia, please put the boots into the Labor, Liberal, Green puppet parties.

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  29. Congratulations Cairns News, I would take that as a compliment


  30. Stopped using google search over 12 months ago. Brave is the one ATM to use as Duck Duck Go is now gone full commie too. Bing is also bad.


  31. it’s the .org – most people won’t know that – It’s true that if you search for “Cairns News Banned” the link is on page 2. The way they do it is subtle – perhaps others have better examples..


  32. ive just tried on google, typed in Cairns and no problems


  33. This indicated that thay are running scared. Thank you Cairns News for your superb service. A suggestion to all zuckerberg requires a rename. Change his z to an f as really that what he is.

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  34. Use Duck Duck go you don’t get crap on the first page only what you are looking for.
    No ads with pages that aren’t there when you click on them, Google is rubbish and so is Zukkerfak

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  35. That says to me you are hitting hard. The truth will do that. Keep up the fantastic work

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  36. Unbelievable! You must be doing something right! Note that DuckDuckGo finds you no problem. I don’t use anything from the 3 letter criminals.


  37. Mr. WEF Monstrous Tyrant Zuckerberg hopefully will get what’s coming to him (and all the other Tyrants) for his crimes against global populations.
    It should be renamed Poogle, Pootube and Fuxxbook. These Monstrous Tyrannical Bastards hopefully one day will be smashed to pieces for what they have all done to the people of the world.
    Burn in hell you Tyrants.

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  38. Seriously an EVIL controlling entity, always a way around these cowards who try to be little Hitlers , full of self importance. But being the ultimate optimist I believe we’ll shine a light and work around the nasty negativity. 🙏💛


  39. Google is Jew owned like everything else

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  40. I haven’t tried them but Yandex and Qwant came up in a discussion on another thread.


  41. I meant to say in my comment above that Brave now uses many cookies to track users when they changed their policy a few weeks ago. which is why I am looking for a new search engine ( not duck duck go please ) if someone can suggets one.

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  42. I use Brave but that is now just as bad as google. I want to leave Brave
    Can anyone learned out there please suggest the best/safest search engines to use! many thanks in anticipation.

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  43. Cairns News came up on Brave as first listing. You’re right about Google. Couldn’t find anything.

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  44. truthtellertonni

    You know you are on the right side of history when those demonic maggots censor you.
    Nice work Cairns News 😉



    Is disappointing Ed, that your namesake Eddie Betts promotes neighbourhood snoop and serial pest security products.

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  46. I am not supportive of googleNOT TRUSTED
    Duckduckgo is the best

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  47. Hi H, Yes totally.
    Lol first the Aussie Cossack, now CN, who are they gonna try and silence next?
    We’re obviously winning this war.

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  48. Use Brave as your browser and duck duck go as your search engine. Compare the search differences’ provided by both . It will wake you up to how controlled and censored google is.

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  49. You know that Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the CEO of Google right?

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  50. Hi Editor, Wow! But clearly demonstrates how much of a threat CN is in your revealing of Truth.
    Wonder where that little directive came from?
    Cutting their nose off…….
    Reckon the following is fitting:


  51. Well that’s a highly esteemed endorsement for CN, as they only attack those that are having a noticeable impact.

    Congratulations everybody.

    A H wrote about this in Mein Kampf.

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