Letter to the Editor

The King Cobra = ‘corona’ (crown)…a king wears a crown.
The historic meaning of a ‘virus’ is ‘venom’
The Cobra venom has 19 different venom specific toxic proteins (evidenced/referenced)
These 19 specific toxins can destroy the internal organs of a mammal.

Think about the symptoms of a deadly snake bite….blood dyscrasias for starters.

Co venom-19

They have used PCR testing to sequence the genes of all snake venom research for the last 20 years.
A PCR is able to identify venom proteins and peptides.

Treatment obviously would be an antivenom then.
Antivenom is found in monoclonal antibodies.
The CDC, NIH and FDA have banned the use of monoclonal antibodies.

Many cancer drugs are derived from snake venom for those who were not aware.

What is Remdesivir?
Is it King Cobra venom in a freeze dried injectable form?
It has caused kidney damage.
Like a poisonous snake would.
It was recommended as the treatment.

So a King Cobra highly venomous medically important snake, researched over a number of years, is injected in a heavily promoted ‘clinical trial’? and when people get ‘covid-19’ in hospital they are given remdesivir? with a bad outcome like death?

Just clarifying, if you watch the interview with this critically thinking Doctor, there are a number of colliding moments leading to research over a number of months for him to get to this analysis.
But it’s not a random idea.
Even the MSM in Jan 2020 were mentioning snakes.
They mentioned “bats, snakes and pangolins” on the record.

It was quite possibly right there in plain view, as usual.

One thing appears sure: if they say you can’t have it, it probably works….against snake venom.
Think Ivermectin….believed to be able to inhibit venom proteins and peptides.

If there is a solution to this conniving mess then hopefully there will be Medical Professionals who will look into this….and do some of their own clinical trials….with antivenom.

But using a snake venom actually makes perfect sense for a den of vipers.
Evil is as evil does.

from Seb