Letter to the Editor

What a wonderful part of Queensland in the Cassowary Coast Regional Council that is until you actually get here. On Australia day I witnessed 9 heavily armed Cops raiding the Mission beach tavern and today the 5th February 5 nasty cops raided and closed the fish n chip shop in Mission beach. After some research and talking to home owners and shop keepers and staff it’s more than meets the eye. For about 5 years Council rates have sky-rocketed in Mission beach, Wongaling and South Mission beach going up thousands a year along with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council changing beach and prime property locations to high risk. Home owners here now struggle to insure homes in the high risk zones. Every 3rd or 4th home has a for sale sign on the fence. The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has not mowed parks and cleaned curbing or maintaining public toilets, parks, roads and sign’s. The town looks abandoned.

Let’s look at this again

A) Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Rates going up.

B) Cassowary Coast Regional Council, changing Zones so people can’t get insurance or finance.

C) Cassowary Coast Regional Council, not maintaining roads, gardens, parks, public areas and closing town facilities.

D) Bus loads of police raiding small businesses to shut them down supposedly over Covid. ( POLICE RAIDED THE MISSION BEACH TAVERN 3 TIMES AND CLOSED IT FOR A MONTH )

So here is where I smell a RAT

Could it be someone in Cassowary Coast Regional Council is Driving locals out of their homes and businesses to devalue property and then buy it cheap and then change the Zones back to low risk making huge profits from property developers.

Someone is behind these bus loads of police storming into this small village in blatant harassment of the remaining small businesses that are struggling to survive.

I mean the day before bus loads of police were raiding shop keepers in Mission beach there were armed gunmen stealing cars in nearby Townsville.


Jase FNQ