Smelling a rat in Mission beach

Letter to the Editor

What a wonderful part of Queensland in the Cassowary Coast Regional Council that is until you actually get here. On Australia day I witnessed 9 heavily armed Cops raiding the Mission beach tavern and today the 5th February 5 nasty cops raided and closed the fish n chip shop in Mission beach. After some research and talking to home owners and shop keepers and staff it’s more than meets the eye. For about 5 years Council rates have sky-rocketed in Mission beach, Wongaling and South Mission beach going up thousands a year along with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council changing beach and prime property locations to high risk. Home owners here now struggle to insure homes in the high risk zones. Every 3rd or 4th home has a for sale sign on the fence. The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has not mowed parks and cleaned curbing or maintaining public toilets, parks, roads and sign’s. The town looks abandoned.

Let’s look at this again

A) Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Rates going up.

B) Cassowary Coast Regional Council, changing Zones so people can’t get insurance or finance.

C) Cassowary Coast Regional Council, not maintaining roads, gardens, parks, public areas and closing town facilities.

D) Bus loads of police raiding small businesses to shut them down supposedly over Covid. ( POLICE RAIDED THE MISSION BEACH TAVERN 3 TIMES AND CLOSED IT FOR A MONTH )

So here is where I smell a RAT

Could it be someone in Cassowary Coast Regional Council is Driving locals out of their homes and businesses to devalue property and then buy it cheap and then change the Zones back to low risk making huge profits from property developers.

Someone is behind these bus loads of police storming into this small village in blatant harassment of the remaining small businesses that are struggling to survive.

I mean the day before bus loads of police were raiding shop keepers in Mission beach there were armed gunmen stealing cars in nearby Townsville.


Jase FNQ

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. All,part of Agenda 2030. Please read Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire. The plan to move all off land, have designated ‘stack and rack’ living, there will be designated human free zones, you will own nothing. Local councils are in cahoots with this plan. Read about how the councils manipulate all so called informative meetings with the rate payers, making them feel heard amd understood! It is a well constructed evil plan, originating way back with Club of Rome.


  2. Maybe the Chinese want Mission Beach for a bargain price.


  3. Yeah they read us too. Ed


  4. Absolutely Sue Shearman.

    But the Mission beach taven is closed for a month,
    And the Amount of police in this small village is insane. The council must have seen the letter to the editor because lawnmowers are everywhere and truck loads of weeds and overgrown garden beds have been under construction, they even have been filling pot holes and cleaning drainage.

    So if anyone needs a weekend drive who wishes they could be at Canberra but its just to far, come to Mission Beach and support local bissnes and fair dinkum Aussies who need a hand to stay strong and get back on track 🇦🇺


  5. There needs to be a “support Mission beach tourist campaign” Encourage holiday makers to go and support these businesses.


  6. On Saturday 5 February 2022 in Mission beach a emergency meeting was held with Bob Katter and
    Shane kunth from katters Australia Party. Dirty corrupt cops and governments are closing bissnes and the ripple affect is forcing Mission beach residents out on the street with loss of their employment that could result in loss of their homes. The cops closed the Mission beach taven
    on Australia day and the fish n chip shop on the 4th February. The discussing cops were seen walking away after closing the taven laughing and congratulating each other as if they just won a game of football.

    This must stop and the police must be made accountable personally for the actions they undertake.


  7. Good news here: Gympie Corporate Council CEO forced to quit and no replacement has been put in place. That means their owning/parent Corp, Gympie Gold USA, shares must have plummeted or some skull duggery found. Smells like it’s going to be trend!


  8. Yeah I know quite a few hunters who enjoy wild pig shooting. Ed


  9. Hi Editor Bus loads of police raiding small businesses to shut them down supposedly over Covid. ( POLICE RAIDED THE MISSION BEACH TAVERN 3 TIMES AND CLOSED IT FOR A MONTH ) These Police are Mercenaries named as *PIGS *have no Crown And Constitutional Authority, swear their Oath to the Queen of Australia. In war Mercenaries get shot on site. So PIGS watch out. Dick


  10. The People of Mission Beach need to do two things to start changing the way their region is managed.
    1. Read the 5-Point Plan for the Future we have provided for people to read. Is this the sort of change you would like? If it is, go to Step 2:
    2. Go to this page and read how to start a Common Law Assembly.
    This will empower the People to create a common law local government. A common law assembly government has all the powers of any government… it can pass laws, by-laws, elect sheriffs to protect the community, convene a common law court, and it can even appoint a local Militia and arm them to protect the community.

    Read the common law website, and when you are ready to start an assembly email me at and I will set up a page on the website, create a mailing list for you, and even give you an email address

    These are the common law assemblies that have already convened and started uniting the people in their regions.

    Come on Mission Beach. Let us help empower you too!


  11. Sounds like Mission Beach is underdeveloped but too expensive for the developers to move in. They’ll just have to wait patiently until the climate is made right for them and they can buy in for a song. lol


  12. I hate to repeat myself , but to those who do not know ,,please look up ICLEI. A/NZ . Agenda 21/30 . Look up the councils who have signed onto this thing. Then look up the people who sold us out. Please keep in mind Regional councils are illegal according to our Constitution, which they constantly wipe their feet on.
    If anyone cares to take the time it is all there before our eyes.i know , we trusted our elected officials .What a bloody big mistake that was. And when we talk about our land, well we had better take another look at that.All electronic titles.What happens if the grid goes down ? Bit of a mess you reckon ? And do look into Labor and the elite group within it, called the FABIANS, a so-called think tank, well it has always been their policy for us not to own any land at all. If you voted for them, I bet they forgot to mention that fact.
    It would be well to discover who holds all the titles.Forget the freehold titles. I am sure these people keep things hidden because most people are busy trying to earn a living , running businesses,working , with a little leisure time.That is why we elected these people and foolishly trusted them t look after the efficient running of councils, towns cities and states.

    Looking around I think they have done a rotten job. But don’t worry, she’ll be right mate.


  13. Step O'Rafferty

    Land grabbing corruption at local government and state government levels is not a new thing along the entire coast of Queensland. It is also quite common that elderly people who have lived in these small coastal settlements for most of their lives are forced to move away because they can no longer afford the skyrocketing rates. I personally knew 3 people who suffered this in Mission Beach 20 years ago.


  14. I would start looking in the councils annual financial statement comparing to previous years and look for discrepancies.


  15. Hi Terri don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are two very good independent MP’s for that area and
    we are sure they will look at this. Ed


  16. wondering if this is anything to do with the quarantine centre built there in a hurry before xmas on aboriginal land in Yarrabar….


  17. Let them have it… mission beach is usually in the way of cyclones….


  18. Interesting letter, but one based on assumption only, which I sincerely hope is the case?
    If this 100% correct, then God help us.
    The council must have written documentation explaining and justifying the change to high risk zoning? These documents should be in the public domain and available for sharing and indeed the home owners notified well in advance of any changes and potential impact?
    On the points regarding the significant rate increases and the apparent lack of services, surely all affected parties have legal recourse to force the council to act as one would expect? If my property value was in free fall due to nefarious activities I would use ALL means at my disposal to rectify the problem. Please do some thorough research and revert. Thanks.


  19. Looks like a good piece of deducution to me – and it is their (UN – Agenda 2030 crap) MO,


  20. This has the potential hallmarks of the UN “green agenda”.
    The reclaiming of large parts of the green, more valuable “out of the cities” land.
    That’s where I would look first.
    The UN plan is to move people away from these areas and into the cities.
    The Green plan (the next part of their Agenda), is a document claimed to be 40 chapters thick.
    You may have heard it mentioned in Parliament.
    Getting all Mayor’s on board is part of that.
    It’s already started in other areas.
    Mission Beach sounds pristine and could certainly be something they have their eye on.

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  21. I suspect this tactic is being used far and wide. Remember, you will own nothing and be happy because they’ll own everything and stomp on anyone who criticises them.


  22. I live in Darwin & was seriously looking to retire there in about 12 months. With a Gestapo council like that I might stay where I am. Terri Frazer

    Sent from my Galaxy


  23. Or mr global wants mission beach for himself.


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