Fascinating interview with retired SAS officer Ricardo Bosi

Beware language warning but a good interview by Dave Oneegs with today’s situation briefing.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dave Oneegs, that was a foolish insulting question you asked Ricardo I hope if your ever lucky enough to interview him again that you don’t ask such weak dribble questions.


  2. Maybe Bosi needs to revise the

    “National Security Legislation Amendment (Espionage and Foreign Interference) Act 2018”

    The common man likely doesn’t know what Legislation has been written against him, set up only to protect Governments (Corporate or not) in the dark of night.

    Treachery. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    It’s not that simple.


  3. Love you Mate!
    Piss off you pig TROLLS!!!!!


  4. God Bless you Riccardo. I don’t mind the language because I believe you. We need a strong leader like you who is not part of the establishment. No more secret society trash. A soldier such as you who knows how to take charge in a dire situation which we are in and to take charge of this country. We need Labour/Liberal gone. I will support you in any way I can. I have lost my job due to not having the death jab so no income but I am happy to assist in spreading the message about you to others or anything else you recommend. Your plan going forward is exactly what this country needs. I will forward this chat with friends.
    I trust you. Again, may God bless you for you efforts and for your heart and the love you have for this country and the people to help turn the tide.
    With respect and deep gratitude for all you do


  5. DECEMBER 6, 2021


    Peter DeFazio, House Transportation Committee Chairman, Will Retire
    John Yarmuth of Kentucky, House Budget Chairman, Announces Retirement
    Rep. Jackie Speier Latest High-Profile Dem Retirement Ahead of Midterms
    Rep. Cheri Bustos, House Democratic Campaign Chief, Will Not Run In 2022
    Chris Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment Days Before CNN Firing Over Aiding Brother Andrew Cuomo
    Nicholas Kristof Leaves New York Times
    Longtime Anchor Brian Williams Leaving NBC After 28 years
    Former Jeffrey Epstein Pal Leslie Wexner Steps Down as CEO of Victoria’s Secret Parent Company
    Jack Dorsey Stepping Down as CEO of Twitter
    Francis Collins to Step Down as Director of National Institutes of Health

    From the previously untouchable and related worlds of journalism and Hollywood, so many well known and “trusted” Deep State players and mouthpieces have — since 2017 — “retired” for reasons unknown; or resigned over sexual harassment scandals; or have been disgraced for other reasons. Most recently: Chris Cuomo (CNN), Nick Kristof (NY Times), Alec Baldwin (Hollywood) and Brian Williams (NBC). A few years back: Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood), Charlie Rose (PBS & CBS), Matt Lauer (NBC), Marc Halperin (CNN & ABC), Ellen Degeneres (Hollywood, CBS) and Les Moonves (CBS). And we can only speculate as to many other actors and newscasters who somehow don’t look like the same people anymore.

    Let’s add to the list of former saints: Bill Gates (tied to Epstein), Dr. Falsie (fading fast), Dr. Francis Collins (NIH Director, resigned), NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (resigned) — and the free-falling “Joe Biden” and Commie La Whoress. Many heads, to numerous to list, have also rolled at the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and even the Fed!

    “Nothing is happening,” eh?

    From Mike King


  6. Fed Up!

    I will not be using the F word against you I know that I am better than that.

    For you to question my actions or lack of actions in concern of the Covid and NWO mess, is an underhanded dig at a person who respects all who make comments on this site.

    Until you have walked a mile in my boots (or any other person trying to get through this mess) I suggest you learn some manners. I am on your side – I will never ask you what the F are you doing – because I believe you are on the right side and I do not know your circumstances..

    If I have upset you it may be an idea for you to skip over any future comments I may make.


  7. 🔥Dirty games of politics🔥I have now been debriefed about Ricardo’s behaviour towards the IMOP party which leads me to believe, Ricardo has ulterior motives….
    I retract my statement fully to all groups that I posted to. Something smells very fishy with Ricardo Bosi’s motives. It is very disappointing to learn this.
    But as we know in a flick of a second, political stances change with new knowledge.
    Please read Allona Lahn’s post & get this out good people.
    Also Ricardo Bosi calling Muslims BS ideology 😳
    We need truth to prevail. We need honesty, transparency & accountability in politics & nothing less 🙏🧡


  8. Psychological operations (PSYOP) are “operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”
    Michael Flynn is at the center of the Q operation. As a US Army Lt. General and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he has extensive knowledge of military/intel ops and the mechanics of insurgency. He oversaw military intelligence in Afghanistan and would go on to become a central hero in QAnon’s conspiratorial narrative.
    Riccardo Bosi served 24 years in the Australian Army including postings to Headquarters Special Operations, Joint Taskforce Capabilities Development (Future Warfare Planning) and the US Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters in Kuwait. In 2010 Riccardo moved to the UAE where he was contracted to advise their Special Operations Command. He led the training of UAE Special Forces soldiers to fight the ‘War on Terror’ and deployed with them to Afghanistan in 2012.
    Can you see the parallels?


  9. Fed up!

    For a start I had to leave my government (health) job of 25 years due to mandates, I protested that.

    I have done real research and tried to let other know the facts, not just give them false hope.

    I am helping others with the jab – real facts and the items needed to combat problems if you take it, etc,

    Let me know what you are doing.


  10. Australian MP George Christensen of nationfirst.substack.com joins The Alex Jones Show to send a global S.O.S. to take a stand against medical tyranny

    Infowars: S.O.S. to the World — Stand Up Against Medical Tyranny


  11. I think Bosi has stated in many videos that registration of the Australia one organisation as a political party is not an immediate priority. The A1 leaders state they will do this in a strategic manner. Ok. The focus is on restoration of the principle of law in Australia and constitutional government. The 1901 does not recognize that our parliamentary electoral process / system is a party system. And we have now seen that a party system is always going to be owned by the Money Power. Now we get it.


  12. I am so proud of you my amily and I are traumatized by the filth in Canberra. Thank you.


  13. Ron and John…What the fuck are you both doing to try and save our country!!!?


  14. Ricardo Bosi reminds me of my dear Grandfather, as they shared the same personality type.
    He did not suffer fools either like Riccado. I only met my grandfather for a short time in my childhood, but I have never forgotten him and he is still deep in my heart.
    I will also never forget what Ricardo Bosi and his wife have sacrificed for our country so far, and neither should you.
    So excited to hear there will be an interview with Reiner and Vivian with Riccado…so many great souls in in one room. It will be interesting to hear!


  15. What behind the scenes “arrests” is Bosi talking about since October?


  16. I’m the same, Ron. He’s been saying 4th Jan (or thereabouts) for a few weeks now.

    Rambo or Bilko? Guess we’ll find out in 4 weeks time (or sooner). I honestly hope he is correct.

    On a positive note and a little to his credit, there have been a lot of CEO’s and high ranking people resigning (plenty from Governments around the world), many on the first day of the Maxwell trial in America. It’s way to much to be a mere coincidence.

    Bosi has been saying “watch for them running as the exposure starts” (or words to that effect).

    There is a post documenting this starting to happen, which is way more than a mere coincidence imo. Take a scroll through.




  17. Ricardo Bosi said he wants people who are ‘unclubable’ in the party; people who don’t put loyalty to a club above the country. Video point 1:38
    He also states that Australia One will have a referendum to see what Australians say is the definition of marriage, because, he says, the plebiscite was a lie and it was corrupted. Video 1:39
    Video 1:42 Take action, Ring up a friend, set up an Interim Branch, we have no branches yet, we’ve got no authority, Contact me ….
    We’re going to do what Trump did…

    Ricardo Bosi’s book – The 5 pillars of Real Leadership. Greatness Awaits You.
    “As our world changes, so must you. As others seek to take control, so must you fight to take it back. It is up to you to plan your direction with the gifts you have been blessed with, have been burdened with or have struggled for. This book is a unique combination of practical step by step guidance woven together by profound philosophical insights, and it is the result of over four decades of hard-won experience and training in business, government and the military. It describes with uncommon clarity the process of becoming a Real Leader. It will help you reach your highest potential so that you can inspire others to follow you, to harness and focus their talents in order to create a better life, a better nation and a better world.”


  18. Yep I went through that material some years ago – ALL the top people in government and power are in some sort of cult – I was profoundly disappointing when I found that Labor leaders are Fabians – Liberal Masons etc..

    The world is administered by cults..


  19. Video – Australia One Leader Ricardo Bosi speaks:
    First published at 22:22 UTC on April 2nd, 2020.

    Attacks on the Australian people detailed – CCP, Islam/Ideology, Socialism, Globalists, Transnational Corporations, Change Churches from Bible to Social Religion, Communism.


  20. The only way out of the problem is for people to get educated on politics, but since 1966 we’ve had Common Core Education.
    What do teachers tell students if they don’t understand words? “Guess the meaning!”
    For example the common word “to” has 42 different meanings, if you have the wrong meaning you won’t understand the context that particular “to” is being used in. Dictionaries in common use these days days don’t have the derivation of words, some online dictionaries do, that’s the word origin, by the way.
    In 1966 Latin, German and French were taken out of schools, govt funded schools, not taken out of private schools.
    Some dictionaries have example sentences to get the word usage so you have the right context, but very few have the word origin.
    Now lets look at styles, for example, “THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” is not actually English!
    This is English; THE-COMMONWEALTH-OF-AUSTRALIA. But because when we read comics when we were kids the dialogues and thought bubbles were written in all CAPITAL letters so we assumed they were all English words.
    A word written in all capitals letters can mean emphasis too, such STOP, for example on a “STOP” sign but there’s no exclamation mark at the end of STOP! so it could mean anything. Like the speed limit signs that have a number with a red circle around them, so it could be 100 red circles, there’s no 110 “km/h” next to it.
    In Blacks Law dictionary THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA = all in capitals, means the language of a deceitful person because it isn’t punctuated! Just as headlines or banners such as AUSTRALIA-ONE-PARTY is English whereas AUSTRALIA ONE PARTY isn’t English.
    See Chicago Manual of Styles on the YT Glossa Channel
    Yes, I know learning our language is real chore but it’s worth it!


  21. John I agree with you.

    I looked for the Australia One Party registration months ago – could not see it listed as registered.

    Tried many times to communicate with A1 by email, never any reply. Maybe I asked the wrong questions.

    So far he has been telling us what has been freely available on alternate media for years.

    Not to worry he appears to indicate that in a couple of weeks things will be sorted, arrests will be made.

    Hope I am on the wrong track here, maybe I should be praising him.


  22. Yes, it was a good interview, but it’s a few weeks old. There is a recent Max Igan – Riccardo Bosi interview somewhere out there in the WWW, have you found any links to it?


    Dafydd Cotter

    Roleystone, W.A.


  23. I like You Ricardo Bosi I am going to vote for you


  24. Enjoy non event Bossi, all talk no action. 3 years and still not registered A1, and don’t at me about not wanting to be a part of this political system, he’s ran three times as a candidate. All he has is excuses, he has no guts and no glory, just a protector of Poppy Bush’s poppy farms in Afghanistan.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Riccardo Bosi had links to big arms dealers like Raytheon and Zionist organizations like B’nai B’rith. There is a video of him on YouTube giving them a talk. He has also worked with middle eastern dictatorships like Kuwait and the UAE. Too man people are looking for a saviour in these figures. They don’t exist. Everyone has to be a leader and grass roots action is the only way.


  26. Others, besides Ricardo Bosi, have told us that many people in the high positions of authority in Australia are corrupt, and have even laid their crimes that they have perpetrated upon innocent people and caused so much grief and evil for others.

    Ricardo speaks with pain and frustration and who of us have not said a word like his, even once. At the end of the video Ricardo does give a qualification re his words.

    The bible says, “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:” “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

    The sinners’ Saviour is Jesus Christ, the light of the world, the way, the truth, and the life.
    “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.”

    If any Christian becomes a MP, then we will know if they are good or evil by what they do.


  27. Ricardo Bosi will save us, will tell us about our swamp, there will be arrests.
    We already know about our swamp, arrests – we will be the ones arrested.

    We already have a ex SAS officer in our federal corporate government. An army general is in full control of making sure we all get the jab. The vast majority of army officers are members of not so secret societies.

    If Ricardo Bosi is the real deal, walks his talk, is for the people, great, I will support and follow him.

    The Australian people such as those attending the ever growing protests and residents in Mareeba and other shires pushing back against the mandates are the ones who can / will save us.


  28. @lindesymonds

    I watched the AJRoberts interview last night, it was one of the best interviews I have seen with Lt/Col. SAS (Ret) Bosi. He embodies the singular focused “us first, as in Aussies” attitude that we need to have now. I moved to this country 14 years ago because I believed that this country had a strong, well entrenched democracy that supported freedom for all (not always totally true as there are nuances but mostly for all) that i could become a part of and contribute to.

    The current situation and the awareness of the underhanded political crap that has gone on for the last 100 years leads me to reinforce Lt/Col. SAS (Ret) Bosi’s view that we need to return to the 1901 constitution as a minimum.

    Let’s not even get into any of the alleged peadophilia or any of the other abhorrent behaviour entered into by organs of that state both state and federal, its a sick, horrible mess that as Lt/Col. SAS (Ret) Bosi mentions is going to take several generations to remove.


  29. IBM was also complicit with Nazi’s using their card system. There is a book by Fiona Barnett “Eyes Wide Open” available free to download, exposing the evil corruption of these Paedophiles and her life of being used and abused. She names, names you will find hard to believe Richie Benaud, Bruce Spence, Paul Keating and many more, it will make you sick to your stomach.


  30. Like myself, first generation Australian of Italian background knowing the suffering our parents went through to escape a war torn once prosperous turned Fascist nation being grateful for everything Australia had to offer. Hence the patriotism people like myself and Ricardo have for this beautiful land. The she’ll be right attitude does not cut it anymore. Hope more people wake up.


  31. The Australia One organisation is one of the few in the country which knows, and more importantly understands, that Australia is at war. As a nation we are being subjected to an international military operation and all branches of government have been captured and put into Lockstep.

    This isn’t the usual Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum coverstory for the corruption we love to whinge about.

    The corporate agents impersonating an Australian government are enslaved to new masters. There has been a coup d’etat in terms of world power. And it has netted the poltical elites compromised (think Kompromat) for decades with high level Masonry paedo crimes / enablement / protection and at the top Satanic Ritual – the OTO. The Revolutionary Network of cabals run right through all public and private institutions, the media, all branches of government and the religious leaders.

    The interview with Dave Oneegs was conducted right on the eve of one of the big Sydney rallies. And the discussion gets into the discussion of the tactical importance of the rallies.
    For me, the important takeaway is that the organisations which have positioned themselves to strategize victory are calling for the numbers to show up at the rallies. They are putting a lot of weight on that.

    Also of interest along these lines is the recent interview on the AJ Roberts Show. The host is also a veteran of the British Forces posted just December 5, 2021.



  32. Yes I saw that- he speaks like an Australian – who would have thought?


  33. i listened to Bosi last night – half hour. Excellent. Will listen again. above interview is an hour. I have assignments and classes to day so will not listen just now David ( local bro ) is 60 today ! visited mum yesterday.she said she was asleep and could I come back tomorrow. I said y.


  34. very good 56-minute interview that Riccardo Bosi did on Friday 19
    November  (skip the first 1.5 minutes of technical difficulty)
     and I do not mind the swearing language — what sort of woosses are
    we?  as if people have never heard the F**k word!

    I attended the protest rally at Sydney Hyde Park on Saturday 20 November


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