Fraudulent voting software used in USA works for Australia

Voting Software largely responsible for deliberate fraud implying Donald Trump lost the election is provided by Scytl a bankrupt Spanish company. Scytl software was used in last NSW, VIC, SA, elections, may also have been used for Qld recent election explaining labor’s convincing win.

“Researcher Vanessa Teague has found the legislation in front of Australian Parliament could pave the way for an insecure electronic voting system” READ MORE

Australian polling booths provide alterable graphite pencils in lieu of indelible ink pens is of concern. Coupled to our no proof of identity checks when officials mark voter attendance give credence to greater concern. Further recorded anomalies reveal missing and over supply of registered voters always dismissed by AEC and government with monotonous regularity.

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Activist and Blog owner of Australian Patriot Radio, foundation member of SOS-NEWS est 2001 working to return Australia to the rightful owners - THE PEOPLE

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  1. SCYTL has Australian Customers: New South Wales Western Australian (WAEC) Electoral Commission Queensland Australian Capital Territory City of Auckland State of Victoria Rep Louie Gohmert US addressing raid & SCYTL:


  2. Check out the 11-15-20 interview with Maria. Sydney Powell is a little more detailed in what the software allows. It’s shocking.

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  3. TBH I think the poor performance and lack of self awareness by the LNP led to the Labor win, not electronic issues. People rarely vote governments in, they usually are more concerned with voting them out, and Labor were gifted with a crisis/pandemic (or whatever it is) that makes the average voter not want to frighten the horses. Bligh’s demise was a good example of voting out without paying due attention to what was being voted in. Trump/Biden is also a good example of this (assuming any votes at all by actual humans were ever counted).


  4. Doesn’t matter which side of the uniparty you vote for, the same bunch of criminals are still behind the screen directing traffic

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  5. This software issue could explain the extraordinary outcome in the recent New Zealand election fiasco. Isn’t it time, we the electors demand truthful outcomes instead of the outrageous illegal manipulation of the voters rights. How did the “drag queen” in New Zealand, manage to manipulate votes and cross the line to introduce almost Communistic policies. The outcome beggars belief. ? How many previous elections have been nothing but falsehood.? Is a truthful outcome currently considered a bit adolescent in the dishonest political climate of today ?

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  6. two elections ago was told at the election booth, the pen i was holding could not be used to cast my vote.i must use a pencil.i used my pen. ashmore gold coast.

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  7. Official bluff does wonders to sanction misleading information. This is from the AEC book of rules: “The provision of pencils in polling booths is a requirement of section 206 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918”. “There is, however nothing to prevent an elector from marking his or her ballot paper with a pen if they so wish…….. Now the official reason for pencils in fluent bulldust:
    “The AEC has found from experience that pencils are the most reliable implements for marking ballot papers. Pencils are practical because they don’t run out and the polling staff check and sharpen pencils as necessary throughout election day. Pencils can be stored between elections and they work better in tropical areas”……. Here endith then lesson.

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  8. Snake free NZ, you may have uncovered the first one in the grass. If voting was fairdinkum the establishment would not allow it.


  9. Well said you Old Kodger from this Old Kodger. How about we remove government election voting rights while employed by a government from all public servants/ Not a bad start that one mate

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