Johnson & Johnson advised Coronavirus simulation and now stands to gain financially with new vaccine

by Crisscross

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise focused on a coronavirus outbreak — yes they ran a simulation of exactly what we see unfolding right now, before it happened!

The pandemic exercise was conducted in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During Event 201 Johnson & Johnson was asked specifically about a coronavirus vaccine.

When asked, the Johnson & Johnson representative talked about the need for regulatory flexibility for an accelerated vaccine, financing and business. Not once did he mention safety or effectiveness. In today’s news, we see that Johnson & Johnson are currently working on a vaccine and they’re “pretty confident” they can quickly develop one.


Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!

Event 201

J&J scientific officer ‘pretty confident’ they can create coronavirus vaccine as outbreak widens

Pirbright’s livestock coronavirus research – your questions answered
Posted: 24 January, 2020

……….The Institute holds Patent no. 10130701 which covers the development of an attenuated (weakened) form of the coronavirus that could potentially be used as a vaccine to prevent respiratory diseases in birds and other animals. Many vaccines are made in this way, from flu to polio. We have not yet developed an IBV vaccine, but research is ongoing.

The Institute is strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation (BBSRC UKRI) and also receives funding from many other organisations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The patented work was not funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. More information on The Livestock Antibody Hub which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is available on our website…………

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  1. 6. Why did the team of scientists in India find elements of HIV in the coronavirus genome that is believed to raise the infectious potential, a finding, if correct, implies the engineering of a bioterror weapon?

    If the Indian scientists’ findings are correct, we should expect them to be shouted down by government supported scientists.  To save their careers, they would have to acknowledge a mistake in their research.  If the virus were a US manufactured one, China would have the same incentive to coverup the fact as Washington, because otherwise the consequence would be war, for which China is not ready.

    Coronavirus : India To Investigate Wuhan Institute Of Virology

    GreatGameIndia – February 3, 2020

    After Indian scientists were forced to withdraw their study concluding Coronavirus was injected with HIV AIDS virus amidst massive online criticism from Social Media experts, now Indian authorities have launched an investigation against China’s…

    Read more


  2. 10 Disturbing Facts African-Americans Should Know About Eugenics

    Bill Gates’ Involvement With Eugenics

    Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates Sr., was the head of eugenics group Planned Parenthood. In a 2003 interview with PBS’ Bill Moyers, Gates admitted that his family’s involvement in reproductive issues through the years has been extensive. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates has been conducting tests for the past decade with new vaccines on poor people in African countries and other places.

    According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation went in to Chad and vaccinated at least 50 children with a drug developed specifically for Africa called, “MenAfriVac.” Within 24 hours, it was reported that the children, some of whom were as young as 7, developed hallucinations, convulsions and ultimately paralysis.

    Secret Sterilizing Ingredients In Many Vaccines

    Polysorbate 80 Causes Infertility. Another ingredient that is problematic is polysorbate 80 (also known as tween 80) that is in numerous vaccines including the Pediacel five-in-one vaccine given to infants and the gardasil HPV vaccine. Polysorbate 80 is a known sterility causing agent in rats.

    Polysorbate 80: A Risky Vaccine Ingredient – The Vaccine Reaction

    Research has demonstrated that Polysorbate 80 can lead to infertility in rats. A study published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology … discovered that Tween80 accelerated the rats’ maturation, prolonged the estrous cycle, decreased the weight of the uterus and ovaries, and caused damage to the lining of the uterus indicative of …


  3. Spanish Flu of 1918 Was Really a Bioterror Attack on Humanity

    Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?


    “………………According to Gates, they injected random dosages of an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine into soldiers. Afterwards, some of the soldiers had symptoms which “simulated” meningitis, but Dr. Gates advances the fantastical claim that it wasn’t actual meningitis.

    The soldiers developed flu-like symptoms. Bacterial meningitis, then and now, is known to mimic flu-like symptoms. (6)

    Perhaps the similarity of early symptoms of bacterial meningitis and bacterial pneumonia to symptoms of flu is why the vaccine experiments at Fort Riley have been able to escape scrutiny as a potential cause of the Spanish Flu for 100 years and counting.

    There is an element of a perfect storm in how the Gates bacteria spread. WWI ended only 10 months after the first injections. Unfortunately for the 50-100 million who died, those soldiers injected with horse-infused bacteria moved quickly during those 10 months.

    An article from 2008 on the CDC’s website describes how sick WWI soldiers could pass along the bacteria to others by becoming “cloud adults.”

    “Finally, for brief periods and to varying degrees, affected hosts became “cloud adults” who increased the aerosolization of colonizing strains of bacteria, particularly pneumococci, hemolytic streptococci, H. influenzae, and S. aureus.

    For several days during local epidemics—particularly in crowded settings such as hospital wards, military camps, troop ships, and mines (and trenches)—some persons were immunologically susceptible to, infected with, or recovering from infections with influenza virus………………..”


  4. And finally –

    Population Reduction through Vaccine Poisons (VIDEO)

    Bill Gates’ New Population Control Microchip Due for Launch in 2018

    Common Core: Surveillance And Sexualization Of Children

    Common core is the set of educational standards for American children funded by Bill Gates, the very same man who is pushing GMOs, vaccines and other New World Order (NWO) Agenda 21-style schemes. In another example of blatant doublespeak, the curricula are named “Common Core State Standards”, despite the fact they were forced onto the states with bribes, came top-down from …

    Read More »


  5. Map showing the international spread of the virus. What is important is the statistics at the top of the page, the number that have DIED and the number that have RECOVERED. If those statistics are correct, that indicates a 40% mortality rate.


  6. It’s of interest to note that if this originated from Wuhan as they claim, which btw is a highly polluted city with large & unhealthy levels of air pollution.

    No doubt that in itself contributes to poor health & increased likelihood respiratory issues, ailments etc.

    No doubt, their Chemtrails serve a similar purpose in addition to manipulating the atmosphere.

    Toxic vaccines are far more dangerous & deadly, as they can also be coded & programmed with DNA sequencing etc.

    Which of course is their very aim in the very 1st place, so they can enforce & make them mandatory in any way possible. Some may not even notice any issues until many years later in life. And by that time they may note even make any connection to the weaponized vaccines earlier on.

    Boosting the god given & well designed immune system is the 1st line of defense.

    Viruses CANNOT cause disease in our body UNLESS our immune system is not working properly. (

    .. acceptance of the theory of contagion is
    contingent upon acceptance of the germ
    theory of disease—that specific bacteria or
    “viruses” produce specific disease
    symptoms. This theory has been
    repeatedly demonstrated as incorrect in
    the scientific field, and was even admitted
    by Pasteur as being incorrect.



  7. Well done Crisscross. Ed


  8. …………….“It’s really quite easy for any of the numerous U.S. military bioweapon labs to bioengineer a deadly super-virus and then release it in a city as large as Wuhan, China. Acts of bioterrorism like this are carried out all the time. As a matter of historical fact, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 actually originated at Fort Riley, Kansas where soldiers reported to the Army’s largest training facility during World War I. The soldiers who were [DELIBERATELY] infected with the H1N1 influenza virus then served as countless vectors of dissemination for the pandemic that ultimately killed as many as 100 million people worldwide. That single US-executed biowarfare operation against humanity was arguably the deadliest depopulation event in human history.” (See: Spanish Flu of 1918 Was Really a Bioterror Attack on Humanity)
    — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Army Officer

    There’s no better way to compel a populace to comply with draconian vaccination regimens than to scare them with the prospect of a deadly pandemic. Governments around the world are constantly under pressure from the New World Order globalist cabal to implement the Super-Vaccination Agenda.

    Toward that end, the world community of nations has been repeatedly victimized by manufactured measles outbreaks and ever-worsening flu seasons, so they tell us. See: Annual Flu Shot Programs and Staged Measles Outbreaks Are the Central Pillars of the Super-Vaccination Agenda

    However, there really is much more to this story than meets the eye. Not only was the Wuhan coronavirus surreptitiously disseminated to serve as a major distraction from a rapidly collapsing Global Economic & Financial System, this state-sponsored black operation also represents the worst of predatory capitalism conducted as a means of generating revenue. Much more significantly, this staged pandemic will be furtively used to exert oppressive international controls on travel as well as impose draconian medical measures which greatly advance the Super-Vaccination Agenda.

    Lastly, the timing of the deadly virus that ravaged China’s pig farms last year quite predictably triggered a call for the development of a preventative vaccine. What the following news report neglected to state was that the mass slaughter of pigs, in a society that demands LOTS of pork, was cynically planned to manufacture the urgent need for yet another vaccine. See: China’s Pig Farms Decimated by Virus—Was it bioengineered and spread on purpose?

    The bottom line here is that the Wuhan coronavirus is likely another race-targeting bioweapon strategically unleashed throughout China by U.S. military labs


  9. February 01, 2020
    Novel Coronavirus Defies Conspiracy Theories As Data Shows Its Coming Decline

    There are first signs that the novel Cornoavirus (nCorV19) epidemic will come to an end within a month or so. An analysis from the Chinese media house Caixin provides the newest numbers (machine translated):

    Read on –


  10. I hope those airports and all the other locations get completely disinfected.
    They should be doing this right away.
    You never hear it on the news, do you?


  11. The 14-day travel ban is not long enough, it’s laughable.
    Also, they shouldn’t bring those chinese with Australian citizenship/visas back to Australia, especially NOW, as I do not believe they are truly loyal to our Western way of life. Majority of them come to Australia, America or Europe for solely economic reasons. They do not necessarily want to follow our way of life otherwise. Same for muslims and all the other third-world invaders.

    Anyone infected should be treated right on the spot and not be brought to other areas anyway to say the least. That should be like Emergency Medicine 101.
    If they must, SEND help there instead of importing the problem and needlessly spreading it.


  12. Report: Research Facility “Loses” Thousands of Tubes Containing Deadly Virus

    Mac Slavo
    April 17, 2014

    A French research institute working on various deadly viruses, including SARS, has apparently misplaced thousands of tubes and no one is quite sure where they went.

    A routine inventory check at Paris’ Pasteur Institute revealed that 2,349 tubes containing fragments of the virus responsible for the deaths of 774 people in 2002 were missing, the centre named after French chemist Louis Pasteur said.

    It is not clear how the tubes disappeared from one of the institute’s safest laboratories. Management were made aware of the loss in January, Le Monde newspaper reported.

    …………In the wrong hands, one of these agents could easily be used to attack an entire population – and given the “security” of these facilities it may not be so hard to acquire one. And once they have it, it’s as simple as releasing it in a major airport, sitting back, and watching the infection spread and kill off thousands, or perhaps millions of people.


  13. From Stefan Lanka’s presentation (The video is in German, but managed to get a picture through an auto translate scripture) of the virus myth. A fraudulent story, from (maybe) the biggest fraudster in medical history, Louis Pasteur.

    Title: The biggest fraudster in medical history, Louis Pasteur.

    Pasteur knew that bacteria could not cause diseases, period. Enough studies and experiments were conducted and published in Germany and elsewhere (among others by Max Von Pettenkofer) who demonstrated what cholera was and how it was easily prevented.
    Pasteur worked on contract (by the French government) to find an argument to not let the English through the Mediterranean Sea (he desperately needed a pretext against the British who had seized the Suez canal illegally and thus had significant military and political advantages, for they didn’t have to sail around Africa, but they came through the Suez canal from India with their troops and goods, such as spices, serving as anti-oxidants, and the like and they sailed through the calm Mediterranean sea.)
    So, he came up with the idea that there was a new pathogen, one that makes its disease-toxins also in living human bodies. He called it poison – latin: virus.
    This is the idea / experiment he used to “prove” his concept, he said it is a thousand times smaller than bacteria, (to prove it was not a bacteria) he used such dense filters where bacteria could not pass through. He presses the liquid, the poison from a dead animal, through the filter, he injects the liquid into the brain of a dog that was tied onto a pole vertically. He used a third of the volume of the dog’s brain, the liquid comes out the over side, the dog convulses, barks, foams from the mouth and dies. Which is what he did to “prove” rabies, This is our “father of microbiology…”
    Now, Pasteur claimed to have the antidote to his virus. This was the start of the vaccine misconception. (Hegelian dialectic)

    Pasteur committed fraud in all his undertakings. But he was humane enough to document his deceits in diaries parallel to his primary lab books. He decreed that these records must never be publicized. His family obtained great wealth. But the last male ancestor of Pasteur didn’t obey to that decree and leaked the records to the Princeton university and in 1993 Professor Gerard Geisson published an analysis in the English language that revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies. For instance: vaccinated animals, if they survived, had not been poisoned. the control group animals that died without vaccines were poisoned massively.
    (link to the new York times writing about this) article: Pasteur’s notebook

    Pasteur is the inventor of the idea of a smaller pathogen that cannot be seen in the optical microscope (and not tasted nor smelled,) but was nonetheless very deadly (control through fear.) This supported the standard model of illness which was used for centuries (by the church), a model that is based on the premise of war, not on the premise of symbiosis, as is the real workings of Nature. In order to solidify this model and to have political leverage against England, Pasteur postulates the idea of a virus. But Pasteur didn’t anticipate that there would be a microscope in the future, which have a much higher, that would allow to see small structures not visible before…

    If you now do a google search on the word “virus” you see space like cartoons, which is a dead “give a way” that they’re (again) full of it…


    The translated description of the video:)

    It is now clear: Tamiflu is DEATH-proof! So let’s give it to the babies!
    The video shows how the ancient theory of juices developed the thinking model on which all western university medicine is based and from which the idea of ​​genetic engineering also developed.
    In the history of power and violence in Europe, medicine became the dominant control instrument, as Goethe already showed in Faust I.
    The video makes it understandable what is being played today and why.
    The latwerge, the production of which Goethe described in Faust I, are today called Tamilfu (ToxicAmiFlu) and nano-vaccines (see newsletter dated July 31, 2009).
    The administration of the NANO vaccines causes damage that is already reported as the cause of the alleged virus H1N1.
    The nano-particles destroy the human cell from the inside.
    People will slowly perish from these nano-particles.
    Don’t tell anyone that no one can come up with that mess.
    The planned mass voluntary vaccination in autumn with NANO vaccines causes mass symptoms that are claimed to be caused by the virus and thus panic and this then leads to the mass intake of Tamiflu.
    Tamiflu is the inhibitor of SIALIDASE, a vital enzyme in all of our cells. The increased administration of Tamiflu leads to thickening of blood and thus to lack of oxygen and suffocation.
    The recommended dose of Tamiflu has been secretly doubled since 2007.
    If we cannot stop the pandemic plan, the pandemic planning will work and public order, including the provision of food, electricity, gas and water to the population, will collapse.
    What is new is that babies … and pregnant women have become the central starting point of the strategy, although Tamiflu is not permitted for them.
    Virus! Do you already understand or do you want to believe in it?
    In this sense!

    Yours Dr. Stefan Lanka


  14. Coronavirus: The Plot Thickens

    From Reports:

    Indian researchers have found HIV-derived inserts in the coronavirus genome that compound the infectious potential and greatly bolster the argument this virus was developed as a bioterror weapon. 

    This 2016 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community lists China as a major potential “terror actor” (p.2) and genome editing (p.9) as a major terror risk. 

    Before jumping to conclusions, let’s assume for argument’s sake that the paper published in India on the makeup and likely evolution of this virus passes peer review. What then? The international community will likely conclude the virus was bio-engineered and will condemn China with major implications for sanctions and global trade/travel. 

    But consider: it is the agenda of USA to contain the rise of China. Cui bono? Is it far-fetched that having fingered China as a major terror actor and terror risk that US agents would have created this epidemic in the epicenter of Chinese virology experimentation? It is easier in this instance to identify the crime than the criminal. Western intel agencies are associated with false flags.


  15. Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

    Published: January 31, 2020

    “……….As concerns about the future of the ongoing outbreak have grown, so too have the number of theories speculating about the outbreak’s origin, many of which blame a variety of state actors and/or controversial billionaires. This has inevitably led to efforts to clamp down on “misinformation” related to the coronavirus outbreak from both mainstream media outlets and major social media platforms.

    However, while many of these theories are clearly speculative, there is also verifiable evidence regarding the recent interest of one controversial U.S. government agency in novel coronaviruses, specifically those transmitted from bats to humans. That agency, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), began spending millions on such research in 2018 and some of those Pentagon-funded studies were conducted at known U.S. military bioweapons labs bordering China and resulted in the discovery of dozens of new coronavirus strains as recently as last April. Furthermore, the ties of the Pentagon’s main biodefense lab to a virology institute in Wuhan, China — where the current outbreak is believed to have begun — have been unreported in English language media thus far……………….”

    “……………………Like much of the Pentagon’s controversial research programs, the bats as bioweapons research has been framed as defensive, despite the fact that no imminent threat involving bat-propagated bioweapons has been acknowledged. However, independent scientists have recently accused the Pentagon, particularly its research arm DARPA, of claiming to be engaged in research it says is “defensive” but is actually “offensive.”

    The most recent example of this involved DARPA’s “Insect Allies” program, which officially “aims to protect the U.S. agricultural food supply by delivering protective genes to plants via insects, which are responsible for the transmission of most plant viruses” and to ensure “food security in the event of a major threat,” according to both DARPA and media reports.

    However, a group of well-respected, independent scientists revealed in a scathing analysis of the program that, far from a “defensive” research project, the Insect Allies program was aimed at creating and delivering “new class of biological weapon.” The scientists, writing in the journal Science and led by Richard Guy Reeves, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany, warned that DARPA’s program — which uses insects as the vehicle for as horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAS) — revealed “an intention to develop a means of delivery of HEGAAs for offensive purposes (emphasis added).”

    Whatever the real motivation behind the Pentagon’s sudden and recent concern about bats being used as a vehicle for bioweapons, the U.S. military has spent millions of dollars over the past several years funding research on bats, the deadly viruses they can harbor — including coronaviruses — and how those viruses are transmitted from bats to humans……………..”

    ………Though much about the origins of the coronavirus outbreak remains unknown, the U.S. military’s ties to the aforementioned research studies and research institutions are worth detailing as such research — while justified in the name of “national security” — has the frightening potential to result in unintended, yet world-altering consequences. The lack of transparency about this research, such as DARPA’s decision to classify its controversial genetic extinction research and the technology’s use as a weapon of war, compounds these concerns. While it is important to avoid reckless speculation as much as possible, it is the opinion of this author that the information in this report is in the public interest and that readers should use this information to reach their own conclusions about the topics discussed herein.


  16. I managed to log onto Mike’s news site yesterday and resubscribed to their emails. I now have one through this morning and the links from it work once more.
    Thankfully he’s got on top again.


  17. Yeah Cherry we haven’t been able to contact Mike for days. Deep State is upset about the truth.Editor


  18. Good video discussing the virus. It does appear that it is NOT from nature, but is from a bio-lab. Whether it escaped from the bio-lab in Wuhan or it was released is irrelevant at this point.


  19. Pompeo names ‘the central threat of our times’ and guess what it is… It’s the Chinese Communist Party


  20. Hub staff report /
    March 1, 2019

    The U.S. government is quietly funding controversial scientific research to create airborne versions of highly infectious diseases, and the results of an experimental accident could be catastrophic, two public health researchers write in an op-ed published by The Washington Post today.

    Read on –


  21. Andrew Mackinnon

    The Australian government lit the bushfires to promote ‘climate change’ and distract from the failing economy. There is currently insufficient money in circulation due to insufficient borrowing from the banks by the citizenry, since the banks create money when they lend at interest and since most Australians resent the interest that the banks charge and are therefore reluctant to borrow from them. (When a bank in Australia lends, it debits its asset account which states that it’s owed money and it credits its liability account containing customer deposits for the amount loaned so that the customer who took out the loan has access to the funds. The money supply in Australia increases when money is loaned by the banks and decreases when any principal of any existing loan is repaid.)

    The Coronavirus came along to distract Australians from thinking about all of the deliberately lit fires and coming to the conclusion that the government lit them.

    Of course, nothing is said in the media about the most pressing problems facing us, like mass immigration and overexposure to electromagnetic energy from mobile phone towers and Wi-Fi modems.

    I am convinced that mobile phone towers in Australia are deliberately overpowered in order to blanket the citizenry with electromagnetic energy (ie. microwaves) emanating from them and suppress the health and well-being of the citizenry. The human body has many biological processes that are electrochemical in nature. Exposure to excess electromagnetic energy interferes with the normal functioning of the human body, including its nervous system, which is electrical in nature.

    I am convinced that communication via mobile phones is the excuse for the citizenry to be blanketed with electromagnetic energy everywhere they go. It has been like this ever since mobile phone towers were first erected, more than two decades ago. Those living close to newly-built towers complained of adverse symptoms and even received media coverage of their complaints. Of course, the coverage often emphatically made the point that mobile phone towers are perfectly safe and don’t adversely affect human health.

    I am convinced that the power at which mobile phone towers is varied according to the wishes of those operating them and that different readings for the level of electromagnetic energy that they emit could be obtained as the days go by.

    I am convinced that these emissions are affecting atmospheric temperature and weather, since microwave ovens operate on the basis of emitting electromagnetic energy (ie. microwaves) in order to heat the water molecules inside food. There is water in the atmosphere all of the time.


  22. I hope Cairns News doesn’t get taken off line for spreading the truth. It appears that Mike Adams has been totally wiped off for at least 3 days now. Not even emails coming through. If he couldn’t fight it and stay connected then who can? 😖


  23. Yep its a fav.. run a simulation and if required make it real – 911 have many simulations running on the day..


  24. The Chinese city of Wuhan remains on lockdown as authorities scramble to stop the spread of the real-world coronavirus – nCoV-2019 – which has infected more than 1,400 people worldwide and killed 42. The Center for Health Security and its partners – the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – made it clear the inputs for modelling the potential impact of the fictional virus were not similar to nCoV-2019.

    “nCoV-2019” – is that the same virus that supposedly originated from a snake, a bat or whatever in China in 2020? I smell a rat!


  25. It’s also enables the psychopaths to spread fear far and wide, in order to keep most of the sheeple distracted, busy, occupied, weak + fearful, which generally will make it easier for them to be manipulated etc.


  26. How can we believe one word these liars say, clearly from this post alone, this “outbreak” was not an accident, or even an evolution of the virus, but a planned event to reduce the population of the planet in accordance with the globalist’s plan, whilst maintaining plausible deniability.


  27. Anyone notice the pattern? Gates is the enemy of all humanity..


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