Lord James of Blackheath has told the UK House of Lords that the EU Defence Union will necessitate the takeover of Britain’s military and security services on November 1, regardless of Brexit.
Lord James’ raising of the matter was captured on video and reported by the UK Column alternative news website on September 9.


Lord James called on the UK Parliament to confirm or deny the information and make it public.
He says all UK servicemen and women will be required to cancel their current UK oaths and make a new oath of allegiance to Brussels.
According to Facebook poster Simon Bean (apparently ex-British Army) letters confirming this have been received by retired Rear Admiral Sir Roger Lane-Nott and Lieutenant-General Jonathon Peter Riley, CB, DSO a retired British Army officer and military historian.
The essence is that irrespective of the Brexit result on October 31, Europe will take control of all British armed forces and security services from November 1.