The Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania on 28th April 1996 – the aftermath – the disarming of the nation and the destruction of those arms.

The imprisonment without trial of a young , intellectually disabled Martin Bryant whom the media was diligent in informing us had carried out the massacre. They failed to mention that the 19 killed in the cafe (out of a 35 death count on the day) were killed with only 20 bullets all in a matter of seconds, fired from the hip, using the right hand.- Martin Bryant is left handed.
There are fantastic accomplishments of Martin Bryant in this carefully planned holocaust, some of which the media has purposely overlooked.


June 1995.

Press Release. Uniform national gun laws are drawn up in Canberra.

A specially constructed morgue truck unlike anything else in Australia or perhaps the world, refrigerated and capable of carrying 22 bodies is delivered to the Southern Tasmanian Mortuary Service. It is used only once – at Port Arthur- then disposed of.

Code Brown , a disaster emergency response plan, involving multiple casualties, is instigated at the RHH (Royal Hobart Hospital)

November 1995 .

Roland Browne, spokesman for the
Tasmanian branch of the Coalition for Gun Control, warned all Australians that if Tasmania didn’t enact tougher firearms laws then there would be a massacre in Tasmania of massive proportions.

Ray Groome as Atorney General removed any claim by any worker or volunteer for compensation to overcome PTSD -( Post Traumatic Strss Disorder) from the Workers Compensation Act, the main injury resulting from the Port Arthur Massacre. Several of the victims have suicided since.

Coroners Act 1995 is introduced containing a new clause that any finding of any subsequent coroners inquest (which allows much more evidence than a normal court of law) must not conflict with or contradict the prior findings of the Supreme Court in the same case. John Howard illegally helped prevent a Coroners Inquest being called into the Port Arthur Massacre.

March 1996.

The warning is repeated – the spokesman for the national anti-gun lobby in Tasmania said there will be a massacre in Tasmania unless we get uniform gun laws.

Ray Groome stood down as Premier voluntarily to take on the duties of Attorney-General, Justice Minister, Minister for Tourism, (Port arthur is a tourist site), Minister for Workplace Standards and Minister responsible for the Port Arthur Site.

All of which bore responsibility for Port Arthur and the aftermath of the massacre.

April 1996.

The warning is again repeated as National Uniform Gun Laws all ready and prepared are rejected by a meeting of police ministers.

Disaster Exercises for all emergency services are fully rehearsed on the peninsular after 1 year of intensive training.

28th April 1996

Code Brown, just brought up to scratch, is fully operational and fresh in everyone’s mind. ie Hobart Hospitals preparations for a full scale disaster.

11am. 28th April,1996.

Top ten managers of the Port Arthur site are evacuated in 3 government cars.

1pm. 28th April,1996.

Seminar for trauma specialist doctors from all around Australia, involving response to a mass shooting, is completed at or very near to Hobart Hospital
All seventeen ambulance personnel are in attendance at Hobart Ambulance Headquarters, despite it being a Sunday.
Three helicopters are available on this Sunday despite there being normally only one.

1.24pm. Sunday 28th April ,1996.

The only reported police on duty within an hour of the Tasman Peninsular, both called out by radio from police headquarters in Hobart to attend at Saltwater river; 1/2 hour drive from Port Arthur, in relation to a first ever, supposed heroin cache, radio in their arrival. (the heroin cache turns out to be jars of soap powder)

1.27pm. Sunday 28th April, 1996.

The massacre at Port Arthur commenced.

27-28th April 1996.

700 journalists from 17 countries arrive for a conference beginning on 29th April in HobartTasmania. 80 are bussed to the PA site in a pre-booked coach.


The Israeli Connection.

The Israeli Mizraim is an elite group inside the Mossad who specialize is assassinations in the West Bank and elsewhere. They are trained to have no compulsion about shooting Goyim, ‘cattle’ which they regard gentiles to be. Of the six members of this group who are the top worldwide in their field three just happened to be holidaying in Tasmania at the time of the Port Arthur Massacre. Add this to the above list of amazing feats and coincidences and stir well.

And finally

1.Two member of NSW Army Intelligence have both, separately and personally confirmed that the Port Arthur Massacre was a planned intelligence psyop using international and Australian personel; a member of ASIO with English accent has backed this up as well.

2. Barrie Unsworth (NSW Premier at the time) let the cat out of the bag that the planning for the massacre was begun 10 years prior, when he emerged from a state and federal ministers conference in Hobart stating to the waiting media, that unless they get uniform national gun control – why? there would be a huge massacre in Tasmania.

3.The SOG (Special Operations Group) within the Tasmanian Police responded to the massacre according to the SOG Manual prepared in accordance with the November 1995 (how convenient) Anti – Terrorist Plan drawn up by SACPAV (Standing Advisory Committee for Protection Against Violence) – under whose control the plan placed them. SACPAV is run by the Protective Security Co-ordination Centre in Canberra.. Their (SOG) main job on that and subsequent days was liasing with the media and attempting to shut up witnesses and suppress evidence.

4. Prime Minister John Howard declares that there will ne no trial for Martin Bryant! Admin.

Nurse Wendy Scurr was the first person into the broad arrow cafe after the pt arthur massacre, she has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media, the police and the federal and state governments. The Police officer who was shot in the neck also has much to say. Find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre-planned Port Arthur massacre and if you watch this lecture with an open mind you will never be the same again period!
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