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We are in a spiritual battle

Letter to the Editor

Mike Adams in his video above describes the chaos that we have had to put up with in simplistic terms but he fails to acknowledge the real core of evil that has unfolded for all of us.

This is showing the hallmarks of a battle against principalities and powers, not just flesh and blood.
A Lucifarian agenda to be gods.
To destroy what was never theirs to take.
To set up their kingdom on earth.

They manipulate, programme, play games and hide true history.
Many in the public arena are used by Controllers themselves until their job is done.
Then they are cast aside.
Every Politician who thinks the Globalists have a seat at the table for them are fooling themselves.
They too will go down with the ship.

While “out of box” thinkers may have dabbled in places they would rather not go, “obedient thinkers” remain simplistic.
That in itself is a safe place to stay.
At war, there are those that lead, and there are those that follow.

Obedient thinkers don’t expect to see gematria code in every spoken word.
They don’t see the subliminal messaging on their evening news or recognise predictive programming fed to them day in day out.

One thing is for sure:
Lucifarian globalists who hide in the shadows don’t believe they are saving civilisation.
That is not their intention.
Rather, they want to destroy everything that is good.
Everything that is God given.
Whether that is our own body, our children’s futures. Our water, our food, the air we breathe.

Somehow intrinsically they know they are dead already.
Doomed for their own hell.
Striving to live forever to avoid the inevitable.

May God intervene in our lifetimes, however short they may now be.

God will not be mocked.
Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

Reference via duckduckgo… (Joachim Bartoll official)
Then search at the bottom of the page: A look into the secret societies and the vision for our world

Out of box thinkers only.

From Seb


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