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Police officer advises compulsory workplace vaccination is extortion at law, so prosecute

Good advice from the horse’s mouth……

30 years as a police officer, in Australia. gives me some understanding of the law. Under the Criminal Codes in all States of Australia are the offences of Assault and Extortion. Go to the police and lodge a complaint should someone attempt to remove access to things/benefits etc because you won’t have a vaccine or any other medicine. So for example if your workplace tells you that you have to have the vaccine or else, then you will see that it fits the definition of extortion. Assault is an obvious one.
Ultimately if you are the defendant you never really win, that is why you must be the complainant. When dealing with serious offences of Assault and extortion, often these matters on a not guilty basis will end up in front of a jury.
People, learn the definition of assault and also extortion to see if it applies in your case, and I don’t mean some bullcrap bush lawyer belief. There is oodles of real case law that you can find online to better inform yourself. (Believe it or not, even criminal law solicitors can give you reasonably sound advice as to whether your complaint could fulfil the elements required to persue a prosecution.) Once you are better informed then go the police and lodge complaints. Do this in numbers. Multiple complainants ALWAYS require a more thorough investigation and are harder to ‘fogg off’
What you have to do is force the hand of the police to take action. Believe it or not but some times politics interferes with what police want to do(sarcasm). You will find that there are brave police out their willing to help you, but you must step up to the plate and present yourself as a person of integrity. Politely demand that your complaint be dealt with and gently force the issue. Police when they charge someone are taking all risk on themselves as they wear the risk of personal liability if it goes belly up, so if you want police to take action on your behalf, present your self as a reliable creditable standup person, not some raving buffoon.
The secret is in reasonably knowing what your talking about and then presenting yourself in numbers.

from a decent police officer

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