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Dan Andrews caught out with another big whopper then closing down Melbourne with a lie

Letter to the Editor

This is a 5 minute YouTube video that provides ABSOLUTE PROOF that Premier Daniel Andrews lied to the Victorian public last Monday when he stated about the Holiday Inn outbreak that it:

  • …was also linked to a function at 426 Sydney Road Coburg
  • …on the night of February 6
  • …she is asymptomatic
  • …she was swabbed four times
  • …returning both negative and weak positive results!!!
  • …given her exposure and the variability of those results, our public health team have taken the most conservative approach and have deemed her a positive case…

The video shows (using Google Maps) the business located at 426 Sydney Rd Coburg that it is the Big Belly Restaurant that has been closed for approximately 10 months.  A camera looking through the front door reveals that the shop is completely empty of furniture, so the chance of a function being there 9 days earlier (circumstantially) proves that Daniel Andrews claim about this “function” is a complete LIE!
The EVIDENCE presented in this video means that Daniel Andrews has:

  • LIED to Victorians about this particular ‘case’.
  • CREATED this ‘fiction’ to justify his further plans to lockdown Victorians beyond the 17th February (today)
  • MOST LIKELY LIED about other ‘cases’ he has reported on in the past to justify his destruction of the Victorian economy; the increase in suicides among younger people; and many other social problems he has caused throughout the Victorian community.

Victorian Marxist Premier Dan Andrews caught out again lying about another positive Covid test in a restaurant that has been closed for 10 months

If you feel as I do about this LIE being used to LOCK VICTORIANS DOWN even further, PLEASE DEMAND that Daniel Andrews together with the Chief Medical Officer (Brett Sutton) and all others in the Health Department associated with this LIE be brought to account by the judiciary in an attempt to remove this LIAR from office.

Simply having a parliamentary inquiry into Daniel Andrews’ conduct won’t cut it any longer.  He needs to be thrown out of office and charged for the crimes he has committed against the Victorian community – such as his role in causing the 800+ deaths due to COVID brought about by his government’s failure to properly manage hotel quarantine last year.

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