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Florida Surgeon General reports 1700 per cent rise in Covid jab adverse effects – gets blast from FDA

By Lyndesy Symonds

The CoVID Regimes of the United [Communist] Nations have now gone full CoVID Retard and Damage Control. CoVID Correctness must be maintained. The Semashko must smash CoVID non-compliance.

So Good Luck with that possums. Time to sacrifice more children to Baphomet and get some new scripts for those poncy CHOs. For the CoVID news spot on the Big Jew msm, cancel those female impersonators who won’t shave off the mo and get a Bot who at least looks like an intelligent white male.

Robert Califf (FDA CoVID Commissar) and the Rochelle Walensky (CDC Big Kahuna) in unison have issued a blast from the ZOG US CoVID Wazoo to Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo who has the balls to do his job and issue a health alert that his state’s surveillance system is reporting a 1,700% increase in notifications to VAERs of adverse events after the CoVID Vaxx Rollout and mandates. 1,700% !!! WTF!!! Well we definitely can’t have some wingnut Surgeon General go off script and start reporting numbers like that.

Sounds like Dr Joseph is in a whole heap of trouble with Operation Warp Speed. His security detail will have to step it up or he might find himself at the bottom of one of those Florida golf course water hazards sleeping with the gators.

Speaking of the Alligator State, the Full CoVID Meshuggeneh and its new normal does remind me of those giant gators that love the Florida golf courses and stroll along the fairways. Some of them even have their own FB pages and fans like the Buffalo Creek Golf Club gator.

Buffalo Creek Gator

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