Queensland Election Review 2012

aussoldbeatties20diaries Captain Anna Bligh  Premier Newsman and Police Minister Dempsey

 David Kempton LNP Member for Cook image0015image0011image0011greens


Now with time bathing in the mandate you handed Newman reflecting a leap from the Labor camp frying pan into the LNP concentration camp fire. Here is the search link of our site to stories covering the last election you may care to reflect upon  [CLICK HERE]  –  You can expand the list by selecting at the bottom of the page – Older Posts.



  1. This is absurd! I went to “Election Info” Menu and it’s about the 2012 Qld State Election!!! There’s been two State elections since then, but not even a mention of either, yet the site presents itself as the provider of reliable News that won’t be published by the main stream media???


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