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Queensland Health Minister bombarded with truth bombs in Cairns

Labor Health Minister Yvette D’arth didn’t know what to say when this lady told her Covid vaccines were killing people

Cairns health authorities still lying about deadly mRNA vaxxes

Cairns health authorities are being overwhelmed with alleged Covid infections leaving hospitals and health services with acute staff shortages and those remaining suffering from extreme exhaustion.

Two patients who had flu symptoms told Cairns News they had tests done which revealed they had Influenza ‘A’ in spite of health authorities claiming they had Covid.

What the State Labor Corporation is neglecting to say is that the Covid mRNA vaxxes are coming home to roost as more and more patients are re-infected from dangerous and useless jabs and staff being infected by virus shedding from patients and getting their own mandated deadly booster shots.

Ambulance services are at breaking point reporting more and more heart problems transporting new patients every day.

Cairns Base Hospital recently had a record number of Covid (vaxx) related patients when 320 were waiting at the emergency door with nowhere to go – Pic Cairns Post

Cairns Base hospital recently recorded its largest ever daily admission when 320 patients were ‘ramped’ in numerous ambulances at the emergency department door.

Patients injured by mRNA jabs filled the corridors and waiting rooms but health authorities refuse to state how many of these patients had the vaxx.

Hospital sources told Cairns News back in May that 80 per cent of new admissions and deaths were vaxx related.

The stupidity and duplicity of the Australian Medical Association continues as union representatives refuse to admit the vaxx is the problem.

Cairns doctor and Together Union representative Dr Sandy Donald said the removal of state government mandates around masks and other measures which helped to slow the spread of Covid would impact the sector.

Together Union spokesman Dr Sandy Donald unable to comprehend the mRNA vaxx is causing all his headaches

Now the discredited and incapable Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has waded in with more diatribe previously claiming she could not understand why there was such an unprecedented high increase in heart and other health problems.

The number of people being treated in hospital for Covid-19 is almost as high as it was during the state’s first peak earlier this year, with the third wave still at least a month away from peaking.

It comes as more than 6000 cases were recorded in Queensland in Tuesday.

Minister D’Ath said there were almost 1000 patients in hospital with the virus, almost matching the total reached in the first Omicron peak.

“We have 928 hospital beds across our public and private system of Covid and influenza cases,” she said.

“This means that we have almost the same number of beds being taken up at our peak of the first wave of Omicron.”

More than 2300 health staff are furloughed because of Covid-19.

Ms D’Ath said the most hospital and health services have moved to tier 3 meaning elective surgeries were being delayed across the state.

Queensland still has the lowest take-up rate for the third shot, with an alleged 63.7 per cent of the eligible population now covered.

ALP Health Minister 40% increase in Heart Attacks, Chest Pains it’s a mystery why this is happening

Yvette D’Ath, Queensland health minister, is amazed at the sudden rise in health issues expressed by hospitals and ambulance staff. She dismisses covid vaccine mentioned in the interview showing total ALP political corrupt denial. Remember stupidity is not hereditary is something she acquired herself, being elected with these attributes by Queensland voters, she did not become a political party puppet and health minister by herself.

If brains were boots she would be barefooted

Aussie, US nurses blow whistle on COVID corruption of health system

Australian nurses at work in an intensive care unit.


FROM Queensland to California to the UK and Europe, dedicated health professionals are speaking out against the big pharma-driven genocide agenda taking place in hospitals, made worse recently by the immoral, unlawful imposition of fascist vaccine mandates.

In Australia 30-year career nurses like Debbie Jane Harris have quit under pressure from the vaccine mandate and have spoken out against the horrors of vaccine-induced injuries and deaths being suffered by thousands of Australians but ignored and covered up by imbecile ministers, clueless chief health officers and bent bureaucrats who inhabit bodies like the TGA, AHPRA, ATAGI and the AMA.

The exact same horrors and lies exposed by nurse Harris have also been exposed by whistleblowing health professionals at Ventura County Hospital in California and published in the Conejo Guardian by journalist Joel Kirkpatrick.

As in Australia and everywhere else suffering under the WHO-Gates-Rockefeller-Fauci medical mafioso, Kirkpatrick describes the totally corrupting effects of COVID-related protocols, vaccine mandates and politically and financially motivated bullying of medical staff.

“Before COVID, nurses, staff and the community were confident in treatment modalities and in doctors’ competencies,” said one nurse. But now, “People are confused.” They are also shocked that doctors and administrators refuse to report rising numbers of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots.

Nurses said that to suggest the shots were the cause of any medical problem or contributing to the alarming rise in non-COVID-related hospital populations, invited professional ridicule with certain staff refusing to believe they were anything but “the safest thing ever produced”.

Yet these same doctors and medical staff who have chosen to run with the narrative have no explanation for the increase in non-COVID-related ailments, including a reported increase in heart attacks in young people, mainly men, who received the COVID-19 vaccines. Doctors in Australia and California “chalk it up to genes”, the whistleblower nurses said.

These were the same nurses who watched in amazement in early 2020 as media and governments everywhere screamed that the hospital COVID wards were about to be overrun, while reality was telling another story. Twenty months on, nurse Harris in Queensland discovered there had only been six Covid patients in ICU at her hospital all that time. Was this the real reason for those ridiculous “dancing nurses” videos that surfaced everywhere? They were supposedly a noble effort by the frontline workers to lift morale but more likely part of the organised psychological operation.

Across the Pacific at Ventura County, nurse Daniel sent his wife and kids to live elsewhere for a month and a half while he prepared to handle “the rush of dead and dying” but “nobody came.” The hospital cancelled elective surgeries and only six COVID patients turned up in the ICU there as well.

And then the “unmentionable” began to happen – the number of non-COVID patients boomed. There were pneumonia cases, strokes – more than normal – and women with venous sinus embolisms. The US nurses reported seeing many auto-immune issues: rashes on the body, the body attacking the nervous system, producing symptoms like a weakening of the muscles.

One patient presented with severe respiratory distress and went into respiratory failure, with symptoms first showing three weeks after he took the Pfizer shot. His lungs were completely destroyed, totally wrecked, Daniel said.

One healthy nurse in her twenties who Daniel knew went into cardiac arrest three weeks after her Pfizer shot. An aortic dissection ruptured her aorta like a balloon. She underwent open-heart surgery and made a full recovery but would not believe the COVID vaccine shots had caused it.

Nurse Davis, speaking at a public meeting at the Gold Coast in November 2021, broke down when she began to relay the post-vaccination adverse events, which at both locations remain mostly unreported. They include the clotting, bleeding, brain bleeds and heart attacks, stillborn and deformed births.

COVID-related data amounted to what one US nurse called “voodoo statistics.” In her unit and others, they are no longer testing everybody for COVID. Rather, they test only those who are symptomatic and those who say they are unvaccinated. The daily figures spouted by CHOs and media are totally misleading because they deliberately cover up the fact that 80 percent of the people in the ER are vaccinated, while only 40 percent of Ventura County is vaccinated.

The US nurses found in a recent group of COVID patients at one hospital, the sickest ones were double-vaccinated. Nurse Daniel said the first to die had both Pfizer shots.

Equally appalling is the enforced treatment of COVID patients with a highly dangerous “approved” drug called Remdesivir. Dr Bryan Ardis has gone on Rumble to expose the scandalous use of the drug that Dr Anthony Fauci has brazenly lied about. It blocks the kidneys and can kill patients by causing a type of internal drowning of organs.

Meanwhile the response of medical authorities in both countries has simply been to cover it all up and reward administrators with virtual bribes for reporting skewed and incorrect statistics. Most notorious among Australian whistleblowers is the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Australian Medical Association.

A retired doctor from Logan Hospital near Brisbane said AHPRA were interfering with and dictating to doctors in overt acts of overreach. Truth and freedom were the casualties, he said. Nurses were also threatened with having their social media pages monitored. The US nurses relayed similar stories of medical bullying, especially against the unvaccinated nurses.

So warped had procedures become in the Ventura county hospital that people were literally left to die on the COVID floor, as happened to one young patient with an autoimmune bowel issue. Her condition worsened, and “nothing was really done” until she went into cardiac arrest and died.

Now, with lawless and brutal vaccine mandates imposed and the loss of many veteran staff like nurse Harris, health care at Australian and Californian hospitals is in crisis. And the fools at AHPRA and the AMA twiddle their thumbs, spin-doctoring their latest phony statistics to media and politicians between their pharma-sponsored cocktail gatherings.

The thousands of staff who left these hospitals because they are appalled by the results of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca’s fraudulent, failed jabs, no longer exist. A recent interview on Australia’s ABC news covered the staffing crisis but in an Orwellian twist, simply ignored the fact of the vaccination mandate and those who had been kicked out of the system.

But the tide of deceit may be turning. Nurse Daniel knows “a lot of [health care workers] who will not get a booster shot”. “They felt like they took a huge risk. I know a lot of people who felt terrible for months after the shot, and they don’t want to experience that again,” he told the Conejo Guardian.
The newspaper reported that more than half of the nurses they spoke with were “heading for the exits” and looking to retire or move to another state to continue their careers. Nurse Daniel said he had “lost all faith in the medical field” and suspected money was pushing the drugs more than evidence. Independent thinkers like him were the enemy now.

“The state sees you as an opposition force, for your opinion,” he told the newspaper. “All these mandates and enforcements are not based off of science; they’re based off of peer pressure. Fear, politi­cal, emotional manipulation.”

Like their Aussie counterparts, the Californian nurses are looking to create private member association hospitals, where unvaccinated people can go to work in their own separate, parallel system. Already the Aussie nurses are organising their own state and federal groups under the Red Union banner.

Mass exodus of 29,504 teachers from Queensland schools – no jab for us Premier

by staff writers

The Queensland state school starting date has been extended by two weeks due to insufficient numbers of children getting the Covid jab and an alleged 29, 504 teacher sackings.

Classes have been delayed by two weeks – from Monday, January 24 to Monday, February 7.

However students in years 11 and 12 will commence remote learning from Monday, January 31.

An Education Department official on a school-related social media website published the number 29,504, of alleged sackings yesterday which was recorded by a reliable source at the time.

The social media site has now disappeared.

A spokesman for Minister Grace Grace denied that any data regarding resignation numbers had ever been published on an official site.

“It certainly sounds like someone has put out some incorrect information as the department has not released any figures,” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile emergency meetings between senior Education Department staff and the Minister continue.

The teachers’ refusal to get the jab has caused a 33 per cent reduction in the entire teacher workforce, the greatest ever exodus of experienced teachers in Queensland history.

According to public service data there are 97,279 fully registered teachers in Queensland.

The average age of approved teachers is 45.6 years, comprising 76.6% female and half of all teachers – 51.3% are over 45 years of age.

At the end of 2020, 68.6% of approved teachers were employed in a permanent or long-term temporary teaching position in Queensland. Supply teacher numbers are not recorded in the data. There are 16 % in non-state primary schools, 17% in non-state secondary schools, 40% in state primary schools and 27% in state secondary schools.

The female Labor Cabinet clique should be proud of their handiwork; not only have they destroyed the lives of 30,000 experienced and dedicated, caring teachers they have embarked on a genocidal campaign of children with an experimental, gene-altering inoculation.

Masked morons taking their precious kids to get the deadly jab in Brisbane. There really is no hope for these unfortunates who don’t have the ability to do any research about mRNA inoculation (or masks) and their long-time deleterious effects especially on kids. No doubt they will vote for the ALP/LNP duopoly at the federal election due in a few months time. By then some of their kids and probably the parents will be starting to feel the ill effects of Pfizer’s spiked proteins. Pic ABC

Several thousand parents with their 5 to 11 year old kids in tow, lined up at vaccination centres yesterday to get the littlies a deadly jab.

Homeschooling has become the new norm for thousands of parents who have pulled their kids from the education system not wanting them to get the jab.

There are reports of communities establishing learning centres for kids to be taught by teachers who have resigned or been sacked by the department. Parents will pay the teachers out of their own pockets.

The Labor Party wreckers have managed to destroy the education system in a month and not a peep from the LNP Shadow Minister for Education, Dr Christian Rowan.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said about 478,000 children aged five to 11 were now eligible to receive the jab – with 26,000 already registering through Queensland Health to get their vaccine.

ABC News reported 6500 got jabbed yesterday.

More Coverage

“We’re going to see a lot more vaccinations done – not just in our vaccination centres, but right across the state,” she said.

“Also too with the great work of our GPs and our pharmacists right across Queensland.”

Australian Health Department Information

Comirnaty (Pfizer) is approved for use in people aged 5 years and over. 

The TGA provisionally approved Pfizer for use in Australia on 25 January 2021 (for 16 years and over), 22 July 2021 (for 12 years and over) and 5 December 2021 (for 5 years and over).

The Pfizer vaccine is currently available for all people aged 5 years and over.

Appointments for children aged 5 to 11 years start from 10 January.

Pfizer is a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine. This type of vaccine uses a genetic code called RNA to make your body’s cells produce the coronavirus’ specific spike protein.

Your immune system cells then recognise the spike protein as a threat and begin building an immune response against it. The RNA from the vaccine does not change your DNA in any way, and your body quickly breaks it down. 

Pfizer does not contain any live virus and it cannot give you COVID-19. 

From Dr Robert Malone – inventor of the mRNA “vaccines” writes: “Before you inject your child — a decision that is irreversible — I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology I created. There are three issues parents need to understand: The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including: Their brain and nervous system. Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots. Their reproductive system. This vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system. The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable: You can’t fix the lesions within their brain. You can’t repair heart tissue scarring. You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system. This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family. The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested. We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks. Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later.”

There it is readers from the horses’s mouth.

Labor Health Minister D’Ath warned by senior doctor to look for another job

The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA. You have produced 0% herd immunity and 100% herd insanity” – Dr Simon Stilgoe, Brisbane

The Minister of Health
State Government
Queensland, Australia

Dear Ms D’Ath,

I retired from clinical practice on 15 December 2021.

My family and some of my colleagues have commented “Well, it’s time you took a break! After all you have three university degrees, two fellowships and three licentiates and have been in full-time practice for 41 years – working as a rural generalist on 4 continents, predominantly in remote locations in third-world countries, with the last 13 years serving the rural communities in Australia, latterly as a locum Senior Medical Officer in southeast Queensland, always putting your patients and community ahead of your family and your social life. It’s about time you had a rest.”

This exceptionally honest and forthright Doctor Simon Stilgoe has seen it all and has called out the Queensland Health Minister for disastrous management of the Covid scamdemic by administering a “gene therapy”

Perhaps they are right, but the question is – am I ready to retire? After all, I am only 63, and feel I probably have a few years left in me to effectively serve the people of Queensland.

So, why am I retiring, then? Because of your non-evidence-based vaccine mandate for health workers. Apparently, at midnight on the 14 December 2021, I was meant to turn into a mutant blob of super-spreading coronavirus slime that would be a terrible threat to my colleagues and patients. You may be relieved to hear that that did not happen. In fact, I have never felt healthier.
It has been interesting to see the rise of evidence-based medicine during my career, something we have all embraced and accepted as the correct and safest way to manage healthcare issues, whether in the individual patient, or at the population level. But many of us have stood mouths-agape to see the principles of evidence-base being thrown into the garbage as politicians have disastrously taken on the role of managing health care during the current coronavirus problem.
But I would like to thank you for the opportunity to retire a little earlier than planned. It will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and my family, and to catch up on my long-neglected hobbies of cycling, bushwalking, bird watching and photography – unless you plan to slap a QR code on the tail feathers of every rainbow lorikeet in the state? Oops, shouldn’t have given you the idea.

And as I sit quietly on one of Queensland’s many beautiful beaches, I will smile to myself knowing with certainty that you too will soon be forced to retire.

How do I know this? Well, Queenslanders may have been scared, bullied, coerced and, yes, forced into lining up to receive their COVID shots, but they are not stupid. As the news of the rapid crumbling of the pillars of coronavirus control that your policies have forced onto them continue to seep past the firewall of our local media and into the general population, they will realise that they have been seriously duped. I can only pray that their reaction will be one of peaceful protest, but this protest will ultimately be voiced at the polling stations. I don’t know what you did before you went into politics, but I hope you were better at it than you have been at “ministering” our health.

Socialist left Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has no ability to understand the makers’ recommendations for the PCR test. It is not to be used for Covid testing yet she and her devious cohorts have just about killed the state in one foul edict. She will get President Xi’s annual award for social destruction. and a hundred points of social credit. The sheeples of the SE corner have fallen right in.

Those “pillars of coronavirus control”? Masking, social distancing, mass screening of asymptomatic people with a PCR test run at a cycle threshold that is way too high, QR codes, hand sanitisers, lockdowns, Perspex partitions, not to mention the alleged “vaccine,” have long been known to not stop the spread of a coronavirus, and the evidence continues to accumulate daily, both through proper journal-published studies, but also just by looking at world experience as the virus continues to thrive. And all we hear is the same on-repeat demands from you and your experts – more masks, more lockdowns, more social distancing, and why not have another dose of our “vaccine” – surely it will work this time? I don’t think so – coronaviruses are experts at adapting to their environment, and they don’t even have a frontal lobe.

The “Vaccine.” Surely by now you are getting embarrassed trying to spin this narrative? No doubt you have heard the old joke that you can always tell when a politician is lying because their lips move? Well, the too-oft repeated Anna/Yvette/Steve/Jeanette-then-Peter-now-John mantra of “Get the vaccine – it’s safe, effective and free!” must be a candidate for the Guinness Book for the most lies contained in one short sentence! Let’s dissect it:
1. “Vaccine” – time to call it what it really is – an experimental gene-based therapy that had to be labelled as a “vaccine” in order to receive emergency use authorisation.
2. “Safe” – a quick look at our own TGA website should be enough to convince you otherwise. But if it isn’t enough, try the US VAERS, The UK’s Yellow Card system and their Office of National Statistics, or the EUs EUDRAVigilance and EuroMOMO. Not to mention the surge of unexplained deaths being reported world-wide amongst vaccinated people.
I have read the “Vaccination Consent” form that people are given to read and sign at your vaccination centres. The fact that the not-insignificant risk of death, myocarditis, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other neurological damage are not mentioned is nothing short of criminal. What happened to “informed consent”?
1. “Effective” – Seriously? Do you believe that Queensland’s experience of the lack of real benefit of this “vaccine” will be any different to the experiences of the rest of the world, where reports come in on a daily basis of the failure of the “vaccine” to deliver what was promised. I know Australia is known as “the lucky country” but I think it will take more than luck for us to experience any more efficacious a result from this “vaccine” than the rest of the world has.
2. “Free” – yeah, right – the taxpayer will be paying for this for decades to come.
No, the only thing that has kept Queensland relatively COVID-free has been the strict border closures. But at what cost? Businesses destroyed, families torn asunder, and the human psyche stretched beyond its limits.

The above policies have indeed resulted in a two-tier society: 1) the vaccinated who have been led to believe they are “protected” (I have had multiple vaccinated patients tell me this) but are actually not, and 2) those who have exercised their freedom of choice not to be vaccinated, but who have been deprived of the chance to achieve natural immunity due to your attempts to quash a coronavirus.

Congratulations! As you and your colleagues pat yourselves on your collective backs and brag about a “world-leading” approach to the coronavirus problem, what you have actually produced is a community with 0% herd immunity and 100% herd insanity. We are like a fresh agar plate in a laboratory waiting to be infected. But anyone with a firm understanding of virology, immunology, epidemiology, sociology and human psychology could have told you this would happen. I presume you have a panel of experts that advise you? They would have known this would happen. So, they have either not advised you correctly, or you have chosen to ignore them – I don’t know which scenario frightens me more.

One of the basic tenets we get taught at medical school is what’s called the biopsychosocial model – each and every person is a unique mix of biology, psyche and their social environment. Everyone on the planet – that is 7+ billion very individual people. So, it’s no wonder that your carpet-bombing of every individual with “vaccines,” lockdowns, masks etc has failed. As has oft been said, we have moved from “one size fits all, to one size fits none.” And as history has shown, carpet-bombing always has the same result – death, despair, destruction, desolation and, eventually, public dissent and outrage.

The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA. What happened to the scientific norm of open debate? Must be hidden somewhere behind the façade of your emergency powers. Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist Richard Feynman once said “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered, than answers that can’t be questioned.” And General George Patton is reputed to have said “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone is not thinking.” So why are the medical profession not allowed to openly debate the way the COVID problem has been handled and the efficacy of the “vaccines”? And believe me, there are a growing number who are questioning. There is a large percentage of my colleagues and the nursing profession in your health service who have told me they would not have received the “vaccine” if it wasn’t for the fear of losing their livelihood. This is a tragic betrayal of their trust and vulnerability. Shame on you.

I was delighted to receive a letter in my post-box a couple of days ago, co-signed by the Prime Minister, the federal Minister of Health and the federal Chief Health Officer. It was an invite to step forward and get a booster dose of “vaccine.” It was reassuring to note that the letter stated that only one booster dose will be needed. That’s great to hear, especially as no-one on the planet really has any idea how effective or enduring boosters might be. If the experience of the results of the first two doses is anything to go on, please forgive me if I’m not convinced. Enclosed in that letter was another information sheet again reassuring Australia that the government had secured 150 million further doses of “vaccine.” Hmmm – only one booster dose needed, 150 million doses available…? 150 million divided by the eligible population of Australia equals…… silly me, one dose each of course! After all, why wouldn’t the politicians play as recklessly with the laws of mathematics as they have with the laws of our Constitution and Human Rights.

I noted with interest the comment you made in the notification you sent out to health staff when you announced the December 15 deadline for full vaccination – toward the end of the letter, you stated something along the lines that exceptions could be made in case of workforce shortage. Now, in a health service that is notoriously understaffed (except perhaps at the administrative level), where do you draw the line between “a little understaffed” and “severely understaffed”? Just yesterday I received an email from a recruiting company advertising locum Senior Medical Officer vacancies across the small rural government hospitals in Queensland – there were 67 such vacancies (I guess it’s 68 now). I just wanted you to know that I would be very happy to keep working – not so much for you, but for the under-serviced people of rural Queensland. In order to return to work, I wouldn’t expect an apology from yourself because I realise that politicians never apologise – they merely spin the facts and pass the blame onto someone, or something, else.

I realise that you are highly unlikely to ever read this letter – I suspect you have the junk filters set very high on your email account. Maybe it will be read by one of your underlings who is also likely to hit the “delete” button. I will send a copy to your boss, for what that’s worth. But I will also send copies to other politicians and interested parties who I know will read it and who do genuinely care for the citizens of Queensland and their basic human rights. Please note I have stated my full name, phone number, physical and email addresses at the top of the letter in the name of transparency and openness, concepts you may not be familiar with.

As I enjoy my enforced retirement, I wish you luck with what remains of your career – you are going to need it.

Yours truly,

Dr Simon Stilgoe

Qualifications Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of SurgeryUniversity of Rhodesia 1980 FRACGP 2009 Occupation General Practitioner (GP) Gender Medical Specialties General Practice Links

Dr Simon was born in England and immigrated to Rhodesia with his parents at a young age. He graduated Medicine in 1980, the year Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. He left Zimbabwe in 2002 and went to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, before permanently moving to Australia in 2008.

He has worked in a rural General Practice in South Australia for the past eleven years, before making a final move to live and work on the Gold Coast in 2019. Having lived and worked on three continents, Dr Stilgoe brings a wide range of experience to 188 Medical in all aspects of General Practice. Dr Stilgoe is Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor, he holds Master of Medicine Degree in Skin Cancer Management, which was awarded in 2013. (Wikipedia)

Editor: Dr Stilgoe deserves a medal.

Qld Health Minister forcibly jabbing Aborigines?

Who is Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath referring to when she talks about “these teams” who knock on people’s doors and vaccinate “whoever is eligible to be vaccinated”?

Yvette D’Arth, another female megalomaniac of the Queensland Labor Party corporation

Was she referring to the coercive “visits” to Aboriginal communities by government vaccination teams backed up by the Army? Is she suggesting that forcible vaccination was somehow OK for them and OK for the rest of the population because “that’s what we have to do”?

How many members of those Aboriginal communities suffered injury or death following vaccination, like Bevan Costello, the elder from Cherbourg who died six days after getting his much publicised jab?

Forcible medical treatment without consent is a criminal act. It’s actually assault to force a needle into someone’s body without their consent. As stated by the Australian Law Reform Commission, it’s part of the law of trespass. “Under the law of trespass, patients have a right not be subjected to an invasive procedure without consent or other lawful justification, such as an emergency or necessity.”

To suggest that “teams” are going to go from door to door forcibly injecting households is a threat of property invasion and violence against Queensland families and this minister must be made accountable for that statement.

Calling the Covid-19 outbreak an “emergency” is not justifiable, especially with a death rate of less than 1% of those infected and deaths which mostly occur with co-morbidities or old age.

Please share this with a view to lodging a complaint (perhaps even a criminal complaint) against this rogue politician.

Did Queensland CHO quit to avoid joining ScoMo’s COVID cover-up cabal?

Queensland’s recently appointed chief health officer Krispin Hajkowicz officially resigned before starting his new job because of “personal reasons”.
Chief COVID schemer Morrison with his bureaucrats and pet premier Berejiklian in one of his so-called National Committee meetings to run the unscientific and lawless responses to the scamdemic.


SO why did Queensland’s new chief health officer Krispin Hajkowicz, with more than a decade of experience managing pandemics including the 2009 swine flu outbreak, resign just days before beginning his new job?

Did Mr Hajkowicz see something nasty coming down the track for Queenslanders or did he suddenly see a massive problem in his lap with the state’s hospitals suddenly losing thousands of employees – a crisis of Queensland Health’s own making? And was he perhaps aware of others like Uncle Bevan Costello of Cherbourg, who died six days after his COVID shot?

Did Mr Hajkowicz also become aware of the conspiracy by PM Scott Morrison, the premiers, the health ministers and Senior Executive Service health bureaucrats to cover-up the scandalous junk science behind their pandemic response, as noted by journalist Alexander Marshall of The Spectator.

What Marshall revealed blows wide open what we always knew was the suspect nature of the pandemic/plandemic, and the scaremongering drummed up by the likes of global-bureaucrat and serial board member Jane Halton at Event 201 in 2019.

From day one, Morrison had legal responsibility for the pandemic response of all the states, given the Commonwealth’s constitutional authority over matters of quarantine and national border controls.

But the scheming ScoMo started digging a hole for himself when he began sounding out the massive vaccine deals with the dirty-dealing big pharma crowd and figured out a “trick” to keep it all nice and quiet behind the scenes while he and the premiers lied flat out to the Australian people over the phony daily case numbers and deaths.

That trick was implemented in May, when Morrison set up a “National Cabinet” committee under the Cabinet to replace COAG (Council of Australian Governments) in order to invoke the secrecy provisions of Cabinet discussions. But the idea was challenged in August under a Freedom of Information action in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal – Patrick v Secretary, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Justice Richard White found the entity known as the National Cabinet did not, in fact, constitute a committee of the Commonwealth Cabinet for the purpose of the ‘Cabinet documents exemption’ in section 34 of the FOI Act.

So Morrison’s sneaky little attempt to exempt his COVID gatherings with the premiers from FOI scrutiny by claiming the body was a committee of his own cabinet ran into a roadblock. The court ruling also meant National Cabinet and the medical Illuminati, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), the chief medical advisers to government, were not covered by Cabinet secrecy laws.

Asked in an online interview why Morrison and company saw such a great need for secrecy, Marshall said it was more than likely to cover up the “shit science” behind their decisions. Marshall was referring in part to a mask “study” carried out by the Gates-funded Burnet Institute in Melbourne. The study claimed mandatory masks alone turned the pandemic around in Victoria. But the study was then denounced by experts as “crap” and not even of high-school standard.

Meanwhile, Morrison and his conniving gang simply doubled down, essentially giving the middle finger to the federal court judge and getting Victorian MP Alan Tudge, another ambitious, ladder climbing political zealot, to do the dirty work by tabling the COAG Legislation Amendment Bill to limit existing rights to access official information under multiple Commonwealth Acts.

The effect of this, says Alexander Marshall, was to bury the “science” behind the so-called health orders by giving them more secrecy than war-time secrets. The sleazy Tudge then had the gall to claim that the Bill “ushers in an exciting new era in our Federation”. More likely, it paves the way for the type of medical fascism set up in Victoria by his and Morrison’s special mate, Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews. Electors in Tudge’s blue ribbon seat of Aston might ask where their federal MP was while Andrews and his gang of thugs were raping the state.

Given this emerging picture of an organised cover-up of bogus COVID science by a network of major party politicians, bureaucrats and private corporate types, plus the emerging potential chaos in the health system, is it any wonder that a quiet, unassuming Queensland bureaucrat suddenly got cold feet before being funneled into the state’s stop public health position?

Cairns News has heard that as many as 45% of nurses at Logan Hospital, Brisbane, are not getting the COVID vaccination. The number sounds a little high, but even for a hospital to lose half that number is going to cause major chaos. But let’s not forget that these global powers-that-be can use chaos when there’s a global reset agenda to push.

Premier Palaszczuk appeared in Logan for a media briefing this week, looking sour-faced and decidedly unrested after some days off. She, like the other bought and paid for premiers, was spouting the state’s “wonderful vaccination rates”, which are possibly highly exaggerated.

Officially only 4000 of the state’s health workers are unvaccinated and 3000 others are on leave. According to media reports, there’s a “next phase of the pandemic” and it was Dr Hajkowicz’s role to manage the state after the borders reopen and “helping to prepare the health system”.

According to the former CHO Dr Jeanette Young, Dr Hajkowicz was the “perfect person” to take on the role. “He has been our lead,” Governor General Young said. “I’ve been going to him for the last two years for advice. He has been the lead for the treatment and management of COVID cases.”

So exactly what was Dr Hajkowicz’s role to be in “managing the state” after the borders reopen? It won’t matter to career bureaucrat Young who will be busy hosting garden parties and cocktail gatherings at Government House.

Is boofhead NSW Minister Elliott really going to arrest these patriotic Australians? We’ll see about that mate!

These Australians peacefully exercising their right to protest in Sydney last Saturday, before being insulted then targeted for arrest by the vile and vindictive NSW Police Minister David Elliot.
Just part of the protest march through Sydney last Saturday, claimed by David Elliot and his media friends to number only 3500! And the same unbalanced, power-drunk Elliot wants a squad of detectives to identify and charge them all.
This NSW minister is off his block and must resign.


THE rancid authoritarian regime now running New South Wales is going after the mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, children, teens, and adults who exercised their lawful right to protest in Sydney on July 24.

The anti-citizen NSW terrorist operation was announced by the distasteful NSW Police Minister David Elliot, after he insulted the thousands of protesters his police are commissioned to “protect and serve” by calling them “boofheads”.

But it’s Elliot who deserves the “boofhead” label. He demonstrated deep-seated ignorance not only over his ministerial obligations as an elected public servant, but in crossing the line to inflicting truly Stalinist-style tyranny on the free people of Australia. This minister is no longer one. He is a tyrant abusing the powers of office to an extent unheard of before in Australia’s history.

Elliot wants the July 24th protesters identified and reported to Crimestoppers in an operation involving 22 detectives. It’s a mirror of the Democrat-inspired FBI terrorist operation in the US to track and arrest innocent participants in the so-called insurrection at the Capitol Building on January 6 this year.

We should not be surprised at this latest act of tyranny by Berijerklian and her cabal of power-corrupted cronies. They, like her fellow terrorist premiers Andrews of Victoria, Marshall of South Australia, the law destroying thug McGowan of Western Australia and Queensland’s DNA-trading-for-the-CCP Palasczcuk family, all appear under the control of the uber-rich globalist pedophile puppet masters who have declared war on freedom and humanity in general.

It’s a shocking crisis of government in Australia. When broadcaster Alan Jones stated recently that Berejiklian had lost the right to govern, he was being polite. This COVID madness is a crisis of government in this nation that must be addressed by the people.

Elliot says the NSW police “strike force” will work to identify and charge the 3500 people (there were at least 10,000) he claimed were involved in Saturday’s “illegal anti-lockdown rally in Sydney’s CBD”. The boofhead minister also ordered them “go and get tested” because in his estimation there would be “at least one person in that crowd with COVID”.

In fact there could have been thousands of people in that crowd “with COVID” or some form of corona virus in their system because real medical experts – epidemiologists in particular – will tell you that half to 80% of the population has natural immunity. But such knowledge is typically ignored by corrupt tyrants hellbent on control of entire populations.

And as if anyone among the protesters would go line up for hours to have some plastic-covered goon stick an elongated, poison-contaminated ear bud up their nasal passage and then have the goo put through a fraudulent test condemned by courts in Europe so that they might be sent into forced quarantine. It would be hilarious if not so deadly serious.

As noted by one of the speakers at the Brisbane World Freedom Day rally, the only test required for dealing with the so-called pandemic should be an IQ test. But that might be going too far, as it could result in a massive leadership vacuum across at least four Australian states and the federal Parliament.

Minister Boofhead should apologise to the thousands of Sydneysiders he has not only insulted, but now threatened with investigation for exercising their lawful right to political protest. This is pure Stalinist-style terrorism and the people of Sydney must go out again in defiance of the ludicrous city lockdown on the basis of a couple of hundred so-called COVID cases.

The fear peddling dimwits of mainstream media and politics are also condemning the Sydney protest as a likely “super spreader event”. Did they ever wonder what “the virus” was doing when masks were off a few weeks back – for instance at the footy? Did the virus take a holiday? No, it and other viruses were spreading – that’s what they do, and the majority of reasonably healthy people with a functioning immune system simply fight them off. Zinc and vitamin D3, a supplement highly recommended by online British GP Dr John Campbell and many others, are good preventive medicine.

Others like the immune compromised or elderly with existing illnesses may need extra care. Repurposed drugs like ivermectin, budesonide (a steroidal inhalant) or hydroxychloroquine can help infected people drastically reduce their viral load, as proven in trials and clinics. But the Berejiklian cabal and their so-called health advisers don’t talk about this – they merely push the dangerous and ineffective vaccines that large numbers of Australians don’t want. It’s criminal negligence cloaked in the respectability of “public health” and people are sick of it (pun unintended).

Vaccination Network warns Greg Hunt Minister for Health and Ageing….stop rollout now….genocide

Open letter to Minister Greg Hunt from Australian Vaccination Network

The Honourable Greg Hunt MP
Federal Minister for Health and Ageing
PO Box 647
Somerville, Vic 3912

May 30, 2021

Dear Mr Hunt,

On behalf of the tens of thousands of members and supporters of  The Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN), we are writing to you with the many concerns we have around the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out. We demand, based on the precautionary principle, that the current mRNA and viral vector vaccination experimental trial be immediately halted until independent scientific safety and efficacy evaluations can be unequivocally established. We understand that Queensland has, as of 21st May 2021, abandoned the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccination program due to injuries and deaths following vaccination.

We are very concerned that the COVID-19 vaccines have only been given provisional approval by the TGA under the State of Emergency declaration and that the decision to vaccinate the Australian public has been made on the basis of short term efficacy and safety data. It has been conceded by the TGA and AHPRA that there is no longitudinal scientific data relating to risk/benefit profile. Why is our government coercing Australians to have experimental injections which have been developed, marketed and distributed in less than a year while previous vaccine development took between 10-15 years?

Liberal Minister for Health and Ageing Greg Hunt said: “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, largest global vaccination trial ever and we will have enormous amounts of data…” Correct, most of the data will be in death certificates.

In an interview on Insiders you stated:

“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data.”

As you have publicly admitted, these injections are still in clinical trials, and anyone who gets the shot is now part of an experiment.

Why haven’t you given instructions to health professionals to inform every person receiving the shot that they are participating in an experiment? Informed consent is essential for any medical procedure as per the Australian Immunisation Handbook and the Nuremberg Code.

These Covid vaccines are not necessary. According to the CDC’s current best estimate, “the infection fatality rate” (IFR) for Covid-19 is less than 1 percent for people aged 69 and younger. Vaccine manufacturers claim that COVID-19 vaccines are 95 percent “effective,” but the FDA is allowing companies to define effectiveness as “prevention of mild symptoms.” The studies are not designed to detect a reduction in outcomes such as severe illness, hospitalization or death. For individuals who develop severe symptoms, the vaccine is not a remedy. Instead, nutritional and oxidative support can help keep the illness from going into “overdrive.” Peter Doshi from the British Medical Journal has concerns that the current trials are not designed to show whether the injections will save any lives. In fact, reports since the commencement of the rollout in countries around the world are showing the vaccines are causing deaths and injuries.

Participants in every COVID-19 vaccine trial reported adverse reactions including high fever, chills, muscle pains and headaches. Some even reported severe reactions that required hospitalization and invasive treatment. According to the FDA, potential long-term effects may include Guillain-Barré syndrome, brain swelling, muscle weakness and paralysis, convulsions and seizures, stroke, narcolepsy, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), shock, heart attack, autoimmune disease, arthritis and joint pain, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, and death.

Some UK health workers have experienced anaphylactic shock after receiving one dose of the approved vaccine and the UK government has warned those with severe allergies to avoid the Pfizer injection. Manufacturers have been granted complete indemnity, freedom from liability even though all previous attempts at creating coronavirus vaccines caused harm and never advanced to regulatory approval.

Sadly, we are seeing the devastating results of these government-sponsored and unnecessary, untested experimental injections on people all over the world. As of May 14, 2021, the number of reported US deaths following COVID-19 vaccines was 4,201 according to data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). A US Harvard Study concluded that “fewer than 1% of injuries were reported” to the database. Every week, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date, usually about a week prior to the release date.

Between December 14, 2020 and May 14, 2021 there have been a total of 227,805 adverse events, including 4,201 deaths. This is alarming but not surprising as there is no data to suggest safety for the following groups of people: Anyone younger than age 18 or older than age 55, pregnant or lactating mothers, those with autoimmune conditions and immunocompromised individuals. The safety for other age groups is inconclusive as the clinical trial for Pfizer, and AstraZeneca will not conclude until 2023.

In Australia, the reported adverse events were over 19,598 on May 20, 2021 according to the report on the TGA website. We are also hearing that thousands of women around the world are reporting disrupted menstrual cycles after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines. The U.K.’s government vaccine adverse event reporting system has collected more than 2,200 instances of reproductive disorders after coronavirus injections, including excessive or absent menstrual bleeding, delayed menstruation, vaginal haemorrhaging, miscarriages, and stillbirths.
Two prominent doctors, including the ex-head of Pfizer’s respiratory research, had warned that Covid-19 vaccines contain a spike protein called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of the placenta. If the vaccine triggers an immune response to this protein, then female infertility, miscarriage or birth defects could result.

On Monday 22 February 2021, COVID-19 vaccinations began in Australia. By May 12, the TGA had received 6 reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) following the injection of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. There have also been reports to the TGA of 18 cases of Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), a devastating condition that leaves the patient with low platelet levels and a tendency to bleed at the same time, and which has a fatality rate of 25%. Reports as at May 2 show that there are approximately 20 cases of anaphylaxis reported in Australia per million doses of the Comirnaty vaccine. How many reactions to vaccination are actually reported to the TGA’s database of adverse reactions? Do frontline medical staff know that they can and should report a suspected adverse event following a vaccination? We know that according to the study performed by Harvard less than 1% of all adverse reactions are submitted to VAERS, so we can only assume (as no such study has been performed by the Australian government) that the percentage would be similar in Australia.

Informed consent is being bypassed. According to the Australian Immunisation Handbook on the TGA website, informed consent is essential. It states:

Valid consent is the voluntary agreement by an individual to a proposed procedure, which is given after sufficient, appropriate and reliable information about the procedure, including the potential risks and benefits, has been conveyed to that individual and it must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.

According to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners:

Informed consent is the process whereby a patient makes a voluntary decision about their medical care with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and potential risks involved. A patient should only agree to the proposed treatment if he or she has been provided with sufficient information including the benefits, associated risks and alternative management options, so they are able to make an appropriate decision about their own health care.

Clearly, we are not able to make an informed choice unless we have the full information to do so. This clinical trial we are engaged in does not meet the requirements of full disclosure and so this vaccination program must cease immediately. Many Australians are being coerced and pressured into taking the vaccine against their will due to the ongoing discussions by the Australian government around restrictions being imposed on those who do not consent to the Covid-19 vaccine. This goes against the values of Australia as a free country where the citizens are entitled to make their own informed medical decisions.

We look forward to receiving a written reply to our concerns and we request urgent action in response to the above information, ensuring a halt to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines for the safety of all Australians.

Ms Meryl Dorey
President, Australian Vaccine-risks Network (AVN)
On behalf of the Members of the AVN and our supporters
Cc:/The Hon Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing

Heavy vehicle blitzkrieg to kick off in May, according to federal ministers McCormack, Buchholz and the NHVR


Not only are each state’s truck tyrants after owner drivers and independents now the LNP and Labor’s federal troopers are lining up along the road to go through your truck.

Do the Linfox or Toll trucks qualify for this unnecessary intrusion into the country’s hard-pressed, independent transport operators battling unchecked fuel prices while they go through the roof again?

Roadside terrorists about to slap a book-full of unlawful fines on a truckie

It will be off the road for a stated, minimal 45 minutes for large fleet-owners and ten to one the owner operators will get many hours penance and huge fines if not put off the road altogether.

This bureaucratic overplay is a result of thousands of chair polishing idiots sitting in parliament house without any gainful production other than to devise ways of cruelling the nation’s crucial transporters. Naturally at the behest of the magnates.

There should be another nationwide halt of every truck for 48 hours or however long it takes to stop the strangling of independent operators and to get excessive government out of industry.

Assistant minister for road safety and freight transport Scott Buchholz said:

“From next month the NHVR will undertake the second National Roadworthiness Survey, which will check the mechanical health of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet.

“Authorised officers from the NHVR and partner agencies across Australia will conduct a mechanical inspection of 8,000 heavy vehicles including trucks, buses and other special purpose vehicles.”

‘Mermaids’ in action

 Australian farmers have long complained they are the most over-regulated industry on earth, but the authoritarian LNP/ALP duopoly wants to outdo its road train loads of shocking, costly farm regulations with an all out assault on truckies already overburdened with the most complicated, convoluted transport regulations on earth.

The roadside troops have long modeled themselves on the SS, tearing truck cabins and loads apart without any accountability leaving distraught drivers with a spelling mistake in their log books thousands of dollars worse off and accruing so many demerit points on their licences they can no longer drive, thus dysfunctioning as a breadwinner for their families.

Sooner or later the corporate system of Australian government will collapse under the enormous weight of its unconstitutional, fascist-styled policies.

The United States corporation is in its death throes making way for President-elect Donald Trump to re-emerge and to restore constitutional sanity to Capitol Hill.

Australia, legally as the 52nd state of America will simply fall into line.

Another Marxist initiative by the comrades of the Queensland Labor Party:

Bill Gates and WHO go into partnership with Queensland Labor Party to supply needle-less vaccines for Covid rounds two,three, four………

from Brisbane Times

Labor is building a new multimillion-dollar facility in Brisbane at Hamilton Northshore to manufacture medical technologies – including a needleless vaccine patch that could be used to combat COVID-19 – to sell to global markets.

Vaxxas development officer Angus Forster demonstrates the needle-less vaccine patch backed by a partnership between Queensland Labor, Bill and Melinda Gates and WHO

The new “medi-tech centre” will create 139 construction and research jobs over 10 years, Treasurer Cameron Dick said.

But the exact amount a Labor government would contribute under its Advancing Queensland policy would not be revealed because it was commercial in-confidence, then State Development Minister Kate Jones told reporters.

However, one company to benefit would be Vaxxas, whose Queensland-developed patch is pressed against the skin for 10 seconds to deliver vaccines.

“This will be a game-changer for vaccines globally,” Ms Jones said. “And it is being developed right here in Queensland.”

Ms Jones said until the state government decided to invest, Vaxxas was considering shifting overseas.

“Through this multimillion-dollar deal, we can keep this manufacturing facility here, and keep the jobs here,” she added.

The facility will be located in a building owned by Economic Development Queensland, with Vaxxas to begin manufacturing its vaccine-delivery product by early 2022.

Ms Jones said the company could develop 300 million doses annually of any vaccine for its patches.

“Particularly when you look at the world pandemic you have right now,” she said, “imagine if you could get that vaccine distributed around the world – in that little case, needle-free – compared to the technology we have today.”

The scheme, designed and trialled in Brisbane since 2011, is now backed by both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation.

But a spokesman for the intellectually disabled then Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington said Labor should be upfront about how much it was investing in the facility.

“We think it’s an interesting idea to help local companies, but it is still several years off coming to fruition,” he said.

Is it any wonder this lot of intellectual pygmies couldn’t win the last election?

About the size of a 50-cent piece, the Vaxxas Nanopatch has 1800 micro-injectors that deliver a vaccine in 10 seconds.

The company’s chief development officer, Angus Forster, said the scheme could potentially be used at home if further clinical tests showed this was safe.

“So the user who is giving the vaccination would remove the foil seal from the device, apply it to the skin, activate the device, count to 10, then remove the entire product,” he said.

Mr Forster said the new medi-tech centre could provide jobs for scientists and engineers to refine the Nanopatch.

“We have a technology that can really change vaccination,” he said. “It can remove the need to refrigerate vaccines, and remove the need for a skilled vaccinator to deliver the vaccine.

“It is ideally suited to pandemic threats in the future.”

Mr Forster said about $30 billion worth of vaccines were sold globally every year, adding that in this era of COVID-19, researchers were aware of the need to develop vaccines as quickly as possible.

“What we have is a vaccination-delivery platform,” he said.

“When you have a vaccine that is ready to be distributed, the ideal way is to have a very simple, easy-to-use device that can be stored outside the ‘cold chain’, which can make that vaccine accessible to a lot of people very, very quickly.”

Mr Forster said many companies were now exploring needleless ways to administer vaccines.

“The US government, for example, is very focused on how it can vaccinate its entire population as quickly as possible.

“This facility allows us to move towards a manufacturing process that can produce the types of volumes you need for vaccine rollout.”

The Queensland Health Department denied it was creating a huge DNA data bank from Covid sampling, but from all indicators there is one dirty big deal going down here that involves the Labor Party, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, her father Henry, Bill Gates and the communist WHO.

GTA Chairman Henry Palaszczuk told a conference of gene technology leaders in 2019, leveraging the unique blockchain incentive mechanism, GTA encourages more individuals to participate in gene sequencing and storage.

Henry Palaszczuk , a former Queensland Labor Party Primary Industries Minister, is now Chairman of Singapore-registered and China-tied Gene Technology Alliance Foundation GTA基金会

Cairns News published a story about the Premier’s father and his involvement in gene technology on March 9:

GTA Blockchain reports:  On September 22, 2019 the GTA Gene Data Storage and Application Summit was grandly opened in Chaohu city of Anhui province. The event brought together celebrities, Nobel scientists, experts and scholars in the field of gene technology and data storage, sparking heated discussions on application of genetic big data and AI, gene data encryption and storage, human health and other relevant issues.

 The participators got together to envision the prospects of genetic technology and unveil the mysteries of life. Mr. Henry Palaszczuk (Henry Baileqi), chairman of the GTA Foundation, made a speech on “Genetic Data Storage Leads the Change of Era”, in which he mentioned by leveraging the unique blockchain incentive mechanism, GTA encourages more individuals to participate in gene sequencing and storage.

The Pfizer and AstraZeneca so-called mRNA vaccines have been labeled as gene therapy by prominent epidemiologists as they do not fall into the US Centre for Disease Control’s definition of a vaccine.

The Labor Party Government refused to answer a query from Cairns News if the Premier’s father indeed was collecting DNA samples for his group from the State’s Covid testing laboratories.

Bill Gates has strategically positioned himself within Australia to provide vaccine patches for the predicted annual booster jab that the southern hemisphere and the remainder of the world will need for many years to come.

Here is the real story that will never be told by main stream media about this sinister vax delivery system happening in Brisbane under the noses of the one million inhabitants of the south east corner of the Sunshine State, the majority of whom voted for this despicable mob of full term abortionists.

Luciferase, or the Human Implantable Qantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System could be defined as the ‘Mark of the Beast’ heralding the End Times. Gates is a eugenicist desperately trying to reduce the world’s population to 500 million and now it seems so are his new partners in crime who will profit handsomely from this Luciferian venture. Where are the idiots who voted for this communist Labor Party?

Luciferase Quantum Dot COVID-19 Vaccinations – The Bill …
Luciferase” The Quantum Dot Tattoo. Bill Gates and MIT are currently developing the “Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System.” It’s a tattoo for the hand, which will include our identification Mark and vaccination records. It needs an enzyme called Luciferase in order to make it work.

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