Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I feel compelled to write to you all, on this occasion, to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the upcoming referendum on The Voice. Previously I would’ve kept my opinions, on political matters to myself, in keeping with my belief that each of us must not only retain our personal political leanings, as is our right but also at the same time respect one another’s views or beliefs, however on this occasion I feel that this momentous moment in our history is of such importance that it is timely that some of us, if not all, speak up and declare where we stand and why, it is, off course, a deeply personal individual decision and so I am now making my stance known to you, to those of you that have supported, for all these many years, myself and the Rosie tatt’s, I add at this time that I have discussed this matter with the other members of the band and did gain their approval to do so. My support, going back decades, for our Aboriginal people should not ever be in question and you that know anything about me would know this.

Since the late seventies, when I first heard the term ‘the Aboriginal industry’, we all have seen just how this industry has grown and sadly become, like most other bureaucracies’, an ineffectual giant, a toothless tiger, a bottomless pit, into which so many of our tax dollars are yearly poured to little effect. On well-meaning advice from representatives, from our Aboriginal community, candidates were democratically elected into office in an effort to have true representation in our government, both state and federal, but again, sadly, we have all seen that even those appointed to bring about change for the betterment of all Aboriginal people seem to have not been able to or willing to bring about those changes. I have heard and listened to the Voice of Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, among others, as they have for years called for recognition of the real problems of the most neglected of our Aboriginal people. We, mainstream Australians, are not racist and we are tired of being told we are, purely by the virtue of having been born Caucasian. We’ve all hung in there, all these years, never begrudging the billions of our hard-earned taxes going into the Aboriginal industry in the belief that they would make a difference..they haven’t! We entrusted those dollars when asked, to be put into the hands of Aboriginal people or those nominated by them after being told that ‘they’ know best, well have we received bang for buck? No, we haven’t!

What we have seen recently is that some of these representatives, both individuals, departments, companies, and some of those elected into our parliament have become obscenely wealthy on our taxed dollars, it would seem that very few of our dollars are reaching those most in need!…but again according to those within the industry it, somehow, is our fault and it can only be fixed if a ‘yes’ result is achieved with the coming referendum, well let me state clearly I don’t believe them! So it’s a NO from me! For decades now that very industry of radical voices have tried to blame, shame, and bully us into believing that we are the problem, well I’m saying now, loud and clear, I have never accepted that! I do not accept that! and I never will accept it!

In closing I reaffirm my personal commitment to our Australian Aboriginal people and to being part of the solution that will work towards uplifting the lives of those seemingly forgotten, I have personally offered my allegiance to Jacinta and to any others, like her, that will truly work towards bettering the lives of our most neglected Brothers and Sisters. PS, please, I ask that we all vote, vote clearly!… Write Yes or NO clearly so your vote is not wasted, our future depends on it, our future is in your hands! Angry. #auspol #TheVoice #VoteNO ”