By Lyndesy Symonds

The WEF is only one multi-lateral partner of the United [Communist] Nations. Looks like they were tasked with getting the assets and operatives into key positions in the member governments to run the CoVID Operation.

Another multi-lateral UN partner is The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.
Their Annual Report (issued in Sept) is the annual overview of where the UN and its multi-laterals, member nations [the Big Power Blocs: the Communist Bloc and the Western ZOGs] are going to take their Operation in the coming year

Against our CoVID Regime: build the local network of trust and support. Do NOT believe them, do not comply with them. Analyze their systems. Take individual responsibility to do everything within your power to block their systems of control.

In this video, Archbishop Vigano outlines the operation. Message begins at 54 seconds. He outlines the succession of ’emergencies’ this operation will stage. The Depopulation is already rolling with the vaxx genocide. Vlad has now got a succession of EUSSR nations that could not have cared less about NATO signed up and moving onto the Visegrad space in central Europe. So the Communist Bloc and the Western ZOGs have got WWIII going – pretty much where they started the last one. Now Operation CoVID will move on to ‘climate emergencies’. The WEF Klaus Bots at Davos might even be working on a script to get all those ‘Died Suddenly’ vaxx deaths from the genocide reclassified as climate emergencies.