WA Labor trying to ban bullet reloading equipment

Once again the Western Australian Government has put its boot into its law abiding firearm owners by coming up with the Firearms Amendment Bill 2021 to parliament, which in its current form could be interpreted to ban reloading ammunition, the possession of reloading presses and dies, and the possession of firearms reference manuals without a special dispensation from the state Police Commissioner.

Smarties of WA Labor don’t have to take the guns, just remove the reloading gear.

The WA branch of the Shooters Union has a meeting with the Shadow Police Minister next month to discuss our many, many concerns over the Bill but we need the help of our WA members in contacting their MP to voice their concerns over the Bill.

You can find your local MP’s details here: https://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/Parliament/memblist.nsf/screenLCMembersElectorate

In particular, the sections shooters need to be concerned about are Section 43, 23AG & AH, which define “Firearms Technology” as:

“(a) a thing that is programmed, configured or otherwise enabled to carry out a step in the manufacture or repair of a firearm, major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition; or without limiting subparagraph (i), to change an object into a component of a firearm, major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition;

(b) any type of digital or electronic reproduction of  a technical drawing of the design of a firearm,  major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition;

(c) a plan, drawing, instruction, template or computer program, in digital or electronic form,  for the manufacture or repair of a firearm, major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition;

(d) a hard copy of a digital or electronic thing referred to in paragraph (b) or (c) And then goes on to state “A person who is in possession of firearms technology commits a crime unless the person is authorised by a licence under this Act to be in possession of firearms technology.  Penalty for this subsection: imprisonment for 10 years.”

Like all his Labor counterparts Premier Mark McGowan hates guns.

A regular Firearms Licence does not appear to authorise a shooter to be in possession of “Firearms Technology”, and the definition of “Firearms Technology” is so broad as to, in our view, encompass reloading presses, reloading dies, bullet moulds, loading manuals, load data, cartridge schematics, and detailed firearm repair manuals.

Editor: Once the WA Firearms Branch gets rid of reloading gear it can stop the supply of factory ammo overnight, then everybody will be disarmed and no more bench rest shooting or gun clubs. What is McGowan the Labor Premier afraid of?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The black market is going to boom if that goes through.
    WA had a bounty on a head of an Aborigine presented to a Police Station until 1938!


  2. Lumpy Rutherford

    I believe your Labor Premier is afraid of resistance…


  3. Quote: “Editor: Once the WA Firearms Branch gets rid of reloading gear it can stop the supply of factory ammo overnight, then everybody will be disarmed and no more bench rest shooting or gun clubs. What is McGowan the Labor Premier afraid of?”

    May I suggest what is called summary justice is what McGowan is afraid of, and given his acts to date, such an event is becoming more likely, hence his fear.


  4. I am sure all the premiers and those who sit in the Federal Politburo (National Cabinet) of Australia’s Covid Regime all have their own personal security. Businesses enforcing the Politburo mandates have their own security. They all agree on their need for security (that is security armed with firearms). And they all agree that the rules, mandates, dictates of their communist state will be enforced against Australians – by foreign security forces if needs be. And they all agree the Australian people should be denied our own security and the right to self defense


  5. Maybe an uprising?
    Need a few Manchurian Candidates as there are quite a few to occupy the crosshairs.
    The Djokovic saga was political;
    “His lawyer Nick Wood SC gave a hint when he told the court the minister had justified Djokovic’s deportation on the grounds his presence would excite anti-vaccination sentiment in Australia.”
    I am not embarrassed to be Australian but deeply embarrassed by my Governments, its bureaucracy and the Mainstream Media.


  6. dianedraytonbuckland

    The world populations have to rise up against World Governments and their tyrannical terrorism against innocent populations or we are all doomed to totalitarianism.


  7. They stitched up Martin Bryant to take most of our guns, with the help of zio puppet Johnny Howard and Murdochs trial by media. Now they want to finish the job.
    Mark McGowan has overtaken asswipe Dan Andrews as Australia’s No1 blackmailed zio puppet enemy of the people

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  8. What is he afraid of? BEING SHOT!


  9. The WA Premier is a malicious megalomaniacal fool.

    As a writer of novels, may I venture that furious Aussies need only overpower a few traitorous soldiers (foreign no doubt, therefore invaders), and secure the weapons they need. As our own soldiers appear to be traitorous too, having made no move to defend Australians from foreign invasion, domination and oppression, despite having been asked to defend us, they are fair game too.

    I say this, of course, hypothetically, it being well-known that we novelists do not live in the real world. LOL.


  10. We do nothing (we do a lot of that) they will take firearms and anything related to firearms.
    Not hard to work out – to have complete control of Australians they need to take all firearms.

    The NWO and their lackeys will have firearms, they will need them to control the slaves.
    Think they won’t use live rounds on us, remember Victoria, rubber bullets in the back.

    Live rounds in the back, – only needs the order to do so. The police thugs have proven beyond any doubt that they will do it, – with a smile on their faces.when saying “just doing my job”.

    We let it happen.

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  11. Diane Drayton Buckland

    The world populations have to rise up against World Governments and their tyrannical terrorism against innocent populations or we are all doomed to totalitarianism.

    Informed choice Australia Canadian doctor locked in psych ward who exposed stillbirth explosion in vaccinated moms interview

    Queensland Premier Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron four police arrest her! She was innocently sitting down having a cup of coffee! World leaders gone covid insane !

    Covid 19 has a better survival rate than the flu

    Western Australia Premier trying to ban bullet reloading equipment


  12. _________________ _________________ 1 (Slip Opinion) Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022) Per Curiam NOTICE: This opinion is subject to formal revision before publication in the preliminary print of the United States Reports. Readers are requested to notify the Reporter of Decisions, Supreme Court of the United States, Wash-ington, D. C. 20543, of any typographical or other formal errors, in order that corrections may be made before the preliminary print goes to press. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Nos. 21A244 and 21A247 NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS, ET AL., APPLICANTS 21A244 v. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, ET AL. OHIO, ET AL., APPLICANTS 21A247 v. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, ET AL. ON APPLICATIONS FOR STAYS [January 13, 2022] PER CURIAM. The Secretary of Labor, acting through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, recently enacted a vac-cine mandate for much of the Nation’s work force. The mandate, which employers must enforce, applies to roughly84 million workers, covering virtually all employers with at least 100 employees. It requires that covered workers re-ceive a COVID–19 vaccine, and it pre-empts contrary state laws. The only exception is for workers who obtain a medi-cal test each week at their own expense and on their own time, and also wear a mask each workday. OSHA has never before imposed such a mandate. Nor has Congress. Indeed, although Congress has enacted significant legislation ad-dressing the COVID–19 pandemic, it has declined to enact
    2 NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS v. OSHA Per Curiam any measure similar to what OSHA has promulgated here. Many States, businesses, and nonprofit organizationschallenged OSHA’s rule in Courts of Appeals across the country. The Fifth Circuit initially entered a stay. But when the cases were consolidated before the Sixth Circuit, that court lifted the stay and allowed OSHA’s rule to takeeffect. Applicants now seek emergency relief from thisCourt, arguing that OSHA’s mandate exceeds its statutory authority and is otherwise unlawful. Agreeing that appli-cants are likely to prevail, we grant their applications and stay the rule. I A Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and HealthAct in 1970. 84 Stat. 1590, 29 U. S. C. §651 et seq. The Act created the Occupational Safety and Health Administra-tion (OSHA), which is part of the Department of Labor and under the supervision of its Secretary. As its name sug-gests, OSHA is tasked with ensuring occupational safety—that is, “safe and healthful working conditions.” §651(b). It does so by enforcing occupational safety and health stand-ards promulgated by the Secretary. §655(b). Such stand-ards must be “reasonably necessary or appropriate to pro-vide safe or healthful employment.” §652(8) (emphasisadded). They must also be developed using a rigorous pro-cess that includes notice, comment, and an opportunity fora public hearing. §655(b).The Act contains an exception to those ordinary notice-and-comment procedures for “emergency temporary stand-ards.” §655(c)(1). Such standards may “take immediate ef-fect upon publication in the Federal Register.” Ibid. Theyare permissible, however, only in the narrowest of circum-stances: the Secretary must show (1) “that employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from


  13. Rosaleen&Ted French

    What else could you expect from a Locktite Premier.What goes around.
    Comes around.


  14. This is obviously a clear effort to cripple firearms owners to disarm them so they can’t put up a defence for what’s coming next.


  15. Which is probably door to door forced vaccines and medical kidnapping to the camps being built around the country wake up people this is nazi Germany all over again.


  16. Exactly. What is he afraid of? This is very revealing. For starters, there’s clearly a helluva lot more guns out there than widely purported. So has there been a massive spike in ammunition sales?; with people busily stockpiling like squirrels on meth? (Vastly more sensible and constructive than toilet paper hoarding!) Is this proposed Bill in preparedness for inevitable anarchy when they proceed to remove the un-jabbed from their homes to the camps? As we’ve seen, that’s already been trialled on defenceless indigenous communities.

    The disarmament of Australian and NZ citizens (via false flag attacks) hasn’t been as effective as anticipated. Australia has had ample time to re-amass their ‘shooty sticks’ via black market or other means. Even in the much more recent NZ disarmament (which reportedly was a bit of a fizzer), gun ownership is still huge and actually on the incline.

    So rightfully, McGowan and all these other fascist dictators should be VERY afraid.


  17. You might be closer to the real world than you think.Ed


  18. It’s odd that both belong to the ALP? Ed


  19. We were told all Premiers were moved to safe houses months ago. Ditto many federal ministers. Ed


  20. Will these paranoid labor idiots ban cricket bats, baseball bats and lengths of water pipe next?
    Bloody nutters! How about golf clubs and fishing rods???


  21. There should be a condom mandate to stop the WA communists from breeding. Ed


  22. Brianconcannon you’ve nailed it!
    And straight out of the Port Arthur/Martin Bryant playbook all this time later, came the Christchurch mosque attacks with Aussie Brenton Tarrant. Both with similar intellectual disability. Even their names have a similar cadence.. though maybe that’s stretching it!? I’ve always said that it was odd how that all went down in NZ (including the subsequent disarmament), not long before the plandemic was rolled out. Timing is everything.


  23. just another part of the agenda to disarm any who resist the tyranny and oppression The path to a communist dictatorship is well under construction


  24. A long, very long time ago, I was a young’in, we were miles away from huge populations out in the middle of no-where, I was the only girl amongst some of the best knowledgable men I’ve ever been lucky enough to grow up & mix with. As far as firearms go I was taught how to deal with & respect one before the age of school. As I got older (in my late teens) we’d swap dies, projectiles, powder, shells, to make our own ammo, share would probably be a better word. Had to do this under the circumstance of remote living. There was always some genius that knew firearms enough to fix any problems, shops or arms dealers to help us out were like a lifetime away. We would have been stuffed if we didn’t have the equipment otherwise, just like the agenda proposed above. These were the days that my Auntie could ‘legally’ hold an intruder into our shack with the end of a barrel, I know, I was there holding the torch while she had the under estimating idiot in her sights. These were the days she had every right to stop him with lead if he dared move. These were the days a battered spouse would go to the police & they’d say to buy a gun. True, I was there when the police said that to my mum. If we had to drop a beast or cull pests or protect ourselves, that rifle was on the wall with the ammo in the drawer right under it. I got my first Long Rifle from a shop in the street before I was 20 & didn’t get to the door without the ammo too (very excited I was, ammo from the shop, all made & ready to go, pretty soon went back to making my own though). Loved how the men would let me shoot their pistols, though by the time I had enough to buy one the powers that be declared them concealed weapons, or something like that, they were getting restricted in some from & I had to travel miles to shoot someone else’s at a ‘controlled range’, which I’d do anyway, wait for hours till most of the people left & ‘the boys’ would let me have a go, found out years later how they’d save ammo for me if they seen me there, waiting, all eagle eyed.
    How’s that song go folks? “They were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end”… To quote George Orwell “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see it stays there”.
    Our corrupt government of the day made sure they got the right patsy to fix that. They must be trembling in their boots to bring in the ‘no equipment’ changes.


  25. Next thing they’ll do is limit, restrict & register how much ammo one has (for each firearm), just like ‘the boys’ spoke about in the 70’s


  26. Nice auntieet the tyrants can see the writing on the wall and there is no doubt the vaxx damaged will come for them. Ed


  27. Thank you so much, for sharing such a beautifully written, enjoyable and evocative story…I didn’t want it to end. How enterprising and innovative you all were, and with such great fighting spirit. Qualities that we still have buried deep within us, although unfortunately suppressed by modernity, making people soft. But Yes, we can and must harden up and ressurect those qualities to win this war.


  28. well they can try ED but I think even they know there days are short the people are waking up around the country fast on a daily basis all you have to do is look at the protests they get bigger each time they know that we the people are in control and that it would be very stupid and foolish for them to try any direct confrontation because they would son be wiped out we the people out number them but a very large margin all the rest is theater and fear tactics as they have nothing less and their time is short hold the line people say no to the agenda do not comply and its over we win they loose. The time is now we have the numbers and the momentum wake people up talk to whoever will listen to you and for god sake do not take the death jab and more importantly do not for the love of god give it to your kids.


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