New Qld Covid rules for business further explained

I am not sure it’s a good thing now QLD has now moved to what SA has been using since 2020 a Covid Checkin. Which would mean that each Restricted Business in QLD would need to have a Covid Safe Plan filled out and signed which can expect fines if anything on that Restricted Business Plan was broken.

From December 17th 2021 looks like Segregation will occur in QLD:

“Easing restrictions from 17 December 2021

Restrictions for businesses are set to ease on 17 December 2021.

Some businesses must restrict entry to unvaccinated people from this date. This also includes your employees if they are not fully vaccinated.

Eased restrictions

There will be no capacity restrictions on businesses or activities where only fully vaccinated people can attend (non-essential, leisure businesses), including:

hospitality venues (e.g. hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants, cafes)indoor entertainment venues (e.g. nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres, cinemas)outdoor entertainment activities (e.g. sporting stadiums, theme parks)indoor and outdoor festivals (e.g. musical festivals, folk festivals, arts festivals)Queensland Government-owned galleries, museums or librariesweddings.

If you run a non-essential business, you cannot choose to keep following existing or past restrictions (e.g. using density restrictions) to stay open for unvaccinated staff and customers.

Unvaccinated people will be able to visit and attend:

essential services (e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, newsagents, clothing stores, limited retail stores, gyms)
food courts shopping centres (except for businesses within a shopping centre that only allow fully vaccinated people)
fast food restaurants for takeaway or drive-through only
accommodation providers (e.g. a hotel), except for any venues within an accommodation premises that only allow fully vaccinated people (e.g. pub, restaurant, nightclub)
markets (e.g. farmers market, craft market, community market)
attend a funeral (with occupant density limits and attendance caps)
attend a wedding (with a maximum of 20 people if anyone attending is unvaccinated).

If you run an essential business, you can choose to refuse entry to unvaccinated customers.

Checking vaccination status

Your business needs to take reasonable steps to enforce these restrictions. If you run a business where only fully vaccinated people can attend, this includes checking your customers’ vaccination status.

You must:

display the vaccination rules in a prominent location at the entry of your business premises ask for proof of vaccination from your customers at the time of check-in (this is a legal requirement) through:the Check In Qld app an immunisation history statement a COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate.if a customer cannot or refuses to provide evidence, ask the person to leave the premisesif the person refuses to the leave the premises, call the police.

More details will be available soon on arrangements that will apply for people who have a genuine medical reason for not being vaccinated, and what proof of exemption they must provide to a business.

We don’t expect business owners or staff to be the police. If there are customers refusing to comply, call the police.”

from Question 21

Editor: Supermarket Coles has said it will not refuse entry to unvaccinated customers or force its employees to get vaccinated. In the Far North, if public comments from business owners at rallies can be relied on, many will not discriminate between vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Health Department, it appears, has placed the onus on businesses to a great extent but the department is in such disarray who knows ?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. My proposal to be promoted at next rally, Challenge ALL POLITICIANS, PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS AND PROMOTERS OF THE JAB have a compulsory blood test to prove they have in fact been vaccinated, use an exclusive code to identify each one that will be followed through the testing process to ensure the promoters have in fact had the jab, not a saline water placebo. I suspect the results will throw up some surprises.

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  2. Went out last night for dinner. Local pub. Can only order at the table using an app and electronic payment. So it’s defacto montoring. The pizza I got for cash at local takeaway was nice. Money talks, BS walks. That’s how it’s got to be but I do feel sorry for the poor sods who have to tolerate this criminal government.

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  3. In this age of ‘wokeism,’ . . . couldn’t people just ‘identify’ as a vaxxed person?

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  4. Well there is yet another report on the govt website we found that confuses the mandate even more. The Labor Health Dept is a dogs dinner. Editor

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  5. Just ignore the Privacy Act 1988 and all will be hunky dory

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  6. This conflicts with the report you made in the report dated November 25 So which is it?


  7. What the f has this got to do with catching a cold!😡

    Kind regards Gary



    Call out to our global friends regarding the SOS that was sent out by Reignite Democracy Australia.

    We would ask if more countries will be able to stand united with us the people of all the States of Australia against the heinous tyranny of the Australian Federal Government and all Australian State Governments; the actions of these Political and Medical Tyrants et al has been terrifying and destructive for our people.

    We would be most thankful for anymore countries who can stand united with us through REIGNITE DEMOCRACY AUSTRALIA SOS.

    Thank you most sincerely.

    See Notice >


  9. More BS from a BS government led by the biggest BS of them all, Annastacia Palaszczuk. You truly are a nutter, or an utter ratbag, whatever you prefer Palachook and your stance on unvaccinated people is NOT going to get your pathetic government re-elected.


  10. We appreciate your news source but stop giving people false hope before you shoot your mouth off. There are a lot of vunerable people following your page
    l lot of people feel like they are up shit creek without a paddle at the moment
    We are dealing with fruit loop psychopaths and these bastards have been chosen well by the deep state filth
    They are not our state premiers anymore, they are just criminal scum trying to kill us….once most of the people realise that and that our little vulnerable children are next ….we win because the majority of people won’t accept that
    The outburst of anger on for the Aboriginals around the world has proven that!
    I was annoyed when I read your first post about this because I know these bastards keep moving the goal post
    We don’t give a shit about the pig in lipsticks rules because she is no longer our premier!
    Nor are her lap dogs including the police commissioner, unions, media, business’ and other politicians following this communist agenda
    Keep it real and keep it on track
    It’s over once people stop being scared and find their inner strength and get off their arses and show up to protests.
    I don’t like protests either and would rather be in the Greek Islands basking in retirement but this is for our children, our first nation people and ourselves so we need to fight back but fight with dignity
    Cheers mate!


  11. We unvaccinated only have to wait up to 2 years or so and theoretically there won’t be many vaccinated left, because they will have died from A.I.D.S related illnesses which should be occurring from Christmas onwards, if you were one of the first to accept vaccinations.


  12. So how does this not breach the Constitution?


    Eon Radley

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