Deadly Dan who backed the China plan could be in one of his Victorian courts

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

What has happened to Premier Dan Andrews? After it was dutifully reported by Victoria’s captive media he “fell down the stairs and broke his ribs” at a mansion owned by transport magnate Lindsay Fox, his tweets, other than a photo-shopped picture of him in a hospital bed and a “happy Easter” message have disappeared into the ether.

Being a Labor Premier of a rogue Chinese state has its moments and fighting off a flu virus and overseeing the deaths of more than 800 age care residents across Melbourne occupied most of Dan’s time. When he had a tantalising opportunity to visit Linfox’s luxury home at Portsea, fortuitously the highway-hardened truck driver’s son Andrew too was in lockdown at the seaside.

Transport magnate Lindsay Fox’s residence at Portsea

Opposition MP Louise Staley attacked the Premier during Parliamentary question time in January for hob-nobbing with billionaire Lindsay Fox and cracking $10,000 bottles of wine when one business in Melbourne alone lost $10,000 in one day due to a snap Covid lockdown.

During Question Time, Ms Staley asked flatly how many helicopter flights or other gifts the Premier had received from the Fox family.

Mr Andrews said the only helicopters flights he had taken recently were to bushfire-affected areas.

“I meet with many people about many different issues,” Mr Andrews said.

“I behave appropriately at all times, that is the oath that I swore and if the conspiracy theorists opposite wants to make a claim or allegation, go ahead and do it.”

According to The Age there is no dispute that Andrews is a regular and welcome visitor to the Fox’s den. The most recent occasion The Age is aware of was January 9, two days after Andrews returned to work from a short summer break.

It was a Saturday night and the Premier and his wife, Catherine, made the familiar drive from their Mulgrave home to the Fox’s sprawling cliff-top compound that overlooks Portsea’s Point King Beach.

Seated around the table were Lindsay Fox and his wife, Paula, the Premier and his wife, tech entrepreneur Andrew Bassat and Luke Sayers, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers chief executive. 

The Fox family were also in lockdown in Portsea. Andrew Fox, the son of trucking magnate Lindsay, and his family were enjoying isolation at the family’s clifftop compound.

Dancing during lockdown at the Lindsay Fox mansion overlooking Portsea Point King Beach posted by Bella, Andrew Fox’s daughter

His daughter Bella has shared videos on social media of the family partying on table tops in the midst of a pandemic. Ironically, the Mornington Peninsula, which includes Portsea, has recorded 36 cases of COVID-19 whereas the city of Melbourne has 32.

Dan Andrews and Andrew Fox, one of three Fox sons who control parts of the family business across logistics, airports and property, are particularly fond of one another’s company, with a shared passion for good red wines and fine whisky.

Through Fox and friends like promotions guru Michael Gudinksi, Eddie McGuire and multimillionaire businessman Gerry Ryan owner of Jayco Caravans, Andrews has gained entry into the seductive world of Melbourne’s uber-rich.

“They spend a lot of time in one another’s company talking shit and coming up with ideas that can bring their collective interests to bear,” a Labor source says.

Shortly before Christmas, staff who work for Andrews, Andrew Fox and Ryan were treated to a nosh-up at Vue de monde, one of Melbourne’s priciest restaurants. In response to questions from The Age, Andrews declined to say who picked up the bill.

Ryan, like the Foxes, is an investor in Luke Sayers’ consultancy. Like Fox, he stands to benefit if the Andrews government backs  a new quarantine facility at Avalon Airport .

Scuttlebut in a tightly controlled police state like Victoria eventually gets past the borders thanks to communist dissenters who have evaded the Zuckerberg crackdown on fair commentary on his Facebook.

Some of the ardent, well-connected commentators claim to have knowledge of Dan Andrews not behaving “appropriately” while visiting Fox’s Portsea residence, in spite of his earlier statement in Parliament.

The Facebookers allege Andrews is fighting a rape charge in court, under the radar naturally, for a dalliance with one of Lindsay Fox’s grand-daughters aged 17.

In return Andrews is said to be prosecuting his assailants for bashing him senseless over the alleged rape.

Who knows, after discovering the intrinsically connected Communist Chinese Party’s Belt and Road involvement with Andrews and the Labor government that flew under the national radar for some time added to persistent stories of dozens of Chinese aircraft night-flying into Melbourne airports during the lockdowns, anything is possible in the Garden State.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Interesting read- didn’t know Gerry Ryan and Dan Andrews were mates. Puts a different spin on the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that Dan gave to Ryan (and the other owners) to redevelop Gumbuya Park into Gumbuya World.


  2. This is a great read
    Interesting context and potentially believable
    Thank you Jim


  3. It now makes sense that Dan Andrews has allegedly raped one of Lindsay’s Fox 17 year old Grand-daughter and got found out and The Fox Family taught Dan a lesson this is the reason that Dan’s Face was full of Bruises. Of course everything is hush hush and would be labelled as Conspiracy Theory if anyone brings it up. That being said we know better


  4. I heard this many weeks ago in fact just right after is this report factual and worth sharing as a reliable source ??


  5. MelbConservativePrayingforHelp

    How good to find somebody willing to SAY or PUBLISH anything about this utter scumbag Premier. We are in a Communist state down here and the press have collective silence on where he is. No other Premier would have been left in silence like this goggle eyed creep. This correlates with things I’ve been hearing through Liberal friends … but will his legal and marketing team manage to make this ‘go away ‘ for him $$$ ??? I hope not. I have shared the hell out of this article down here in Melb because it’s all we’ve got. When I was in China 10 years ago, I googled Tiananmen Square and realised there wasn’t a single result. Not one. Totally censored by evil Google. Now, in the state of Victoria and the leftist Google, try googling ‘where is Daniel Andrews’. It’s frightening. Imagine a Premier being missing in action for weeks and not a single Google result or journo will touch it. This is Victoriastan.


  6. Ha a good observation and Dan’s electronic footprint has disappeared. Obviously he is unable to show his face, so to speak….Ed


  7. Dear editor
    Thanks for exposing the truth about Andrews and accomplices facilitating warcrimes against humanity for Bill Gates/Jane Halton/ Sutton her in-law , Morrison and all accomplices in Australia. Andrews has been facilitating the CCP colonisation goal for many years . How do we get this criminal disguised as a politician arrested by the international criminal court??
    Andrews and all government departments are facilitating this global big pharma pact/ crime syndicate. All are guilty for perverting the course of justice. All still facilitating the narrative of a deadly virus. Currently the agenda for United Nations Ground Zero Australian experiment/ CEPI/ United Nations Covid commissioner/ Jane Halton to install mRNA injection to all Australians . Aim is to have digital vax passport/ CCP Gates control and surveillance of humanity.
    Andrews government/ Freemasons in Victoria, Melbourne are all in this global crime syndicate together and are all guilty of premeditated genocide.
    We must find a way to speed up this process to get that criminal out of office, including all of his criminal accomplices. Hunt the Freemasons, they are all involved.
    Kind regards


  8. Philomena o’Neil

    Thank you Cairns news for your article. Every media outlet in Victoria is silent. We are in the dark down here as every image of DA appears to be photo shopped and silence from this labour government is all we hear! Victorians are fed up with all the bs going on down here.


  9. Tell me Philomena, how many Victorians will vote independent and remove the duopoly which is the answer to the problem across the nation. I will tell you …BUGGER ALL.


  10. My goodness, first the article then the comments!!! Beware: “a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth” (said Hitler’s mate Goebels wasn’t it?) and I think I’ve just read a fair few lies atop a sprinkling of facts.

    It’s good not to be sheeple, sure, but that doesn’t mean buying into every conspiracy theory going with out using a grain of common sense & a touch of critical thinking. That article wasn’t remotely truthful.

    How likely is it? Who would benefit if it were true? Who would try to stop it? Do you think there aren’t potential whistleblowers everywhere if half this innuendo were true, and journalists falling over themselves to reveal it?

    People tend to fall for untruths & conspiracy theories when they themselves are feeling vulnerable and unable to control events – it feels better to think some nasty conspirators have planned it all, than that there is just a lot of random shitty stuff happening in the world. But actually that’s what it is: random. It’s not the communists/the fascists/the Chinese nor any other bogeyman.


  11. We do not tell lies Bella as you have stated. We have resources available to establish factual inquiries not yet ready to proceed with Deadly Dan just yet. I hope you enjoy your freedom of speech always here on CN.


  12. Thank you for being a journo with some balls, kudos to you Jim. Where is Dictator Dan we all want to know given we are funding his sick leave?
    The plot thickens….heard the following info from very reliable source that quote ‘Dumbo D’ got very drunk at the Foxes the night before the media released the story and assaulted one of the granddaughters of the Fox family, so they beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat, he has broken ribs on both sides and a crushed vertebrae. His team have paid off the Fox family and anyone else who saw the assault and he wont be back in politics again.
    Don’t stop here Jim, we are all owed the truth in Victoria. The media and politics are so corrupt.


  13. Pretty serious allegations, has Andrews sued for libel?
    you’d think he would if it wasn’t true.


  14. Andrews, Sutton, Halton, Kelly and other CHOs should be named as defendants in Reiner Fuellmich’s massive class action. Three European courts have already ruled PCR tests as invalid as a reason for lockdowns and quarantine.


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