Common Law courts to adjudicate replacing Labor and Liberal star chambers

by staff writers

Political parties have usurped Constitutional government in Australia over at least the past four decades replacing it with corporate governance by removing the Crown and replacing it with the Queen of Australia.

Common Law courts or Grand Juries are the only lawful method of getting justice in Queensland

There is no such lawful entity. Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1972 started the rot and successive Prime Ministers both Labor and Liberal completed the treachery without referendum.

More and more Australians have discovered what has gone down around them aided and abetted by an equally treacherous media and the Bar Association incorporating the Inns of Court and the Law Association with its lawyer members.

Law faculties at universities staffed by socialist-left professors over many years have indoctrinated literally thousands of graduates to believe Parliaments are supreme and there is no recourse for litigants who have been reamed by this asset-stripping, banking industry- orientated court system developed by the party duopoly.

So much so that the Australian Banking Association employed as CEO former Queensland Labor Premier Anna Bligh who qualified for the position by borrowing $60 billion when Premier from Rothschild Bank and mortgaging the assets of the state for collateral.

Queensland’s system of law has degenerated into an asset-stripping operation for the banks, attested by the Labor-appointed judge in the recent taxi industry claim for compensation for now worthless taxi licences after the Labor gang allowed Uber ride sharing to jump the queue.

The Supreme Court judge gave Uber a free ride to the bank while taxi operators lost their mortgaged homes and suicided at a similar rate to cattle producers during the Labor-induced live cattle export embargo.

In Queensland the party duopoly has ensured there is no lawful remedy.

But there’s more….

Litigants are advised to check out the newly formed Common Law Courts of Queensland where proper justice will be served in deference to the unlawful so-called courts of Queensland Inc.

Australian political party members of parliament should be mindful of what is soon to transpire in the United States affecting the traitors of Constitutional government. Corporate nemesis is coming to Australia……….

Eat your heart out Peter Beattie.

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About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Rosalie Christine Shaw

    Yes we will be able to have a voice in our lives soon and not be governed by socialism. The best is yet to come!


  2. Whether true or not; the publication of a story like this demonstrates how far Human Civilization has fallen!
    This is evidence of Global Anarchy.
    For Civilization to function, we need to enjoy Equal Justice and we need to have accountability for all our personal actions.
    Crimes must not be committed with impunity by anyone and “Accusations” by anonymous individuals must not be made and published!
    I see this as a dangerous error for Cairns News??


  3. Hi Paul ask any litigant who has been involved with the court system in Australia. They will tell you it broken beyond repair. The Grand Jury system allows all parties to participate so we fail to see how there is any anonymity. Editor


  4. Paul,
    I cannot see how you can “point the bone” at Cairns News for publishing this post.
    Blind Freddy can see that the public at large have been “put in the barrel” (you work it out), for years. WE the great unwashed have needed an advocate for a very long time who knows how to establish just such a grand jury, I for one would GLADLY serve on such a jury.
    If you’ve ever been asked for a breath sample with a view to fining you for “supposedly” being under the influence of alcohol, consider that at .0499 you are not drunk, at .0501, you are, how stupid is that…….unless you’re trying to strip assets from the victim. Further, the mere demand to supply a breath sample is unlawful since ONLY a living body can supply living samples of anything, and since we are all born equal, one equal may not command another to perform (Cruden V Neale), A cop, by demanding a sample, acknowledges that you MUST BE ALIVE and is therefore enforcing a law that does not exist, that’s fraud!
    We need a venue where that can be tested. Unidroit tribunals do not hack it.


  5. All true now we need a uprising.but how no guns no bows not even a sling shot. Every body has the right answer…..and nobody to lead. So whats next????


  6. Nice work, it’s good to see that we have a media outlet that’s telling the truth


  7. I don’t see what has happened as described.
    The original Commonwealth still exists, but almost everyone has abandoned it and opted to ‘live’ in a look alike legal jurisdiction pretending to be a government created legal entity.
    Only corporate soles and corporations can use the Supreme Court under the current act.

    Most Supreme Court acts ‘updated’ sometime in the 1930’s.
    The Income tax act dates 1936( ?).
    The current Australian government is merely administering the bankruptcy that occurred in the 1930’s with roll over layers added since then.


  8. Alas we have been bereft of a leader for a long time,ie, one that is young and sensible. There are none in the political class, so whomever emerges will have to be a cleanskin from the very large ranks of the fed up mob. Editor


  9. Old Kodger you’ve done it again – a breath of fresh air among the pungent political party class. Editor


  10. “Editor” and all, ‘calling for a Leader’. If Jesus himself returned, humans like us would crucify him all over again to protect all these little niches of vested interest we have carved out!
    Humanity enslaves itself by “taking the easy way out” on almost every question. We don’t think, we don’t question, so long as we get our bread and circuses, personal sacrifice is unthinkable!
    If what is happening now offends you horribly, then “Draw the Line in the Sand” right where you stand! Concocting some mythical future event as your line is like ‘making New Years Resolutions’ and as likely to be held!
    I Recognize and Honour those few who really are standing up to be counted! We all have to “Stand” for our own sakes, but not from the safety of a crowd. The Machine will crush any Individual; but it cannot crush a Million Individuals!


  11. The treason and deception has been going on since 1917.


  12. aussie political treason & deception.
    Still so many are unaware WE have a Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. Drafted by the people for the people, a referendum was held and it was agreed to by the people and assented to by Queen Victoria in 1900 & came into existence January 1901. WHY..was it removed from being taught in schools in the 1970s?? Because Whitlam started to hide what they were doing.
    1917, labour brought in preference voting with the rise of the nationalist party. It began the 2 party system. In our Constitution it’s 1 elector=1 vote. There’s also NO mention of a PM nor major parties. Parties are to have no more than 25 members. But that’s how the majors have got to be the 2 party system..on deception. They are supposed to work for US..not us work for them, their perks and fat pensions!! Politicians are supposed to be paid on parliamentary sitting days only, plus get an amount to run their electorate office, they are not entitled to recieve any more pension than the rest of us, and retire at the same age as the rest of us.
    1919, labour signed the treaty of Versailles, without a referendum, which seemed to be the catalyst for WW2..then helped set up the League of Nations, the forerunner to the UN. They gave the very first foreign aid away. They also helped set up the UN in 1945, joining us to that foreign power. Labor pollie, Norman Makin was first president of UNSC in 1946. They will NOT get us out of UN clutches! Majority now being done in OUR country, is at the behest of the UN.
    1934, labor registered Australia with the USA, as the ‘Commonwealth of Australia corporation’..after the Great Depression to borrow money.
    1942 Australia adopted the statute of Westminster, introduced by the UK in 1931, which changed our politics, and cemented the 2 party system.
    1944 After WW2..a referendum was held, to raise ‘temporary’ personal taxes to help recover after war. But, the referendum was ‘NOT carried’. Labor brought them in anyway & never removed them. WE are now the highest taxed people in the world.
    1946 saw a national pension fund introduced, after a referendum re social services was held and CARRIED..where ALL aussies paid 7.5% of GDP into a fund towards a retirement aged pension.(Pensioners should now be at least $6000 better off yearly) WHERE…did that fund & all its millions go?? Now, the aged are made to feel a burden on ‘welfare’.
    1948 saw labor sign us to the UN Gatt Treaty, which started the downturn of import/export tariffs. Labor brought it in, in 1973. Free trade is NOT in our best interests.
    We WERE a prosperous nation. Countries and big business paid their way, now WE do. Then in 1975 labor signed us to the UN Lima agreement, which started the demise of manufacturing & farming, and began mass imports..which China has risen on. They are still considered an ‘emerging’ nation by the UN! Where did AUSSIE MADE go?
    1974 a referendum was held for our approval on federal govts giving councils funds. WE said NO. The 1988 referendum asked for our approval on councils to become a 3rd tier of govt. WE said NO. But WE the people were ignored=treason. Councils are acting unlawfully, they can charge or fine us NOTHING. A 1999 referendum asked us did WE want to become a republic(seperate us from England)? WE said NO. But now with mass migration into our country, by people who don’t know or care about our Constitution, it could happen. Without our Constitution, we will be a borderless country with ZERO sovereignty.
    1986, labor deceitfully brought in the Australia act, with NO referendum. Our true laws and rights were removed.
    Constitutionally..Referendums are a right of WE the people, and every major change to our Constitution without a ref=treason. Any ref not adhered to=treason. Every law and act post 1986 is null & void.
    The Queen is now a piece of paper that our govts refer to as the ‘queen of Australia’ = fictional, and the GG is now a highly paid official with not a lot of power & answers to the govt if the day. Our courts act on maritime laws, instead of Common Law and our police are no longer a ‘service’ or work for WE the people but are unknowingly govt puppets, now a police ‘force’.
    All Current Royal Commissions are invalid, as they do not have the Royal Seal, nor the the fact that since the 1986 Australia Act was brought in the govts, state & federal, no longer recognise the Crown.
    Current pollies CANNOT stop the majors. MANY minor parties & independents have been told of treason & deception committed against us & our country, with zero responses and NONE have said a word to YOU the people. ALL & EVERY current pollie is sitting in treason of our Commonwealth Constitution, as none adhere to our true Constitutional laws. Just WHAT have ANY of them, on their high wages, done for Australia???
    The UN wants ‘well to do’ people to pay ‘emerging countries’ $$billions, so they can catch up to western countries = global wealth redistribution/equality…hence ‘climate emergency’! Aussies will pay into the UN climate coffers $52billion from 2018 – 2030. It’s all under the ‘UN Agenda 21 sustainability development’ plan, that WE were signed to in 1992. They want farmers off the land, and the masses into SMART cities. Under our Commonwealth Constitution s100, water cannot be kept from those who need it, nor used as a commodity. But, China, Coca-Cola, bottled water companies and some of our pollies own & have more rights to water, than our farmers=treason.
    Morrison paid $190,000 of taxpayer $$ for empathy lessons..during bushfires!
    Our treasonous govts have done nothing but cripple & bring OUR country down. They’ve sold us ALL out, they’re tearing it up & selling it off in pieces.
    Labor has destroyed us, the liberals never stopped them.
    They are UN/globalist puppets & shadow govts. They’re supposed to govern FOR us…NOT over us. State Govts CANNOT make laws that conflict with the federal Constitution. Inc shutting our borders!
    The TRUE federal CC is still there, it can only be altered lawfully with a referendum, it cannot be removed as it was written for us to protect us. It is indissoluble!
    It’s OUR Constitution & law..over the parliaments, state & federal.
    The unlawful Australia act 1986, tried to make us independent of England. High treason, sedition and treachery to overthrow the country.
    WE the people are supreme, WE are sovereign and WE are the Commonwealth. NOT our govts. Getting our Constitution reinstated & upheld is up to YOU the people! WE are not independent of England. WE never left the UK lawfully with a referendum. Are WE still a colony?? Still unsure…WHEN was/is..OUR Independence Day??
    ➡️ A case has been filed into the UK High Court re the 1986 Australia act that a referendum was NEVER held on, removal of the Crown in WA 2004 & non adherence to our federal Constitution. WA govt, Governor and attorney general are the ‘first’ state served on 7/2/20. They were given 28 days to respond…and still haven’t.
    Filed by Rod Culleton / GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY (GAP) & crew. They are literally fighting on OUR behalf to get Australia back, when the UK courts re-open.
    Get GAP in at every election…Perth state election 4th March 21.
    The Aussie indigenous group…OSTF are backing this case.


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