David Walter resurfaces with a Petition of Right to Queen Elizabeth 2 for re-establishment of Constitutional government

by staff writers

The Petition (below) to Queen Elizabeth 2 is the culmination of a 12 year battle between retired policeman David Walter and the Queensland Labor Party Government which has made judicial corruption an art form.  Twelve years ago Walter stood up to the land-seizing communists of the Queensland Government after the Environment Department placed an environmental caveat on a parcel of freehold land at Cardwell FNQ, which belonged to the wife of a retired and deceased, respected policeman. He fought tooth and nail for Mrs Catherine Burns and paid the price.

The environmental overlay had its origins with UN treaty Agenda 21 which was signed and implemented by the Queensland Labor Party in 1992 at a United Nations conference on the environment held in Rio de Janeiro.

The unlawful seizure of this substantial parcel of land, a retirement block,  then added to a decade of ensuing court actions led to Walter losing his retirement property west of Cairns.  He was bankrupted by the Labor Party and  jailed by a dodgy Labor Magistrate for alleged contempt then lost his wife due to stress from a corrupted system of government. Still he battles on.

David Walter says the only way to save Queensland is for the Queen to return the state to Constitutional Government

His determination against entrenched corruption in government, Marxist political parties and the bureaucracy is an inspiration for all freedom fighters who now are discovering they are in the spiritual fight of their lives while the medical mafia/government nexus piles on the plandemic plunder designed by the UN to destroy our nation state.

Digitised land titles now are worthless in respect of  freehold which was once a secure title over which government had no control other than to claim any petroleum reserves in situ.

Freehold, once legally described as a ‘deed of grant in fee simple’ and according to the acclaimed High Court Judge Isaac Isaacs in 1923,  essentially was out of bounds to government.  His ruling over freehold land:  ‘the lawful right to exercise over, upon, and in respect to the land every act of ownership which can enter into the imagination including the right to commit unlimited waste”: Commonwealth v New South Wales [1923] HCA 34; (1923) 33 CLR 1, 42. (Isaacs J).                                        (https://freemandelusion.com/2020/06/16/the-fee-simple-alienation-argument/)

Isaacs’ ruling has been upheld since in Fejo v Northern Territory of Australia [1998] HCA 58;(1998) 195 CLR 96, 126 and was also upheld in the infamous Mabo case over a Torres Strait Islander land rights claim.

The High Court is valueless and a waste of time and money when its partisan judges simply adjudicate along party lines. After all who appointed them?  We have not had a legitimate High Court since they ruled themselves out of existence with the now widely controversial Sue v Hill determination. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_Act_1986)

Queensland and all other states’ courts too are valueless, and after removal of the Crown from Australian law,

‘ultra vires’.  All Australian parliaments, according to Walter, make policies not law because the Crown is gone.

These policies apply only to members of the public service and the political parties which made them.

“How do people get sent to jail or fined?” he asks. “There is no statute law in Queensland, only policy.

“And common law has been removed.”

As renegade Queensland federal politician Bob Katter said after a determination by a Queensland Supreme Court judge in a civil case in 2019, (naturally no jury was allowed) over the devaluation of taxi licences,  ‘Queensland has the best courts money can buy’.

Walter advises this petition and the associated pleadings which he sent by registered mail to Her Majesty have been officially received by Buckingham Palace.

Cairnsnews is well aware the City of London will not raise an eyebrow if the petition even gets to the Queen’s Private Secretary, that is if it miraculously gets past the mail sorters.

Walter urges readers to print, sign and send this petition to the Queen. (To understand Walter’s long saga search his name in Cairnsnews )

Petition of Right

John-Henry Doe

441 Trap Street

Wonderland. Queensland

Australia 4000


To Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2.

Windsor Castle.

Windsor. Berkshire.

SL4. INJ United Kingdom.


Your Majesty,

  1. The Petition of Right [1627] 1627 CHAPTER 1 3 in support of application “David John Walter Petition of Right 27th October 2020”.

Greetings Your Majesty,

I, John-Henry Doe,a single shareholder in the company of THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA commencing trading on 1st January 1901, and held to the Common Law of England as held to Laws of Church and State, and held to Laws of God and held to the Church of England and the Holy See, and held to the Judiciary Act No.6 of 1903, and the Deed, of the Company the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK).

In presenting this Petition of Right to your Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2, I support David John Walter’s signed dated and sealed petition of right,  also being a subject of your Majesty and holding a signed Partnership Agreement with your Majesty as per inside the PREAMBLE of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company in the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia and the current holder of the [53 & 54 VICT] Partnership Act, 1890. [CH. 39.] is a contract under seal.

I, John-Henry Doe am not a member of any registered political party. I hold no signed and dated person to person contract under seal of any political party. I hold no person to person contract under seal with the current Prime Minister of the private Australian Government with Scott Morrison MP the Chief Executive of the Australian Government. I hold no person to person contract under seal with the current Premier of the private Queensland Government with Annastacia Palaszczuk the Chief Executive of Queensland Treasury Corporation.

I, John-Henry Doe of441 Trap Street, Wonderland, Queensland 4000 thought I was a contributor to the prosperity of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The operation of so-called Courts preventing any sort of justice was instead designed to steal property of the people of the Commonwealth. The hard work being done by David Walter to have this matter righted in Australian Courts, and to the over whelming stress on David Walters’ wife Lynn saw to her early death and with David Walters’ hard work was eventually wrongfully imprisoned.

I have read and support David J. Walter’s Petition of Right and I also make it my Petition of Right. As a matter of fact Your Majesty it is also your Common Law Right as current holder of the Crown and holder of all the Land in the Company Act 1961 and the defender of the faith. Any Foreign Crown and person whom swore their allegiance to a Foreign Crown or Foreign Power are to be driven from our shores and brought to Courts of Common Law to answer all charges.

In making of this Petition of Right your Majesty under contract seal [53 & 54 VICT] Partnership Act, 1890 [CH. 39] to serve caveats, enforced without due consideration immediately upon receipt of this Petition of Right.

The Constitution Act 1867 (Qld), has lain in the shell of its act since 29th July 1997, a total of 23 years and 3 months, Queensland is totally without any laws of justice.

I, John-Henry Doe of 441 Trap Street, Wonderland Queensland 4000 respectfully request, your Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2, immediately with-out consideration issue the following signed sealed and dated Orders. Those Orders to be signed sealed and dated personally by yourself to restore the security of the individual shareholders of the Company inside the PREAMBLE of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK). And further to restore the security and integration of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, the shareholders of the Company and held to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) and the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld). As a result of this signed and dated Petition of Right and the prima facie evidence in support, I ask for your Majesty’s full and total attention and consideration and action.

  1. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2, to personally appoint a person to fill the vacant position of the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and hold the Letters Patent constitution the Office of the Governor-General 29 October 1900 (UK). The newly appointed Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, to take up his/her position, and reside in Government House in Canberra.
  2. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2 also to appoint Administrators, for the Administration of the Commonwealth and to be able to, at the correct time to be able to recommence the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK), by way of vote as held to COMMONWEALTH ELECTORAL ACT. No. 19 of 1902 – An Act to regulate Parliamentary Elections. [Assented to 10th October 1902.]
  3. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2 to allow the re -appointment of Civil Servants of the Commonwealth of Australia and allow them to be paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Commonwealth and the 6 States of the Commonwealth in pounds, shillings and pence as held to COMMONWEALTH PUBLIC SERVICE 5 of 1902 Assented to 5th May 1902.
  4. I respectfully Petition, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2 to personally swear in and appoint a Governor to hold the Letters Patent for the Colony of Queensland 6 June 1859 (UK) to allow a Representative Government of the People to be Established as held to Constitution Act 1867 (Qld), which is also to include the re-introduction the Legislative Council. The, newly appointed Governor of Queensland to take up his/her position, and reside in Government House in Brisbane.
  5. That Her Majesty the Queen as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England re-establish the Church of England across the whole of the Commonwealth of Australia and its territories.
  6. Her Majesty the Queen the Commander in Chief, of the Defence Forces of the Commonwealth of Australia, to immediately take total control of the Commonwealth of Australia Defence Forces as held to: – DEFENCE. No. 20 of 1903 -An Act to provide for the Naval and Military defence and Protection of the Commonwealth and of the several States. [Assented to 22nd October, 1903.]
  7. I refer your Majesty the Queen as the current holder of the Crown to the extracts of the following two Acts, as the current holder of the Crown and the current holder of the Partnership Act 1890, you have ensured that there will be Courts of Common Law in Australia, as held to the Charter of Justice 13 October 1823 (UK) and the Australian Courts Act 1828 (UK). That Her Majesty the Queen to personally nominate, swear in and appoint a minimum of three Judges or Stipendiary Magistrates for Queensland and pay them accordingly. Give them the Seal of the Supreme Court and appoint Staff within the confines of the Constitution of the Company. To be held to the Memorandum of Understanding of share-holders of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK).   To be held to the Common Law of England in all matters including the Criminal Law and to be adjudicated by Nuremberg style court procedures, where“I was only doing my job”, “I was doing what I was ordered to do”, is not a defence.
  8. That Her Majesty to instruct the Judges to appoint staff to remove all persons occupying Courts holding no seals and to be removed from all Court buildings with as much force as necessary.

I pray that you will act in good faith in defence of your loyal subjects.

I await your reply.

Yours faithfully  __________________________________(name)___________________________________________(signature)



About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. You may as well write to her boss Lucifer, he has the final say on the matter.


  2. The queen is one of the main orchestrators behind the globalist “we are all one” communist lives we are all going to be living. What this poor man has gone through is what we are all going to be going through. All states in Australia have enacted enough legislation to ensure we have no power, to ensure we can be held down, stripped and injected with whatever they choose or to take bodily fluids as they dictate.


  3. Trevor W Sullivan

    What does “the Holy See” have to do with the laws of England? Ever since Henry VIII, Popery has been declared a foreign power with no jurisdiction in England.


  4. Rosemary Tempany

    Dear Editor ,
    Could you please look into this Office , the validity of it , can we use this. If this Office holds authority in Australia it could be a wonderful thing.
    Global Chief Federal Postal Court Judge & Plenipotentiary Judge.
    Mark- Kishoff Christopher.
    Judge Christopher asks people with
    ” issues” to contact him. He speaks in Global context and his narrative is direct & firm
    The web address http://www.mkchristopher.com

    Kind Regards
    Rosemary Tempany


  5. Is there someone within Cairnsnews willing to start, manage & to promote a “Go Fund Me” campaign to assist Walter with his legal costs?
    He is fighting on behalf of all of us, & we need to give him every support that we can. Don’t you all agree?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great idea Ken and we have spoken of this in the past but we are flat out keeping the website afloat that we don’t have any more energy. We would gladly assist anyone who wished to take on fundraising. Ed


  7. Thanks Rosemary good idea and see what happens.Ed


  8. What we think as Governments (State and Federal) are in fact Foreign to us ref ; HCA Sue v Hill. We have private individuals being members of registered political parties created international trading company for their own profit. With their own foreign Queen of a foreign power, Queen of Australia NOTE not of the Commonwealth of Australia. Sir Harry Gibbs warns us the currant political and legal system has no bases in law. Our Commonwealth has been abandon, ceased trading with introduction of the foreign decimal currency back in Feb 1966. David’s petition when read carefully is for the Queen Elizabeth 2 recommence trading of the Commonwealth of Australia and to appoint Governor General with letters patent with the proper seals affixed as to Great Seal act 1884 held to the Partnership act 1890 and to Commonwealth of Australia act 1900 (UK). For the Queen to appoint Governor General holding letters patent allow for signed writs to call for fresh elections to elect representatives and for us to appoint judges for administration of law, holding proper seals and separation of power to issue penalties in pound sterling the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia. Also Elected Representatives and Judges to be paid out of profits of the company (to which we all have one share) in the pound sterling. The Queens has a contact under seal with shareholders (we the people) to uphold the Commonwealth of Australia if she fails then there no contract world wide that is valid. Instead of donations write and send your support of David John Walter Petition of Right [1627] 1627 CHAPTER 13 to the Queen at Windsor Castle. Instruct her to do her job. So what if she is evil, she has a CONTRACT UNDER SEAL hold her to her contract, for evil to prevail is for good men and women is to do nothing. If it is not for yourself do it for children or your grand children but do not leave them in a state of slavery under these political criminal pedophile (at least 30 politician with 90 year suppression order) cabal. Do not leave it too these politicians to fix it there contract lays elsewhere but not with the people. For years we knew something stank, we did not know where the smell came from, David has now shown the carcass. How to Fix the problem, go to a mirror and look into it then you will find the only person who can do it for you. The hard work has been done your job is to support David’s Petition write to Windsor Castle. We want our Commonwealth back.


  9. Well said Des and you do indeed have an understanding of what has happen since 1966.Editor


  10. des hopkins is dead right and people need to wake up and stand up and have some guts

    Liked by 1 person

  11. How can you sit on your hands after reading this?
    My small circle of family and friends have done this and fully support David’s petition, but we’re a small group.

    We cannot rely on the bureaucracy we have sitting in parliament, Every man and woman, all need to rectify decades of corruption by doing this petition to the Queen. This has to be done NOW, not tomorrow, by everyone in Queensland.


  12. I’m one who’s been waking up people for over 3 years to treason and deception committed by our govts. Look into GREAT AUSTRALIA PARTY, who are running in WA elections in March. They filed a case into the UK high court in late 2019, re our Constitution not being adhered to, the removal of the crown in WA in 2004, and the 1986 Australia act that we never had a referendum on. It was issued to the WA govt, attorney general and governor in Feb 2020.
    WA is just the first state to be served.
    I wrote to the Queen re the issues and never got a reply. The Magna Carta was invoked in 2001. I’m afraid there are just too many people happy to be swept along by govts.


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