US media melt down as Biden’s big election scam unravels even further

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto butts into Kayleigh McEnany’s media address on election irregularities.
The glum-faced MSNBC panel applauded Cavuto’s censorship.

US news channels have made complete asses of themselves trying to handle the very bad and breaking news of widespread, serious fraud and abuse of the state-based US voting systems. The extent of the fraud and the number of disqualified votes is already looking like giving the election back to Donald J. Trump, albeit after a long and bitter legal battle.

The latest eye-popping scandal involves a recording of pre-election training sessions for Detroit poll workers – training on how to lie, keep ballots off the system, use 911 calls to disrupt and to use COVID as an excuse to keep Republican booth inspectors at least six feet away.

Michigan Republicans successfully filed a lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson over the allegations arising from the recordings.

Meanwhile when White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnaney briefed the media on the latest developments in the voting fraud investigations by former New York mayor, attorney and prosecutor Rudi Giuliani and others, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto lost his head and butted in on Ms McEnany’s address on his own channel.
McEnany’s statement quite justifiably noted that the Democrats were the only party who had opposed voter qualifications such as verified signatures, residency and citizenship and in so doing were “welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting”.

That was too much for Cavuto, who appears to be leading the charge by the Murdoch boys to swing their media company away from its conservative, pro-Trump leanings in order to give themselves more cred with the Biden-Soros-Rothschild-Rockefeller-Gates globalist regime.

“Whoah, whoah I think we have to be very clear!” Cavuto interjected. “She’s charging the other side with welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting. Unless she has more details to back that up, I don’t think I can’t in good countenance keep showing this. I’d want to make sure that maybe they do have something to back that up, but that’s an explosive charge to make.”

Where had this news anchor been for the past few days? Popping champagne corks out on the street with the Democrats, Antifa and BLM? Was he not aware that President Trump himself was warning of potential vote fraud with mass mail-in votes months before the election? Or was he not aware of the long and dirty history of vote fraud in the Democratic Party strongholds like Pennsylvania, Chicago and New York?

Or was he not even aware of Guiliani’s press conference in Philadelphia where he brought out witnesses who had signed affidavits to the effect that they had been repeatedly denied access to view the vote count. Is it normal for the media to scream “where’s your evidence?” at witnesses called to give evidence in some court proceeding before they get there? It’s bizarre, crazy behavior.

And then an MSNBC panel had their own commentary on the incident, the female anchor saying Cavuto, even though he was from Fox, was “a person with a conscience who understands that those are not just flagrant lies” and when on to display her own complete ignorance of what has actually been going on in vote counting centres and other places, claiming Trump supporters had been there all the time.

Even Australia’s ABC reporter in Washington couldn’t bring himself down to such levels and gave a fairly straightforward, although overly brief, account of the press conference.

The deep state media is in panic mode. They are going to have to face the horrible fact that their big election steal has not worked and is imploding.

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  1. What a brutal government the U.S. government is –

    President Assad Speech to the Int’l Conference on Refugees Return

    Damascus is hosting the International Conference on the Return of the Syrian Refugees with the participation of a number of countries in person or through video conference.

    The camp led by the United States of America, the usual hypocrites for humanity, boycotting the conference and preventing the return of the Syrian refugees.

    President Bashar Al Assad addressed the attendees of the International Conference on the Return of the Syrian Refugees that started today with the following speech: ……

    ………..Spreading terrorism was the easiest way, and it started by establishing the Islamic State terrorist organization in Iraq in the year 2006 under the patronage of the US which during the war on Syria joined other terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Jabhat al-Nusra, and others, and they destroyed the infrastructure and killed the innocent people, in addition to paralyzing the public services intimidating the Syrians and forcing them to leave their homeland…………….


  2. US Federal Election Commission Chairman Says 2020 US Election Is Illegitimate Due To Widespread Fraud
    by GreatGameIndia

    Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes voter fraud is taking place in states still counting ballots and that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate.

    Read more of this post


  3. Dominion software was developed by the CIA to be used in foreign elections to ensure that the “right” people were elected. Unfortunately, it was used in US elections as well. There was no Russian interference. It was the CIA’s interference that attempted to prevent Trump from winning.

    I think other nations ought to be outraged at the CIA as well. Just realize, please, that the American public was unaware of this until the 2020 election took place. In this case, all the so-called “glitches” worked in Biden’s favor. A true glitch would have been random, and we would have seen half of them work in Trump’s favor.

    It appears that Trump allowed this to happen in order to clean up the voting system and make people’s votes actually count this time.

    Here is a very good demonstration showing how the voting machines stole votes from Trump and gave them to Biden.

    By the way, I hear that three of the software engineers that programmed the Dominion software are now in protective custody so that the Clinton Foundation’s assassins can’t kill them while they give testimony to the Justice Department. They did the work, thinking it was to be used against foreign countries. They now realize that they were deceived. (Why would anyone trust the CIA to keep its word?)


  4. Here is a 2-minute video explaining how voting machines work, how there is no security built into them, how it is surprisingly easy to falsify votes, and how the votes are tabulated in Frankfurt, Germany through a company from Barcelona, Spain.

    This is what Donald Trump intends to expose in order to make the switch to a secure system using blockchain technology, which is already available.

    Russ Ramsland, of Allied Security Operations Group, joins me to talk…
    Follow Debbie Georgatos! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: America Can We Talk is a show with a missio…


  5. Russ Ramsland, of Allied Security Operations Group, joins me to talk Election Fraud | 10.28.20


  6. PLEASE be aware of the Executive Order referred to here

    Sincerely, Imelda ASLETT


  7. Total election fraud across the USA explains why our laws are so out of touch with american values and why government actors are rarely punished for horrible breaches of trust. We must fix this.


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