LNP betrays bush again votes with ALP, Greens to shut down coal-fired power

Weipa miner Metro Mining today made a shock announcement it was shutting down its flagship Cape York Bauxite Hill operation which came hard on the heels of the Liberal National Party joining with Labor to shut down cheap coal fired power for Queensland.

Metro said it would shelve its Skardon River project 100 klm north of Weipa until April next year due to its inability to renew contracts with China amid a slumped world alumina market.

Metro Mining’s Weipa  bauxite operation in mothballs until April

The closure will see 50 Cape York Aborigines and Islanders lose their plant operation jobs  which will significantly impact local communities. The mine employs another 160 fly-in employees,

Yesterday saw the LNP vote with Labor and Greens to curb Queensland coal mining and to drop support for coal-fired power.

Katters Australian Party leader Robbie Katter put forward a motion to provide Queenslanders with the cheapest electricity possible by ceasing costly renewable power mandates, subsidies and investment programs available to inefficient wind and solar generation to ensure coal and renewables competed on a level playing field.

The LNP is supporting Labor to achieve its renewable energy target of 50 per cent by 2030, a move Mr Katter says will kill power dependent industries in the state.

LNP Leader the hopeless Deb Frecklington (left) and ALP Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk like peas in a pod voting together with Greens to kill coal power 

Mr Katter said the LNP Opposition’s stance on coal was akin to former Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten.

“They tell us in North Queensland they support coal, but when it came time to nail their colours to the mast in Parliament, they squibbed it,” he said.

“They are giving preferences to the Greens in Brisbane-based seats at the upcoming election so it hardly surprises me that they have voted this way. But they can be sure the people of regional and North Queensland will remember that the LNP betrayed them when they walk into the polling booth on October 31.”

Mr Katter said coal played an important part in the economy and now and into the future, providing $3.8 billion in wages, $4.4 billion in royalties last year, accounting for 0.1 per cent of Queensland’s land mass, $52.5 billion gross regional product in 2918-19, 15 per cent of the total GDP over the whole of Queensland, and 11 per cent of employment.

“Regional Queenslanders feel like the Government has been their enemy for so many years. Go out there and try and start a coal mine or water project from scratch—it is not very easy.”

Member for Hill Shane Knuth said electricity prices continued to go up because there were zero coal-fired power plants in North Queensland.

“Collinsville was the last coal-fired power station in North Queensland, and it had five coal-powered steam turbines with a combined generation capacity of 190 megawatts of electricity,” he said.

“However, a solar power farm which was built on adjacent land in 2018 now generates only 42 megawatts of electricity. The Collinsville power station had families who lived, worked and sent their kids to school in Collinsville and the generator saved hundreds of millions of dollars in lost transmission and kept electricity prices down.”

Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto said the KAP wasn’t against renewables, but wanted the State Government to put a stop to solar and wind subsidies that made regional power prices soar.

“Wind, solar and hydro projects are getting all the benefit from the subsidies for renewable energies, yet we have a project sitting in the middle of the Hinchinbrook electorate ready to go—the NQBE (the North Queensland Bio-Energy Corporation)—which has no government backing,” he said.

“They have been offered a little bit of money to go towards the development of the project—about $1 million was ear-tagged—but there is not a cent to go towards making sure that this project has longevity and the legs to get up.

“NQBE offers dispatchable power and supports the sugar cane industry but can’t get a cent. That’s because the Government’s renewable subsidies are driven by ideology and not economics.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Why doesn’t Bob Katter do something really in keeping with his maverick status and out the Qld Government as unlawful, because the Upper house has been in abeyance for decades and decades? Qld is technically a foreign country, should not be receiving Federal money and should not be paying federal taxes, because it is not operating under our constitution. If Katter did that, he would have to do a lot less kicking and screaming, and the people of Qld would be a lot better off, and have a lawful, non-corporate, government, to boot.


  2. The LNP QLD, Liberals in NSW, Vic and also the Liberals Federally have totally lots their soul.

    Well let me rermind all Politicians we the quite majority who know RIGHT from WRONG will speak and we will do that sooner than later we need Base Load Power and this power must be sourced with cost effective clean coal.

    Ian E


  3. Hi Editor

    *KATTER DYNASTY A TOTAL FRAUD* *FACTS, Treason, Treachery, and Sabotage helped create the “Republican Dictatorship”.*

    Bob Katter Senior

    Bob was a member of the Parliament of the Commonwealth’s “House of Representative in 1973 when Whitlam and the Political Parties took the Governor General away from the people “of the Commonwealth” for their security of ownership of land. *Lands Acquisition Act 1973*, No. 208 of 19th December 1973

    which created their own “Australian Land”

    4 (1) Section 7 of the Principal Act is amended–

    (a) by omitting from sub-section (1) the words ” The Governor-General”

    and substituting the words “The Minister” *= TREASON*

    The Political Parties removed all Sovereignty out “of the Commonwealth” by creating a Commonwealth of Australia with its own counterfeit money. “Australian Dollars”. In 1988 the corrupt Australian Parliament which Bob Katter Senior was part of, took away all rights of the people “of the Commonwealth” by changing Common Law of England to Common Law in Australia. (Australia in a geographical sense). Now the Political Parties Company Commonwealth of Australia is registered in Washington DC. All done outside the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted. All this time where was Bob Katter Senior. We the People “of the Commonwealth” *have nothing to thank Bob Katter Senior for = TREASON*

    Bob Katter

    Bob was a member of Queensland Governments Legislative Assembly in 1992 when all Governments including the Queensland Government and Australian Local Government Association (Councils) signed on the 1st May 1992.


    *SCHEDULE 2*

    Resource Assessment, Land Use Decisions and Approval Processes

    *5. *Within the policy, legislative and administrative framework applying

    in each State, the use of natural resources and land, remain a matter for the

    owners of the land or resources, whether they are Government bodies or

    private persons.

    13 days later the Queensland Government stole by FRAUD and THEFT all land in Queensland. The Criminally Personating Governors (*NOT* representing the Crown) of Queensland are appointed under the Australia Act 1986 as well as under the Queensland Government’s CRIMINALLY CORRUPT

    “PUBLIC SEAL OF (the *“STATE”)* Seal *=TREASON*

    Now MPs in the Queensland Government representing Political Party which is part of Council of Australian Governments (C.O.A.G.), the Company Commonwealth of Australia registered in Washington DC. All this time where was Bob Katter for his constituents. The Queensland Government is *NOT* the Government of Queensland as established under Queensland’s Constitution Act 1867. We the People (his constituents) of *Far North Queensland have nothing to thank Bob Katter for.*


    These MPs don’t represent the people of Queensland; they only represent their Political Parties. In 1999 We the people “of the Commonwealth” voted to stay under the *Constitutional Monarchy* and *NOT* form a *“Republican Dictatorship”*.. The Queensland Government and its Parliament in 2001 *Constitution of Queensland 2001 No. 80 *date of assent 3 December 2001

    ss 1–2 commenced on date of assent remaining provisions commenced 6 June 2002

    The Ink was hardly dry and the Political Parties in Queensland without voting created their own* Private* *Constitution of Queensland 2001.*

    Hansard: “Our identity as a *Sovereign State*, the democratic ideals on which *our State* is built, rest on our Constitution.” *We just finished voting to stay under the Constitutional Monarchy. *

    Hansard: “The Constitution of Queensland 2001 does not include a statement of executive power vesting in the Sovereign as recommended by LCARC.” “The office holders under this Act include the Governor of Queensland, the Ministers of the Crown and the judges of the Supreme and District Courts. This law is of supreme importance.” *Again We just finished voting to stay under the Constitutional Monarchy.*

    *Constitution of Queensland 2001 Constitution of Queensland 2001*




    *1 Section 41, heading— 1 Section 33(1)(a), ‘Crown’—*

    *omit, insert**— omit, insert—*

    *‘41 Public Seal of the State’. ‘State’. **= TREASON*

    *2 Section 41, ‘seal of Queensland’— *

    *omit, insert**— Constitution of Queensland 2001*

    *‘Public Seal of the State’ **=TREASON **Removed Referendum entrenched Constitution 1867 section 14*

    *= TREASON*

    The Governor’s commission—is sealed with the *CORRUPT* Public Seal of the State.

    The “Public Seal of the State” (This Seal belongs to the *TOTALLY CORRUPT QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT* and has NO Authority) *= TREASON*

    “is the seal that demonstrates the Sovereign’s authority in Queensland.

    Examples of documents that the Governor seals with the Public Seal of the

    State include commissions appointing members of the judiciary, Deputy

    Governors, Ministers and Executive Councillors, as well as various types of

    proclamations.” *NO* Crown Authority. *Again We just finished voting to stay under the Constitutional Monarchy.*

    Rob Katter the MP and the Katter Political Party you have *NOT* been representing the People of Queensland. You are *CRIMINALLY PERSONATING doing so*.

    *The Katter dynasty is a TOTAL FRAUD and a major party to **TREASON.*

    Under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted the *Governor-General IS IN AND OVER THE COMMONWEALTH*.

    Under Queensland’s Constitution Act 1867 the *GOVERNOR IS IN AND OVER QUEENSLAND.*


    Dick Yardley


  4. In order to single out certain atmospheric gases and demonise them as the culprits responsible for atmospheric warming, it was necessary to attribute certain characteristics to the so called “Greenhouse Gases” with regard to radiant heat which would set them apart from the two most abundant atmospheric gases, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

    In his memoirs entitled “Contributions to Molecular Physics in the Domain of Radiant Heat”,


    detailing a series of experiments conducted at the Royal Institution, Tyndall fallaciously states with regard to Oxygen and Nitrogen that they are both quote:

    “practically transparent to radiant heat.”

    Thus laying the foundations of AGW fraud.

    This statement by John Tyndall is the origin of such claims as “the science is settled” and the “greenhouse effect is 150 year old established physics.” In terms of radiant heat it is the only factor that would differentiate between the various atmospheric gases.

    After all, Oxygen and Nitrogen constitute 99% of the atmosphere. If these two gases are shown to absorb and re-emit infrared radiation, what would make so called “Greenhouse Gases” like CO2, such a threat to the environment at only 0.0385% of the atmosphere?

    So the basis for the “Greenhouse Effect” is that incoming and out going IR is not absorbed by Oxygen and Nitrogen which instead passes straight through these gases. According to this unsubstantiated hypothesis, only those gases which are termed “Greenhouse Gases” posses the capability to absorb and re-emit infrared radiation.

    The problem for the hypothesis of the “Greenhouse Effect” and of course AGW itself is that the basic premise on which the hypothesis is based is false.

    Firstly, Oxygen and Nitrogen both have higher specific heat capacities than CO2.

    For verification see here:


    Secondly and above all, Oxygen and Nitrogen, of course do indeed absorb infrared radiation:

    Click to access o2.pdf


  5. For those who want the truth on the scandalous renewable industrial wind turbine and solar panel plants push by these fake environmentalist, please see countless reports on this website. https://stopthesethings.com/

    This is clearly subversive nation-wrecking energy policies deliberately pushed by treasonous JWO-controlled governments especially in all formerly White western industrial nations.


  6. All these traitors need to be behind bars for life foe their acts if treason from the scamdemic to selling this country out to the chicoms people wake up and make some noise.


  7. absolute madness of course Deb Frecklington has absolutely no political acumen.
    I have shuddered, as a LNP supporter, when she has missed so many glaring opportunities, to counter attack, based on factual scientific information. That is, the very problem, if she understood science. She would not be making the decision’s she is, and furthermore it reflects the lack of knowledge possessed by the majority of the LNP cabinet.
    This a National problem, both Federal and all States governments.
    It has cost many billions, heading for big T’s
    The staggering cost to private enterprise, job creation, general health and ever-increasing suicides.
    Health and wellbeing, will cost us dearly into the future, health cost will skyrocket, when we have a rapidly aging population. Financial disaster now looms, and even if reversed, the costs will be borne by generation of younger, working Australians.
    Where would we be now, if we had maintained a balanced budget, instead of political parties, wrangling to save their own sorry arses, most certainly not managing budgets for all Australian citizens, as they are voted in, to do.
    The democratic system as we know it in Australia, is total defunct.
    We must re-model a new democratic system ASAP
    Graham Dunton


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