Premier Palaszczuk to legislate against the Bradfield Scheme with ‘pristine rivers’

Drastic changes to the Lake Eyre Basin Management Plan, proposed by the Queensland Labor Government under new “Pristine Rivers” legislation, could crucify future development in north and western Queensland, Katter’s Australian Party MPs have warned.

 Environment Minister Leanne Enoch announced a review into the basin’s management plan just before Christmas, saying the “proposed framework will increase protections for streams and floodplains in the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin”.

The Marxist Queensland Labor Government is set to legislate pristine rivers which will prevent drought proofing Queensland and halt the Bradfield Scheme

 Feedback is required by late January, but the public is not allowed to participate in this process.

 KAP State Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said the secret proposal, the details of which have so far only been shared with invited stakeholders, could lock up almost of third of Queensland and make much of the state’s prime mining and agricultural land untouchable.

 He said the misguided move, aimed at shoring up Labor’s green credentials in Brisbane ahead of the 2020 State Election, would also rip away all economic opportunities open to a vast portion or rural and remote Queensland.

 “The Labor Government has time and time again smashed regional, rural and remote Queensland with legislation that suits them in Brisbane but rips opportunity and autonomy away from us,” Mr Katter said.

 “So far this term they have given us the reef regulations and the tree-clearing laws, all because of the need to keep feeding the green monster in Brisbane.

 “Now this ‘Pristine Rivers’ proposal is their third attack, and it’s being launched ahead of the election campaign.

 “All the KAP can say on behalf of these northern and western areas is that we are sick of being the sacrificial lambs to win Green votes in Brisbane.

Queensland Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk is set to legislate against the Bradfield Scheme to gain Green votes in this year’s state election

 “There is nothing to stop the State Government right now adjudicating on any development, mining or otherwise, that is inappropriate in an area or detrimental to the environment.

 “This is regulation for regulation sake, and like the tree-clearing laws it will be politically-based and centred around flimsy science.”

 Mr Katter said it was ludicrous to think that the Labor Government, which is presiding over a huge deficit and high unemployment rates, would put a blanket ban on development across large section of the state.

 “Quite frankly, Queenslanders need a new deal for the regions because the current state of affairs is simply not good enough,” he said.

 “If they want a fight on this, I will say bring it on because the KAP will give them one.”

 KAP Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto said, if the proposed changes were to go ahead, Queensland could never be drought-proofed.

 “We have heard a lot of talk over the last few months from the major parties about their plans to ‘drought-proof’ Queensland,” he said.

 “If this ‘Pristine Rivers’ legislation gets up, you can kiss that goodbye.

 “You can kiss goodbye: any style of the Bradfield Scheme ever taking off, any chance of drought-proofing Queensland and any chance of building an agricultural sector on the other side of the Great Dividing Range which would help western Queensland prosper.”

 The KAP said it believes the current review and the “Pristine Rivers” proposal was a broad re-hash of the previous, controversial Wild Rivers legislation that was first introduced by Premier Peter Beattie in 2005.

 The party has called on Premier Palaszczuk to make the Lake Eyre Basin Management Plan proposal available to the public, and to extend the timeframe allowed for consultation.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The SLUTTTTTT 😡😡😡‼️

    There is another way to meet the needs of farmers and stuff that BIERRTCCH totally, wait and see 🤔🇦🇺👍🏻‼️🏁

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  2. Palaszczuk is well resourced by her handlers – her Dad was a pro.. Communism in my Country – I would have never believed it.. sad..

  3. If this report is true and correct, it would appear that once again Labor is sticking the knife into the backs of good honest Australians. So sad!

    Unfortunately for years we have seen this kind of performance from Labor Parties including those outside of Australia in other countries, think that they must have all gone to the same university.

    Over the years that I have watched political antics, I often wonder what the Labor party gets out of all this, do they really consider hard working Australians, what IS their long term strategy for the land, waterways and forestry. If this is only for political gain, it’s shocking behavior. I believe that they are really letting those who voted for them down in a big way apart from every other Queenslander. There must another election coming up ( actually I know there is) and because there are no Labor seats in the area where I live, this area is getting no support at all from the present Queensland government.

  4. Why are the Labor Party and the Greens so intent on destroying our great nation.The Bradfield scheme and any other way to get water to dry or drought districts for rural use to feed the Australian people is a must. I am not so keen on cost of these schemes to the Australian tax payer if the water is then sold of to the highest bidder for forein owned corperations and the local farmers are not allowed to use the water that flows past their door as is happening in the Murray Darling basin.

  5. Our Water Security is not a plaything or a political football

  6. No surprises here!
    A traitor does not cease to be a traitor just because they betray the nation and its people from a high office.

    Even kings and emperors have been credibly accused of treason against the commonwealth of their realm. It doesn’t happen anywhere near often enough, in my opinion.

  7. The Pristine Rivers Legislation needs to be stopped.

    And the Palaszczhuk Government needs to go at the next election in March 2020,
    Vote the Barstards out of Queensland and what they stand for.

    Don Bailey Alva Beach Resident.

  8. I wonder how many of our politicians have. stakes in the water 😤

  9. Raymond Lloyd Smith .

    Every queenslander to have a say , a very strong say . Who does she thinks she is as she is not god . Will definitely kill off all agricultural and Towns and hamlets .

  10. The public are not allowed to comment. I cannot understand why the masters allow our servants the politicians to conduct the affairs of the state in a communist manner.

  11. Trevor W Sullivan

    There can be nothing more evil than a government that deprives its people of water.
    Lord Jesus, remove the traitors NOW, PLEASE! Amen.
    “Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901).

  12. Omce again we see Labour depopulating the countryside in accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda. Bad news for Australia but even worse for Queensland

  13. Omce again we see Labour depopulating the countryside in accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda. Bad news for Australia but even worse for Queensland

  14. That is typical of these Labour government it’s all about the south-east corner the rest of the steak go and get stuffed why would they involve the public this government is corrupt it is a dictatorship all about the greens and the greens should be all put in jail for all the bushfires of course and if we can’t out previous date the fires will even been worse

  15. Legends in their own lunch boxes

  16. She has to go. We need to drought proof as much as possible of QLD. Hopefully this drought and the fires will wake us all up to show our feelings politically.

  17. These socialists are not just incompetent in almost every avenue of government but also evil in intent. Their land clearing laws and supposed pristine river plans chasing the green vote are a disgrace deserving the full wrath of majority voters.
    Of course Trad and others have bent rules so many times it’s just what they do. ITS TIME TO SEND THEM A BIG MESSAGE!

  18. These Decisions buy our Current Standing Queensland Government are Secretly Making Decisions with out Public Consultation on Our Behalf, What Happened to Our Qld Tax Paying Public Representation and Our Public Consultation on this Issue , What is your Real Hidden Agenda Palaszchuk is it to lock up Queensland Water and Sell it to China ???, How about Truely Representing the Queensland and the Australian People in the Manner in which you have Sworn to Do So on on Our Behalf when Accepting your Current Position in Government to Represent the People of this Country Australia, If Not Stand Down from your Current Position Palaszchuk and Give Someone Else a Chance at Honest Reliable Representation on Our Behalf the Queensland/ Australian Tax Paying Citizen’s, Your Decisions have Brought on Unessery Hardship e.g. Drought, Fires, Flooding, most all your Slowly Selling All of us out when all of this Australian Hardship Can Be Avoided – Wake Up your Forcing this Country into a Civil War on the Horizon.

  19. This is just wrong and criminally stupid. You’re supposed to be working for us! Do your fucking job!

  20. Build the dams , for the future, the greens have failed us with protecting the forests, vote them out.

  21. To abandon the possibility of having The Bradfield Scheme endorses would be economic vandalism toward Queensland’s future!

  22. Bloody labour anything to please the greens and sure up their vote, but the public are not stupid and labour and hopefully this legislation will be gone.

  23. Robert M Mcilroy

    This government is killing Queensland and Queenslanders and they are doing it with a bloody smile on their face. I know though that it’s pointless trying to argue with the government because the simple fact remains that they are being controlled by the UN. The whole world is. There is not a hope in hell that I will be voting for this unstable woman and her band of half trained monkeys.

  24. Political suicide, they are NOT reading the electorate.

  25. This must be fought with all the power you can muster. Good luck

  26. United Nations Global Government needs to be Abandoned by Australia & our Constitution reenacted.

  27. Very eloquent Robert, we hope the ALP reads it.Editor

  28. This has to stop. How do we expect to feed our nation if we allow our agricultural sector to die. I don’t want to buy food from overseas. We need freer access to water and to be allowed to manage our land appropriately. Decisions like these should be taken to the people. I thought we were a democracy. Our government is toxic and needs culling. These people will continue to Destroy our country. It is now a race to see if we will be little China or islam

  29. Our State Government’s responsibility is to the people first. Water security is absolutely essential for us and the land. This issue affects all of us and should be open to every Queenslander. I feel that there must be something shifty going on for them to not be transparent. Palachook, get on with the job. You’re not paid to procrastinate.

  30. How can the average Human be so mindless. But there again some believe there is a god!!!. They most likely vote Labor/Green.

  31. Australians need to vote these Socialists/Communists out of power before they totally destroy the country.
    Australian Politicians are taking their orders from the UN and following their Agenda 21 and Agenda 30

  32. Queensland NEEDS DROUGHT PROOFING. Whatever schemes of a positive effect should be implemented. Pristine rivers is laughable because everytime it floods the rivers are all stirred up. We need the Bradfield scheme and we need jobs and a budget in the black.

  33. Comrade premier PACKASHIT

  34. Nothing will get done while Labour in Queensland time to get rid of them

  35. Typical of this fascist government. We need a Senate in QLD to curb such blatant abuse of power. This is NOT about protecting the river systems this is solely about SHORING UP GREEN VOTES. PERIOD.

  36. AND YOU WONDER WHY I VOTE ONE NATION AND BOB KATTER. WE NEED to PISS off UNITED NATIONS and borrowing money to send OVERSEAS. WE NEED to get our COUNTRY back and our major parties are virtually GIVEN it away .LOOK AFTER the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE and what is left of our INDUSTRIES.

  37. During my travels in the SW corner of this state, the people who actually live there and get their livelihoods from the Lake Eyre Basin, also want the area protected. Surely they are the major stakeholders in all of this.

  38. No doubt Jon but the major stakeholders are the ratbag Greens. The Bradfield Scheme has been well and truly publicly aired since the 1930’s but we have never heard any substantial opposition to the scheme from the few landholders in the lake Eyre Basin.

  39. Not one bit marxist. They are Fascist

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