Nostalgia-what happened to our manufacturing industries?

Ten years ago Australia had five car manufacturers, Ford, GMH, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Now we have none. All gone overseas and the reason given? Costs were to high. Funny in that the cars we are now importing (Malaysia etc) are no cheaper.  

I remember back in 1968 living in Brisbane, when the 3 major cities back then were Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide a
nd Adelaide was the Industrial City.

Adelaide – South Australia, was where you went to work in the Iron Ore Industry, or where you could get a job making railway tracks for B.H.P.

You could get a job building ships, submarines, cars, washing machines, fridges, TV’s, Hills hoists, Victa Lawn Mowers or make tyres at Bridgestone tyres.

Treacherous politicians in 1986 ratified the Lima Agreement, entered into in 1975 by Whitlam, which transferred Australia’s manufacturing industries to Asia. These FX model Holdens were made in Australia starting in 1948. Today all car makers have left our shores.

Lightburn Washing Machine Company even made a car called a Zeta.
 It was not much of a car, but at least it was Australian and we built it.
 I worked at Stanvac where we made our own Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and Oil.
 We had Oil Rigs in Bass Straight, North West Shelf and the Timor Sea.
 We even had Australian owned Service Stations like (H.C. Sleigh) Golden Fleece and many of us young wanna-be mechanics back then worked as a driveway attendant. (Just like Stanley).

I remember catching a train from the city to Gawler and then on to Freeling, Hamley Bridge, Stockport, Riverton, up to Clare, Gladstone, Laura etc.
 And all these towns were bustling with activity, and on the weekends they were all open for business.
 Our shops were filled on every shelf with food and products all proudly made or grown, in Australia.
 Our fridge was full of Lamb Chops and Steaks because it was cheap as we were a huge Lamb and Beef growing Nation.
 And once a month Mum would make us all a delicacy!
 It was called a Sunday Roast Chicken.

I remember when we all had trade skills and high quality tools that would last and last.
 But most of all we had Mates. We as Australians watched each other’s backs even if we had not met yet, and we all said G’Day to everyone with a smile.
 Our kids could go anywhere they liked on their bikes, just as long as they were home before dark.

Australia was pretty safe back then.
Yes, Australia was once a self supporting nation that had it all.
 It had Farms that produced our dairy, fruit & vegies and meats etc.
 And Politicians back then were known as Statesmen and they were voted by the people, for the people, on behalf of the people and did what the people wanted.

We had public utilities owned by us the people, that guaranteed our Electricity, Water and Sewage forever.

No one knew how much the Snowy Mountain Scheme cost, we just built it.

No one knew how much the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Indian-Pacific railway cost!


Who Signed the Lima Declaration?



Now everything above has GONE.

Now we don’t watch each other’s backs anymore but watch each other through security bars, burglar alarms, and security screens.

Now we dob each other in.

Now we import poor quality processed food.

Now we import cheap tools that break just taking them out of the packet they come in.

Now we rely on ships to bring in our fuels.

Now we can’t afford our own Lamb or Beef anymore.

Now we eat steroid pumped chicken just about every day.

Now we import trade skill workers on 457 Visa’s.

Now we have high unemployment as nearly all of our Industry and Manufacturing has gone offshore.

Now we have that many Laws that we have just about outlawed ourselves.

But I guess we need even more laws, so now we will have Sharia Law as well.
 We now pay for water that falls out of the sky at $3.80 a litre.

Now we have taxes for everything.

Taxes for carbon, taxes for sake of having taxes, (They call them Levy’s).

And don’t forget the newest tax is the ISLAMIC TAX (Halal Certification)

Now here in South Australia in our towns we have Railway Stations and railway tracks, but no trains.

We have Public Bus Stops in our Towns but no buses.
 We have Hospitals and Clinics but very few Doctors or Nurses.

We all have Mobile Phones, and have little to no reception.

We have Digital TV’s with Bugger all Signal in the country.

And the worst of all, is our once great nation is being sold off, piece by piece to every other country on earth, except us.

Tis very sad but very true! Enjoy whats left while you can?

The Australia we knew when growing up is now STUFFED!!!

-from Gary Matthews

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Sad but true and part of the U.N. globalisation agenda, embraced by our then Labor Government under Gough Whitlam, and carried on ever since, regardless of what party was in power.. Donald Trump is trying to fix things in the USA, but who does Australia have? Only One Nation appears to understand what has happened, but what power have they got to fix it? Not much I’m afraid. We need a miracle.


  2. Hi Bev, Katter says he is well and truly over this issue and is trying to work with One Nation to effect a remedy, but as you say, bloody hard. Many of our political and corporate leaders we discovered have been seriously compromised by child sex honey pot traps. We are afraid the PM has been compromised from his association with Hillsong Church in Sydney. Whitlam, Hawke, Keating et al have been accused of pedophillia by whistleblower victim Fiona Barnett and no attempt at seeking legal remedy has been made by those accused or by their families naturally as Whitlam and Hawke are dead.Editor


  3. Russell Wattie

    Nothing better than pointing out to rabid Lefties that it was their Hero Gough that was responsible for the decline of Australian Manufacturing industries in the first instance.
    Unfortunately now both sides of Politics are working against the Australian citizens, & it’s left to the minor parties and Independent politicians to carry the fight.


  4. Two major issues come to my mind. First and foremost, Australia made far too many models that competed against each other for a minuscule market. That was absolute financial madness.? Secondly, the vehicles that were popular and useful in Australian conditions were still imported.?? Toyota Landcruiser a prime example. So those are the major reasons and a legion of smaller, stupid management decisions by overpaid knuckleheads and trade union meddling, ?? hammered home the nails in the “Australian Motor Industry”. All it took was a Prime Minister who bought imported cars anyway to close coffin and lower it down the un-employment grave. How do I know? A Licenced Motor Mechanic with thirty years experience.
    Vale the Australian “Shit box” Motor Industry.??


  5. Michael Kennedy

    We import refugees from 3rd world shitholes to live off welfare because we bow to The UN our supermax high security jail is 75% Muslim even though they are about 2% of our population we are spending billions each year to stop terrorism from the people we offer security to ? All so coles , woollies, Bunnings , banks etc can prosper from our welfare paid refugees courtesy of the taxpayers.


  6. take away all the layers of tax… stuff. i wonder… where does all that tax go?


  7. i listened to a speech by amy mcgrath. she married a high court judge. asio were monitoring the ussr embassy. she said gough whitlam visited the soviet embassy more than any other politician in aussie history.


  8. must be fun being a woman in saudi arabia


  9. lucky country my arse. the only truth out of a politicians mouth… paul keating. australia is the arse end of the world. you twits voted him in. patriots.


  10. i had to leave.


  11. The 2008 GFC happened & the RBA in cahoots with the Australian government, decided to artificially raise the value of the Australian dollar .. & kept it there for too long a period of time. This was a ploy to claw back some of the monies gambles away recklessly during the frenzied free for all that was the pre- 2008 investment boom.
    As a result Australian business could not compete & found themselves in a state of financial crisis.
    HOLDEN Australia went to the then PM Tony Abbott & asked for financial assistance .. & seeing how their financial woes were as a direct result of their shenanigans .. HOLDEN had every right to expect assistance .. though this is not how the ABC & other Mainstream Medea portrayed it.
    The then Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbot refused .. point blank refused to financially assist Holden Australia .. the car makers / the auto industry are the CORPORATE GOD of Planet Earth .. imagine the hard on .. & we lost Holden Australia.
    In the very same breath .. Joseph Benedict Hockey gifted nine billion dollars to the RBA ??
    HOLDEN Australia has put onto Australian roads .. auto technology that put Mercedes to shame .. Australian Auto Makers stand tall in the global world of auto making.

    Happy New Year to All.


  12. Ari Esman (((NOT)))

    Stop blaming everyone else. Maybe we should look at ourselves in the mirror and see the real culprit. We allowed the people who we pay to represent us, to rape us of our culture and identity and yet what do we do. We vote them in again because we don’t care as long as the four mantras are followed.

    Corporations are there to make money at all cost. That is their nature. Politicians of all stripes are paid to protect our interests. That means they are there to ensure that they provide an umbrella of support and protection for the Davids against the Goliaths. They have failed us miserably. For what they are doing and have committed, they would have been hanged for treason 200 years ago.

    The four mantras are what you hear when you talk to “dinky-dis”
    1- Wherz me effin pie
    2- Wherz me effin beer
    3- Wats the score in the footy
    4- The guvmen should do somefink about it.

    Written by a first gen Aussie born to dago parents, who is always called a wog.


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