Muslim population in Europe up to 75 million – calls for Jihad growing

from Britain First

The Christian nature of Europe is rapidly giving way to the assertive religion of Islam.

If present trends continue, the great national cultures of Britons, Italians, French, Germans and others will be replaced by a new transnational Muslim identity.

Muslims have taken over Europe and plague London

Recently, an Israeli foreign ministry report stated that Islam is now the second largest religion in Europe.

The Muslim population in Europe is growing rapidly and may now be approaching 75 million, or more.

The New York Times recently stated:

‘The call to Jihad is rising in the streets of Europe…Intelligence chiefs across Europe say they are struggling to contain the openly seditious speech of Islamic extremists, some of whom, they say, have been inciting young men to suicidal violence since the 1990s.’

Catholic Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai said in a recent interview with an Italian Catholic news magazine, that the recent waves of immigration into Europe are only the beginning of Islam’s expansion into the continent:

In scenes reminiscent of Muslims taking over Sydney, Muslims have swamped Europe and will soon be the dominant culture.

‘They [Muslims] believe it is God’s will to procreate and that marriage is aimed at this. In the same way, you see that we [Europeans] hardly get married and do not make a lot of children,’ Rai said.

In countries like Austria, Finland, Ireland, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and the United Kingdom, Muslims are already outpacing non-Muslim birthrates.

Some countries – such as Britain – have even made allowances for Muslim families where a man has multiple wives.

If you combine high birth rates with the massive invasion of Europe by fighting age Muslim men – referred to as the ‘Migrant crisis’ – Europe is teetering on the edge of total disaster.

Sitting on the sidelines and crossing your fingers, is simply condemning your children to a horrific future.

But you are not a lone voice crying in the wilderness, you can be part of the most pro-active, dynamic and energetic movement in Britain.

If you are a patriot, then please don’t delay any longer, join Britain First today as a member and help build a future for our children.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It will happen here unless Morrison pulls out of the UN and Paris Agreement! He has already stood up to the bullying UN, which now, is just a group of thuggish thieves looking to line their pockets and those of their cronies. The money they take from us, never reaches the people who need it in 3rd World countries.We have to stop our intake of Muslims and instead, bring in true refugees who have been waiting in camps for year, ones who will assimilate . Mr Morrison, if you can do that, you will wipe Labor out at the next election!


  2. Firstly, Islam is not your enemy.
    Second , Islam will save you from your enemy.
    Who is your enemy?
    What is Islam?


  3. What’s wrong with procreation Cardinal Rai?
    Marrriage? Obeying the laws of God? Outrageous behaviour!


  4. Sargeant KoranFlusher

    Yes Islam is our enemy and so are YOU!


  5. Why is islam the enemy?


  6. Well,all religions should assert their beliefs, its about the purpose of life; otherwise why believe in anything? Are you asserting that christianity is right and islam is wrong?


  7. Perhaps not but we would strongly argue that Christianity has its roots well tested and is not demonic in its outlook. Editor


  8. Islam is the enemy of western society. It is a death cult – death to non-believers. It needs to be purged from civilised countries.


  9. Christianity is well tested: inquisition, slavetrade, colonialism, crusades, holocaust of jews and native people, nagasaki hiroshima, paedophilia, usury. That is not the Jesus of the Bible. Seems the ‘Jesus’ that Christianity worships is the devil.
    Muslims are the real ‘Christians’ who follow the message of Jesus of the Bible.


  10. More likely to be 10 million or 2% of the pop.
    Apparently, more paedophiles than that in Europe.
    EUComission even higher %.


  11. Be real – muslims are the real christians that follow the Jesus of the Bible????? Muslims worship the devil and the quran advocates oppression of women, beating of women, homosexuality (bachi boys), pedophilia (child marriage), rape of non-believers, killing of non-believers, cruelty toward animals (halal slaughter and killing dogs), jihad to further the spread of islam (various kinds – rape jihad, civilisation jihad, invading of countries and killing the men and sexually assaulting the women and children). I could go on, but looking at this list so far, it is the muslims that are the devil worshippers. Jesus teaches love and tolerance, Allah teaches bloodshed, hatred, and oppression.


  12. Yamamah3.. you quote terrible deeds carried out by Christians according to our Bible.You forget to mention that they took place several hundred years ago and today, no Christian rapes or murders non Christians or tries to force non Christians to convert.
    Whereas ,
    Islam has NOT moved on.Muslim men are noted as murderers, thieves and rapists. You plan to rule the world and force us all to become Muslims, according to your Quran , so please don’t waste your time, and our time, bull shitting to us.Islamic actions speak louder than words!


  13. Well, In Islam, there is compulsion in religion. How can anyone force belief on anyone? Yet , on the contrary, christianity is famous for this, The inquisition in Spain forced millions muslims and jews to convert on pain of death, that is evil. Today, there are many armies from many christian countries invading, raping. murdering, pillaging, and forcing people and children into slavery. They have been in vietnam, Somalia, serbia, bosnia, They are in Central Africa, libya, saharan africa, Syria, iraq, afghanistan, haiti. Who is next – Iran, Venuzuela? That’s why the “jesus ” of christianity is obviously not the Jesus of the bible.


  14. Well, in islam. Theres is no compulsion in religion. Yet, Christianity is famous for this in history ,eg inquisition in spain. Today. Many armies of christian nations are invading , raping, pillaging, enslaving women and children, genociding many peoples of the world, vietnam, somalia, serbia, bosnia, afghanistan, iraq, libya, saharan africa,central africa, Who is next- venuzuela, iran? Thats why people know the “jesus ” of christianity is not the jesus of the bible.


  15. Yamma, you certainly don;t know very much do you, or is it that you know the perverted lying history of the muslim world. The Spanish Inquisition, along with the Crusades were all to fight back against islam and force these murderers from their countries, and rightfully return them to the natives of that land, be they Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc. Yes, go to Bosnia, Iraq, Libya, Africa, Somalia, Vietnam, Malaysia and see that is is the islamists that are killing the christians and any other religion. Islam is a death cult and hell bent on destroying all non-believers to enable their caliphate. There most certainly IS compulsion in religion in islam. Anybody who leaves the religion is an apostate and the quran says that they must be killed. You don’t get that sort of compulsion in any other religion other than islam, so stop your bullshit and learn what islam really is about. If you are islamic then you need to read your own quran to see how evil it is. I prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus of the Bible who teaches love, than to praise your murderous bloodthirsty allah (shit be upon him).


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