Forced vaccinations now can be legally stopped-no quality control for 32 years

Wide ramifications for Australia

Go to: Update from Doctor in Georgia 20/05/2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JG5b8Qt_CY&feature=youtu.be



Case 1:18-cv-03215-JMF Document 18 Filed 07/09/18

Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,&  Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed anti-vaccine documentary, Vaxxed and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory. They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years — and there were none.

Here are the huge legal and practical implications in this legal victory for the American people:

A recent US court case revealed there has been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by big-pharma for at least 32 years. Autism rates are excepted to drop dramatically now that parents can stop the poison being injected into their kids

o This means that the US Department of Health and Human Services and all vaccine makers have been lying to the American people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines; this may
ultimately mean that continuing the existence — at least in their current form — of five US “healthcare” agencies are now in doubt: the CDC, the FDA, the IOM, the NIH and the “Health” part of DHHS itself;
this may also threaten the existence of state medical boards and exclusive medical guilds like the AMA:

o This means that vaccine makers have been fraudulently exempt from what all other pharmaceutical drug makers have been forced to do concerning biannual recertification for quality and effectiveness — meaning that that their vaccines have never been tested for quality and have had no proven safety or effectiveness for over 30 years;

o This case can now be legally cited by all parents fraudulently mandated by any government/organizational regulation/requirements that they must vaccinate their children for school or any other activity to stop
the forced vaccination of their children;

o This case can now be legally cited by all employees being mandated by their employers to be vaccinated in order to retain their jobs;

o This case can now be legally cited by all those who seek compensation for vaccine injury, making it likely that the pharmacidical vaccine industry can in the near future be legally bankrupted out of existence, like Bayer-Monsanto after the landmark legal victory won by the dying landscaper in San Francisco several weeks ago, as well as their stock value plummeting precipitously;

o The future of allopathic medicine in its current form is now in doubt, as well as that of the global pharmacidical cartel, since almost all of the drugs allopathic practitioners prescribe come from pharmacidical corporations which have also committed vaccine fraud and injury;

o The existence of the deep-state corporate mainstream news media will now also be further endangered, since 70% of their income stream comes from the global pharmacidical cartel, which in America has been
responsible for 750,000-1 million human sacrifices per year for at least the past half century;

o Autism rates will now likely plummet, freeing the American people from another deep state-engineered debility, and providing further evidence of mass vaccination-caused autism;

o All government officials who have passed laws legalizing vaccine fraud at the state, national, or international level, or otherwise aided and abetted this vaccine fraud can now be charged with vaccine fraud, criminal malfeasance and in some cases, war crimes under the Nuremberg Code.


This letter from Dawn Bell, an American health professional, warns that vaccines are not safe and become ineffective after 10 years. She says her daughter was injured by vaccination:

In the recent mumps outbreak, 100% of the mumps cases were college students, who were ALL 100% vaccinated. 90% (9 out of 10) people who died from last years flu epidemic had received the flu shot.

Herd immunity can only be achieved when 85% of the population is immune to a disease. Vaccines are only good for about 10 years, at absolute max 20 years, so most people over the age of 20 are not immune any longer. So now you have created a situation of a “false” immunity.

Those who get the chicken pox are immune for life, those who get the vax are not. I do believe, maybe to your surprise that vaccines can and have saved lives, however, think about when MD’s we’re giving out antibiotics like popcorn at the movies, it started having a bad affect on our immune systems and gut. It’s propbable to think that the same thing might start happen with the overuse of vaccines.

For really deadly diseases, hey I’m all for it, but they started making so much money that you all of a sudden had to start getting vaccines for everything, even the everyday childhood diseases and for stuff like Hep B at 1 day old, really? The rise in autism and other sensory diseases has been mind boggling, as well as childhood autoimmune disorders.

32 people get sick from ecoli and FDA tells everyone to stop buying romaine lettuce, but thousands report issues with vaccines and it’s pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Then everyone is surprised when people get upset and start asking questions.

I’m an Occupational Therapist and was all in with the vax thing, until I watched my daughter lose Speech ability directly following a vaccine. I was one telling everyone it was a coincidence until I saw it happen with my own eyes to my own kid. They have NEVER done safety studies in these vaccines have NEVER been studied being given all at once as they do.

It’s common sence that all of these vaccines given to a child with a developing immune system and neuro system might have some issues. It’s the lying about it that really has everyone worried though. When they say safety studies have been done when no one can find them, then Kennedy offers $$ for anyone who show they have been done. Of course no one could produce them so hence this lawsuit and of course, they haven’t. My OBGYN told me the flu shot was studied and proven safe during pregnancy.

So I go to work, as a nurse friend for the flu vax insert and guess what? It clearly stated it had not been studied in children or pregnant woman and if given to pregnant woman you should call and add them to a registry. Furthermore, on the front of the box, it stated to NOT give to kids under 5! I could keep going, but I’ll end with, have you watched the CDC video aproving the Hep vax?

If not, you should because it’s extremely interesting! First, they give to 1 day old babies and it’s never been approved for those under 18. When asked if it was safe to give with other vaccines they said they didn’t know but we’re making the assumption it was generally safe like other vaccines. Then when asked about the “new” mutated gene thing they said the same thing, “we’re making the assumption that’s it’s safe like other vaccines.”

They were then asked about the heart and autoimmune markers seen in their internal study and they acknowledged that they saw the markers and were going to monitor it and make determination Dec 2020 whether not there was a problem, and in the mean time it’s being given to day old babies. So yes, there are concerns that need to be addressed about the safety of vaccines and I’m thrilled that it’s finally being addressed!!!


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank God for there guys..

  2. What a crock of shit..

  3. Maybe it’s finally time to charge “The Australian Government” (as opposed to The Commonwealth of Australia Parliament) with vaccine fraud as well,
    It no longer needs to be proven that The Australian Government is an American company, registered in Washington DC, and since it therefore MUST operate under American civil law, it is under the same duress as all American companies in this matter.
    Old Kodger.

  4. Great article about the implications of ‘U.S. GOVT LOSES LANDMARK VACCINE LAWSUIT’

  5. While I have no doubt there are problems with ‘Big Pharma’ there is huge amounts of evidence that vaccines work. For example: http://www.who.int/news-room/detail/12-11-2015-measles-vaccination-has-saved-an-estimated-17-1-million-lives-since-2000. The discredited Wakefield study linking MMR to Autism was based on 12 children: other studies and reaserch have looked at over 1.5 million cases and found NO link. Those in countries with high vaccination rates who choose not to vaccinate are only protected by herd immunity. Areas where vaccination rates have fallen have seen a return of the these potentially life threatening diseases.

  6. And now we need a Royal Commission into the vaccine industry, which will make the banks look like naughty babies.
    Thank God for Royal Commissions, which we will not have if we ever become a Republic.

  7. Where are your sources? 😡 Please cite!

  8. Please cite the court case so it actually can be used by the people…

  9. What is the court case number? Is there a link to the actual court ruling?

  10. That is great news 🙂
    ” …The system contains 244,424 total reports of possible reactions to vaccines, including 99,145 emergency rooms visits, 5,149 life-threatening reactions, 27,925 hospitalizations, 5,775 disabilities, and 5,309 deaths … ” – United Press International Investigates the Vaccine Conflict, 7/20/03 citing a database at the U.S. CDC tracking reports from doctors between 1991-2002.

    „A confidential study by a major vaccine indicated … a fifty fold under-reporting of adverse events” (perhaps only 2% of vaccine reactions are reported!) Institute of Medicine, Vaccine Safety Committee Proceedings, National Academy of Science, Washington DC, 5/11/92

    „Genetically engineered Hepatitis B vaccines contain polypeptide sequences that are present in human neurologic tissues such as myelin, and that by a mechanism called molecular mimicry, these polypeptides can act as autoantigens which can induce autoimmune demyelinating disease of the brain such as Multiple Sclerosis…. One wonders how the CDC continues to reassure the public about the safety of the Hepatitis B vaccine when they must be aware of thousands of reports to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System following vaccination including Multiple Sclerosis, Guillan Barre, and autoimmune arthritis; and when there are at least twenty articles in peer reviewed journals medical literature of diseases such as MS and optic neuritis that occurred after Hep. B Vaccanation.”‘A Mortatorium Should Be Placed on This Experiment’, Burton Waisbren MD, FACP, Cell Biologist, Infectious Disease Specialist

    „… There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of the MMR vaccine and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves… The refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history.”
    Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer, Dept. of Health, Great Britain



  12. Amazingly this piece still claims that Autism is tied to vaccines even though that claim has been disproven nearly a hundred times in countries around the world…. I’m skeptical of you claim that Autism rates will plummet based on the fact that the evidence anti-vaxxers base their claim of the connection between vaccines and autism on has been notonly proven to be flawed research but has yet to be replicated by any other unflawed research process anywhere in the world…… so yeah the autism claim pretty much leaves lots of room to question the legitimacy of the rest of this piece.

    Peace be with you!

  13. Can you cite the court case? This would be helpful.

  14. I guess that is how ethelene glycol was able to stay in the flu shot

  15. It’s all being brought into the light of day. The heinous fraud of the pharmaceutical, medical, congressional complex is being fully exposed. Thank you RFK Jr. and company, the total collapse of this purveyor of death and suffering is about to come crashing down in a giant heap. Yay!

  16. Proof Illuminati Can’t Understand Normal Thinking! what does that spell? 😦

  17. This is not a victory of any kind, and there’s no such thing as forced vaccinations. Nothing has changed.

  18. Are these people insane???? This us unbelieveable!! It has been proven MANY, MANY, MANY times that vaccinations are not the cause of Autism. It is a mental disorder, but they’re not sure what part of the brain is affected or why!! JUST LIKE DOWN SYNDROME!
    With vaccinations we have gotten rid of several communicable diseases. But now that people have gotten away without getting their kids vaccinations, either by home schooling and some so called Religious beliefs, we know see a resurgence of measles, and now chicken pox is showing up in some areas!! Back when these diseases were prevalent kids would get really ill with the diseases i had measles from my head to my feet, measles on top of measles and high fever, chicken pox I had large scabbing sores, and a high fever. When my brother got the mumps at 4 years old his WHOLE face swelled up and ALL of his lymph nodes swelled even the ones in his groin. He was in pain for several days!! Polio, whooping cough, diptheria, tetnus, were killer decades until Dr Saulk and many others developed the vaccines that started saving kids lives. Whooping cough and diphtheria did run through whole towns taking complete families to the grave!! NO I’M NOT READY TO SEE THESE DISEASES RETURN!! JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE ACTUAL FACTS AND RESULTS!! THEY DON’T WANT TO PUT POISONS INTO THEIR CHILDREN!! GUESS WHAT? SINCE THE 1950’S MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GETTING VACCINES, AND THE MAJORITY OF THEM HAD NO SERIOUS ILLNESSES, KIDS GREW UP SAFE AND A LITTLE BIT HEALTHIER!! AND KILLER DESEASES WERE ERADICATED!! IF GOD FORBID THESE DISEASES COME BACK THEY WILL BE WORSE THAN THEY EVER WERE!!AND KILL MORE HUMANS THAN ANY EPIDEMIC BEFORE!! WHY SHOULD WE LET THIS HAPPEN IF VACCINATIONS ARE AVAILABLE AND KEEP AN EPIDEMIC FROM HAPPENING!!

  19. Matthew Donathen

    From now on, whenever a child(or adult) dies from a disease that could have been prevented by vaccines, we know who to thank. Congrats.

  20. What’s the name of the US case we’re talking about here?

  21. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a very long time. Thanks for reporting this.

  22. Please provide a link to the actual case, the court findings? Which court?

  23. Does this completely apply to the United States? Does it apply to cats too? My daughter and I were forced to take all those shots and even to go to college. My cats is supposed to have a yearly rabies shot that I don’t trust and want to stop. I know personally of someone who was turned into a veggie almost from being in the genius program. I nearly died in 19666 from a flu shot, had 104 fever 4 days, threw up 36 times, had laryngitis for 6 months and lost an octave in my voice. I never have had one since and NEVER had flu again. MY daughter has NEVER had them and never had flu. They scare me…more than most. And what about the shot they tell parents to get their pre teens and teens so they can have sex and not get cancer….what is that saying? This MUST be STOPPED. Its time parents teach MORALS.

  24. Where can I get the actual Docket number, case number, which court, in reference to this decision,, this is so great

  25. Where can I get the docket number, case number, what court and where,, all the info about the decision,, my grandson has autism and I want to follow through with my attorney…

  26. About time something like this has come about. Well done guys for sticking this contentious issue through. For a start, just look at some of the ingredients in the vaccines forced down upon society by the so-called “regulators” (a.k.a. profiteers).
    Who wants to be injected with formaldehyde or aluminum or mercury? Seriously…now inject this into a small fragile baby or young developing child and no wonder you get all types of deformities (such as autism or cot-death).
    Wake up everyone and do your own research. The best start would be to study the detailed information at https://avn.org.au/information/vaccines-and-diseases/
    If you fail to look after yourself, and your loved ones, then you only have yourself to blame.

  27. At last justice,,,,,,

  28. Please, where is the link to this decision…

  29. Please post the court case name and number and which state it was filed in. We need proof of these statements.

  30. Can you point me to the actual case, case number and court ruling since it was not provided in the article please. I am trying to find links to corroborate what is presented here. Thanks!

  31. Unfortunately, all is not as the article states. The U.S. Government dodged a big bullet by admitting there were no reports and was thereby able to get the case dismissed. That means there is NO CASE TO CITE! We are screwed by bottom feeding lawyers working for a corrupt government again!

  32. And why?
    RFKjr had a good and well researched case, with suporting documetation.
    Exlain your expletive 🖓😔

  33. Where is this case cited? Please provide the link. Thanks!

  34. where are the links to the court case?

  35. Victoria Webster DC

    Praise the Lord. Our children deserve a chance to thrive and be healthy..

  36. Please cite the case! Who vs whom? It only helps if the info is available! If not then this is just a rumor!

  37. The case isn’t cited. Can we get a citation?

  38. This Article is inaccurate. A paperwork snafu is not the same as vaccines being dangerous


  39. Dear Publisher, the article is interesting. HOWEVER, professional journalism would be to provide an accurate citation and link to such a court case!!! Are you providing fake news? have you got something to hide? If not, then you are diminishing your news trustworthiness and credibility. If you do though, then why are you publishing this: What are your personal gains and interests?

  40. Wow that’s really interesting. Do you have a source for this info?

  41. Makes since now why I can’t remember things like I use to!!!

  42. Can you please site the court case?

  43. Can this hold up in US

  44. This is all such bullshit.

  45. Please include your source link so that I may find it

  46. Do you find your terminal arrogance a district disadvantage apart from being wrong that is ..?

  47. Is this for real? Do you have proof of this?

  48. “Vaccines are not dangerous” – look I will just accept you have not looked at this.There is so much evidence you simply must not have done the reseach. Just one fact for you. US Govt paid our approx 5 Billion in vaccine injuries –> REF: https://www.hrsa.gov/vaccine-compensation/data/index.html <–

  49. And here one of thousands of poor families harmed by this abomination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voqLk23Ntqo – Wake up!

  50. Click to access ICAN-HHS-Stipulated-Order-July-2018.pdf

    there is your court order for proof since you chose not to believe the truth kurt. and yes vaccines are deadly and complete fraud.



    theres some more info for you to troll on smh..WAKE UP!

  51. Fair enough – good luck with your vaccines – you make sure that YOU have every one though – just to be safe..

  52. This was accepted by a US Court but then bought out – this is what they always do..If vaccines are safe the why has the US system paid out 4 Billion for vaccine damage.. Please do some research – for our children..

  53. I am sick of this uneducated “discredited Wakefield study” – Have you read it? All he said was that he saw links and recommended further study. Another eminent member on the same recommending committee had the resources to take them court and won – got his licence back and the case completely discredited. Andrew Wakefield in a true hero. Please do some research – and not the absolute crap on corporate owned mainstream media.

  54. please do some actual research yourself and not believe what the media tells you. when was the last time you actually read a study on one of the highly neurotoxic adjuvants or other ingredients such as aluminum, ethylmercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 or.lets not forget mrc-5 human diploid cells from an aborted human fetus, or african green monkey kidney dna, bovine serum…. the list goes on… you are completely incorrect in your statement that vaccines are safe or effective. its no wonder why this country has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. people like you believe the media hype and false propaganda because you are to lazy or ignorant to do.the proper research yourself. if you would like to educate yourself feel free to reply and i will GLADLY show you MANY case studies proving vaccines do in fact aid to causing autism when a child has a predetermined mitochondrial disorder.I can show you a video of a former cdc director slipping up on live tv admitting to it in reference to the hannah polling case which was documented that vaccines caused her autism fyi. i have tons of evidence proving this debate so when you are ready to wise up and see through the propaganda ill be waiting to show you the truth the media is lying to you about. and lets not forget paul offit, the main spokesperson for vaccines….. look into his patents and conflicts of interests in vaccines… of course he will tell you to get vaccinated, he makes money every time you do because of patents he has on vaccines smfh WAKE UP!

    Click to access ICAN-HHS-Stipulated-Order-July-2018.pdf

  55. For all asking where is the citation, it is at the very top where it says, Go to: with the blue highlighted link. There you will be brought to the cover page of the legal doc. https://www.aimintegrativemedicine.com/aim-integrative-medicine-blog/why-kennedy-sued-the-government-over-vaccine-safety-won

  56. We have uploaded the confirmation document that substantiates this story to read and download for those who are unable to research themselves… Ed.

    Click to access ican-hhs-stipulated-order-july-2018.pdf

  57. David Goldstein

    Um no such thing as forced vaccinations??? Have you not been aware of AUSTRALIA’S POLICY MANDATING YOU TO GET SHOT AS A PRECONDITION FOR RECEIVING SOCIAL SERVICES ???

  58. David Goldstein

    Rico WORK ??? Explain how injecting a syringe filled with industrial waste improves anyone’s immune systems ??? MERCURY IS NOT MEDICINE….NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT . If pharmafia can’t preserve their concoctions w/o the most deadly non radioactive element on the planet, they need to be banned from their manufacture !!!

  59. Your arguments suffer the same problems as the original article, biased research. So I’ll give you some more biased research, I know personally, a child who, up until the age of 5-6 months was a perfectly “normal” child, learnt quickly, was responsive, and responded to stimuli immediately. Then he got the booster shot,within a very short time the “glow” went out of his eyes, information had to be repeated 5 or 6 times before it registered with him. he’s now 26 going on 9 years of age.
    Whilst I would be the first to admit that’s only one case, it’s interesting the doctors explanation for his condition ” his frontal lobes did not join in the womb” FRONTAL LOBES DO NOT JOIN IN THE WOMB, THEY JOIN ABOUT SIX MONTHS AFTER BIRTH.
    I agree that this is one empirical case, but if by stopping this vax rubbish, we prevent just one child having to live his/her life as this youngster must, it’s worth it.
    Now, let me address the latter part of your response.
    From “back when these diseases were…”: –
    I am more than 75 years old, I speak from a time when kids went out to play and got DIRTY, We use to drink from the stream, eat food with dirty hands, and our immune system knew what to do about it. In my village in England, if a kid contracted measles, all the mothers would organize a “measles party”, so that all the kids who hadn’t had it could all get it at once and get it ‘over with’: NONE OF THESES CHILDREN DIED AS A RESULT. The same with the majority of the other “diseases” you mention, their immune systems knew what to do about it.
    First hand personal knowledge: – In school, I sat right next to a girl who caught polio, highly infectious ,the whole school was tested for immunity, only two children in the school showed immunity, I, and one other. I’m also immune to tetanus.
    The problems you cite with childhood diseases, is not the disease, but the modern mania with CLEAN, our immune system must learn, if it is not given that chance, the results are what you are finding.
    Get off of the poisons…all of them, and here I refer to food, feed them real food not the SAD (standard American diet), let them get dirty, eat worms, play with slugs etc., you’ll find that all these other maladies go away.
    Incidentally, my son is also immune to Q’fever.(look it up).

  60. Well done guys – They were given complete control and immunity and were required to show that they were improving thier product – and what did they do? NOTHING! My God – the children they have ruined – They are criminals and should be in jial.

  61. thank you Cairnsnews for that up-link, I hereby retract my comment about “biased research” with regard to your article. The rest of my comment stands.

  62. In the recent mump outbreak, 100% of the mumps cases were college students, who were ALL 100% vaccinated. 90% (9 out of 10) people who died from last years flu epidemic had received the flu shot. Herd immunity can only be achieved when 85% of the population is immune to a disease. Vaccines are only good for about 10 years, at absolute max 20 years, so most people over the age of 20 are not immune any longer. So now you e created a situation of a “false” immunity. Those who get the chicken pox are immune for life, those who get the vax are not. I do believe, maybe to your surprise that vaccines can and have saved lives, however, think about when MD’s we’re giving out antibiotics like popcorn at the movies, it started having a bad affect on our immune systems and gut. It’s propbable to think that the same thing might start happen with the overuse of vaccines. For really deadly diseases, hey I’m all for it, but they started making so much money that you all of a sudden had to start getting vaccines for everything, even the everyday childhood diseases and for stuff like Hep B at 1 day old, really? The rise in autism and other sensory diseases has been mind boggling, as well as childhood autoimmune disorders. 32 people get sick from ecoli and FDA tells everyone to stop buying romaine lettuce, but thousands report issues with vaccines and it’s pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Then everyone is surprised when people get upset and start asking questions. I’m an Occupational Therapist and was all in with the vax thing, until I watched my daughter lose Speech ability directly following a vaccine. I was one telling everyone it was a coincidence until I saw it happen with my own eyes to my own kid. They have NEVER done safety studies in these vaccines have NEVER been studied being given all at once as they do. It’s common since that all of these vaccines given to a child with a developing immune system and neuro system might have some issues. It’s the lying about it that really has everyone worried though. When they say safety studies have been done when no one can find them, then Kennedy offers $$ for anyone who show they e been done. Of course no one could produce them so hence this lawsuit and of course, they haven’t. My OBGYN told me the flu shot was studied and proven safe during pregnancy. So I go to work, as a nurse friend for the flu vax insert and guess what? It clearly stated it had not been studied in children or pregnant woman and if given to pregnant woman you should call and add them to a registry. Furthermore, on the front of the box, it stated to NOT give to kids under 5! I could keep going, but I’ll end with, have you watched the CDC video aproving the Hep vax? If not, you should because it’s extremely interesting! First, they give to 1 day old babies and it’s never been approved for those under 18. When asked if it was safe to give with other vaccines they said they didn’t know but we’re making the assumption it was generally safe like other vaccines. Then when asked about the “new” mutated gene thing they said the same thing, “we’re making the assumption that’s it’s safe like other vaccines.” They were then asked about the heart and autoimmune markers seen in their internal study and they acknowledged that they saw the markers and were going to monitor it and make determination Dec 2020 whether not there was a problem, and in the mean time it’s being given to day old babies. So yes, there are concerns that need to be addressed about the safety of vaccines and I’m thrilled that it’s finally being addressed!!!

  63. Thank God for this breakthrough, and thanks to Robert for courage, integrity and tenacity to persevere!

  64. Hello The Grief, while I understand and respect that it’s not a Victory, what about those of us who can think for ourselves and want to get the field of Maternal Nursing and Midwifery, these courses actually discriminate against the un vaccinated.
    And the corporate Government just doesn’t care, its there way or find another career.

  65. Well said Old Kodger, wisdom certainly matures with age. Hope you live to 110. Regards Ed

  66. I’m sorry to hear of your issue – I don’t know what it will take to wake up our community but I for one will defend our babies to the end..

  67. Technically not mandated – just thuggery you’d expect from criminals – hold on! yes they are criminals..

  68. I love this forum – so many informed people.. go us!

  69. Measles, you’ve got to be kidding. Measles are no threat to the mortality of humans, ergo the vaccine saves you from a nonthreatening disease. What are you, like 12 or 13? …lol

  70. bravo! you are 100% correct. and lets not forget that vaccines only create th2 humeral immunity in the blood which has zero proof of protecting anyone or creating th1 cellular immunity which is created by the body by contracting the virus and developing its own natural immunity. when will the sheeple open their eyes?

  71. produce the data

  72. Good Grief, what planet do you live on!

  73. This is huge news why isnt it the mainstream ! Thank you Robert Kennedy and all company involved! I have been saying it for at least 9 years now…seems like vaccines where making us sick.

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  75. Awesome! Huge! Wonderful! Fantabulistic! My son always got all the “moderate symptoms” listed on the clinical trials. So after a “Just-a-coincidence.-Has-nothing-to-do-with-the-vaccination” emergency room visit, we stopped letting those misinformed university graduates vaccinate him against a healthy life. I had to send in my own VAERS form to the CDC.

  76. And for those interested in the legitimacy of laws, check out “cruden v neale” .
    It’s an American precedent case, BUT since “our” government IS American, maybe it’s an Australian precedent too.

  77. Hi John we suggest you read this associated article from Cairns News: https://wp.me/p2dFb5-2LQ Editor

  78. No doubt you are right. We are the 53rd state. Editor

  79. I suggest you read the link I posted and the references.
    This was NOT about vaccine studies or safety.
    It was about faulty reporting.
    Again this has NOTHING to do with safety
    Than you

  80. Please please – make sure you get ALL the vaccines recommended – for the rest of your life.. That’s all I ask..

  81. Honest John why do you revel in this? Right now as we speak. Big Pharma got into a village where a friend of mine lives. They started giving measles vaccines to the kids. They came home with live cultures and measles spread like wildfire. Many kids have already lost their lives. They were fine untilBig Pharma got involved. Pray for that village and the villages surrounding them.

  82. Wonderful article!! Makes me grateful we are moving to Cairns away from Pharma-owned Victoria!!! Vaccines are a MAJOR cause of SIDS, Autism, Auto-immune diseases (including Diabetes type1, asthma and Allergies), Brain damage & much more. Injecting a day old infant with human and animal genes, heavy metals, toxic chemicals & vast numbers of unknown viruses and bacteria is just barbaric. SO UNNECESSARY.

  83. Hi John I red the articles connected to the link and there is nothing in that story which ensures vaccines are safe. If anything it enhances the Kennedy case findings that no safety reports on vaccines have been submitted since 1986.Ed

  84. LOL Clara Welch is there anybody in the world stupid enough to believe your “story”?

  85. LOL anti-vaxers don’t hold your breath until the last laugh is on you. NOTHING will change became of this farce.

  86. Dear John,
    I would fight to the death to defend your right to be vaccinated, if that is your desire, but I would fight YOU to the death to prevent you from inflicting your decision on somebody else. If you want to be vaccinated, do it; then you will be immune (perhaps).
    If you are vaccinated, and I am not, how can I possibly harm you?

  87. The requirement for universal vaccination is simple & easy to justify. Child abuse has no effect outside that family but we still have laws against child abuse. The same for laws and requirements for mandatory vaccinations. Because of this Smallpox, Polio & many other diseases have been essentially eliminated. in civilized countries. Universal vaccination will keep it that way..

  88. Hi John you have really lost the point here. The overwhelming evidence published on this site and in dozens of others all show that vaccines simply are not safe. You should realise that smallpox, polio and other diseases have not necessarily been wiped out by vaccines. The diseases had simply run their courses. My uncle had polio in the early 1930’s and was one of Sister Kenny’s first patients. If you look back you will find polio had all but disappeared by the time we were forced to take our (oral) Sabin doses in the 60’s. Universal vaccination might have worked to some degree but look at the massive side effects inflicted on poor young kids who have been laced with the cruel and dirty MMR doses at early ages ruining their natural immunity for the rest of their lives. Sorry John you won’t convince me or most of our readers when the ample evidence is taken into account.Editor

  89. I completely agree.. The evidence is overwhelming – for those who will see..

  90. The day the government legislates to inject me against my will is the day I buy a gun..

  91. I have made this comment before,and here is the reason.
    If you view this site with vaccines a forethought you may see some “order” in all of this.

  92. Another Old Kodger here.. Yes I am onto those guide stones – Did you see Ted Turner say it outright of commercial tv – get the population down to 500M? About a 1 ½ years ago for some inexplicable reason I decided to find out how money works.. Well that was the start of months of research, NWO, Geo-Politics, technology, Strawman Legal System, International Corporate Governance and most of all history – and the real history ( All roads lead to Rome is a factual statement it appears! ) – not the bull ( and omission ) we get. I must say it is still all hard to believe. What I love about you guys is that you talk about Australia and how this tyranny manifests itself here.. Treaty of Lima, Treasonous changes to our Laws etc.. We have to get to our young folk.. that seems to be the challenge.. Cheers Phil

  93. to the “other old kodger”
    I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to educate various levels of society about this stuff with varying rates of success (failure).
    One young lady, probably about 24 years old, manageress of a bottle shop, bright eyed, bushy tailed, stood there and said
    “I don’t believe you!”
    Others have said,
    “that’s not what my teacher says”.
    Indoctrination is the problem we face, and because what we are trying to get through, flies fair in the face of all that the young people believe to be the truth, it will be a long fight.
    I’m sorry if this post hijacks the site, but it is the root cause of today’s dilemma.

  94. yep – as you read the main protagonists in history it’s clear – they know that. It is hard – we can only do our best for our fellow humans – it is not our children’s fault that we condemn them to a system of indoctrination. We are supreme in our little sphere – we have to work together – do our best – spread the word as you have done.. I am grateful to come across this site..

  95. Dont have the time to trad all the comments but are they the same in europe (Belgium)?

  96. The same flushots i mean

  97. Well anti CRYSTALS used and gallium (mercury) for conductor is to give anthrax particles of urea . This has been happening since the start of vaccines as they know that radiation was an issue. Yes in the 50’s was the large explosion. Wonder why well those acanthocytes in you (mini mushrooms of fungi production) will make your life hell or contribute to health sick care. Yes it is in all vaccines so that you never get a rash so other stronger diseases are combatted with mor fungal yeast injection. All because kDa 34 doe snot exist in the medical filed but is used for at least 500 diseases . As one Dr stated to me “you will never find a Dr that will order a test for CD34=kDa 34=staph epidermis of A and B super biofim formation of yeast at its cauliflower tip. Yes even flu vaccine has kdA 39 which is the fungal yeast production in it. Very easy to connect those dots. C protein deficiency is C for candida albicans indeed. Welcome to hell as you are decomposing green foods (as directed to be healthier) as ALL diseases are blamed on lifestyle. Yes glucose in this are all causes of diabetes. Untreated are all cancers. Just think grey of atomic bomb. Immune system reactions are normal and not disorders., The body is trying to deal with enormous heat created bv radiation. Sadly you will be given more radiation to temp stop it as it burns it, till it is activated again. It is the smallest known living organism of urea and mycoplasma and called THE BIG SMALLEST VIRUS THAT CAN NOT EXIST. It is in the air as MRSA . The planet will explode due to heat indeed


  99. You my friend
    Are my tribe!

  100. You must be a shill.. No one can be this ignorant..

  101. Is there any documentation that proved hard immunity or is that also theoretical?

  102. Ugh. Autocorrect… ….proves herd immunity….

  103. Herd immunity has been dreamt up by the vax mob to keep selling nasty inoculants to a brainwashed public. This week the Health Dept has been lamenting about numerous severe influenza cases on Cape York and in Cairns. They omitted to mention that most if not all of these flu victims had been vaccinated last year to prevent the very disease they now have.Editor

  104. Editor is correct – same with the outbreaks in US – “Natural” Herd immunity is a thing – where people gradually build up life time immunities and pass them on to their children – destroyed by this government/corporate criminal vacinne process!

  105. What is the Case number for this case? I would love to read through the actual trial documents.

  106. Common “sense” not “since”

    Also, can you share some of your resources? I love your article but want it to be proven credible if going to share with others. Thanks!

  107. Scroll down and look at the other stories and follow the links.Ed

  108. http://icandecide.org/governments/

    download the legal papers there. all the proof you need

  109. Thanks Matt and the links are in the story. Editor

  110. yes but that link has the most recent reply to HHS that has not yet been posted 😉

  111. There are some good people in our world – Thankyou ICAN!

  112. There is a misspelling of sense as sence in the fourth paragraph from the bottom. As someone who has suffered from an autoimmune disease from childhood I am extremely weary of vaccines. With our technology today it is hard to believe that they still have no clue what causes it. Doctors growing up didn’t know what to do and would treat me like it was my own doing. MMR is one that I believe to have caused my immune system to see my own body as an invader. Questioning vaccines is a good thing testing needs to be done.

  113. I agree David these people on here that are100percent for vaccines don,t have children with Autisum or other problems onlly a idiot would think mercury or aluminum is okay to inject into a child these big pharmacidical cartels have made trillions off these vaccines and they should have to stop useing these deadly metals in there vaccines and they should be held accountable no free pass from are corrupt goverment

  114. Don’t stop with this keep it going until it’s all stopped completely.

  115. “With our technology today it is hard to believe that they still have no clue what causes it.” – oh the people who run the show know! And many doctors just turn a blind eye for pride or money – criminal!

  116. They mean that they’re having a hard time accepting the fact that they bought into a lie

  117. Where is the link to the court documents on this victory?

  118. read the article the links are there.Ed

  119. Charity Reginelli

    A BIG Thank You to Robert F Kennedy Jr., and Del Bigtree you two are Heroes. Forever Thankful 😇

  120. Charity Reginelli

    Curious how old were you when that happened? My friends kids immune system just did the same thing she’s 9 though so probably 3 years since last round of vaccines

  121. You cannot attend any public school or University unless you are up to date with all gov cdc listed shots! They are mandatory!!

  122. Legal victory? Now there is a laugh. Everything written in this article is false – a complete fabrication.

    The lawsuit was not REMOTELY about what is claimed here … it was simply and solely to compel the US Dept of Health and Human Services to comply with the Plaintiffs FOIA request for documents, which they felt the govt was being slow to provide.

    They absolutely DID NOT “win.” They absolutely did not win ANY of the things claimed in this article.

    The TRUTH is HHS issued a response to the FOIA request indicating, after a thorough search of their systems, they had no records responsive to the FOIA request.

    Plaintiffs then voluntarily DISMISSED the suit, saying the issues had been resolved.

    This case does not support a single one of the things claimed by this article.

    The actual court document where Plaintiffs dismissed:

    Click to access gov.uscourts.nysd.491840.18.0.pdf

  123. Some great stuff here.. somehow we have to break the media grip on the community..

  124. Hi ascott are you a doctor or a member of big pharma? We are used to trolls on this site but not sure where you fit. There have been more than 100,000 views of this article from the US. You are the only dissenter that I can remember. No safety MSDS on vaccines in the US should make the FDA take all of them off the market immediately. But who pays the FDA staff? Not bigpharma…surely? Editor

  125. Can I pls have access to this helpful info!? Thx

  126. I am neither a Doctor or in “big pharma.” I saw a link to this article posted on a Facebook page. I went to the US Court PACER database and read the ACTUAL Court filings and documents on the case you cite. Your claims about the case are 100% false … exactly as I stated.

    The case was not in any way about what you claim – tye sole charge in the complaint was the US government had not, in their opinion, responded quickly enough to their FOIA request so they sued to compel the government to comply.

    The US government then responded to the FOIA request, stating, after a thorough review, they had no information in their system responsive to the Plaintiffs FOIA request.

    The Plaintiff’s did not in any way “win” … they voluntarily dismissed the case. I included a link directly to the Court document they filed to dismiss.

    Instead of denigrating – perhaps you might actually READ the Court document I linked, which proves everything I sent.

  127. Also spelling under the needle image. That autism rates are excepted to go down. Can you change to expected- I almost stopped reading when I saw that and I’m glad I didn’t.

  128. Must watch
    PART 1 “One Conversation”, LIVE from Atlanta!

  129. Why haven’t all the untested, hence unsafe vaccines been taken off the market thanks to the work of Kennedy? Watch this space.Ed

  130. Check the links in the story.Ed

  131. I have only had the time to watch the first 3-5 minutes of this interview, but in that time the pharmaceutical industry have graphically demonstrated that they do not want public scrutiny of their products or behavior.
    That alone should ring all of the alarm bells in creation as to the safety of their product

  132. As a result of some research I’m conducting on a different (but allied) subject; can any of the respondents here, with greater knowledge than mine, as to the constituents of vaccines, either confirm, or negate the suggestion that some of the “carrier” contains ‘isopropyl alcohol?

  133. Actually they are not. Every school has in it’s office a paper you can sign to opt out of vaccinations. The issue is: they don’t want you to know, and you have to be very very strong when asking/demanding to see such paper.

  134. Did you just say Autism is a mental disorder? Its a neurologically disorder. How can you possibly spend all that time to commnet and think someone will listen when you just said autism is a mental disorder? Geesh!

  135. Put them behind bars… So many children have been effected by there bull Shit!!! 😦

  136. Can us parents who had healthy babies, had them vaccinated, and they now have health issues that we have been trying to figure out why when they had been healthy sue the hell out of the government agencies?

  137. You’re a crock, like another Donald we all know.

  138. check out: -https://cairnsnews.org/2019/01/23/if-the-right-of-self-protection-means-carrying-a-gun-so-be-it/#comment-33259
    I say this only to save myself the trouble of reiterating what has already been said.
    It is my comprehension that Whilam also legislated for Australia to be covered by a meter of water (legal fiction) the result is that we are all “at sea”, subsequently Australia now runs under maritime law…..CONTRACT LAW, everything is a contract.
    If the school refuses to provide THEIR paperwork, write your own and serve it on the school, but be prepared for a fight.
    Know who you are and the truth will set you free

  139. If you can find enough parents who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is…….it’s called a class action

  140. I wonder if anyone else has given it any thought as to a Kennedy behind this lawsuit. His family have been in politics for generations. Most of the Kennedy family has been corrupt all those generations, except for a select few; Robert Kennedy being one of them. I’m just afraid he has now put a target on his back, as his father and uncle did, before him.

  141. herd immunity is possible but only naturally, it can NOT be accomplished through vaccination

  142. I searched on http://www.greenmedinfo.com for “isopropyl alcohol vaccines” and it did not bring up anything. I can neither confirm nor deny that a vaccine “carrier” contains ‘isopropyl alcohol.

  143. I’ve made a great deal out of this article. Great on you for writing it down.
    4 publications where made on my personal Facebook, on my Security page, Law Justice juridics and cybernetics life page, Health page, and my Plots and Politics Page…

    Of course, you writing where traduced in French which is my home langage.
    I’m looking for a collaboration and exchange program of publications French/English or any kind of understanding you’d like to consider.

    Thank you for your great work.

    here are the adresses of my pages for your interest:


  144. Patrick Jordan vaccinefraud.com this information is ancient history, vaccines are fraud and bioweapons of mass destruction! Only psychopathic predator would destroy their victims and make them pay for it! They’re compromising your immuno health with vaccines sometimes to the point of death sometimes resulting in a permanent disability. There are no ‘safe’ vaccines, a simple rule is, ‘if you didn’t make it yourself then you don’t know what’s in it’. Vaccines are a witches brew of outrageous ingredients no sane person would ever consider injecting directly into their bloodstream or that of their children’s! Oh there’s a pay back coming to all you vaxxers

  145. Eric – 100%. I would like to see ALL these vaxxers injected with the same regime that our poor children have to suffer (because we all know they don’t).. When I see the mothers crying – the utter despair.. We must do more!

  146. And I paraphrase a previous post…..The day they want to force me to be vaccinated, is the day I buy a gun!

  147. by then you wont be able to. look at the laws they are passing simultaneously…… removing 2nd ammendment rights and forced vaccine compliance all at once….. its no coincidence bud. blame the dems for “health initiative 2020”

  148. Hmm. that sounds like something I might have said.. agreed!

  149. Such an ignorant reply

  150. it was!

  151. Yes ART!! You are an ignorant, angry Trump hater. We get it! But what does that have to do with this subject? Has ANYONE rebuked the fact that there is NO documentation to show these vaccinations have been researched in the past 3 decades?

  152. I have had many flu and pneumonia shots. Ive gotten ill from them . I was put in the hospital with pneumonia a lung and heart effusion and had cardiac arrest 2 months after vaccinations.

  153. Sorry to hear this – I hope you a well now..

  154. Two Words………..Georgia Stones!

  155. Walker-Smith had the money to take them on – But if he is innocent so is Wakefield as it was a joint report – they just troll out the same old crap – Wakefield is a hero to me.. It’s the the poor children that keep me up at night – they know – and just go on taking the money and hurting the children – evil..

  156. Since MSM has been pushing their propaganda narrative again this week re “New Danish study
    MMR and Autism”

    Brilliant info Dr. Meehan

  157. My God – they are destroying a whole generation – one in two children by 2030 in the US will have some sort of immune system issue – these things were not know 40 years ago! Do some research!

  158. The lawsuit wasn’t lost and nothing about it says there was no quality control. More misinformation by trlhe antivaxxers.

  159. Brilliant. Spot on Dawn.

  160. Nothing new,
    and when I talked this many years ago people even at my job didn’t believe this.
    Thank God that many are waking up to the truth.
    All these atrocities need to and will end!

  161. Thank you for giving giving credence to our vaccine injured children’s stories.
    Siezures are not normal, stopping breathing is not normal, high pitched screaming for weeks on end is not normal. Twitching and eyes rolling back in the head are not normal. Losing 25% of baody weight straight after vaxx is not normal. These things happened to our family babies, these things are not normal. When we lost our newborn to kidney failure it was not normal. That was the final straw. We no longer just accept that this is normal however many times doctors tell us it is. It is not.

  162. Yes MM we have seen many similar stories from devastated parents. The fascist vaccine police along with their political and medical masters one day will be prosecuted under the Nuremberg principle.Editor

  163. It is so sad to me that it takes such tragedy to shine a light onto the criminal acts being perpetrated on our children. Please accept my sincere sympathies after such a terrible blow.

  164. Yes – it is a crime against humanity!

  165. BRING IT ON!!

  166. Back in the sixties at primary school we used to all line up during different times of the year for a single injection for this or that. The worse reaction in those days some kids would get a small to med size lump at the injection site, and yes the area hurt for a day or so and that was it. Then modern day changes when I had my babies all those vaccine that were spaced out became 1 jab, 3 in 1. Just saying, I’m not against vaccines as we don’t want to go backwards as those disease from the past were deadly, but shouldn’t the public still be protected by ensuring that only the safest chemical combinations be tested then used? Just reading by the main article it seems 30 years is a long long time between drinks 😔

  167. Dawn that is an amazing testimony! Do you have a public page somewhere we can follow?

  168. Giant steaming pike of used hay.
    In what universe does having your case dismissed equal winning? It’s the losingest way of losing.

  169. Marsha McClelland

    Thank you for this article. Truth is #Winning!

  170. Is there anyway to go with this sort of comment?

  171. Bill, unfortunately your comment, like the facts, will be roundly ignored by the antivaxxers.

  172. You suck

  173. We nee more honest people like Kennedy.

  174. I like this site!

  175. BRAVO for this article! Finally someone brave enough to speak out, intelligent enough to understand the problem, and wise enough to see the corruption!

  176. Hahaha! All y’all dumbass provax suckers!! Lol Classic denial… nothing more, nothing less.

  177. You are wrong -vaccines are not effective for long if at all. There is a thing where people DONOT Respond to vaccines – meaning they don’t work no immunity provided by the vaccine. So that puts a hole in the herd and then most adults have no immunity and they aren’t running around contracting measles and such. All of the college students that recently contracted the mumps were vaccinated!!! Same with the measles in Disneyland. The vaccinated were shedding the virus to people who had been vaccinated – you may be able to find that information but you may not as there have been articles pulled and FB not allowing links from the CDC saying the same thing former vaccine people are saying now. We have to stop being blind and led by a government that has its pockets lined by the pharmaceutical companies laws.

  178. Look up gardasil Merck RFK jr

  179. The very first thing listed was the court case go look it up dude. Just like every every other uneducated vaccine advocate you want proof but you don’t even know what that looks like

  180. @Matt – Wakefield wasn’t exonerated. Have you read through the page you linked or any of the links to the court documents contained in the article?

  181. The vaccinated do not ‘shed’ in the manner that you believe. You would have to be playing with their excrement to have any chance of catching a disease from a vaccination containing live attenuated vaccines. FYI, measles and mumps vaccines do not shed: https://www.immunizeusa.org/blog/2016/september/24/vaccine-shedding/

  182. 4 Billion paid out to how many claimants? How many people have ever been vaccinated?

    The maths proves that it is a less than one in one million chance of a harmful reaction from a vaccine.

  183. A 2 per cent autism rate, according to Robert F Kennedy among American children is far too high.Editor

  184. Correct – Also I am sick of the uneducated comments on Wakefield – have you read the case? DO you know what he said? DO you know that another person accused who had the money was acquitted for the same thing? The judge said there was No case to answer.
    Herd immunity is when groups of people get the native disease and they all eventually end up with immunity for LIFE! This CANNOT happen with vaccines and when we do get the next outbreak ( helped along by our friendly controllers ) all those people who have let their natural immunity slip will be at risk. And Don’t take the flu vaccine – it is top of the pops for payout damage in the US.

  185. My God! The CDC admits the number of adverse events reported is something like 5% – I have never had any of these crap poisons and have been healthy all my life – they are NOT needed! The data shows most of the diseases were almost gone by the time the vaccines hit – now the west has the sickest children.. You simply can’t be serious – read something – there is so much independent science on this.. but don’t just consume the paid up material – the Corporates own everything. Do the research – it’s there..

  186. A one in two auto-immune desease rate by 2030! From nothing 40 years ago! We are simply killing our children – and they are coming for us! Yes – go to the Kennedy site – that is true independant science..

  187. This is completely incorrect – the flue vaccine sheds for weeks : https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/the-new-york-times-vs-the-science-on-the-flu-shot/
    This is a reliable site – the CDC and like are owned by the Corporates. I wish people understood how corrupt the US system is. And further “The Cochrane Collaboration in a 2014 update of their review even more bluntly concluded, “The results of this review provide no evidence for the utilization of vaccination against influenza in healthy adults as a routine public health measure.” They don’t even work!

  188. No I know he was not – I did not say that ( or mean to ) – at that stage he had had enough.. Another person who signed the report had the money to take on the case – it was thrown out for the fraud it was! The case was fraud!

  189. Oh by the way… Here is a study out of uc Davis that PROVES WAKEFIELD WAS CORRECT! 😉


  190. Wakefield’s position from that paper was there should be more study – but yes – I never doubted that vacinnes contributed to most if not all of the immune systems issues our poor children now have.. How can people – parents – continue to poison their children? The program is strong!

  191. I have missed some of this dialogue, so it is my presumption that SWARVESTER, is pro vaccine. That being the case I suggest that he research Cruden v Neale wherein, if my memory is correct, the judge said something to the effect of: – “there is not a law on the planet , made by a man, that compels another man to perform, unless he chooses to do so”.
    You have an absolute right to be vaccinated, if you choose, you have NO right to compel others to comply against their will.

  192. Correct and should be noted by corrupt political parties. Editor

  193. matthew obrien

    That’s a lie entirely vaccinated and infected crew on the uss ft. McHenry quarantined for shedding of the mumps due to the mmr vaccine which is in court right now because our DOJ is suing Merk because they used rabbit blood to taint the results of the mmr vaccine and committed scientific fraud https://ahrp.org/u-s-navy-acknowledges-mmr-vaccine-caused-viral-mumps-outbreak/

  194. The USW Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are classified as “unavoidably unsafe”.Look it up!! Here is some reseach on vaccine sheeding : https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/vaccines/measles-measles-everywhere/

  195. This article is straight up propaganda and nothing but lies. The case was filed because of a FOIA request wasn’t being answered quickly enough, and nothing more. Once they received the requested documents, the case was withdrawn. There was no ruling, which means their was no victory, nor can it be used as a set precedent for future.

  196. Seems like a contentious subject because there’s strong views on both sides. But ultimately I don’t trust big pharma, despite what the majority of vaccines can help prevent.

  197. From what we have seen Robert F Kennedy has a different view.Editor

  198. Regardless they were found in breach of the law and their requirements’ truth is that the little science Pharma has done is Fraudulent – there has NEVER been any science on multi-dose or scheduling – the Companies involved are all criminals – charged previously in court and found guilty and America has the sickest children in the world on many levels yet pays the most for this “care”. What a success story. Sadly in Australia we are just as corrupt.
    Look – the chemical industry that supports vaccines and chemo when they know there a better, safer ways is – criminal.

  199. It’s so scary how people just believe what they’ve been told their whole life. Instead of researching to find out the truth they simply believe. I wonder if they still think the world is flat….

  200. So many things wrong with your posts, it’s difficult to know where to start. You lack even the basic comprehension to be able to begin to understand anything to do with vaccines, instead believing the bullshit trotted out by the dumbasses writing the articles on this site and other antivax sources. I’m off to invest in tinfoil, god knows it must be profitable with idiots like you around.

  201. Why don’t you put your erroneous comments supporting toxic vaccines to Dr Theresa Deisher. We don’t think you would get far. Editor

  202. This is from a year ago and now they are starting to have laws forcing vaccines. Are there references here?

  203. No but these people won’t show up – just caught an event where people where looking for a discussion at least – but the pro vaccine people just won’t turn up.. because they have no science..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc5yHU61jVk

  204. good idea Swarvester at least then you’ll be shooting the breeze with tinfoil people,and we wont have to put up with your bull===t

  205. And I do hope you are having ALL the vacinnes you seem so willing to force on children.. Of course your not! BS brigade..

  206. Yes I have seen this – great event and really shows how scared the pro vax people.. Their position is so fraudulant that they won’t even show up to discuss – ahh.. their fraud..

  207. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this and all your care for healthy children! We have two artistic grandchildren and another one that I think is on the spectrum but never diagnosed when he was younger . You have done a remarkable thing

  208. Heard immunity ONLY applies to natural immunity. Research Oregon law review. In there they admit herd immunity is NOT possible with vaccinations. Here is the link if you can’t find it….https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A5c7dbee2-bf0c-4635-a842-f11cd2ed7b7a

    It also proves vaccine mandates are coercion and therefore unlawful contracts. Under duress, no equal consideration, fraud, undue influence and no meeting of the minds. Find me one single vaccine exemption form that does not violate these laws…. And let’s not forget that the Nuremberg trials which was the basis for informed consent laws c.f.r. title 21

    “the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”

    No person shall be forced into a clinical trial!
    All ongoing vaccine schedules are “phase 4 clinical trials”

  209. Its not about the dismissal, its about the proof within… Can you not see that they can not provide ANY proof of vaccine safety testing in over 30 years?

  210. Bill Barclift

    Hello Ray, when I see a child with apoplexy I won’t to cry. Wonderful to hear. RAY call me so I will get you number. When I got to
    America I stopped at Verizon and changed back lost your phone number.

  211. Great work mate – 100% correct!

  212. My son was born in 2003 and obviously was vaccinated because I was not given the choice. He has autism, are you telling me he might have autism do to being vaccinated because the government did not give me a choice in the matter?

  213. Research the cdc whistleblower Dr. Thompson. You will find the truth in his statements and research he kept that he was ordered to destroy

  214. Anti Vaxer here! I also worked in litigation. I did not see in the court documents that vaccines were found unsafe by the courts.

  215. Actually the supreme court deems them to be “unavoidably unsafe” but of course the courts can’t prove they are unsafe. That’s a matter of science not law. But that court order does prove that they never created the task force that they were mandated to in 1986 which required them to do safety testing bi-annually and also shows that they have NEVER done a single safety test as legally mandated in over 30 years. When you know they law and see what’s missing here it adds up to one giant fuck up by the dept of HHS and also proves that all manufacturers also violated the law which granted them immunity and is immediate grounds to repeal.the vaccine injury act

  216. Read this: https://www.ageofautism.com/2018/11/the-supreme-court-did-not-deem-vaccines-unavoidably-unsafe-congress-did.html

    But really – do some research – there are hundreds of sound papers on this.. vaccines are poison..

  217. Awesome!!!! Those of us who actually get this illness are the ones that are truly immune and have healthier lives. I am so grateful to my parents for not vaccinating me and letting my immune system do what God created it to do.

  218. Matt you are a legend! Editor

  219. If nobody is willing to use this information in court, it does nothing to help. Even Bobby refused to include it in his recent request for emergency orders in NY. It’s a real hot potato. The guys who got their hands on that stipulated order of admission do not yet want to use it. I am wondering why?

  220. Where’s your information coming from, how many children and adults have you cared for after they were vaccinated, how many people have caught the very disease they were vaccinated for and how many babies have caught diseases from others that was recently vacvinated? If you dont have a virus or bacteria – you cant spread it. Vaccinations give you the virus or disease. Read Dissolving Illusions

  221. I’ve witnessed the needle and the damage done first hand – vaccines has and continues to cause autism, sids and spread it’s own disease. You cannot spread a virus or bacteria if you dont have it. What do you think vaccines do? You dont even give honey to a baby – why? You surely dont give them a bunch of viruses and bacteria mixed in a concoction of chemicals. Read Dissolving Illusions… then ask ? Joy love and peace be with all.

  222. 100% – when I think of a brand new baby being poisoned with these criminal vaccines – I dispair..

  223. Yeah he’s a true gem who helped create the mmr that is now causing autism it is he said it himself in his notes during the study .. this shit is so disgusting. God help us all.

  224. Wakefield helped create the MMR? – please provide proof..

  225. Can I get the source for 9 of 10 had the flu shot?

  226. The mandatory rabies vaccine for humans, dogs and cats, with the heightened awareness on recalls for rabies vaccinations is appalling, local government can force rabies vaccinations as part of their local ordinances with the wide spread of rabies recalls from 2004 forward, it is too scary to digest. The free rabies clinics do not work as they once did, where the vaccinations are individually checked, separated into plastic zip lock type bags, with pamphlets and information attached, owner is consulted prior to administering the vaccination, the vaccination is given and in exchange the walk away information with possible side effects that was once provided to owner with emergency contact information if there are any signs of side effects is not part of the process. It is an assembly line approach with no true thoughts being processed. But it is their mandatory LAW.

    My beautiful dog recently passed as a result of a rabies vaccination from a free local government clinic and when he was showing signs of distress I called multiple places including the Health Department seeking help and was shuffled around by uncaring people. The cost of a veternarian visit and if I had money to pay was all that they were concerned about, not the potential for a real life situation.

    Reality shows need to be banned in the United States, there is too much Hollywood and not enough real life concerns being communicated to the general public.

    I am asshamed to say, I am from the United States of America, this country has transpired into a cult like organization where real LAW does not exist.

  227. Well said Tammy we are no different.Ed

  228. Read the Oregon law review. It 100 % proves in science and law that artificial herd immunity through vaccination is a myth. It can only be achieved through contracting wild strains naturally and never through vaccination. 100% fraudulent fearmongering concept

  229. Yep – we are stuck in the same cult of vaccination. I believe the modern sickness that has befallen our young in the direct outcome of the insideous uncontrolled rampage of the $corportate$ chemical companies. Our young are sicker that they have ever been.. Knowing what I do I would NEVER give ANY vacciines to a child in the normal course of life.

  230. Everyone out there reading this needs to know that you can cleanse if you (only) eat real food made by you and your loved ones. I personally focus on organic everything

  231. Not you – no vaccine is safe

  232. The links are blocked, surprise!!

  233. This is great information, but if anyone can provide sources that are indesputable so that I can share with vaccine happy people who just rely on the CDC. 😊👍🏼

  234. Suzanne Humphries – she has books, videos – her work is solid..

  235. I was so Hopeful to read this article ONLY TO DISCOVER ITS FAKE NEWS. Just because we so desperately want to win this war against vaccination doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to believe such crap journalism. THE CASE WAS DISMISSED WITHOUT THEM PRESENTING ANY EVIDENCE. To say that there is NO EVIDENCE against the accusation is NOT A TRUTH. IF A PERSON IS ACCUSED OF A CRIME AND THE CHARGES ARE DISMISSED, WE CAN”T GO AROUND CLAIMING THEY ARE GUILTY BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T DENY IT. This is as bad as the pharmaceutical companies, NO WONDER they think we are idiots when we fall for such stupid FAKE NEWS of hope.

  236. Yes strong views… the pro side calls names, the anti side uses science, independent of Big pharma… the people being called “anti” are actually “ex” vaxxers that use their brains instead of letting mainstream slogans run their lives… pharma scientists won’t even vaccinate themselves or their kids, I mean how many times to these people with their minds shut have to be hit over the head? ignorance is a clear choice in todays age of information….

  237. You should read it properly Chris and read the links. There have been no safety studies done on vaccines in the US since the 80’s. You might be used to fake news but the 150,000 or more readers of this story and their comments have not made this claim.Editor

  238. Vaccines are not a viewpoint or a belief system. Vaccines are a pharmaceutical product, and like all pharmaceutical products come with a risk. You are the consumer. We question the ingredients in our food because we injest it. We question the safety of vehicles, airplanes, car seats etc. because there’s a risk in buying something that is unsafe. Ever wonder why none of us question vaccines? We are injecting them into our children, abd ourselves with little to no knowledge on the risk or ingredients… we are not provided that information by are Healthcare professionals. Why are we not provided this information? Because in school our Healthcare professionals learn about how to give a vaccine, doses, and the vaccine schedule. They learn about Minor adverse reactions… but as a consumer we should get to see the product insert comes in the Box. Why do they print a sheet from cdc, fda, health board instead, that does not outline potential risks? Start asking questions.. see how you are treated by your doctor. Ive been laughed at for asking for important information. When we question the side effects of an antidepressant, do Healthcare Providers laugh at us for that? Wake up everyone… pharmaceutical companies make money on their vaccines, and then they make more money when they sell their pharmaceutical products, because we are sick from their vaccines…..

  239. yes good points.. and people don’t understand that vaccine manufacturers are exempt from litigation.. this is why they don’t have a reason to make the vacinnes safe..

  240. ALL vaccines are ALL poison, ALL the time, in ALL doses. There isn’t one damned thing in them that produces health or protects health, but plenty that causes disease, death, and disability. The purposely hidden history of epidemics, replaced with industry propaganda, has kept the public completely ignorant for decades.

  241. Omg you are so ignorant. God help you. I hope you get well soon.

  242. Ok Scott. I hope you’re at least getting paid to troll and you’re not actually this willingly ignorant.

  243. OMG….This is miraculous! Maybe our children can now be whole, healthy humans. Those who were behind these vaccines should be charged with crimes against humanity! This is unacceptable!

  244. Thats a blatant lie. The mechanism of action that causes autism as a result of vaccination is called micro glial activation. Do your research before you run your mouth. But nobody even seems to realize how they get away with all this… How many of you know the difference between you and “YOU” and can answer who owns ”YOU”?

  245. With vaccinnes they have poisoned and entire generation..A crime against humanity..

  246. correct..

  247. Both links you provided do not work.

  248. OK we will check it out-probably too much traffic, be over half a million now.Editor

  249. They are only exempt from hurting corporate property, aka your strawman/ens leg is. If you correct your status and assert your rights as a sovereign you can absolutely recover damages. They can be held liable by a sovereign but most don’t know the difference between you and “YOU”….. Understand this is a corporation, not a country and these laws only apply to its corporate property/ chattle. Lean rn that all crime are commercial in this defacto government and they have zero jurisdiction over you unless you grant them joinder over you. Time to wake up people. You are under marshal law and are prisoners of war, hence the military uniforms at acip meetings in front of the gold fringe flag. Research the lieber code and army regulation 27-10a and grab a blacks law dictionary 5th edition or earlier and learn the legalese they use to trap you

  250. Hey.. good to see you doing some independant research.. I am aware of what you are saying.. Regardless we must get across to people the danger.. perhaps later the real reasons behind it.

  251. All this is absolutely true, but just try telling plod that when he’s breaking your neck,….yes it happened in Australia.

  252. Nirvana Anderson

    Forced vaccinations are our future. This is the medical/pharmaceutical version of sub-prime mortgages. Many will be convinced vaccines are their saviour but this is bad medicine driven by unimaginable greed. As usual we have to learn by horrific experience because we can never identify when we are being collectively manipulated to enrich the few, instead choosing to believe we are ‘being looked after’ like beloved children. Delusion.

  253. Both links are invalid, and nothing has changed.

  254. Unless people are ready to have their entire world flipped upside down and become willing to stand up and fight every single trap used to create joinder and stop accepting any form of benefits as well as claiming the title “citizen” they will continue to be led into the fire as the chattle debt slave they are by me. Rfk who is an esquire whom has loyalty to the courts and the bar guild and realize he will NEVER help incompetent “miners” when in his beliefs and his legalese are nothing more than wards of the state….. Time to wake the f up people!

  255. Does this apply to California as well? If not how do we proceed to accomplish this amazing thing you did?

  256. Vety happy the lawsuit was won. I’m not for vaccinating, but how can vaccines last only a certain period of time? It’s the immunity that lasts. Adaptive immunity can be acquired either naturally through surviving a pathogen or artificially through vaccinating. Either way, the memory cells will kick in when the body enck rests the same pathogen.

  257. All can say is that when I left the USA for an extended stay in Europe, I insisted that I get all my vaccines updated including smallpox. But I was told by the health dept. that smallpox was eradicated. But I insisted that I needed to have a repeat because I hadn’t had one for 20 years. So they got it for me from Portland, Or. And recorded all my current vaccines in my International Health Organization booklet ( commonly call a WHO booklet of vaccination records ).I kept it with my passport. Well low and behold a couple came from Africa to London, England with Smallpox. They were isolated in hospital,as the British say. Then suddenly all the borders were closed in Europe to anyone with out vaccination records. Me, I breezed through every border because I had enough foresight to NOT believe that all the diseases were eradicated. Sorry to tell you but the diseases are just waiting to catch us again. Look at the measles epidemics in the USA. So beware of these sleeper diseases that can be controlled by vaccines. It is easier to prevent a disease that cure one or die from one.

  258. Thank you for your input pcwwp, I also am tired of the “discredited Wakefield study” that gets repeatedly used by the MISINFORMED!

  259. It’s about time the truth came out

  260. In my family we have ADHD…BI POLAR…AND BEHAVIOR PERSONSLITY DISORDER..my two month old was the best baby ever…until the day she has her first series of cluster shots…she rarely slept more that three hours at any time after that …was constantly agitated..and and it never stopped…would bang her head against the wall constantly…at age one…and screamed at the least provication…has had behavior problem her entire life…l believe cluster shot are the problem…l had a series of shots as an adult myself and lost the ability to consentrate…couldn’t read a book after reading three a week before that..l believe Mercury to be a problem because l had never had a flu shot before then…l don’t take them now…lm recovering some of my consentrate not all but some…and l believe from experiences of my daughter who is a teacher…cluster shots cause Autism…which was never heard of in my past…both my daughters are ADD and ADHD…the aformentioned with Bi-polar and BPD…

  261. This is unconscionable

  262. You can’t be serious… forced and free vaccines are a negative sign of manipulating the public

  263. Most of this article is misinformation. Sad that they play on people looking for answers. Maybe more focus should be put on testing and bringing vaccines up to standard instead and eradicating them. This is the dumbest movement of my lifetime. Sad.

  264. Outstanding

  265. Unfortunately you are hopelessly wrong. Would you inject yourself with a cocktail of poisons that havenever been tested for safety Editor

  266. We are trying to recover them, thanks Ed

  267. Have you sat throught the testomony of the thousands of poor mothers who have had their children destroyed by this vile process? So safe and effective – that’s why they have paid out over 4Billion on compeensation – wake up and read something..

  268. Hmm.. forced vaccines is a sign of fascism..

  269. I am so sorry..

  270. I am happy for you that you have no immediate – reactions. You will have no idea about the furture because the vaccine manufacturers have no liability under US law and therefore don’t care and do no proper testing- they just maximize profit. But should a beautiful baby be shot up with these poisions – NO!

  271. They do only last a short time – read the inserts. Herd imunity only applies organically. People get the pathegen, the body creates the antibodies and mothers pass them them on to their children – who are protected!!! This beautiful human process is destroyed by vaccines.. They are poison and NONE of them are worth it – there are many aternatives – well hidden by the Chemical Industries..

  272. Sadly California is a test bed for the NWO criminals – I would move out..

  273. Fair points – I am no citizen and I do not stand on their ship!

  274. Why would we attempt to bring up to “standard” something that has NEVER been proven to work in the first place and destroys the innate immune system’s natural abilities EVERY time? Vaccines are junk science flawed from inception.

  275. Having just waded through the latest bunch of comments on this subject, I feel that it’s time that a comment that I have made before is repeated.
    “I would fight to the death to defend your right to be vaccinated, if that is what you want, but I would fight YOU to the death to prevent you from inflicting your preferences onto anybody else”.
    If you are vaccinated, and I am not,….how can I possibly harm you?

  276. Sorry PCWWP, my last post was not directed at you, but to all the nay-sayers out there.

  277. Wise man I see 😉👍

  278. No problem – I get a bit agro on this subject..Have you see the Vax Bus stories – I just dispair..

  279. Actually my comment was to Mw.. sorry if I got that wrong..I’m with you on your comment..Did everyone know that Google is teaming up with the criminal corporates to develop a universal flu vaccine – They can conveniently insert these new nano bots into us.. Obviously no educated person would get one but they will engineer some bs scare..

  280. Where is the video about ACIP approving the new Hep B approval? I saw Del Bigtree play it while in Israel, but I can’t find it. There are so many ACIP clips floating around, but that one was jaw-dropping due to the unanimous vote despite the cardiac arrest issues!!

  281. A healthy immune system is never derived, nor boosted & obtained from a syringe, laden with foreign DNA, metal toxins etc, but via a healthy conscious diet, which includes wholesome natural unadulterated foods & pure water (which is free from the accumulative neurotoxin fluoride).

    Real food is indeed medicine.

    Our enemies never inject themselves, neither into their offspring’s, as they are well aware of it all. These psychopaths view themselves as the ‘Master Race’ btw.

    Vaccines can also be used as a weapon & indeed they can be + are.
    Manipulating & modification of human genome is one of them.

    1. In the influenza epidemic of 1918, when many millions died, with the virus seeming to especially single out the young and the fit, military conscripts were purposely vaccinated with live vaccines, leading to a fatal world epidemic of so-called Spanish influenza, though they had been given this disease by vaccination on US military bases. You see, if you survived the trenches, that was not good enough, the whole point was that you were all intended to be murdered, so the survivors of the trenches were poisoned to death anyway by these intentionally lethal vaccines.

    It is no coincidence that the recent Baxter vaccine scandal involved recombined influenza viruses of the most lethal types, that were intended to be injected all over the world into many thousands of people, to do just the same thing, before a whistle-blower stopped the whole thing. The artificially-engineered virus even contained part of the 1918 influenza virus that had been specially obtained by digging up the body of a victim.

    –> https://mothman777.wordpress.com/eugenics-and-the-notion-of-good-jews-an-insight-part-1/

    2. Deliberate genetic modification of human genome now to be enabled through gene transfer from vaccines, to be compulsory in the State of California.

    –> https://mothman777.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/mandatory-vaccination-california-is-ordering-genetic-alteration/

    3. https://mothman777.wordpress.com/2019/10/08/beto-gets-a-flu-shot-to-show-hes-normal-but-hes-actually-just-stupid/

  282. MW,
    If this is the dumbest movement of your life,GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. you want to be vaccinated? do it, no one will stop you.
    Sadly there is nothing that can be said to further this post, except: – When in hell will the great unwashed bloody well wake up and put paid to these megalomaniacs?

  283. What lawsuit specifically. You need to name HHS vs blank. I’d like to be able to read the entire suit and the judges order.

  284. Not sure what more evidence you require. They were asked to supply documented evidence that safety testing had been done. They couldn’t because they don’t have it or it would have been detrimental to the vaccine agenda. Either way, they were required, by law, to do the appropriate safety testing of vaccines and they did not do one in the last 30years. Point proven by RFKjr and Del Bigtree.

  285. Jack Worthington

    I’m not sure what to make of this. To say that no testing was done sounds incredulous. However, if it is true at the article claims and no testing or quality control was done on vaccines, then for sure notify KMJ Radio in Fresno, California as they have been outspoken in condemnation of parents who refuse vaccinations for their children and one host actually said that the government should use its tyrannical powers to force vaccinations, overriding one’s Jehovah God given free will, freedom to choose. Frankly, I just don’t know the truth about vaccinations but I have been vaccinated to ostensibly protect me from Smallpox virus and fortunately have not caught the vile disease. I have also been vaccinated against Polio and not contracted that horrible virus either.

  286. Except now local laws, and School systems won’t allow Children in school unless they are vaccinated! So what will be the outcome of that??

  287. Hi Jack did you read the story in Cairnsnews about the Texas school which had 100% vax rate against measles but most of the kids caught it anyway?Editor

  288. Page 3 https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/CommitteeMeetingDocument/168629 Note: Voluntarily dismissed by both the plaintiff and the U.S. which means nothing changed.

  289. Except the drug companies were seriously exposed for not checking the safety of vaccines for 30 years.Editor

  290. Hi Jack, when you first come to this issue it is hard to believe. After some years of research I accept that vaccines are untested, contain poisons and are unsafe – in the main. I appreciate your open mind to the issue.

  291. Hi Jeff,
    I have no way of knowing if you are in the US, or Australia, but making the presumption that you are in Aus (and I would think that the US is very similar), Federal law says that children MUST attend school (after all the fed gov owns them). Therefore section 109 of the (Aus) constitution states that: – where a conflict exists between federal law and state law, federal law prevails, and to the extent of the conflict, state law is null and void.
    Since schools do not have law making authority, their decisions are irrelevant, and state law is rendered impotent by section 109. However, I would almost guarantee that your headteacher is not educated enough to know this.
    It makes for an interesting conversation.
    My son has had just this sort of confrontation with the head of the school which my granddaughter attended, faced with possible legal action, he backed down.


  293. G’Day Jack (I didn’t want to say “Hi Jack”)

    It may be that you have a naturally occurring immunity to those diseases.
    I have a naturally occurring immunity to polio, my son has a naturally occurring immunity to Q-fever.
    So you cant always sheet home the immune reaction to a questionable vaccine.

  294. Ranger…….. you say science but literally no evidence supports anti vaxxing.
    Piece of advice, go to the time when the bubonic plague was running rampant and then tell me you still don’t want a vaccine shot.

  295. Oh man, this is sad.
    Two words: Herd Immunity
    Look it up

  296. Remove the word herd and replace it with natural, then you have it right.Editor

  297. When you start citing things like “bubonic plague”, you really should put your brain into gear before opening your mouth.
    The bubonic plague, ran it’s course, when sufficient people displayed NATURAL immunity to it, it died out,…..no help (or hindrance) from vaccines.
    It seems that there are two points in this discussion you have roundly missed,
    (1) The question of whether or not they work, is not the issue.
    The issue is, as living souls in the bodies of men and women, we have an absolute right to determine our own path (Cruden V Neale) so long as we do no harm. I have no right whatsoever to prevent you from being vaccinated, but that is a reciprocal situation.
    As I have said elsewhere in this discussion,
    (2) If you are vaccinated and I am not, how can I possibly do you any harm.
    SO WHAT’S YOUR BEEF? (unless of course, you are a troll).
    And yes, God help you.

  298. Editor you misrepresent truth. In 2017 110000 people died from measles. The measles is one of the most contagious and easily preventable illnesses. The measles doesnt have the mutability that the flu does and hence that is why we see 85% of tbe fisrt vaccine be effective in prevention for life. And the second shot an additional 67%. The Flu vaccine is based on surveillance programs in other countries. Their seasons are monitored and they really on cover for four serotypes. What they attempt to do is determine the most dangerous strain the most popular strain and use of predictive models to determine if there is a dangerous mutant strain that can occur. You may not be aware that there are 3 flu types. A,B,C. And in each type there are a potential for mixing from avian and swine populations. In this each flu carries 8 double stranded dna particles that can and do mutate and mix and match and repackage. Thus the potential for covering someone for the flu is predicted at 10% prevention. You can still be infected by anyone of the thousand flus floating around.
    My point here is this. Smallpox was eradicated through a successful program. Measles is very prevatative, and so are the deaths and mental handicaps or post measle syndromes. Vaccinatio s worked with polio, cholera, pertussis, mumps, rubella, varicella, pneumococcal, tetnus, diptheria . . . Etc. And yes, not health cares greatest brag, even the flu to some extent. Where i find your presentation of the information here is at fault is there is a clear bias and use of keywords lime “conspiracy”. I would take care in your words, but the issues ly with those whose stubbornness of will blinds them from the facts. Without vaccination our population would be eradicated. Look what happened to the 120 million original peopmes of the Americas when Europeans came. Germ warfare was a reality. What i fear is another ignorant blunder lime that paper that was published in Britain about measles vaccinations not being useful in prevention. Then there was a subsequent outbreak. How much proof do you estimate that you will need to open your eyes? Herd Immunity eventually will fail.

  299. Thanks Lawrence I’ll leave it to Old Kodger he is well versed in these matters.Editor


  301. Herd immunity is failing – why? vaccines.. And really – it is NATURAL immunity taht vaccines prevent.. And further most deseases where under control when the vaccine industry started..

  302. When was this resolved in the courts?

  303. Herd immunity does not exist. Go read the Oregon law review which is the most comprehensive analysis on herd immunity as far as science and law. It flat out proves herd immunity through vaccination is impossible and non existent

  304. Having reread this post I concede that it is ambiguous in that it does not define who backed down, it was the head master!

  305. Correct! It would perhaps be better described and community or natural immunity – This was part of our becoming resistant – all destroyed by this insidious vaccine resign. How I wish people would become educated and informed! But the program is strong!

  306. Not so much a reply, as a comment on your comment,
    The “education system” is a bit like the pearling industry. The pearling industry culture nearly perfect pearls, the education system cultures nearly perfect imbeciles.


    Those links are dead. Where is the source material?

  308. Looks like over 1 million views got them worried and they have removed the links?Can’t help, sorry. Editor

  309. and they say censorship is not alive and doing well….HUH!

  310. I don’t know if anyone will see this due to it being an old article, but I’ll still try.

    Can anyone please tell me where to find good info on what to do to detox the body when the ‘compulsion’ to have a flu shot has arisen?

    The new law which has just come out in West Aust, means you can’t visit a nursing home without a certificate of vaccination. As part of the voluntary ministry work my daughter does is visiting the sick and aged, she has to submit to this law.

    She has never had the flu, and keeps quite well so this is quite ridiculous and worrying.

    I know I’ve seen someone post something somewhere about the best way to help yourself in this situation but I have no idea where it was.

    Thanks for any help.

  311. Just refuse and go anyway because there is a clause in the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia which says we can’t be forcibly medicated. Will find it and publish.Editor

  312. Oh?! I did think it was not constitutional but how to ‘stand up’ and say that…
    Thanks for your reply, and I’ll be glad of the article, or a link to the clause that states that. My daughter would not want to cause a fuss.. especially if it ended up in court. So if producing a copy of the clause would be all that’s required then that would be wonderful.
    However are they going to accept that…

  313. I replied… but again it doesn’t seem to be posting or showing. I can’t work out why.

  314. at all costs – don’t get the flu shot – it is one of the worst..

  315. Never challenge the “charge” or “statement”.
    Always challenge the law upon which it relies, You will find, if you check, that the 1901 constitution (still in force) demands that ANY law gets Royal Assent from an heir and successor of Queen Victoria. Since the treasonous Whitlam wrote the real Queen out of his piece of sabotage, no law has gained assent since 1972/3.
    No assent= no law.
    It has been suggested that because it’s a WA law that it is valid. Section 109 of the 1901 constitution clearly disagrees.
    File a Notice of Discovery You require a certification of proclamation.

  316. With respect to “ed’s” comment, it just might be that in those circumstances, the home, by denying you access, could be charged with unlawful denial of liberty of your relative, ie. holding her prisoner.

    Incidentally, I have no degrees in law, no any authority to issue legal advice, these are my personal opinions. Please check my statements validity for yourself

  317. Your infinite wisdom staggers me. You are right no bill has ever had Royal Assent’ since 1973 so in effect all ‘legislation’ since then is ultra vires.Editor

  318. Thanks for the comments. I still don’t know how this needs to be handled. Guess I’m not very ‘wise’ like some here. I understand what is said ‘No assent= no law’ but I know there would be an awful fight if you just tried to assert that.
    I’m sorry I don’t understand this comment ‘File a Notice of Discovery You require a certification of proclamation.’
    This ‘forced’ vaccination is an issue that’s not just WA but all Aust now I gather.

    Can anyone enlighten me more or help make it more understandable for a simple person like me… exactly what we need to do or produce to enable this stand lawfully without a fight, if that’s possible?

    This was brought to my attention today: Outspoken anti-vaxxer Gold Coast Titans player Bryce Cartwright has refused to follow the NRL’s call for all players to vaccinate ahead of the competition’s return on May 28.
    I note he’s getting a lot of flak so I wonder what will be the outcome to his stand.

  319. Hi Cherryh55,
    It was I who made the comments of which you require clarification.
    “No assent= no law”.
    This refers to the mandated requirement of the 1901 constitution, that EVERY act of parliament requires Royal Assent from the monarch heir and successor of Queen Victoria, or, during her absence, her emissary, the Governor General, before the ACT can become a statute. There is however a problem with relying on the GG, and that is that there have be no lawfully appointed Governors General since 2 Feb 1962 (refer to Dick Yardley’s book about government treason treachery and sabotage)
    Now the constitution does not say “heir and successor of Queen Victoria”, it says Royal Assent, but since the treacherous Whitlam, brought in his own constitution in ’72/3, he also invented “queen of Australia” which is a legal fiction, ie. does not exist in real life, and therefore cannot sign anything.
    The reason for filing a notice of discovery, is to force the “authorities” to produce EVIDENCE that the laws upon which they are relying, have actually gained Royal Assent; and assent from the queen of Australia does not hack it., hence no assent=no law.
    The reference to section 109 of the 1901 constitution, is that 109 clearly states that where a conflict exists between state law, and federal law, the latter prevails, and to the extent of the conflict state law is null and void.
    Hope this helps.

  320. Good work Old Kodger we have a letter from the Governor of Qld who said he no longer has the ability to refuse Royal Assent to a bill passed through the House. Under Beattie’s 2001 changes to the Qld constitution Royal assent has disappeared. The Governor says he can now only give “assent”, which of course is contrary to the Commonwealth Constitution which says ‘Royal Assent’ must be given. Ed

  321. Reply to “ed”
    The reason the Qld governor can only assent is because he/she is NOT the Queen’s emissary. Beattie (another pollie guilty of treason) changed the status of Governor in Qld from Queen’s emissary to a government functionary (within the government, and not a separate power) HE’S A RUBBER STAMP with all the power of a rubber stamp.He now does as the GOVERNMENT tells him, not the Queen.
    When Beattie changed the Qld constitution to accommodate that, WITHOUT A REFERENDUM, which would have automatically triggered a national referendum, he committed treason.He interfered with the Queens representative. Rather than give him a lucrative overseas job he should have been strung up (treason still carries the gallows).
    So here we go again with a notice of discovery and 109.

  322. Old Kodger thanks for your further explaining of this. The knowledge you have leaves my head spinning. Applying all this to the problem at hand, visiting aged in NH’s without vaccination certificates… I gather you’re saying we need to issue the NH with a notice of discovery, to force them to produce this EVIDENCE that the laws upon which they are relying, have actually gained Royal Assent… is that what you are suggesting?

    I’ve done some searching online to try and find out how to obtain / download a notice of discovery form to fill in / use, if there’s such a thing. I haven’t found anything. It appears the only way to progress without being vaccinated is to hire the services of a lawyer to do all this and that’s out of the range of the pocket for most of us. 🤔

  323. Sherryh55,
    In my post of May 2nd 2020 I stated that I am not a lawyer, and I’m not qualified to give legal advice. It is actually illegal for me to give you legal advice. It also bears saying that my “knowledge” is only the tip of the legal minefield existing in this country
    I know how I would confront your situation, but i am prevented from passing that “process” on, it becomes legal advice..
    There is one suggestion that I CAN give you, that is go talk to the local clerk to the court, and ask him/her for advice. They may or may not help.
    You could search the sites of Wayne Glew or Larry Hannigan

  324. Thanks Old Kodger… and fair enough about advice, though I wouldn’t have considered suggestions to be ‘legal advice’! I’ll look into those names you’ve mentioned and see where it leads.

  325. 10 years for vaccine skepticism in Australia????… Looks to me its never stopped being a off shore penal colony (prison)!!!?

  326. Elizabeth Roux

    Absolutely sick world we are living in!!! Please take strong action against all these criminals and murderers!! Yes! They are murderers and destroyers of lives in order to fill their pockets. This is a crime against humanity!!

  327. @Rico … The MMR vaxx caused my body to actually terminate all functions .. I was LEGALLY DIAGNOSED AND PRONOUNCED DEAD .. CAUSE OF DEATH : HARD GERMAN MEASLES
    And there are plenty others who had negative reactions to that vaccination as well as every single shot of death given … So, supposed reviews or studies or polls are actually false.

  328. Fantastic news!! Well done

  329. Just because it was proven that they have not been conducting and filing the biennial vaccine improvements does not mean that anyone can sue for reparations. I’m in the US and the government didn’t lose anything. There was no suit hat changed vaccine laws or regulations. The suit was for proof of vaccine safety follow-up and it was proven there was none. This title and loosely written article is not proof of any right citizens now have to refuse vaccines or sue for reparations or prevent forced vaccines in the US. You also have to remember, the US is not a country like Australia or most others. We have states’ rights that the federal government cannot override. We’re like 50 different countries under one banker. Each state has stringent laws requiring vaccinations for children. It’s almost impossible to get a waiver now for personal beliefs or even medical reasons for your children. We have not turned the corner on vaccine-freedom yet.

  330. Thanks Allison we got the story from a US journalist who had been working with JFK. Regards Editor

  331. Winston Smith

    It doesn’t matter, the Vax does not have to be mandatory… Bill Gates, et.al. wants to tattoo and track those that get the vax.

    It will be your employer, schools, universities, grocery stores, driver’s license offices, sport arenas, airports, bars, restaurants, public places, etc. that will enforce the vax.

    You will not be allowed in any of these places unless you can prove you’ve been vaxed. Brilliant way to get you to comply. Comply or lose your livelihood, and get your children taken away because you are putting them in danger.

    You better start scouting for a nice bride to live under, with easy access to restaurant or supermarket trash cans… because those that refuse the vax will no longer be able to “buy and sell” or participate in society without it…

    Winston S.

  332. I’ve made this comment a number of times, but it doesn’t seem to have dawned on the “people” yet. What is a minority? (can’t work, buy food, get driver’s licenses etc)… At what point is a minority no longer a minority?
    It seems to me that the answers to those questions is when a minority becomes large enough to be self sufficient, it is no longer a minority, but an alternate society.

  333. We can only hope and pray Old Kodger. The new Amish of Australia!Editor

  334. Yes we are aware the censors have taken it down. The article in any case is accurate and describes what took place. Editor

  335. I read years ago of hazards with vaccines. Seems proved if only by error! What makes me more inclined to vaccines is the fact that evil people are apt to use them as a lethal nexus to genocide with or without useful IDIOTS! It is our bodies our lives our decisions our suffering if evil people get in position of power. Say NO!

  336. whether the article and court case was pulled or doesnt exist i do not know, but i do know if you do not agree with mandatory vaccinatio you should sign the petition on: petition.gov so we can vote on it. this is a real site and you can even start your own petition.

  337. I signed a petition here and would be good for all to do so if you have not already. (You need to copy and paste this)

    This is their plan:
    Over the next couple of weeks, we will deliver this petition to governments around the world where LifeSite has staff.

    That means we will attempt a hand-delivery at the White House in the United States, and the Prime Minister’s Office in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Hungary.

  338. To cherryh55,
    These links com from a different site but you may find them useful.

    “Two legal professionals have stepped forward to offer assistance to those who have been impacted by the flu vaccine directives for aged care workers and visitors. If you are seeking legal assistance in such matters, we suggest you contact them..

    Nathan Buckley:

    Serene Teffaha:

  339. old kodger thanks for the names and links. I’m assuming they’ve been recommended from somewhere for this type of advice.. that is for the best way to opt out of mandatory vax rules?

  340. Thank the almighty God!
    What a relief
    Very great news

  341. Cherryh55,
    Yes, and you might also check out info@solutionsempowerment.com

  342. Can someone please tell me what the wide ramifications for Australia are

  343. Go read the original filing. The case was dismissed by the courts. This article is a complete fabrication. https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/CommitteeMeetingDocument/168629

  344. It was dismissed after the US Government could not produce any vaccine safety records since 1986. A good outcome and a substantial defence to mandatory vaccination we would say. The court file links were disabled by censors.Editor

  345. Not sure what you mean – They had an obligation to show progress in safety and to report it. Kennedy said they hadn’t – he proved it in court. I think what people are asserting is that now that this is proved it this truth can be used to oppose the criminal manditory vaccines coming our way – I for one hope so..

  346. Ruth Gardocki

    I signed the petitions as we all have a responsibility. No one can imagine what John Kennedy or. And Dale bigtree went through we owe them our lives as well as our future generations

  347. What are the ramifications for Australia? A couple of those links don’t work.

  348. Freedom of speech doesn’t apply on this site. I told the truth and got modded out.

  349. No Phil it seems you can’t read. Ed

  350. Yes I can and I can comprehend as well and you can’t as I ably proved in the comment you modded out. I gave the correct explanation for what really happened, and you hid it because it was true and you didn’t want to be embarrassed over it.

  351. https://cairnsnews.org/2020/05/20/doctor-confirms-us-government-was-unable-to-produce-vaccine-safety-records-in-kennedy-lawsuit/
    This is one of the many replies to this article which has been published on numerous US sites all saying much the same. “It was dismissed after the US Government could not produce any vaccine safety records since 1986. A good outcome and a substantial defence to mandatory vaccination we would say. The court file links were disabled by censors.” I can assure you nobody here is embarrassed about anything except perhaps the Coronahoax scam being perpetrated upon the world.Editor

  352. You were embarrassed because I told the real story that explains everything that happened correctly. So are you going to allow me to point it out here or not?

  353. After witnessing the damage done to kids by the vaccine lobby we normally don’t allow their vexed (vaxxed) dogma supporting vaccines. Try Robert F Kennedy see if he will publish your argument.Editor

  354. Yes I have been looking at interesting alternate views.. And really there is much ( hidden) science.. Virus’s are dead cells which carry a message about a causal insult – they travel around and “inform” other biology to prepare against this insult – this the way we have developed and to cut ourselves off is to disable our immune systems.. Some how I think the would be kings know this..

  355. crisscross767



    While our politicians continue to choose to ignore their constituents, we are seeking to commence a CLASS ACTION with regards to the unlawfulness of the States’ and Territories’ vaccine mandates and directives.


    Please complete the form to register your interest in joining this class action.

    Our lawyer, Serene Teffaha from Advocate Me, will be representing the following:

    People who have been suspended or terminated from their employment, as well as people who have been threatened because of their refusal- based on all reasons whether religious, no safety studies, being pregnant etc.

    People who have been denied access to visiting a loved one, friend, or an associate at an aged care facility for their refusal.

    Coerced to take the flu vaccine despite not wanting to do so whether as part of work or visitation.

    People whose student placements have been threatened e.g. University graduate placement.

    After submitting your case below, you will be contacted by our team, who will advise the subsequent steps.

    We will also be setting out our strategy to all potential clients shortly and we will have a road map in relation to costs that will be involved. Given the numbers, the costs involved are likely to be minimal for each person and we are currently canvassing funders as well. So this will not be an obstacle. The most important thing is justice is achieved.

    Please share this link and spread the word.


    Serene’s experience in litigation against Government shows that these issues need to be dealt with collectively. Strength in numbers.

  356. Rasheemparker

    Hello, I was informed b my dad about this, I am very shocked because my fiancé and me can’t get an answer why our first three kids was diagnosed with a form of aultism and speech delays. They all was born at temple hospital and was told they had to come in and get vaccinated. Please I have a family of 7 and all cane with complications. That’s five kids.

  357. Rasheemparker,
    I am sorry for your situation and I know how you feel. I personally know of a person, now a man 26 years old with a mental age of 6, who, in my opinion was injured by vaccines.
    I am, I’m reasonably sure, reliably informed, that during this covid crap little or no vaccinations were being conducted in Australia, during that time there were no cases of CIDS, once vaccinations were resumed three children died in a week. Now whilst this is not conclusive evidence, a court would likely convict you on that level of circumstantial evidence.

  358. Hmm.. vaccines are poison.. Just my well researched view – 10 years..

  359. Vaccines are full on rubbish and poisons, and should never be allowed to cross the blood brain barrier. That’s where the damage occurs. Check out Vaxxed 1 and 2, and the truth about vaccines. A lot of useful information.

  360. These people are butchers that drink baby blood I never trust these Animals and I never will.

  361. Where are the documents giving the court ruling regarding unsafe vaccines? How can they be accessed? Are they in public domain? Case of Mark Anthony Boyer.

  362. If the links still work in the story you can follow them to court documents which in any case simply stated the US Dept Health had not had any vaccine safety studies done since the 1980’s. This was the basis of their case and all parties withdrew because of it.Editor

  363. Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    First of all, as my 87 year old wife is a Heart Failure patient and suffers from other underlying health issues, I desire to thank all people who posted wherever on the internet details and /or forwarded emails to me with internet links to articles and videos a big thank you. It has enabled me to get to understand relevant health issues and by this able to protect my wife better. I have since COVID-19 was announced been reading numerous posts, articles and downloaded videos and now contemplate to if needed take on the Federal and State/Territory governments in Australia, as I did in 2001 and defeated them (representing myself) on 19 July 2006. We in Australian need to combine our strength. We all are like a link in a chain and we need all be working together. Someone might just pass on emails others may provide links to videos and on and on but we all are working together. Dan the constitutional terrorist now may desire to take over our constitutional rights under the guise of disaster declaration but I for one will not let him get away with it. I spend decades researching the true meaning and application of the constitution and too well aware he has absolutely no powers, regardless what the Victorian Parliament may have claimed/provided for as to suspend our constitutional rights enshrined in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK). I have indicated to Clive palmer I am ready to take over his case and expand it even more if he desired to get out of the case. Let it be clear the Victorian Parliament cannot overrule the federal constitution as it is created within s106 “subject to this constitution.”. It is important that we avoid any tempers flaring up and we deal with matters through the legal system, as I successfully did so in the past. See also my blog http://www.scribd.com/inspectorrikati. In my view the State and so Daniel Andrews and his gang could face having to compensate all those who suffered because of the lockdowns, etc. Perhaps to bankrupt him and his gang might be a lesson to others not ever again go down a path to deny citizens their constitutional rights.

  364. since my last post here is not listed, I can only presume that I omitted to click “post comment”. Therefore herewith a repeat of that post plus an addendum : –
    Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.
    You Sir are more than one breath of desperately needed very fresh air.
    Further, what does O.W.B. stand for in this instant?

  365. Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka. O.W.B.

    O.W.B. is an order that stands for “The Order of the Wattle Blossom For the upholding the civil rights, and political liberties of Australians, inherent in the Commonwealth Constitution.” Dated 1 September 2011.
    I conducted until 2019 for 37 years a special life line service under the motto (registered) MAY JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAIL® where I would assist/represent people (FREE OF CHARGE) a CONSTITUTIONALIST and (now retired) Professional Advocate in litigation, etc. many contemplated suicide, murder and even mass –murder but none ever proceeded with it when i became involved in their cases. Without any religious input, my slogan was to them Assist others as I assisted you. Some even decades later contact me to let me know they are assisting others as I assisted them. At my blog it can be shown that more than 6 months prior to the 6 human beings murdered in Bourke Street, Melbourne I warned all Federal and State politicians to prevent motor vehicle to enter via the tramstracks to commit mass murder. It was ignored. On 21 December 2016 again I issued my warning but again it was ignored. ON 20 January 2017 the mass-murder eventuated. Then politicians like (then) PM Malcolm Turnbull and Premier Daniel Andrews were so to say falling over each other for photo opportunities as to pretend they cared. Well if they really had done they could have avoided it.
    The current disease is terrible in particular for those who are dying before their time, however we must not be complacent that somehow the government knows it all. As I understand it from numerous medical reports/videos a virus is not infectious. As such you cannot transmit it from one person to another. Viruses exist in every human being. If therefore it cannot be transmitted then the question should be asked “What then causes this disease?” Why is it that reportedly none of the about 186 State run nursing homes have been affected by COVID-19 but only privately nursing homes? Could it be that as with the legionnaire disease regarding water towers there was a “bacterium” the cause the same could be with this so called COVID-19? If so then could it be that the source could be, just to mention a possibility, the surgical mask that are made in the slims in Mumbai there they are dumped onto the ground? After all the “bacterium” in those slums when infecting a facemask may just cause the spread of this disease. In Slovakia and other countries already way back in February/March they rejected deliveries of face-masks, etc, because they were contaminated. I view it not just important but essential that anyone who has a view can express this and not that Tech corporations can sensor it, this as because of the posting by others I have gained a considerable understanding not to have blinkers on but to consider whatever anyone else is posting. Being open minded is what is essential so we might just discover the real cause of what is called COVID-19. To the credit of the Chinese, without seeking to indicate they are faultless) the some months ago put a cartoon video out warning that it was aerosol transmitted, but the American likely would ignore this. I wrote about this many months ago and now suddenly in Victoria they raise the issue it could be aerosol also. I a few days ago came across a video by lawyer Serene Steffaha about the Biosecurity Act and regardless if I may or may not fully agree with some statements in my view I compliment her for her exposure. By each placing our own views in post, regardless if we agree with each other or not, we combined work to come to some possible consensus that ultimately may safe many lives. We are in it together and let us resolve it together. Thank you “old kodger” for your question.

  366. Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka. O.W.B.
    You obviously have the runs on the board to backup your assertions, however, and this is always the question: what do we do about the blind obedience by the ignorant, to the constitutionally criminal “rules” enacted by the clearly treasonous “powers that be”?

  367. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    It is essential that We the People remain calm and do not whatsoever give Premier Daniel Andrews or his cohorts, including PM Scott Morrison the ability to escalate to use ADF against us.
    I published a document:
    What is going on when instead of the State of Victoria combating COVID-19 (which may not be infectious at all) it uses a CURFEW to secretly have planes landing with electronic instruments from a foreign power?

    This document can be downloaded from:
    This may also give some understanding about matters.
    I understand that even suicide is eventuating by those held in hotels, and perhaps elsewhere and regretfully while this is of grave concern we need to stay calm and restrain ourself. We appealr to me to have a Chief Commissioner of Police (recently in the job) who seems to justify the police conduct, including smassing car windows.
    As I wrote to Victorian IBAC on 9 August 2020 in my COMPLAINT “I understand from a video put out by lawyer Serene Steffaha That the commonwealth by the biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) has first legislative and enforcement powers regarding any disease. It stipulates such as Sections, 8, 51, 60, 61, 90, 91, 93, 94, 475,477ss3 to mention some conditions which require an order to have been issued against a particular person before any enforcement can be made.”. Best is any person to have those references in their pocket. Also to ensure to have some recording devide ready to be activated in case there is a thug claiming to be a police officer going on and abusing your constitutional rights. I in the van Rooy case had that Ms van Rooy was charged with 3 criminal offences injuring a police officer with her motor vehicle. I was asked to assist her. I wrote to the DPP there was “NO CASE TO ANSWER”. The DPP responded to drop 2 out of 3 charges. Ordinary one submit a “NO CASE TO ANSWER” at the conclusion of the prosecutors case, however i did it nearly 2 years before the trial, as there is no law to prevent this, and it succeeded. With the one charge and the DPP having 5 police officers , a Deputy Clerk of the Court and the Clerk of Court all as witnesses as well as a medical doctor and Ms van Rooy had no other witnesses you may think that there was no hope for her to succeed. Well Wood J directed the jury to return a verdict NOT GUILTY as the DPP had not proven its case. This at the conclusion of 5 days by the prosecutor to present all his witnesses. In this case it was exposed the police had made a recording of the oral communication but as was presented to the court they had made 11 cuts in the recording to present a different version than what really eventuated. Unbeknown to the police Ms van Rooy had also made a recording and that was what by a sound engineer proved this had been a cut and slice conduct. Hence, best is to record the police whenever, so if they record you then you got your own evidence. They often claim the body camera wasn’t working, that is as to avoid any evidence against their own wrongdoing.
    I am about to go about driving to different suburbs as I did last Thursday as I for one am ready that if the police were to take me on than I have prepared myself for a court showdown. Last Thursday however a police car (no other vehicle near us) stopped next to me at the traffic lights but at no time did they approach me, even so I do not wear anything on my face, other then my ordinary prescribed glasses. It might be that my registration number is on their record (special number plate) that they are warned not to approach me. I view it is better for a person like myself to be a possible target so I can unleash my responses in the court than someone who lacks the ability to do so placing himself/herself at risk. It must however be understood that this is not some quick overnight solution as I have been preparing for many months for a showdown in court. I urge anyone to refrain from making himself/herself a bait and then be defeated upon legal technicalities or some judicial officer who violate the oath/affirmation of being an “impartial administration of justice” as required by the 2-1-1901 Letters Patent for Victoria. Again, hold your fire and remain calm and I have no doubt that in time matters will work out.

  368. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    I after posting my last post went for a drive to collect medication in Reservoir and on my way back driving past Northland I decided to do some shopping rather than to drive around to some other shopping centre, where I went last week and they didn’t have the items I needed. Anyhow what purported to be security guards made a movement about a mask and I shake my head, No. Well I went to the toilet near Coles and they had followed me and when I wanted to shopping in Coles they asked me why I didn’t wear a mask. I explained I didn’t have to. They asked for a medical certificate and I explained that it was not needed to show them a medical certificate. The told me that without medical certificate I had to leave. I then produced a medical certificate and the bloke number 4040 had it actually in his hand. Number 258 also looked at it. I asked them for their identification but they informed me that I could take their number. I asked them to write down their numbers for me, they refused. I then went to Coles where at the entrance a person started about a mask but then the two, 404 and 258 told him something. I then went in to Coles to do shopping. When I was attending to the checkout Police A-Sgt D. Elliot and Constable Singh then approached me and A-Sgt D. Elliot asked me for my drivers license to identify myself, I explained I wasn’t driving a car and so saw no need to identify myself. He responded they had to establish my identity. I then handed over my drivers license, albeit as I had technically objected to provide my details I view this was a violation of my legal rights, as I was not committing any offence to warrant the police to ask my identity. Anyhow in the following time of conversing with them I did ask A-Sgt D. Elliot if his body camera was on and he confirmed this. I explained that because there was no control orders against me within the Provisions of the Vio Security Act he couldn’t enforce anything. He then responded that by the health and Safety Act he could as to the direction. I explained that wearing a mask or faces-hield in a car was dangerous and indeed in case of an accident the face-shield could cause injuries to the driver. This as they are not designed for usage in a motor vehicle. His argument was that it was not for the police to give feedback to the person who issued the direction as he would already have considered this. I explained that the directive was issued and subsequently there was an announcement that facemask with a ventilator was not suitable and clearly he had no considered all relevant issues. His argument was that nevertheless they are to enforce the directive. I explained I had “yesterday” (9-8-2020) filed a complaint with IBAC that the police were operating as tugs to enforce the constitutional terrorist demands.
    He asked me if I knew how far this Coles was from my home and I responded about 8.4 Kilometres. He asked why I was shopping at Northland and I explained I had tried other stores but was unable to get the products. He then asked if I did so today (Obviously trying to trap me that by the directive one can only once go shopping) but I told him last week. (That was true. Infect for several weeks I was unable to get the items at a local store) I explained that instead of driving around to another shopping centre as I was on my way past Northland I decided to do the shopping there. He suggested the other store may now have stock. So now I am expected to drive as a jo-jo time and time again to a store if they have stock even so I drive past Northland on my way home! Doesn’t make sense. It was very obvious that he didn’t know as to what the mask direction was about and you do not need a medical exemption as the Department of Human Service website made clear that if you do not feel right wearing a mask you do not have too. I explained to A-Sgt D. Elliot that he could summons me to court if he held I violated the law. He stated he would check out details. To me this indicated he never even knew let alone understood anything about the Department of Health website publications.
    I was earlier refused entry and service at Officework Bundoora, (where I often go for printing) but in the end they were willing to print out some documentation. I had it prepared on a USB stick. They were making clear that it was a government direction. They had a signage regarding this and I pointed out it was incorrect as a mask was not enforceable. Nevertheless they made known that that was the directive. What is clear is that stores, alleged security and even the police do not understand nor comprehend what the directive really stands for, besides the question of legal validity of the directive. Anyhow it will now be a matter for the courts. That is if the police go ahead with a summons against me.
    What would be nice is if someone could follow Premier Daniel Andrews if he goes shopping somewhere more than 5 kilometers from his residence. Also, if others are doing so.
    Let me be very clear that the police officers were polite and I made clear I understood they were performing their job as they held to be appropriate. However, Nurenberg trails made clear following orders is no excuse. A-Sgt D. Elliot twice made clear that those (supposing) security guards had not told them that they had seen the medical exemption. Well, I have it in a plastic envelope and no doubt if needed the DNA of them as well as of A-Sgt D. Elliot would be on it. As such, if the 2 so called security guards were to go to court to claim I never showed the medical exemption then the DNA will prove otherwise. This is how I obtain evidence without them realizing I do so.
    As I indicated remain calm and avoid as much as possible any conflict but you can stand your ground if someone seeks to interfere with your constitutional rights. So, now the police can institute legal proceedings against me and well I have no fear to prove my case.

  369. Whilst I wish you no ill will, I can’t help but hope that they do proceed against you and that you win the day. My reasoning is that you seem competent to conduct yourself in court (unidroit tribunal) to the end product of a precedent case against all this rubbish.
    That outcome would close the door on all future “incidents”.
    Your comments would be appreciated.

  370. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    Old Kodger, I understand where you are coming from, and this is precisely what I am on about. It seems to me the hotel fiasco now is also done in similar manner in Northland Shopping Centre. Being told I was trespassing on private property, just for doing my shopping.

    This document can be downloaded from:

    This may give you a further insight. It is important that we show our objections but do so in a peaceful manner.

  371. I fear that your “constitutionalist advocate” status, abeit retired, may preclude any further action from the authorities, they’d rather shut up, than lose.

  372. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    I have been all along aware of it that more than likely the police will not proceed against me as they are well aware of past issues involving me. However, that doesn’t mean it is all a waste because I have now used it to file a formal complaint with IBAC. And, that means IBAC should now investigate and if it finds that indeed the police are overstepping their authority then this likely will mean that the police will have to tone done in their violence.
    It is well overdue, at least in my view, that IBAC properly investigates matters as otherwise citizens may perceive it is part of the deception perpetrated by Chairman Dan.

    This document can be downloaded from:

    If IBAC fails to act then I am considering to file a case in the High Court of Australia, albeit aware they too do not like to get involved. This because I have exposed what I consider treason by the High Court of Australia.

    Do consider it is something when judges fear me. I had in the past turning up at the bar table with a party and a judge made clear if I was in the case he would disqualify himself. And he did so as I wasn’t getting out of the case. There were judges who would comment “I know you want to get me disqualified.” I had the unofficial record of getting more judges disqualified than anyone else.
    One judge commented, “I do not want you in this court because you will whatever I say in another hearing against me.” My response was “Not if you do not use DOUBLE STANDARDS.” Generally litigants are fearful of judges but with me it is the other way around. It is important that if you litigate you know all relevant details and issues because if you do then you are ahead of the others. I would cite Authorities of head that judges at times questioned it because they never heard about it, but obviously I had the print out with me to file it. It is not that you like crazy have to study all kinds of law reports but that you simply read open minded and read what is written and not read what you think it written and incorrect interpret it. Obviously, you must be quick in thinking. I once went for a course of creative writings and all other students were women. The tutor was a male and so we had to pair up. He would write something and then I had to wrote something in response, and so it went. He then complained that when he stop writing I would immediately wrote a response. I explained I work out what he is going to write and so have my response ready. It was the same with judges, that I would say something a judge responded; “How did you know I was going to ask you that?” It is simply that I work out the judge thinking pattern and so expect certain questions and pre-reply. It did however make many judges very nervous as if I was reading their minds. An opponent barrister stated to the court that I knew more about the law then any judge ever presiding in the court or any lawyer ever practiced at the bar table. It is not that I know so much but that I am quick adapting and I always told them “I it not how much you know but that you know what you need to know for the particular case and able to present it. Essentially, you need to be open-minded and enjoy what you are doing. That is the basis I had. Long before the police were violent towards citizens regarding the mask issue I already filed a complaint as to the police conduct way back in April because I expected this all would eventuate. Then IBAC held it was not in the “public interest” well now they are made aware they could have avoided this all. The police are enforcing mask without even knowing the conditions of the Department of Health, as the police admitted to me last Monday. I was able to cite the relevant details, and that might have impressed the police, realizing I was well prepared to stand my ground. It is however important people do not lose their cool and while I realize many citizens are harmed, nevertheless the court must deal with it. That I view is the only proper way.

  373. Can you shorten up your replies please Inspector, we are running out of space.Editor

  374. Clearly “plod” has not read section 95 of the biosecurity act 2015

    Ed. I feel for your problems as administrator of this site but I find “the inspector’s” responses heartening in a world of doom, gloom and desperation.

  375. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    Fair comment. I am now considering to pursue to institute legal proceedings in the High Court of Australia regarding what I consider to be unconstitutional and that might address the issue, albeit for the readers they have some indication.

  376. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    To avoid clogging up this webpage I provide this ling albeit replace the “[dot]” with “.” As to be able to use the link.
    It also refers to Cairns news.
    Don’t worry about suing me as I didn’t write nasty about Cairns news.
    It is only 66 pages cramped with quotations but so to say a learning curve for many that our constitution in itself is a BILL OF RIGHTS and a Magda Charta. And this may underline why I am rightly optimistic.
    I hope that others who read the document will be inspired and see that if we unite we can succeed, regardless of the obstacle course others may seek to place before us to prevent us to succeed.
    It involves a lot of work to put this document together, (No I didn’t put duct tape on my wife’s mouth about her nagging I am writing so much) and thanks to all persons around the world who have provided me with all kinds of internet links to articles and videos.

    This document is an elaborate document that most people would find very interesting to the extend and depth it goes into constitutional issues to challenge the Victorian Government as to its dictatorship.

    This document can be downloaded from:

  377. Best news I have heard in a long time. Choice is what it’s all about. We want to see safety tests have been done. To those making spiteful and reactive comments, I would suggest they do more research, turn off their TVs, stop watching our corrupt main stream media who are funded by corrupt pharmaceutical companies and therefore told what to report. Also note that wise, caring and courageous Mums and Dads, cruelly labelled as ‘antivaxxers’ were once pro vaxxers, who learned the hard way and watched on as their child was injured after or at the time of vaccine. Doctors who have been discredited by greedy folk, able to financially gain from vaccine schedules, have been doing no more than bringing us the truth. When will we collectively wake up to the corruption in our world?

  378. Well said and thank you.Editor

  379. Governor Orders Mandatory Flu Shots For All Students Under 30 In Boston In Order To Attend School
    by GreatGameIndia

    The Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker has ordered that it is mandatory for all students under 30 to flu shots in order to attend school. Following the order massive protests were organised outside the State House Sunday morning demanding that Governor Charlie Baker rescind the public health mandate. Earlier this month, Baker announced what is believed […]

    Read more of this post


  380. Click to access ican-hhs-stipulated-order-july-2018.pdf

    This is the court case papers proving that HHS had not tested vaccines in 32 years


  382. Mari Brenner,
    Dictionary.com cannot find a definition for “conferedates”, I’ve never heard of it either, what does it mean?

  383. Thanks mari brenner !
    Here is what I found all spread out:
    I will check out all those addresses you posted above that I didn’t know existed.

    U.S. Government Loses Landmark Lawsuit Over Forced Vaccinations
    12/30/2019 02:22:00 AM Big Pharma, Citizen Rights, Corruption, FDA, Law, US Government, USA
    U.S. Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit
    …Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed anti-vaccine documentary, Vaxxed and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory. They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years — and there were none.

    Here are the huge legal and practical implications in this legal victory for the American people:

    This means that the US Department of Health and Human Services and all vaccine makers have been lying to the American people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines; this may ultimately mean that continuing the existence — at least in their current form — of five US “healthcare” agencies are now in doubt: the CDC, the FDA, the IOM, the NIH and the “Health” part of DHHS itself; this may also threaten the existence of state medical boards and exclusive medical guilds like the AMA;

    This means that vaccine makers have been fraudulently exempt from what all other pharmaceutical drug makers have been forced to do concerning biannual recertification for quality and effectiveness — meaning that their vaccines have never been tested for quality and have had no proven safety or effectiveness for over 30 years; This case can now be legally cited by all parents fraudulently mandated by any government/organizational regulation/requirements that they must vaccinate their children for school or any other activity to stop the forced vaccination of their children;

    This case can now be legally cited by all employees being mandated by their employers to be vaccinated in order to retain their jobs;

    This case can now be legally cited by all those who seek compensation for vaccine injury, making it likely that the pharmacidical vaccine industry can in the near future be legally bankrupted out of existence, like Bayer-Monsanto after the landmark legal victory won by the dying landscaper in San Francisco several weeks ago, as well as their stock value plummeting precipitously;

    The future of allopathic medicine in its current form is now in doubt, as well as that of the global pharmacidical cartel, since almost all of the drugs allopathic practitioners prescribe come from pharmacidical corporations which have also committed vaccine fraud and injury;

    The existence of the deep-state corporate mainstream news media will now also be further endangered, since 70% of their income stream comes from the global pharmacidical cartel, which in America has been responsible for 750,000-1 million human sacrifices per year for at least the past half century;

    Autism rates will now likely plummet, freeing the American people from another deep state-engineered debility, and providing further evidence of mass vaccination-caused autism;

    All government officials who have passed laws legalizing vaccine fraud at the state, national, or international level, or otherwise aided and abetted this vaccine fraud can now be charged with vaccine fraud, criminal malfeasance and in some cases, war crimes under the Nuremberg Code.

    More info:


    Click to access ican-hhs-stipulated-order-july-2018.pdf

  384. Hey Mari and old kodger

    confederates (plural noun) · Confederates (plural noun)
    a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice.
    “where was his confederate, the girl who had stolen Richard’s wallet?”
    associate · partner · accomplice · accessory · helper · supporter · assistant · ally · collaborator · colleague · offsider

    Now you folks can see that I did not write that paper. There is another word not written right either, but I think this person writing is trying to be comical with the spelling. Wouldn’t you agree? I think you two are trying to be funny. Why didn’t you mention the word “pharmacidical”? COULD mean pharma making us suicidal OR the person writing really doesn’t know the spelling of those words !

    You could write to the editors at:

  385. Have You Realised the Lockdown is Here to Stay Yet?

  386. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/about-chapters/
    I didn’t see Australia listed as a chapter. Looks like Kennedy must know that the people in Australia want to be a part of the children’s Health Defense.org crusade. Kennedy is doing all that he can. I listened to him speak in his latest video about how hundreds of lawyers are figuring out what courses to take to argue towards these nazi oligarchies that are lying so much. Have you listened to one of his videos? Or been to his website?
    I have been reading a lot of the comments, but I forget a lot also.

  387. I personally refused vaccines years ago when vaccines were introduced after doing my own research,and have firmly refused ever since ..I brought a poodle pup which the seller took and had vaccinated before I had opportunity to tell her I did not want it done. !/2 hour after I picked the little guy up he was having epileptic fits on my kitchen floor……And he was never mentally normal. So, i’ts not just us ….Go to OSHA and watch Tammy Herrema Clarkes video as she is one the people who work as REAL professionals.These are the people who tell the health industry, including doctors, what is safe and not safe and do all the testing behind the scenes and they say do not wear a mask if you are told to, because very specific testing must be done before anyone can use safety masks of any kind Youtube.by: Stand Up Michigan

  388. I had a run in with the Queensland dental hospitals only 5 days ago when they insisted that I wear a mask in the waiting room. I refused so they summoned the chief dentist, who came out wearing a mask. I suffer from a certain amount of industrial deafness, so unless I can SEE someone who’s speaking althought I hear them speak, I often can’t understand what they’re saying. This idiot was 3 meters away from me and flatly refused to remove his mask. Finally I ascertained that he was prepared to have me wait out in the car park, and would call me on my mobile when they were ready for me. I DON’T OWN A MOBILE PHONE.
    It was totally lost on them that IF THE MASKS WORKED and they were all wearing them (as well as all the other “patrons” in the waiting room) then even if I did not wear a mask I could not harm anyone, the fact that they insisted indicates that inherently, they KNOW THAT THE MASKS DON’T WORK.
    The out come was that I left and will reapply for treatment when all this male bovine excrement is over.

  389. pureenergylight Sept 7,
    I am aware of the word “confederates”, but I was not sure if the spelling of that word was, or was not, a spelling mistake, after all, I am not a dictionary, nor do I profess to know every word in the English language.

  390. I am concerned that there are person posting comments degrading others rather then to present just their views. I invite anyone to email me relevant details as to what they consider to be relevant about the vaccine issues. Pro or con. I am currently preparing a case for the High Court of Australia and invite therefore (regardless of your personal views about vaccines to work or not) to provide relevant details to me. You can do so by sending it to inspector_rikati@yahoo[dot]com.au. Do replace the [dot] with a “.” for a working email address. And place in the subject matter “vaccination”. We must avoid attacking each other merely for having opposing views. We may together very well come to a proper solution that may prove that we all might be partly right and partly wrong. I represent myself and so it is not a money issue. Now is your chance to have your side of the story considered.

  391. OK
    For a minute there I thought that somebody thought I wrote all that in question concerning the “confederate” paragraphs. I am new here to Cairns News and I live in the U.S.
    I think that some ideas are different about what situations mean.
    So you don’t have a cell phone and you like words like “bovine excrement”. That is worth a laugh to me.

  392. I would recommend : https://childrenshealthdefense.org/

    They have the science and the facts..

  393. I thought I had written on this particular website that E=mc2 which means energy equals energy. That means nothing is solid or physical or biological or material. Everything everywhere is vibrating and spinning and rotating as energy. That means it takes intent to form some “thing” with this energy. This intent can only come from another faster vibrating/spinning dimension where the energy beings there are a lot smarter than we are.. AND, we are THEIR personalities. But of course you won’t find this taught in many mainstream college courses. Barbara Brennan is a physicist that has built a college system teaching this. She wrote in her book “Hands of Light” that all of us are eternal, electromagnetic, holographic and multidimensional energy and light beings. Notice she never uses the words “physical or solid or material or biological OR death”.
    Brennan developed her sight to see “people” as the holograms we are. She sees within people to see their stresses, which look like dark blobs most often. She relates these blobs to the emotions these people are feeling that have found no way of expressing themselves. Since we all are energy, then these blobs interfere with this energy we are like short circuits. To heal oneself is to relieve the mental stresses/blobs which are like boulders blocking a river’s flow. Since we are constantly being created, then all of us ARE flows of energy. In this book can be seen illustrations of all this. With this book everyone can learn how to heal themselves super fast. Brennan is not the only one that has written about this, but most are silenced in this nazi/communist rockefeller world. Still they cannot hide that placebos work because of imagination. Thoughts ARE images.
    I have been reading books about other dimensions existing since I was in my 20s. These books are written by physicists and doctors, etc. Solidity is never found in those billion dollar colliders built around the world. I wish for everyone to benefit from this knowledge. I wish to take away the fears of people that believe in germs/viruses and death. These are illusions just like solidity and time. Physicists say that atoms are electrical magnetic energy fields. We all consist of 7 billion billion billion of them. There are youtubes/websites that say as much. Yet, I have read no comments/replies here that acknowledge understanding of any of this information. So I think that it is time I go write somewhere else.

  394. Transverse Myelitis – Mysterious Illness Caused During COVID-19 Vaccine Trials May Lead To Paralysis
    by GreatGameIndia

    The COVID-19 vaccine participant whose mysterious illness stopped the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trials is reported to be an inflammatory syndrome known as transverse myelitis which may lead to paralysis. COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Stopped Drug giant AstraZeneca has stopped global trials of its coronavirus vaccine after it caused a mysterious illness in one of the volunteers. […]

    Read more of this post


  395. Hi Pureenergy write an article that is easily understandable about Quantum Physics and the Matrix and we will publish it. Ed

  396. pureenergylight,
    You, like many before you, and likely many after, would seem to have a handle on information that the rest of we dumbsters do not. However, like the aforementioned group, and lots of others in different groups, you fail to even begin to educate us upon your comprehension; and clearly the circle of the “enlightened” have made no inroads into any rectification of the shortfalls of the majority’s failure to recognize “the truth”, or for that matter, to act on that truth yourselves.
    A treatise such as yours, is of no value if it does not purport to provide some sort of remedy. As such maybe your last line should be enacted.
    I apologize if my post causes affront, but I have been told many times that if I think right, putting my finger in the fire will not burn me.

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