Magistrate orders Walter to undergo mental assessment after aborted court hearing

from Robert J Lee in Cairns

One of the sorriest days in Queensland judicial history played out in the Cairns Magistrates Court on Monday when two Court Protective Officers threw former policeman David Walter, 67, to the floor, handcuffed him and led him off to the watch house.

In the long-running saga Walter was hit with bogus charges by the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions for not including a bird collection in assets when he was forced into bankruptcy by an equally bogus and corrupt federal legal system.

A draconian showcase of corporate fascism was played out in Cairns Magistrates court on Monday when retired policeman David Walter was incarcerated for mentioning corporate government.

He was attempting to defend himself against a corporate system designed to take out any opposition to its satanic objectives.

Presiding Magistrate Jane Bentley is a barrister formerly employed by the Queensland Police Service, then with the National Crime Authority.

According to witnesses in the public gallery, she was on a mission to derail Walter at any cost.

Walter subpoenaed Prime Minister Turnbull, Governor General Peter Cosgrove, Premier Palaszczuk, Governor Paul de Jersey(affectionately known within the bureaucracy as ‘Daphne’) and Police Commissioner Ian Stewart to attend and provide certain documents.

DPP Prosecutor Berens, agreed with Bentley the subpoenas required 21 days clear notice of service but he claimed they were one day short of the statutory period.

The Magistrate obviously had pre-determined the subpoenas invalid, thus the high profile witnesses did not turn up in any case.

When beginning his defence at the bar table Bentley gave Walter three minutes to outline his case. After one minute, Bentley, an obviously hostile former DPP employee, talked over the top of him whenever he mentioned the Corporation.

“You sit under the corporate symbol of and are a member of Peter Beattie’s corporate ‘my state’ and you have no authority outside of it,” the retired prosecutor told her.

“I am a private person not of your Corporation that is registered in Washington DC and you Madam have no authority over any citizen who is not member of a political party.

“You are a member of a corporation talking to me as a private person.”

Bentley was not going to allow Walter to get his synopsis into the court records, thus becoming a public disclosure of the corporatized government and courts with their own ABN numbers.

The Corporation has too much to lose should the already awakening public giant finally discover the treasonous path down which the political parties have led this once prosperous state and nation without its consent.

In an increasingly heated exchange between the Magistrate and Walter, he became angry as she kept talking over him in a louder and louder voice, warning she would charge him with contempt if he didn’t back down.

Any self-litigant would have reacted in a similar manner when facing such hostility particularly when one observer described the Magistrates Court system as a Roman Catholic tribunal, and a ‘pretend court’ operating under Admiralty rules in which one is unable to mount a defence against bogus charges.

In a highly charged address Walter explained the unlawfulness of the tribunal, how Beattie changed the Queensland Constitution in 2001, removing the Queen, and enshrining the public service within the corporation all without a referendum of the people

Bentley ordered an adjournment after Walter was trussed like a turkey by court officers, then taken to the caboose for re-education.

When Walter reappeared at 11.30 am he stood manacled in the witness box to hear new charges read out by Bentley.

Court officers refused his request to loosen the handcuffs which he said were cutting off his circulation.

Essentially she was charging him with contempt, ignoring her orders that he shut up, bringing the ‘court’ into disrepute, assaulting court officers, resisting arrest and other alleged, erroneous misdeeds.

Reminiscent of a Stasi operation in post-war Germany, Bentley ordered Walter undergo a mental health assessment, a favourite tool of fascist oppressors.

She warned the penalty for such terrible misdemeanours was 12 months jail and he “should consider his options” while she was in the driver’s seat as Walter continued to tell her she had no authority over him.

The magistrate adjourned the bird cage allegations for several weeks, saying a video trial would probably be arranged to hear the original charge of not including his hobby of keeping birds as an asset.

Having an unblemished 37 years service as a Northern Territory police officer and prosecutor, this man, after realising how far society had descended in the race to the bottom, unselfishly assisted citizens across the nation in their war against an unwavering, egregious and avaricious, corporate, partisan system of government.

Other than to record all public electronic communications, the corporation has been unable to deal with social media, lest it prematurely start a revolution. For now unblemished information is the only weapon of the masses.

Welcome to the dawning of the 51st American state.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Wow, scary shit. I have been in court in Victoria on my own behalf (magistrates, and consumer’s tribunal) and found that here there is still a chance of getting oneself heard a long as one is humble and not too verbose. However, I was not challenging the right of “the Crown”, or whatever this institution of legal functionaries calls itself, to judge my case. I fully agree with the sentiment that Australia needs its own new constitution, having been subjected to the cumbersome and idiotic legal structure of states and territories and Federal jurisdictions.

    See my web for some of my notions re this subject. It’s very radical at first glance, and includes ethical and “spiritual” value considerations in some of the downloads (with pictures and drawings to make it more meaningful, funny and pretty). But. in the absence of total knowledge, belief or values are the core ingredient of any system. Politics and economics, our leading religions at this time, are a sick version of religions in the absence of viable core values relevant to our times.

    Anyway, thanks for this interesting publication. regards Kay Schieren (Mr.)


  2. Unless Jane Bentley can prove she has authority, and the onus is now on her to prove it, she simply cannot jail any man or woman, without authority she must recuse herself.
    And, as you say, this woman is guilty of treason and should be dealt with accordingly. These people who call themselves ‘public servants’ are nothing but traitors, committing the crime of corporate ‘coercion’ each time they force someone to sign a document with threats of jail or asset loss.
    I often think of the John Anthony Hill v Regina case in the UK, and believe in time these traitors in the black robes will pay for their crimes, and will certainly go down in the history books as the lowest of the low.
    Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  3. The Government should hsng their heads in shame

  4. Surely the truth or otherwise of Walter’s allergations can be verified by an independant source? Either Qld is a ‘corporation or not’????

  5. Statutory corporations, not private ones. The SEC listings need to be deeply researched and they are on Forms 18K, for Foreign Governments and Political Subdivisions. David,much like Wayne Glew in WA have tauted this bullshit disinformation/defence for too long. And the Cairns News seems to just go along without any investigations of the facts of and at Law. Hmmmm

  6. These Corporate Courts have a conflict of interest at every turn. The Magistrate, the Prosecutor, the Court Officials are all employed or benefit from the State and they have a vested interest in stopping people like David at all cost.

    Now David should go after her BAR Card and Indemnity Bonds and warrant the proof of authority to deal with a living man without his consent to do so.

    Contempt of Court, is it criminal or civil.

    Once again they have failed to establish jurisdiction and if they haven’t they have no standing in their own Court.

    For those interested in precedent look up the “Kable Principle” “Star Chamber” Forge v ASIC HCA.

    It is interesting to note that such a significant event such as this gets no mention in the local paper. But some serial wanker being deported tops the list!

  7. Just another good aussie going down ,nothing to see here! it’s all good, as long as they don’t get you,! The Judge is a lying piece of absolute Trash ,who should be dumped in a toxic waste site and burned like all other waste . Just like the Police she is a gutless coward criminal whore, who has sold its soul to evil. We need a revolution to execute all traitors to Australia ,including all Paedophile Police and Gay faggot Child abusers after a Trial By jury which would give us the right under our original constitution to execute traitors . Justice is coming for the scum of this world ,personally I hope we have them executed in Public ,just like the subhuman jews do that run Saudi Arabia.

  8. “undergo a mental assessment” is becoming a familiar phrase in today’s Australia….all very 1984ish. Did George Orwell used “Adjustment Disorder” in his prophetic book? Ian Turnbull was labelled with that in the NSW Supreme Court. And George Bender? ….he surely would have qualified. Now we have David Walter. And how about the rest of us? If we won’t accept bullying, being lied to and being deprived of our rights, then it’s an easy tactic to brand us all as dissenters as “misfits” and “mental cases”. Evil knows no limit. However we do have a remedy that was guaranteed to us 800 years ago. We do outnumber these dreadful cretins and all we have to do is stand our ground armed in the knowledge of English common law.
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.

  9. Makes you wonder ? also I cant work out why we didn’t find out until after, that he was at court ,getting victimised by the unlawful traitors /criminals . Trial by jury would fix it all ,and like John Wilson says there are a lot more of US than them ,so why don’t we smash them ? with some real justice ? To scared ,To busy ,don’t care? to brainwashed .

  10. Jeffrey Wallis

    Look up utub. And there a hundred would be in court with the plaintiff.
    And as soon as the judge starts the the act
    Of treason .All help arrest the judge
    Have all the charges already written.
    March him of the the police to lock up.
    Get your supporters listed as witnesses.
    So they do not pull the cunning ploy
    Of closed court..
    So these hundred are listed as wittness
    So have to be there .
    This is only way to win.
    History backs this up. France Russia
    England way back.
    Know modern times. Look to Latin American country’s.
    .This is how the British have done to get out
    Of the Ue.
    Government new beat

  11. “Just like the subhuman do that run Saudi Arabia” Please explain what you mean n have you any proof backing your information.

  12. GTg, Feel free to search the web that will return a host of information on the subject. If Google lives up to it’s low order search capabilities try the internet archive where all is stored… Ed

  13. Yes that’s right , its all over the web ,and don’t be afraid like the rest of the dumbed down aussies , to say JEW subhuman lying jew at that ,the father of lies , the truth will set you free, if it doesn’t go to Harold Rosenthal’s speech about the jews, or Martin Luther 1500 ,or Benjamin Freedman 1962, or Henry Ford 1925? its all there , enjoy waking up to the jew, and remember When Hitler came to Power despite jews being below 2% of the population , they occupied every position of Power, funny that have a look around today in Israelia , and a lying subhuman jew occupies every position of power there is . , is History repeating itself ? Does a Jew lie? are the royals Jewish ? was Dianna a jew yes yes yes yes .time to kick the jews out of the 110th country.FTNWO

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