Queensland Brown Shirt armada drags farmer off to jail

Queensland living up to its reputation as a police state

Banking Royal Commission must start now



Warwick Yates principal of Ferrier Hodgson invasion team leader

The corrupt legal system and Netherlands-based Rabobank have skinned another scalp, this time a farming family living near Prarie, 400 klm west of Townsville.

Seven carloads of armed police and two carloads of receivers arrived at the Bradshaw cattle property Laurelvale near Prarie on February 1 at the behest of dodgy receivers Ferrier Hodgson who then took possession of the property allegedly due to non-payment of a loan.

Accompanying the intimidating police armada was a locksmith from Thuringowa Locksmiths and Locksmiths Services near Townsville, Will Caldwell and Warwick Yates (pictured) from receivers Ferrier Hodgson Brisbane and Gadens Lawyers solicitor Scott Couper of Brisbane.


Neil Bradshaw marched off by the enforcers

Neil Bradshaw, 29, the son of Lloyd and Noeline Bradshaw was arrested at Laurelvale Station and dragged off by two burly police officers then taken 200 klm to Charters Towers police station.

He was charged with obstructing police and assault. Neil says he did not at any time intentionally assault police.

Bail conditions set by the attending sergeant prevent Neil from going back to his home on the property.

He said the police told him they were there to protect the bailiff and arrived in such force because like every rural property the Bradshaws had firearms in their possession.

As can be found on most family run properties, Neil owns cattle running on the station and machinery which he believes will be stolen by the receivers.

“My cattle are not mortgaged and nor is the machinery, but I won’t get them back from this lot. I have been told they are mustering my cattle right now,” Mr Bradshaw said.


Seven police vehicle armada and and army of enforcers arriving

“Both properties are in drought declared shires although we have had good rain it will take us years to recover from the worst drought in history.

“We produce hay but instead of selling it we kept our own cattle alive for three years and if we didn’t do this Rabobank would have had no stock to sell at all.

“We were offered $700,000 for Laurelvale in the middle of a drought but its real value is $2.2 million and our debt is supposed to be $5 million because Rabobank has pushed it up with all their charges with the receivers.

“If we sold Laurelvale with 850 head we could pay them out but they wouldn’t accept our offer and they said they don’t want it because they can’t get the true value.”

In similar circumstances to scores of other fire sales the banks and receivers enforce unreasonable demands to make debt reductions and generally forbid moving stock to other properties with good feed.

In one case at Charters Towers in 2015 receivers Korda Mentha allowed at least 500 head of cattle to perish because the owners were not allowed to shift the cattle to agistment and the receivers had provided no money to feed them.

In this case Mr Bradshaw said Rabobank demanded the family pay the entire debt “straight away.”

“They are trying to get their hands on Ballabay Station(Pentland) too, so my parents have worked for a lifetime for nothing,” he said.

Member for Dalrymnple Shane Knuth of Katters Australia Party has been following the case and is critical of the legal system that allows such travesties to occur.

“These people have committed no crime and contributed so much to their community over many years,” Mr Knuth said.

“They have been heavily involved in Landcare and supporting the beef industry. It is not their fault they copped five years of drought and a government enforced live cattle export ban.

“It will take them up to five years to recover from this drought.

“This episode demonstrates a clear demand for a Royal Commission into banking.


Enforcers at the gate


Cattle producers and agents are warned not to buy or deal with cattle with the following brands, which are not mortgaged to Rabobank and belong to Neil Bradshaw:

9G2 (script)   UE9  (script)

Described as Brahman cross cows and calves; greys and reds; heifers and steers greys and reds some with Bazadais cross.

These cattle are listed on Personal Property Securities Register and legally cannot be sold without the owner’s permission.  Neil Bradshaw has a registered interest and has a superior claim to that of the receivers, according to legal advice.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. What absolute thugs these corporate thugs and their prostitutes the cops are.
    I cant wait to see them in our courts under our full liability and full prejudice for justice to be served


  2. What does anyone expect when the inalienable Right to Trial by Jury is taken away????
    Knock. Knock.
    Who’s there?
    Ima who?
    Ima going to take you away, ha,ha.


  3. How about Shane Knuth actually does something by petitioning the government to change legislation, rather than blaming ‘the legal system’. It’s like he forgets that government (which he is a member of) creates the laws. The legal system, including the police only interpret and enforce it. The government is the farmers only hope here. You can buy time, but unfortunately not 5 years to get themselves back on track.


  4. I am absolutely disgusted at the way the government is heading.They are doing the bidding of the UN and One World Government (read Agenda 21/30) where we will have NO rights and will be under international sovereignty.This is what it is leading up to.It sounds paranoid but is actually happening, as you can see.I feel so sad…and angry…at the plight of these good people…we have to make a change in government and get the laws changed.Go Pauline! Go Bob Katter! Bring back Aussie values.


  5. Albert Eastaughffe

    This is why there must be a royal commission into all bank actions . They should not be able to take things that are not under a mortgage agreement !


  6. Hi Annie,
    You are so right and to an extent that is frightening,
    The UN already controls how we live here in Queensland through two UN agencies that are unknown to 99. 999999 recurring to everyone,they are
    1. The ICC ( The International Code Council) that QLG A implement all the regulations that we live under.
    2. ICLEI ( International Coalition of Local Environment Initative) this is the enforcement arm that ensures all our Local Councils operate under as they have been training them for the last twenty(20) yes twenty years and those in controll know or should know what is being done.
    Look the above up on the internet and if you want to contact me through the following email, jks2009@xplornet.com


  7. How is our Great (ha ha ha) prime Minister letting this happen?


  8. From the looks of things on the right hand column you are pro gun, support the theory that the first people to arrive here were the British, you hate Muslims and immigrants and feel threatened by those who want to protect the environment. ,


  9. Hi Luke we suggest you do a search of this site using the search bar in the right hand column. Search for ‘Phoenicians’
    That should alleviate your concerns. Pro-gun, yep we support Senator Leyonhjelm’s push to allow every law abiding citizen to carry a firearm and to remove the firearm registries. After all Australia is the 51st state of America.Ed


  10. My name is Greg Strickland. I am having a similar problem.

    1) My house @ 7 Kennedy st Mackay Qld 4740 was sold by Credit Union Australia, ANZ & HWL Ebsworth Lawyers to another party without my consent & without having a legally binding contract. ANZ now want to discuss the matter as my facebook statements are not comments they like on their facebook page I imagine. I have informed ANZ to contact CUA & come up with a suitable solution you know just like they did when they fraudulently conspired together to sell 7 Kennedy st Mackay Qld 4740.

    2) Credit Union Australia together with HWL Ebsworth Lawyers have informed me they will be evicting me from my home @ 41 Belmore Street Collinsville Qld 4804 @ 9am on the 20th of February 2017. Without my consent or a legally binding contract. I have also been going full boar on facebook on CUA account. CUA rang me on Friday just gone & started off trying to stand over I asked if this conversation was being recorded Gordon said no so I asked to have our conversation recorded. I explained my stance after enduring a torrent of stand over tactics by remaining calm & maintaining my position. Surprise, surprise, surprise CUA have now stayed the Sheriff @ this stage & are conducting a review.

    Should you like to discuss this further my contact points are

    m. 0427 543 889

    e. gregnstrickland@gmail.com

    I would also like to discuss some alternatives with Neil Bradshaw if you are able to help with this connection?


  11. Hi Greg we get many similar cases to yours. I suggest you contact another Greg in Cairns at (gregt51@hotmail.com) who might help.Editor


  12. I am a mother of two young children , and my home was mortgaged with cba bank , but many middle unscrupulous companies inside this Com bank have takeover all my financials, identity theft, all home loan amounts financials personal details and equity, breached my privacy handing out freely all h/L amounts , a settlement amount to An unscrupulous group network under no instructions by myself , the sole Reg owner. The group own stamps lodgers court teams district bailiffs Gadens paralegals Tamara holden aka Tamara Anderson, Caldwell , Gordon Medley , Queensland police acting public servants & associates of big men with no warrant , judgement dates are many with no hearing or service or consent, enforce entry picking locks, assaulting a mother in front of children in their own home . Arresting assaulting breach all codes of conduct without Any Identity no qld police badges but all weapons and paddy wagon, with trucks Utes and Unknown locksmiths from afar 3hrs. This home is unlawfully Auctioned with no warrant or signatures-Only a created letter with Helplines No signature handwritten envelope and 2 Visa cards bwhich are an known Scam, Fraud as alerted by cba , Now all we hold are scam Visa cards ( visa is not cba bank) No home, no money, a home going to scam auction – a CBA banking dark sticky web where No cba manager or staff are willing to know and Zero help given. We need voices, support to stop this mortgage fraud , money laundering offshore robot Scams Bank Cartels operating inside Australia’s big banks ,


  13. Mera we have sent your comments to independent bank investigators. They could contact you if they can assist.Ed


  14. Thanks cairns news. A new world of Con Banking that’s for sure. Who Can you Trust? Big cartels thugs takeover, identity theft home mortgage fraud by Elite syndicates inside the Big Four with PM Malcolm Turnbull Bull turning a big blind eye to Australia’s CBA Government bank- the CON Bank .Bullying Mothers evicting Children into the streets ,!Homeless but Con couldn’t care ! No CON Bank Manager In sight???? Rotten to the apple core. However while Australia’s in Disarray , we Hold 2 Visa SHAM Cards , what a CON!! . Worthless CBA Con Scammers !!! Why are we Punished for being a Family? Why are we punished for holding a Home loan and equity with CBA Commonwealth bank Australia?Why are we punished for their Breaches handing our private All information & home H/L with CBA to an Evil syndicate inside the CBA Con bank?? I know the Victims ,Australia’s poor Farmers , our backboard of Australia & myself a Mother of Two children, had we known this 11 years ago , I wouldn’t have touched them that’s for Faaaark CON Sure!!! A CON BANK ! Is there a 1 one nation and malcolm Roberts senate inquiry forum to voice . Just some of this will EXPOSE the corruption – Thank you as in need of assistance & our home asap, it’s urgent we make this a Global Concern


  15. Would someone like to read our Australian Constitution in that what has occurred to the Bradshaw’s is illegal .


  16. Having issue regarding dispute resolution? Contact us on I Am Not A Number, We essentially help individuals to complain to companies and try to get them their money back. We do this on a no win, no fee basis. Our primary focus to date has been on Financial matters, however we’re looking to expand out to a number of things like fair work, bills, flights, travel, products etc.


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