Senator’s report reveals prior knowledge of Port Arthur incident

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Parry must break silence on post-massacre report

A senator has refused to comment about allegations he had prior knowledge of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 when 35 innocent people were killed in a precision shooting operation.

Another 23 men, women and children were wounded by a trained and methodical gunman with long blond hair.

Revelations by Austrian-based author and researcher, Keith Noble, that Senator Stephen Parry had prior knowledge of the shootings, have not been refuted.

Parry at the time was a qualified embalmer and a former member of Tasmania Police who led a team of embalmers which handled the bodies in 1996.

An Australian, Mr Noble is leading a campaign to free accused shooter Martin Bryant from Risdon Gaol in Tasmania.

A paper written and presented in 1997 by Stephen Parry entitled ‘Port Arthur Massacre – AFDA National Embalming Team – Detailed Report’, that appears in a little-known book entitled ‘PORT ARTHUR SEMINAR PAPERS: A record of the Port Arthur Seminar’, 11-12 March, 1997, Melbourne, Victoria (ISBN 0642271364) clearly shows the incident that rocked a nation was planned.

In his 16 page, disturbing 1997 paper, Senator Parry stated in the following passage :

“I was particularly impressed by the quick response and initiatives by some of the team members in packaging and collecting equipment.

The response time and the amount of equipment quickly relocated was fantastic. One firm in particular, Nelson Brothers, had organised for an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident. These two containers were the envy of all embalmers and worked extremely well.

I would suggest that design specifications may be available from this firm for any future considerations by other firms.” (highlighted by CN)

Parry reveals the funeral services company of Nelson Brothers in Melbourne, Victoria, had undertaken preparations prior to the shooting.


President of the senate, Liberal Party Senator Stephen Parry

According to Wikipedia:

“Parry was born on 31 October 1960 in Burnie, Tasmania, to William Stephen Parry and Patricia Dawn Evans. He was educated at Burnie’s Marist Regional College after which he enrolled at the Tasmanian Police Academy in Hobart.

Parry was employed as an officer with the Tasmanian Police from 1977 to 1986, and was promoted to Detective in 1983. After leaving the police force, he completed a certificate in Mortuary Science at the Australian College of Funeral Service, and was a funeral director from 1986 to 2004, becoming president of the Australian Funeral Directors Association. Parry was also president of the Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2000 to 2004, and a director of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2000 to 2005.”

In 2004, Parry was elected to the Australian Senate for the State of Tasmania as a member of the Liberal Party.

Senator Parry was eminently qualified to lead the embalming team and as such his published comments would have to be accurate.

On February 26 he was emailed a ‘Show Cause’ notice by Keith Noble who accused the Senate Leader of having prior knowledge of the tragedy.

As of going to print Mr Noble says he has had no acknowledgement or reply from senator Parry.

Cairns News emailed senator Parry’s office with a copy of the notice but he had not responded at the time of going to print.

In furthering his moves to get Bryant out of gaol, Mr Noble told Cairns News there is an abundance of available evidence that the Tasmania Police refuse to acknowledge, clearly indicating Bryant is innocent.

“There was no trial, no coronial inquest, no public enquiry, no royal commission,” Mr Noble said.

“The story pushed by authorities that a trial would have been upsetting is the way the State has kept its crimes concealed from the public.

“John Howard was the worst Prime Minister Australia has ever had, and he encouraged the Liberal Party in Tasmania not to give innocent Martin a trial.


 Howard’s agenda disarmed Australia utilising patsy Martin Bryant as the scapegoat

“Howard, who is also a qualified lawyer, spoke out to have Martin denied his legal rights and he never had proper legal representation and was kept in isolation for over six months.

“His lawyer at the time John Avery, who was convicted in 2008 for misappropriating and stealing $512,000, forced Martin to change his not guilty plea.

“He is another person who played the game after the official incident at Port Arthur. This is the depth to which the legal system in Tasmania has been taken over by corrupt lawyers, which includes that other pair of mongrels who wrongly prosecuted and convicted innocent Martin, Damian Bugg and William Cox.”

Mr Noble said the incident at Port Arthur was a premeditated, planned, and professionally perpetrated act of psycho-terror undertaken by the State to coerce the public into accepting firearm legislation.

“Martin Bryant is the patsy,” he said.



Martin Bryant”The Patsy”

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    Thank you Cairns News. Reactions – negative reactions – about Stephen Parry and Nelson Brothers Funeral Services in Melbourne, Victoria, has been coming in from around the world. In Parry’s own words in a government publication – special embalming equipment was “manufactured ready for the incident.” Your readers wanting the details can get them from me: & Will keep Cairns News informed about what the Senate does. Will the senators cover up (lie) for Parry? Or, will the senators demand he reveal everything he knows to the people of Australia? Suggest you contact your senator and bore it up her/him. Enough is enough. Martin Bryant should be released from prison immediately on humanitarian grounds – and, because he is INNOCENT!

  2. 18thcenturylivinghistory

    Obviously there has been a huge cover-up here regardless of whether or not Bryant was involved in the shootings. People KNEW this was going down, & my biggest concern is; if the government did do this, then they can do it again.

  3. If substantiated this will validate my thoughts.

  4. Pigs bum and if you wanna know, just f*&^% ask, I can tell you something, I have typed it out before but to lazy and would want to omit certain info given etc etc, To all the PPL that wanna think this above, you are wrong, and I happen to know and am willing to tell any reporter or otherwise or anybody writing a book or or or.

    I happened upon this mans life when I ran away from QLD police to go live in Tassie for 8 years or so, its a small place and Ive a great memory, I met alot of locals in that time and imparticularly one of the two of this blokes mates that I met and interacted with …blah blah blah. This PERSON Bryant did so do it and was planning worse. This post is full of IT, no matter how well constructed… and I happen to know. I am not guessing. If you people free this man ever it will be a mistake.

  5. I could see that was a dis arming tactic at the time, but was called silly names for suggesting it.

  6. clark mcclafferty

    Wonder what Jackie Lambie has to say about this???

  7. I’ve been called a conspirator for 20 years of my life because I believe a man is innocent and a great injustice was perpetrated at Port Arthur. But better to be called names than live with myself because I did nothing.

  8. Who’s to say they already haven’t and continue too?

  9. Yes we knew at all times that Martin had not the ability to carry out such an act.It was the act of a very very accomplished rifleman with a very high I Q and a nerve that takes much practice to keep the COOL, The gov members including John Ho should be put in a pen that will prevent any further such acts.Also Martin should be compensated at the perpetrators cost.however “‘dream on”

  10. …you all need to get off the bong.

  11. If there was a conspiracy, why would those responsible make those arrangements? The goal would be to have as few people involved as possible to minimise the risk of exposure. Conspiracy 101 stuff. The idea that murderous conspirators would make arrangements for the transport of the dead is pretty silly.

    Far more likely is just a poorly written report

  12. Mike some of the people in the loop were also killed that day… way of getting rid of loose ends. You really should read up on the whole disgusting mess before you make such ill-informed comments.


    MIKE, This admission by Stephen Parry is very serious. It is related to an incident in which 35 people were killed and 23 were wounded. A SHOW CAUSE NOTICE (24 FEB 2016) was directed to him and members of the Australian Senate. Parry did not reply, nor did anyone on his behalf. An INTERNATIONAL MEDIA RELEASE (26 FEB 2016) was directed to him and members of the Australian Senate. Parry did not reply, nor did anyone on his behalf. It is my understanding Cairns News emailed Parry and asked him to explain. Parry did not reply, nor did anyone on his behalf. A MASSACRE NOTICE (5 MAR 2016) was directed to him and the Australian Senate. Parry has not replied, nor has anyone on his behalf. On Sunday evening (6 MAR 2016) in Australia, Channel 7 rehashed the corrupt official narrative and attempted, I have been told, to rehabilitate that criminal and corrupt ex-lawyer John Avery who coerced innocent Martin Bryant to abandon his NOT guilty plea. Avery was Martin’s defence lawyer – yet Avery coerced Martin, who had been kept isolated for over six months, to accept Avery’s plea of guilty. This gross injustice broadcast as entertainment is unacceptable. So too is a senator who fails to act promptly to clarify a massacre-related matter so significant in Australia. It is easy to dismiss a lot of things related to the Port Arthur massacre – if you rely on your opinion or that of others. To say Stephen Parry made a mistake in his paper is not acceptable. Parry was involved with the embalming of the bodies (25) after the massacre. Parry knew his paper was going to be presented to a senior and attentive audience. Whether Parry or someone else read Parry’s paper in its entirety to those who attended that seminar is not known by me. It is doubted. Seminars are nor reading fests. Frequently, presenters just give the essence of their papers which later appears in a summary publication. Parry’s paper appears in the book titled: PORT ARTHUR SEMINAR PAPERS (1997). And on p. 112, Parry states: “One firm in particular, Nelson Brothers, had organised for an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident.” Clearly, Parry wrote about the Port Arthur Massacre incident. Parry has until 16 MAR 2016 to explain himself in full in the form of a sworn Affidavit. He has already had ample time to clarify his words to all Australians, to Cairns News, to me. But Parry has not. And until he does, we can only believe his words mean what they mean in an English dictionary. To say Parry really meant something else is apologistic. What is the most disturbing thing about all of this is that there was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO public enquiry, NO royal commission, etc. after the terrible incident at and near Port Arthur in 1996. An innocent mentally-handicapped boy-man with a 66IQ has been incarcerated for 20 years. The people of Australia, which includes families, relatives, and friends of the victims, have been denied truth and justice. Now, Australians are about to see whether the Australian senator Stephen Parry will tell the truth – the whole truth.

  14. Conspiracy rubbish. Whether Martin was a pawn or not for the government , he is still responsible for is actions in killing 35 innocent people in cold blooded murder. I’m sure if they were one of my family members, I would not like to see him released back into the free world again and wait for the next incident to happen. After watching Sunday night I believe that he knew what he had done or what he was involved in but played the smart card stringing police along. I think releasing this man back to society would be a major mistake. You get raised on belief that your responsible for your actions and what ever actions you take you pay the consequences.

  15. Which fails to address my point. It’s utterly ludicrous to think a conspiratorial group set on killing people in such an event would take the added risk of exposure from making such needless arrangements. It’s unwarranted design. They’re happy to kill people but want to make sure the bodies have good transport? Please. Such a conspiracy would be run by people who know better.

  16. Everyone has a price to keep quiet about things just think bout that


    MIKE, Using the word conspiracy is not helpful. It is derogatory and reveals your closed mind. People I know who are investigating the Port Arthur Massacre are not set on identifying conspirators and some grand conspiracy. They start out with known undeniable facts – then say, what does this mean? For example, they say there was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO public enquiry, NO royal commission, etc. This is undeniable. And what it means is that mentally-handicapped Martin Bryant has been denied his legal rights, and leading up to this is the fact he was denied his human rights. Being kept in isolation for over six months without proper legal representation, a guardian (which he was supposed to have as per a 1994 guardianship order), contact with his mother and sister, etc. is appalling abuse. For anyone to describe this negatively using the word conspiracy as a noun and as an adjective is ridiculous. You clearly have opinions on parts of the incident at Port Arthur. But you do not know with certainty because you do not have all the facts. But regardless, you interpret your opinion as a certain truth: “Such a conspiracy would be run by people who know better.” You are telling us how a conspiracy – your word – would be conducted. You think you know. And in fact, you use the definitive phrase “would be” as if your opinion was the truth. Well it isn’t Mike. It could be, it might be, it may be, but you can’t and haven’t proved it is. Be careful with absolute terms. Next thing, you write about “a conspiratorial group.” But you don’t know if there was such a group, whether there was more than one group (conspiratorial or otherwise), or what the group(s) did, or what the plan(s) was/were. It has been suggested that two things were going on at the same time at Port Arthur. A planned benign exercise with all that entails, and a planned sinister exercise with all that entails. One incident in which such a reality played out is the 7/7 incident in London in 2005. (read TERROR ON THE TUBE by Nick Kollerstrom) Mike, I suggest you do three things: 1. Stop thinking and writing as if you know about all aspects of the incident at Port Arthur. Expressing your opinion as the truth is not helpful to you or your readers; 2. Start thinking why Tasmania ensured there was no proper investigation of the Port Arthur incident with a credible report being released to the public; and, 3. Start thinking about innocent Martin Bryant (66IQ) being incarcerated for 20 years without a shred of hard evidence ever being presented, tested, and proved in a sound trial. All there has been is more opinions, more assumptions, more corrupt conclusions presented as the truth. There are lots of things we do not know about the incident at Port Arthur. One of them that has been detected is the questionable role and a statement made by Stephen Parry. Now if everything he was involved with in relation to that incident is benign, and if what he stated in his seminar paper is benign, then he will have no trouble swearing a detailed Affidavit which can be presented to the people of Australia. But if Parry refuses to swear a detailed Affidavit explaining himself, then this will be a very suspicious fact. Am sure that you agree with me, the president of the Senate of Australia should be beyond suspicion. (Suggest you read LEAKED DOCUMENTS and learn what the witnesses stated. Especially the witnesses who wrote that Martin Bryant was NOT the gunman. pdf from

  18. I would suggest people read and listen to what Wendy Scurr has said about this incident. After all she was at Port Arthur on the day and was THE ‘first responder’ after the event.Her presentations at the Inverell Forum are all available on line.

  19. Mike the words your looking for is False Flag Not (conspiracy)

  20. This is an utterly ridiculous story, twisting the words of the embalmer to suit his own argument, while no attention whatsoever is paid to Martin’s actual words: his admittance of guilt.

  21. “After watching Sunday night I believe that he knew what he had done or what he was involved in but played the smart card stringing the police along…”.

    What you believe in by watching what was on Sunday night television and what reality is, well, staggering to say the least…

  22. George Drysdale

    John it is great we have the ability to voice opinions as you have done here without research relying on your ability to follow the bouncing ball served by the spin doctors in power. It does raise concern you are allowed to vote and sustain the status quo.

  23. Thanks John for your decisive interpretation of direct evidence. We watched the Channel 7 story, but Cairns News had already pre-empted its script in the piece by researcher Keith Noble published several days beforehand. Did you watch the same Channel 7 psy-op that we did on Sunday? The only thing poor mentally handicapped Bryant agreed to was putting a male in the boot of a car. But he was so hyped up and still under the effect of the psychological conditioning he had been given over the preceding two years, since he attended the Tavistock Institute in the UK he had no concept or understanding what he was doing or saying during the very basic police interview. We suggest you do your homework as we have.

  24. Robert the Rose Horse

    You don’t have to be too accomplished to kill people at point blank range. Once he moved outside and had to shoot at targets from a distance he couldn’t hit them.

    Doesn’t require a high I.Q., I’d suggest that having a very low I.Q. made it easier for him due to lack of empathy for his victims.

    The low I.Q. probably accounts for your, ‘Nerve that takes much practice to keep the COOL’.

  25. Always said it was a setup by the Howard Govt to take the firearms off the legal licensed owners

  26. No one person can kill some people in that short time frame and someone with a mental illness could not and will have the power to shoot so many people it takes more then one person to shoot that many people in that short time frame.

  27. You people make me sick to my stomache, you are as deranged as Bryant, what goal does the government score by killing 35 people and injuring 23 more. what thought process’ run through your head, to control guns? To scare the population? Unfortunately there are sick people in this world of varying degrees. Bryant is one of them and so are you. The only difference is you poison minds with ” personal theory ” that is abhorrent to others but makes compleate sense to you. Thank god that you are just a small minded deranged person that obviously has no reach to spread you drivel and muck raking. I have read the report you claim to get your ” facts ” from, and can see that a mind such as yours turns and twists things to suit yourself. You talk about government spin doctors, you are your own spin doctor. I suppose Joseph Gobbels was misunderstood, Himmler was misquoted and the German and Japanese pow camps were in fact holiday retreats. You kind sir are a moron and need to pull your head in.

  28. I found it strange that one man could walk around the areas he did shooting random people where were the police how could he have that amount of time to do this just a question I’ve asked over the years since

  29. Obviously the writer of this column didn’t watch the Mike Wilisee Sunday Night show that was on last night. There is no doubt Bryant was the shooter however how a crazy like that was able to acquire that many weapons that is what we should be asking

  30. Robert Newitt

    I am so sick and tired of all you people who think that this was a government sanctioned action……
    First of all, the majority of people who have commented here know very little about what happened, except what was reported by the media…….
    I lived on the Tasman Peninsula for 7 years, and worked at Port Arthur on a work for the dole scheme for 6 months from memory.
    My wife started work there as a Ghost Tour Guide before gaining employment there.
    She was on duty on the day of the incident, and was working at a strategic position to the Broad Arrow Cafe.
    There is a lot that most people don’t know about the location of Port Arthur and the Broad Arrow Cafe.
    Too many times I’ve heard people say “he couldn’t have shot that many people in that short a time”, or “a qualified person couldn’t have killed that many people”.
    The Broad Arrow Cafe was a small cafe, that when tourists were there, was mostly crowded, and really not big enough for the purpose that it served.
    The majority of people have never fired a high powered automatic weapon, and as such have no idea about the “kill rate” that these weapons are capable of.
    What my wife did on that day has never been reported. We went to great lengths to keep her out of the media, and her story has never been told to the best of my knowledge.
    She watched Martyn Bryant chase the bus driver around the bus and shoot him, before leaving the “Port”.
    She was one of the first people there, and as an employee, it was her duty of care to look after the wounded and the remaining tourists alike.
    What she did after he left was nothing short of heroic, and something that I would not wish on any one.
    Never in any of the media reports have I ever heard anything about the young Asian lady that was sitting at the table with the fork to her mouth, dead.
    Never in any media reports have I heard anything about the Victorian S.O.G officers that were on station at the time of his capture (my sister also worked as a Parliamentary Secretary at the time, and knew something about this).
    The only thing I’ve ever heard is people who were not there, and didn’t know anyone there, telling me what happened. And to put it honestly….you’re all wrong.
    My wife got home about midnight after the event, and we sat an talked for a few hours about what had happened, so I believe that I have a better understanding, and more knowledge about it than most people.
    So when I see what most of you (including the Media) are writing or saying about this, I know for a fact that you are entirely wrong.
    Stop your conspiracy theories, ans stop saying that it is something more than what it is.
    Simply, it was one man, who is not all there, wanting to be recognised and accepted by people, and that’s how he went about it, end of story.
    I am more than happy to tell anyone what happened on that day, but you have to be prepared to listen to the truth, not some beat up story that someone wants to tell, just to get their name “up in lights”.
    I personally knew most of the people who were working there on that day, and had a lot of personal interaction with them.
    So please, for the sake of those of us that have to live with this, still to this day, and probably until we end our days, stop your ridiculous load of crap.

  31. Robert Newitt

    once again Frank McMaster, you along with a lot of other people have no idea about the geographical location of Port Arthur…..It’s an isolated place, with only one police officer located there at Nubeena, the next Police officer is at Dunalley. These are single police stations. The next largest police station is at Sorell. I suggest that you look these locations up on Google Earth, and you will get a better understanding of things, and how he could have had the time…….
    How do I know this ?? My wife was working there on that day……I know more than most of you, and as I also worked there, I know about the layout of the Broad Arrow Cafe….which once again, most of you do not…..

  32. They say to achieve that number of kills shooting from the hip (as wittiness statements revealed), could only be done by an expedience makesman.

  33. “I saw it on TV so it must be true”.

    A lot of people drink the kool-aid but populist opinion doesn’t make it factually correct. The sad thing is that some people when axiomatically challenged, shut down all rational and logical thinking. The enormity of it all simply overwhelms them so they become aggressive and even more confused. They tend to label people as conspiracy theorists (in a derogatory sense) but are unable to do any basic research themselves as it is too confronting.


    No one has twisted the words of the embalmer (Stephen Parry the senator). The are quoted verbatim. To say otherwise is plain stupidity. Secondly, Martin had an IQ of 66. (What must it have sunk to now after 20 years off wrongful imprisonment?). Intellectually, he was in the lowest 2 percent of the population. Martin was also and illegally isolated for over six months – APR to NOV 1996. During that time he was intimidated and coerced. he was told he would not see his family again if he kept pleading NOT guilty. Also during that time, Martin had no proper legal representation. So there was a mentally-handicapped boy-man, under stress and duress, without proper legal representation, and the unethical scum lawyer (John Avery) who was suppose to defend Martin was telling Martin he had to plead guilty. This is the flawed foundation for the State refusing to have a trial for Martin Bryant. Note what the barrister-author Chester Porter states in his book The Conviction of the Innocent: “If a person has an IQ of seventy, it is not very difficult for experienced detectives to persuade him of her to confess to almost anything.” p. 19 Martin was savaged by experience police interviewers, at least one psychiatrist, and that scum Avery. Quite simply, Martin was defenceless and they broke him. To say that a retarded person, in such a stressed situation involving manipulation by ill-intended people, freely admitted guilt is a statement of callous stupidity.

  35. Biggest load of crap I’ve read. Anything big that happens in the world it must be cover up. I can’t believe the amount of people out there who think Bryant is innocent and that It was planned by the Government. I think you should all get your own IQ tests done.

  36. There was always doubt about Bryant guilt.If all witnesses had been called before a jury trial he could not have been convicted .John Howard and his entire cabinet should die in jail for their crimes .

  37. I agree, conspiracy theory BS. 1 man with too much automatic firepower. A child could kill more given those weapons and the right situation.

  38. I agree with Rick Johnson. And I believe this being out and about now is to do damage to the liberal government and any respect the people have for Howard. I believe we will get lots of this from now till election and the Union run labor party are in full swing of manipulating the Australian people as they have done now for a few years and union has plenty of money and media help.

  39. Doreen there are many more people than just some Liberals involved in this tragedy. We suggest you scroll back through this site and you will find much evidence previously published from several years ago. We have no partisan preference, just as long as the wrecking ball triumverate of the Liberals, Labor and the Greens are unable to form a government. Editor

  40. Have just finished reading all the comments in relation to The Port Arthur Massacre and unfortunately the one thing that has always been obvious is that Mathew Bryant could never have had the intelligence to carry out these killings. Am a retired secretary of 25 years from my local firearms club and to do this massacre would require huge amounts of training and firearms knowledge. Something he never had. My heart goes out to all the people who suffered and are still suffering, but to know the knowledge of particular firearms just makes the more plausible that Mathew Bryant was a pawn in a system that was hell bent on disarming the public of Australia.

  41. “Ready for the incident” means AFTER it happened ! The incident went on for half a day and updates were broadcast live on the news. The bodes would’ve been kept in cold storage first and then embalmed later.

  42. Davo: Saying it’s not a conspiracy theory, it was a false flag operation is like looking at a quadrupedal mammal that barks and saying “It’s not a dog, it’s a poodle.”

  43. Sorry Dianne, I think you mean “Martin” Not “Mathew”. I have seen the videos of Martin Bryant.. It certainly make one wonder.. I don’t think he was capable of it (murder)

  44. Keith: Conspiracy is a correct and appropriate word to use. You are not just a conspiracy theorist, but a (wannabe?) professional conspiracy theorist on this and other conspiracy theories.

    You are promoting a conspiracy theory – a theory that would involve several levels of government and some private actors. If we are to entertain your theory, we should ask ourselves what we should expect to find if the theory were true. We should not expect a mass murdering cabal of conspiracists to make arrangements for morgue equipment, which is plainly not the case and would be counter to the goal you claim they pursued.

    The quoted text is most like a reference to equipment made quickly in the response for use in morgue proceedings. The paragraph is explicitly noting how fast equipment was made available – “The response time…” tells us they were responding to the incident. A poor wording gives the conspiratorially minded something to go on.

    As for why people aren’t responding to your demands, why would they? Let’s say that Parry released the affidavit you demand. Would you then say “Oh, well that’s that then”. No, you would accuse him of lying and demand he testify under oath. If he did that, you still wouldn’t accept it. He knows that you are a crank with a history of harassing people, even the bereaved.

    Your “startling new information” is nothing of the kind. It does not prove, or even support, your claim that the incident was planned by the government.

    You are a troll, a ghoul, a crank, and, yes, a conspiracy theorist.


    MIKE: You continue to write silliness. Either you did not read or you do not understand what I wrote. You have interpreted Stephen Parry’s words to suit your unproved assumptions about the incident at Port Arthur. You also seem to define the meaning of words differently to how they are defined in an English dictionary. Parry has been given the opportunity to explain himself. Given the seriousness of the matter it behooves him to clarify it to the people of Australia. An Affidavit is a sworn document – it is tautological to use the phrase sworn Affidavit, because that is what an Affidavit is – a sworn document. I used the adjective sworn to tell readers a significant point about what an Affidavit is, as many (most?) readers have no experience with this legal instrument. It is a serious document for serious matters, and Parry’s words are serious. Parry has until 16 MAR 2016 to provide an Affidavit explaining his words and himself. There is no conspiracy there Mike. After working for several years with good investigators trying to get to the bottom of the 1996 incident at Port Arthur, it is telling that those people who keep blathering and using the word conspiracy and the phrase conspiracy theory/theorist – as you have – are those who are convinced the official narrative is completely correct in all aspects. But it isn’t. People like me say words which upsets people like you because you think you know everything about the incident. But you don’t. Words that challenge your unproved assumptions cause dissonance in your mind. You get upset and call people silly names just as you have done to me and it is reasonable to believe you have done to others who have raised legitimate concerns and questions which have not been addressed or answered. (What embalmer Stephen Parry has stated in his embalming paper is one of these concerns.) Why did the cops not lift the fingerprints off the objects that the gunman handled in the Broad Arrow Cafe? He left those objects there. They can be seen in the police video. If Martin Bryant was the gunman, his fingerprints would have been all over them. But there is NO fingerprint evidence in the entire case. And NO DNA evidence. And no GSR evidence. In fact, NO forensic evidence of any kind. You have no certain knowledge (or do you?) about why Helene & Robert Salzmann were sitting inside a yellow Volvo with a gunman at the tollbooth at the Port Arthur Historic Site. Witnesses only a few metres away who saw them have stated this in writing – read LEAKED DOCUMENTS; copy from – and there is no official explanation. What happened to that red Commodore vehicle that the mysterious Thomas & Debra Buckley abandoned at the tollbooth? It just disappeared in the official narrative. Who drove it away? Who was in it? How can the same(?) gunman arrive for the massacre looking worn and rough around the edges end up looking fresh and tidy on his way to Seascape? Witnesses have stated this in writing. Was it the same gunman? How could it be? There is no conspiracy there Mike – witnesses have said it in writing. Three Tasmanian cops have written that they saw a black-haired woman running naked and screaming on the Seascape property late Sunday afternoon. It was not the grey-haired co-owner (Mrs. Martin) of Seascape because the official narrative says she was killed around midday. So people like me would like to know who exactly that black-haired woman was. And why was she running naked and screaming at Seascape? And where is she now? Is she dead, or alive? What ever happened to those handcuffs Martin Bryant was said to have used at Seascape? They were made of metal and would not have burnt in the fire. They did not appear on the list of evidence it seems. So what happened to those handcuffs? We could go on about many highly significant never-explained parts of the incident at Port Arthur. Parts by their very existence that tell thinking Australians the mentally-handicapped Martin Bryant (66IQ) is innocent and that he has been wrongfully imprisoned – for 20 years. It seems that to you Mike, the fact there was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO public enquiry, NO royal commission, etc. – even though 35 people were killed and 23 were wounded – is not significant. But it is very significant. You can call concerned Australians who raise concerns and/or who ask questions any silly names you like. It changes nothing. What we have noted is that you kind have contributed nothing to the understanding of the Port Arthur incident other than your blather, your unproved assumptions, and your willingness to believe the corrupt, inaccurate, and incomplete official narrative. The truth however will prevail over your silliness.

  46. I have never heard so much BULL in my life, lived in Richmond at the time to suss place out, his actions where so erratic (threats etc) he was basically run out of town. Just after that the killing started. Go ask the neighbours who lived near him, he had notebooks full of what they were doing, scary stuff. Who are these people who cry conspiracy. Facts don’t mean anything to them.

  47. I read what Parry wrote. I read it fairly, unlike you. Read in context it is pretty clear what was meant. By an uncharitable interpretation, you feed your fantasy. I would also note that you could admit what Parry meant without compromising your need for the conspiracy. That the morgue wasn’t pre-prepared wouldn’t be fatal to the conspiracy claim. As I noted, such pre-preparedness would not be expected. It is, in fact, a comical claim. Yet you think the conspirators even bought a truck to be nice and helpful.

    Parry has until 16 March? You seem to think your demands carry weight. They don’t. You are a hack, a nutball, an opportunistic parasite on the suffering of others, and, yes, a conspiracy theorist.

  48. You’re a fucking joke to your entire family& everyone u care about if you believe he’s innocent. I lost people to his finger on that trigger. Hes going to burn in hell and so are you. Hope u both get tortured and everyone u care about brutalized & raped… then shot by a dickhead for no reason. Fuck you

  49. Mike. It is sad that you have to use insults to try to enforce your point of view. It shows that you cannot counter the points the editor has raised. It is tough when your axioms are challenged isn’t it.

  50. Yes Alison I often have a small problem with names but the gist of my email is spot on. Thank you for your reply.

  51. I remember the news at the time showing close up footage of a table with a can of drink, a plate and a knife and fork belonging to the gunman. I’m sure these items were teaming with DNA, and all sorts of other identifiers for forensic boys. (if it was Bryants they would have had no problem with a trial) I also remember someone saying that they could not get fingerprints from the Volvo belonging to Bryant as it was left in open air for that long , the Tassie humidity made it impossible to obtain any prints ect.- sloppy work? Also what happened to his original lawyer that was put aside for a government picked lawyer

  52. I watched the doco the other night. I knew something didn’t add up.

  53. Interesting observations Steve, it is amazing when the dots are joined it paints a very different picture. We have been on this case for over a decade and all our research is coming together with a block buster to come out in a few weeks to refute Martin Bryant as the killer.

  54. Most certainly a cover up. Thanks for continuing to bring this to peoples attention. No matter how hard it is to swallow. A coronial inquiry must be had. How can they detain a mentally challenged individual for 6 months and call it legal is beyond me. I’m sure if I yelled at an 11yr old for 6 months they’d confess to anything and everything also. This needed to go before a court. Due process had to be undergone, it was not.

  55. Would not surprise Me One Little Bit, One Way To Disarm A Country’ And With The Problem Of The Boat People And The Muslims Trying To Take Over, This Once Great Country Is In Trouble, A Similar Thing Happened Before Germany Invaded It’s Neighbour’s, Before The 2nd World War Broke Out, Ask Anyone From Poland etc

  56. Mike~ A cover up is glaringly obvious and as soon as we the people get the politicians dancing to the rule being applied and an inquire set in place the better

  57. With respect., someone did that crazy cruel thing that’s made so much grief. The fact that you were intimately tragically affected doesn’t mean that the right person was convicted. Sometimes the wrong person is convicted. (But of course, unlike the headline says, this article is not ‘proof’ – it is actually about suspicions and suggestions). But your grief and anger doesn’t qualify you to know they got the right bloke. Maybe you are certain for other reasons..?

  58. Steve~ Hitler disarmed Germany so the people had no defense against his Nazi Party dictatorship, the balls in the peoples court now

  59. Robert,
    Please go and read the info presented on this web page.
    As you probably never held and even less likely fired a Colt AR15 assault rifle you cannot have any idea of the skill required to kill 20 people and injure 12 in the close confines of the Broad Arrow cafe in under 2 minutes.

  60. “Robert Newitt | March 7, 2016 at 1:43 pm
    I am so sick and tired of all you people who think that this was a government sanctioned action……
    First of all, the majority of people who have commented here know very little about what happened, except what was reported by the media…….
    I lived on the Tasman Peninsula for 7 years, and worked at Port Arthur on a work for the dole scheme for 6 months from memory.
    My wife started work there as a Ghost Tour Guide before gaining employment there.
    She was on duty on the day of the incident, and was working at a strategic position to the Broad Arrow Cafe.
    There is a lot that most people don’t know about the location of Port Arthur and the Broad Arrow Cafe.
    Too many times I’ve heard people say “he couldn’t have shot that many people in that short a time”, or “a qualified person couldn’t have killed that many people”.
    The Broad Arrow Cafe was a small cafe, that when tourists were there, was mostly crowded, and really not big enough for the purpose that it served.
    The majority of people have never fired a high powered automatic weapon, and as such have no idea about the “kill rate” that these weapons are capable of.
    What my wife did on that day has never been reported. We went to great lengths to keep her out of the media, and her story has never been told to the best of my knowledge.
    She watched Martyn Bryant chase the bus driver around the bus and shoot him, before leaving the “Port”.
    She was one of the first people there, and as an employee, it was her duty of care to look after the wounded and the remaining tourists alike.
    What she did after he left was nothing short of heroic, and something that I would not wish on any one.
    Never in any of the media reports have I ever heard anything about the young Asian lady that was sitting at the table with the fork to her mouth, dead.
    Never in any media reports have I heard anything about the Victorian S.O.G officers that were on station at the time of his capture (my sister also worked as a Parliamentary Secretary at the time, and knew something about this).
    The only thing I’ve ever heard is people who were not there, and didn’t know anyone there, telling me what happened. And to put it honestly….you’re all wrong.
    My wife got home about midnight after the event, and we sat an talked for a few hours about what had happened, so I believe that I have a better understanding, and more knowledge about it than most people.
    So when I see what most of you (including the Media) are writing or saying about this, I know for a fact that you are entirely wrong.
    Stop your conspiracy theories, ans stop saying that it is something more than what it is.
    Simply, it was one man, who is not all there, wanting to be recognised and accepted by people, and that’s how he went about it, end of story.
    I am more than happy to tell anyone what happened on that day, but you have to be prepared to listen to the truth, not some beat up story that someone wants to tell, just to get their name “up in lights”.
    I personally knew most of the people who were working there on that day, and had a lot of personal interaction with them.
    So please, for the sake of those of us that have to live with this, still to this day, and probably until we end our days, stop your ridiculous load of crap.”

    I’m sorry, did we just manage to skip over this post some how? This is the most informative and important post of the lot. I truly hope this doesn’t reignite too much pain and suffering for you an your wife Robert. Ignorant people will never change. Thank you for opening up and sharing this with us. Irrefutable facts have clearly been ignored for the sake of a continued waste of time argument. He’s guilty and is paying for his crime.

    Also, contextually, the words used by the offending mortician of the time would have been praise for those who were obviously working diligently to offer the deceased and their families some dignity. Not many facilities have room for 35 bodies to store en mass. The siege carried on for some time and emergency responders would have been furiously trying to arrange ways of dealing with the assailant and the unfortunate victims. Praise for a team who would have been rushed to the scene of a graphic crime such as the one they were faced with can not go unmentioned.

    Prior warning could have been given if somebody knew what was going on in Martyn’s mind. He alone knew that. Don’t feed me any nonsense about my ignorance or how you have the facts and I am just another misinformed media drone. You have facts to support your claim. Your claim is based on the facts as you interpret them. Your interpretation is flawed. Accept it, don your tin foil hat and move on to proving/disproving the existence of aliens. This is merely making a mockery of the people who suffered that day. A nation suffered but there are those who live with the pain of wearing somebody elses brains on their clothing. Consider them before you decide to take the side of a man, IQ challenged or not, who murdered 35 and wounded 23 more.

    You do remember how many eye witnesses and video tapes were shown as evidence don’t you? Facts my friend. They are the thing that will condemn or convict the person involved in this horrific crime. I believe facts convicted the right person and did justice to those left in his wake.

  61. Have a look at the 2011 Norway attacks the shooter Anders Behring Breiuik .Read about that mass shooting on Wikipedia even he got a Trial sounds like the Howard Government had a personal axe to grind with Martin guilty or not ,sounds like a gross miss injustice by the Au government not giving him a trial ,left the door wide open here .

  62. Keith, I just did a quick Google search of your past work on this. Found the ‘book’ you have written. It lists Wikipedia as a major author. I am almost crying with laughter, bloody crackpot.

    Your hilarious!!!!

    What next: should I go write an entry in wiki that details how Osama is alive because he was really on holiday in Austria at the time his safe house was overrun? you can base your next book on that?

    Shame on Cairns news for doing their research on credibility and facts. Also, I am very interested to see Cairns news respond to Richard above – can you really keep up this shit when normal people are telling your their own, personal accounts of a horrible situation? Do you have the balls to tell this poor man, who’s wife went through a horrible ordeal, that she’s making it all up?

    Fuck you if you do, senseless pricks.

  63. …. and then came along 911

  64. Thanks for your comments Jess.

    It’s easy to mock conspiracy theories isn’t it. In 1963, the theory that there was a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy of the United States was dismissed as absurd, in 1973 the theory that President Nixon’s henchmen broke into the Democrat headquarters in the Watergate building was dismissed as absurd, why on earth would they bother, why would they risk everything, well history has perpetually taught us that power corrupts, and the threat of the exposure of that corruption generates fear and supports such as your self unable to deduce facts from following government scripts.

    Your last paragraph indicates what pigeon hole you reside as a loyal lackey.

  65. Well maybe you should do that Jess and find us some real evidence that Osama was killed. There is no proof. A bit off topic.. Anyway I find it appalling that people on here choose to attack those who are questioning what really happened and why. This sad event may or may not have been used to take away civil rights yet you blindly protect those who may be responsible for it and seek out closure by blaming a possibly guilty person. Surely that must make you feel more sick about the whole thing?….if you are not even willing to question what the tv tells you or what the media wants you to beleive then sorry you are a fool. Just take a look at the pharmaceutical industry and what it has become, yet you still beleive you are never being lied to….like a blind man that cannot see I don’t hate you, I feel sorry for you.

  66. Very few people believe what is told to them by the media. Fewer still, however, believe the crackpot theories of individuals who, in the face of clear and concise evidence, still can’t understand why someone has been penalised for being naughty. The evidence I speak of us from eye witnesses as well as official sources.

    I find it almost comical that this has come up so close to election time again. I wonder if Cairns News has their hand in a politician’s pocket for helping sway the voters their way. Maybe I could start by own theory here. Look at hire many other nedia sources only give us information that directs or thoughts towards the conclusion they wish us to draw. Why would Cairns News be any different?

  67. Gooday Chris. Have a close look at previous comments from Cairns News about Port Arthur in this column. Can we suggest you take a few hours and go back three years or more and peruse the content of the pages in this site. You will find articles about Port Arthur more than three years old. Can we suggest you keep a watch on these pages because the next round of Port Arthur evidence will have you spluttering in your heavy beer. Perhaps you should engage your brain before you put your mouth into gear.

  68. Thanks for the lesson showing me that so many people are that twisted they can contemplate him not doing what he done. With all the eye witnesses. Yeh the government set it up hahaha funny people out there = ridiculous

  69. I have no idea what you’re referring to. Are you saying I am unintelligent, under the influence of drugs and ill informed because I saw something in amongst the current information and decided to voice a theory regarding the information I have gleaned from the text in this page? How is it that I’m the one who needs to get informed, give up alcohol and keep my mouth shut when you’re trying to have a guilty man set free?

    By the way, I do not drink, have read many sources of information regarding Maryin Bryant and the incident in question. Also, you didn’t obviously get the point I was trying to make so I made it a little more clear for you in this reply. Do I really think you’re in a politician’s pocket? No. It may, however, be a conclusion drawn by those who look for anything to keep themselves current and their bored minds active. Yes, my bored mind wandered and, in order to keep myself current and get noticed, I posted a comment on what could maybe possibly almost sort of kinda the truth – if you’re inclined to believe that sort of thing.

  70. My question is if there was no trial or anything to that effect why does it matter about a plea?


    JESS, What possessed you to write such silliness? Offensive silliness. Please supply the link of your quick google search. To say google lists Wikipedia as a major author of the book MASS MURDER (free pdfs: is nonsense – a blatant lie. Google does not make such statements. Again, if you have a link put it here for Cairns News readers. No reader here has spoken about Osama – except you. Trying to distract people with such nonsense is just more of your silliness. The name Richard does not even appear above. Normal people, witnesses who were right there at Port Arthur have written statements. They detailed what they saw, and what they think they saw. You and everyone else who reads Cairns News can study the details in LEAKED DOCUMENTS (free pdf: Witnesses have clearly stated it was not Martin Bryant they saw. Some witnesses wrote they did, but check the distances they were from the action – c.150 meters away. (It is impossible to identify any of the grainy faces accurately on the highly suspect Balasko video.) One witness (Newitt) estimated the height of the gunman down to one inch – but Newitt was, in her own words, “500 yards” away. No one can estimate a height to one inch at 500 yards. Numerous witnesses detailed things never mentioned in the official narrative. Read the statements of the two Cheoks and Rabe. Read about Helene & Robert Salzmann sitting right inside a yellow Volvo at the tollboth WITH a gunman. You will never find this in the official narrative. Read the words of Debra & Thomas Buckley if you want to learn how deceptive things at the historic site tollbooth were. When you say “she’s making it all up,” we have no idea who she is. If you are talking about the wife of Chris, no one here has said the poor woman made anything up. But because some person has a bad experience, does not mean that person knows everything about that entire experience. – more specifically, the wife of Chris could not possibly know what went on everywhere at the historic site, and the tollbooth, and the local shop, and on the highway, and at Seascape. This poor woman is not the authority on the entire incident at Port Arthur. Your writing is illogical and offensive. If your intention is clear communications, think before you start writing. And ending your comment as you have, does not add anything to what you have written. It suggests to readers that you are as thick as a brick. (There is nothing wrong with swearing, but it is entirely unnecessary as you have done at the end of your comment.)

  72. Yes Dianne, you are spot on with the rest of your comment, some people just don’t get it do they? I saw the interview on the Sunday Night show, I think he was set up.. I feel for his mother too. My heart also goes out to the people & families of this horrific history. Why do people believe everything they see on TV as gospel?

    I watched the video from another follower of this site: (quoted from the video) Wendy Scurr was the first person into the Broadarrow cafe after the Port Arthur massacre, she has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media , the police and the federal and state governments, find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre planned pt arthur massacre ,if you watch this film with an open mind you will never be the same again period. also go to the NEXUS magazine website and download from the their archives section a brilliant 3 part series of articles in PDF format on the event time to take the red pill and wake up to what’s really going on in our world.

    Certainly opens ones eyes.. Watch the video & more here:

  73. Thanks Dave for showing just how uninformed a lot of Australians are. Ridiculous? Hardly, given the magnitude and importance of that tragic event. Just keep your head buried in the sand. It must be more comfortable for you there.

  74. murray sanders

    Lindy Chamberlin was found guilty by the people of Australia found guilty by the courts convicted by the courts and jailed , LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT , have a royal commission and put this to rest , one’s thing is for sure little Johnny jack boots has a lot to answer for for disarming Australia.

  75. Royal Commissions are set in place by government with the terms of reference limiting the investigation and the commissioner appointed is alway a very close friend of the government and the final result is determined all before the RC starts. The findings are only recommendations that may be delt with as the government pleases…. NOW! a Coronal Inquiry comes under a legislation that demands action from the coroners findings, still has political interference but difficult to cover up. The third option is to vote the bastards out of office and get a fairdinkum inquiry that will blow the power mongers out of the water for ever….

  76. Isn’t that the truth! No government ever, ever initiates a royal commission without knowing or manipulating the result prior to these proceedings taking place.
    A coronial inquest would be the preferred option but even that can be skewed.

  77. Well said Peter you are right on the button – Harry Palmer

  78. Thankyou. Sick of reading their comments here and on facebook. Unfortunately Sad they will ignore your truth.

  79. Why don’t you watch Australian Story and hear the eyewitness accounts of people who were in the cafe and saw Bryant pull the trigger then maybe you will pull your collective heads in and stop sprounting these ridiculous unsubstantiated theories.

  80. Hi Al we have had a few comments that Bryant must be guilty because the Australian media says so. You should ask yourself why the first nurse on the café scene Wendy Scurr was not asked to provide evidence and why her statement saying the shooter did not fit the description of Bryant was refused to be accepted. Fortunately we have dug much deeper and started doing so in 1997. There is a body of competent researchers which has the evidence, some of which you have read. Much more is coming. Editor

  81. I find Parry’s words very disturbing and of great interest taking into account all the other numerus ‘mysteries’ about this case! especially Bryant ‘multi-tasking’ firing shots while on the phone speaking calmly to the police negotiator and how ridiculous to think the public would fall for those shots being recorded as 20 COUGHS. OMG they were definitely gun shots…I also want to know why, when Bryant came out of Seascape and claimed to be one of the hostages, nobody went inside to check on the Martins? It was ‘assumed’ but not verified at the time they were already dead by words Martin used and his language? wow – what a way to die if they were alive! I believe Martin was involved in some kind of role playing but this slow speaking, slow comprehending type of personality did not do the shooting! 700 journos just happened to be in Tassie & a trauma seminar at the hospital & senior staff just happened to be picked up shortly before the massacre & taken to some ridiculous work seminar never done before ? yeah right! and what’s this with the police taking 6 hours to arrive?

  82. AND …Parry even says “These two containers were the envy of all embalmers and worked extremely well.
    I would suggest that design specifications may be available from this firm for any future considerations by other firms.”

    well…here we have Parry boasting how they were the envy of all embalmers & worked extremely well. He’s even recommending the design specifications…CHECKMATE!

  83. I found this comment on youtube under Wendy Scurr’s speech… “Sks-a1l1(7.62) and ar-15(5.56/223cal) were the weapon he apparently used! What is little know is the fact that a number of 308 cartridges as well as a large number of 308 projectiles were located by civilians in the months following If u listen to the footage u can hear the 308(deeper boof sound) amonst the higher pitched 223 he used initially. Also little known(hidden) was the fact one person was shot he never had a clear line of sight with! Somehow he was a military grade marksman and able to hit moving targets with over 30 accurate kill shots!”
    Did ‘somebody’ forget about picking up all those cartridges fired? another mistake?

  84. I have one question…. Why have none of the hundrereds of people who were there that day not come forward and say you have the wrong man? Oh and don’t tell me the government has threatened them into silence


    COLIN, The question you have posed implies that everyone who was at or near Port Arthur on 28 & 29 April 1996 knows with absolute certainty that the gunman/shooter was Martin Bryant. But this is nonsense as you will see if you read the witness statements. Witnesses did describe in writing a person who was not Martin Bryant. And many witnesses could not have accurately identified any person because they were too far away – hiding at the old penitentiary for example. As early as Sunday (28th) afternoon, people were being told it was Martin Bryant and they simply believed it. (This is very understandable considering what they experienced.) And come Monday, the media was broadcasting that name across Australia and around the world. Most people just accepted that story and it became fixed in their minds. What happened with all Martin Bryant’s stolen assets has not been detailed and made public. If his money was distributed to people, it was probably supplied under the condition that a recipient not initiate any legal action or make any negative statement(s) against any party associated with the incident. As we all know, most people do not speak up about anything if it is going to cause them legal problems or lead to them being ridiculed. Some people do, but most don’t. By making all those who were at or near Port Arthur the arbiter in this case, you are simply insisting the official narrative is correct because these people were told it was Martin Bryant and they support this. (Whether they genuinely believe it is another matter.) Studies in the US have confirmed that mistaken identification – there are many reasons for this tragic failing – is the primary cause of wrongful imprisonment. (see Innocence Project literature) There is nothing in the literature that says or suggests that the situation is different in Australia. If you have an inquiring mind, you will find a considerable amount of literature that explains and details facts which prove conclusively Martin Bryant was not the gunman/shooter. I suspect you are guffawing now because, as your questions suggests, you are of the belief that only the people who were at or near Port Arthur would know. Well this is wrong and documented facts prove it. There are other things you need to consider and many of them appear in the forthcoming document (50 pp.) 20 YEARS CORRUPTION, DECEPTION, LIES: Official Mass Murder Port Arthur, Tasmania. (working title was: 20 MONGRELS DOC) It will be distributed internationally this coming week. If you or any other readers of this comment would like a free copy, just email me: KEITH ALLAN NOBLE

  86. Really enjoyed reading that article. Keep up the good work!

  87. Anyone who believes Bryant did this has never shot anything ever and has no clue about the difficulty of doing what Bryant was accused of ,so if you don’t have any idea shut your unintelligent idiotic mouth, but if they are aware of how good you would have to be as well as the known fact that there was second shooter and they still accuse martin Bryant , well those are the ones who are complicit in the worst crime and proceeding cover up ever perpetrated on the Australian people ,a crime that was given the green light by the then prime minister john Howard the coward. The real shooters who have been named publicly by senior police (now retired) have not even been questioned let alone charged but have continued this lie that has been rammed down the publics throat
    What makes the Australian public look like joke is when it comes to most govt policies that come from either party ,this generation of low intelligent drones will not trust what the govt says, but when it comes to the policy of removing guns from the public so there can never be an uprising against a corrupt draconian govt , a policy that needed a false flag opp to guarantee the people be willing to give up their last line of defence against tyranny , this stupid public have just swallowed this outrageous fiction that the mass media has been complicit in calling this garbage the official story and not one of these idiot that are so sure of this impossible fictional story , none have done one shred of research on the subject and that confirms they are the dumbest of the dumb . So if anyone disagrees with this comment they have just exposed who they are

  88. Shame nobody here in New zealand will do an in depth look into the Aramoana massacre, David Gray was a patsy too!

  89. Lindy did kill her baby, it was a satanic sacrifice at Uluru

  90. Hello Tectoncic we are unsure how you came to this unfounded conclusion. Former NT Police officers always blamed a dingo that was supposed to have been shot before the baby was taken because the dog had been acting savagely towards humans. It was not shot by rangers. They should be blamed because they failed to do their job. Your hypothesis is off the planet and we can only assume you are an atheist perhaps with experiences of human sacrifice.Editor


    See MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (2nd edition; 2014; free pdf for suggestive details related to the Aramoana massacre. KEITH ALLAN NOBLE

  92. I’m from a place in the UK where we had the Hungerford Massacre! If you don’t think it was your government you are sadly mistaken, the similarities are all too obvious! They are staged to disarm you ready for the NWO take over! Jews are creating the police state and importing Islam! Jews own the media and are brainwashing you! Wake up FFS Australia

  93. Matthew Parr

    This, if true needs to be rectified. A ROYAL COMMISSION needs to be held. Bryant needs to be let out, if true. This is a travesty.

  94. What crock you contrive. You fain one character yet other statements reveal another. You are false

  95. From the detractors of this article it is more than obvious there are shills and most probably part the corrupt and satanic self help group that call themselves Freemasons

  96. Mark I very much doubt you are entirely aware that the ABC and corporate MSM are propaganda tools for the psychopathic banking parasites the finance happily mass murder, terrorism and even genocide for multiple paths of profit and the power that creates this world of rapidly diminishing returns for wholesome society. I believe Evil is the most concise description of these Sub human parasites that walk the corridors of power.

  97. Indeed the puppet masters pull a few strings knowing full well that not only their perverse servants will dance their dance for them, there countless weak souls that will willingly jump to the tune that has been set for them from the cradle to the crave. Those that would engineer such perversity have little concern if the wakefull see through the murderous contrivances, indeed the wise are only made more fearful of the parasite caste by exposure of the thinly valled lies. The murder of Kennedy or the attack on the USS Liberty are perfect examples of blatant proof facing willful blindness

  98. And by admittance of guilt you would be referring to the “hand written, signed” statement, (that hasn’t been seen till Sunday Night’s Exclusive), that any 6 year old could have written.

    Summing it all up, we have a guy locked up that was involved in sum way, 50+ innocent people were victims or the nations LARGEST ever shooting, and there has yet to be any inquest about it.

    The silence from certain individuals is the scariest part of it. Looking at recent events, the Lindt Cafe, within a week we started an inquest and commission into what and how it happened. Nearly 2yrs later we are finding out our Police were negligent, our “highly” trained Response Unit can’t shoot. (One officer unloaded 18-22 rds at a single target?!? Causing a rickoet and killing a hostage. (Side note: Martin shot 18 people, in the head, from his hip in his off-hand, within less time)).

    There is more to it. Why conceal all Part Arthur evidence for 30yrs? Out of respect of the families, maybe 5 years, but 30 yrs is a great number if most of the information gets lost, destroyed or deteriorates.

  99. Agreed on full!!!!!!!!

  100. Low IQ is not the same as lacking empathy.

  101. *semi-automatic.

  102. All I know is a coronial inquest would shut us all up, a reply from the senator would shut us up, and Martin bryant in his confession video looked pretty good for a guy who was on fire and in compression bandages after his arrest….

  103. Mike, Maybe you could explain why all the doors of the cafe were locked, or blocked, and who the 2 men standing outside the cafe talking, one smoking, and leaning on the railing. Surely, if a shooting was happening, they would be ducking for cover, and take it from a target shooter, if you were shot in the head, like all were, you would not be sitting at the table with a fork in your mouth. The blonde headed person seen near the bus was not running, but casually walking towards the bus. Access the government Hansards, and papers, and enlighten yourself, as you are looking, and making a complete fool of yourself.

  104. Look at how many sheep there are in Australia, I’m surprised but I guess its the subliminal messages that come through watching American TV , and the idiots that don’t believe our government would kill 35 people, ha , the same prime minister that ordered this killing spree using Drury and overbeete also sent our soldiers to an illegal war to die ,the war that his buddies in the US have now been convicted of war crimes over and there is calls for Howard to face the same charges. If anyone thinks Bryant did it is either retarded or complicit in the crime because none of you can answer any of the outstanding questions about the way his conviction came about ,to say he plead guilty is a definite sign of you being retarded or at the least uneducated,thousands of people have been wrongfully convicted by a coerced guilty plea and if you believe what your told on tv by prostitutes in the mainstream media then you need to check yourself into the nearest mental institution and stay there, and by the way that crook Avery just got out of prison that’s the one who worked for the prosecution on this case up until it looked like martin wasn’t going along with the plan but good ol corrupt Avery sorted that out and that’s the guilty plea all the idiots are standing by . Finally those who wish harm on others just for asking questions, they are definitely involved some how in the continuous cover up and must also be investigated as well as their family links looked into


  106. Well put Ed defines the whole conspiracy dismissal by those under challenge

  107. Your swearing and acting like a fool and then you go on to say such hateful things to someone who for whatever reason thinks things were wrong. I really hope YOUR the one that get all that bad shit happen to you as you really seem like u deserve it. Dickheads like you are the reason this country is turning to shit. 🙂 see you in hell cock’o ill be the one with the pitchfork

  108. Martin Bryant was born sadistic. He lived in a fantasy world and believed he was some kind of super hero. He was always a danger to society. For the sake of the victims leave it alone.


    VERONIQUE: “Martin Bryant was born sadistic” – you offer not one shred of hard evidence to support your allegation; “”He lived in a fantasy world” – you offer not one shred of hard evidence to support your allegation; “believed he was some kind of super hero” – you offer not one shred of hard evidence to support your allegation; “He was always a danger to society” – you offer not one shred of hard evidence to support your allegation; “For the sake of the victims leave it alone” – you offer not one shred of hard evidence to support your exaggerated words. You have provided not one shred of evidence – just stupid deceptive allegations. Since day one, victims of the official massacre (28 APR 1996) at Port Arthur in Tasmania have wanted to know the truth. Since day one, victims have wanted to give their evidence in a properly constituted court. But they have been denied this their right. There was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO public enquiry, NO royal commission. All there has ever been are idiots and mongrels with sick agendas- like you VERONIQUE – mouthing off deceptions trying to keep the general public from becoming awakened to the fact that the Port Arthur massacre was an inside job which was blamed on a patsy, innocent Martin Bryant (IQ of 66 which puts him at the bottom 2 percent of the Australian population). There can be no justice without truth – and the families, relatives, and friends of all the victims have been denied the truth. Read the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (2nd edition; 2014) – FREE pdf copies: and KEITH ALLAN NOBLE

  110. Hi Bonniemay, we have published so much proof that Port Arthur was a false flag event that even some politicians know it was government sponsored. Unfortunately these politicians are too afraid to mention it. Sooner or later an honest politician, hard as they are to find, will drop the bundle in parliament.Editor

  111. The primary reason for the Govt to stage this disgusting and cowardly act was to DISARM the nation. Notice how there hasn’t been another one since?please stop blindly believing the mainstream propaganda as it merely shows a lack of intelligence on your part. The second reason for a Govt to commit this heinous crime could be to “corral” the people into into falsely thinking and desiring safetyl, therefore openly welcoming The slave-master style of control in order to feel safe by way of being led to believe there is no other remedy.

  112. Perhaps you could stop looking for conspiracies where there are none.
    Do you see any purple elephants or little green men? Maybe a dragon or two? I suppose mainstream religion can help you with their prayers. Ask them to post one to Facebook for you so Jesus can tell when it reaches the requested amount and instantly make things better. Oops, the government monitors Facebook and steals your secrets and your soul.
    Come on people. Not everything bad that happens is because our corrupt government made it happen with subterfuge and to fulfill diabolic desires. If that was the case I’d have a great case to put to them for my car breaking down when I need it.
    What would they accomplish by disarming us? We have no constitution that says we can rise up against a corrupt authority. They spent more money paying people for their guns than they made back from it. The amount of money taxes would have brought them each year would have been sizeable. Enough, I dare say, to make it worthwhile keeping the guns around. They already have control over us via taxes, medical services etc. Do you think they took the guns away so we didn’t rise up against them for bringing the GST in or something?
    Try and use some logic before falling for ridiculous claims. Sometimes, just sometimes, a citizen is actually guilty of the crime they have been convicted of.

  113. Hi Chris we did our research, we suggest you do yours and look at the Port Arthur tags on Cairns News. Just because the media says Bryant did it doesn’t mean it is true. Fortunately the sheeple are slowly waking up. Editor

  114. I come from the UK and we had the Michael Ryan massacre near where I was living! All exactly the same! Happened in 87, Hungerford massacre! 96 the same in Port Arthur and I now live in Hobart, being ex military I find it very inconceivable that this guy could fire this weapon with such accuracy! All fingers point to the governments! The agenda is to disarm you all for the NWO! Import Islam to divide and conquer! Disarm you all so you cannot fight back! The governments are the real enemy

  115. Seems the government have paid trolls on here to denounce anyone who opposes their agenda

  116. Silly human. Your government is not in control here. We are. You will surrender all your finances and worldly possessions to the person who owns this email account or we will invade your puny world… I clearly have no problem with entertaining the delusions of crazy people.

  117. As I said dim wit trolls! You are proof! The government are the real enemy! You must make a wonderful living shitting on your own people Chris! Bitter and twisted and bullied at school! Go get a real job, stop importing Islam! We all know what’s going on! Import, divide and conquer with Saudi dollars and the big noses NWO! Disarm us with false flags and surrender under the Agenda 30

  118. Funnily enough, I agree with everything you just stated. I have no issue believing the government is corrupt and the Arabic population spreading as it is is no accident. The fluoride in our water is not for healthy teeth and, regardless who we vote for, the leader of our country has already been pre defined. I still will not be convinced that Martin Bryant is innocent.

  119. Shane Rattenbury just passed a law where you get fined $7,500 for criticism of Islam in Australia! Yeh righto Chris you complete utter moron!!! I’m from the UK! I’m not brain dead like you! I fought in the Falklands war! I do know what’s going on! Do me a favour and go jump off a very high bridge! Try Sydney Harbour one! At least you can contribute to the Asutralian economy

  120. …and this is why Americans will never give up their guns. They’re for protection. Not protection from burglars, rapists, or murderers…protection from the government.

  121. Keith Allan Knoble it does appear your not so Noble and are clutching at straws the question is why, I have known Stephen Parry since the early 1970’s you characterisation on a few words which you appear to be manipulating to suit your agenda, do you have a book to sell a conspiracy theory and yes there will be many who would be interested in your BS story.

  122. We were travelling home to Hobart, when a very distressed man came running across the road to stop us going any further past the Port Arthur turnoff. – He said there had been a lot of people shot and that the shooter was now further along down the road still shooting people. – We turned around and drove via. another road towards Hobart. – We passed dozens of ambulances, police and every other type of government vehicle right up to near the airport. – My questions are..1/ Were there any witnesses who said there were more than one shooter 2/ How did Martin arrive at Port Arthur 4/ How many guns was Martin supposed to be carrying 5/ How did Martin have time to reload a gun 6/ were ALL the bullets the same. I’m confused.

  123. You say you were in the Falklands war? You are trying to insult me? I have never been a governmental pawn mate. I’ve never been actively involved in taking the life of another human to help my government improve their financial situation and get themselves seen on the works stage. You seem to enjoy the notion of people dying so it’s possible that a military vocation is perfect for you. You know what’s going on. The person who had a wife who worked in a cafe that saw what happened clearly knows much less than you. People are talking about facts and then completely skipping over the facts presented to them by eye witnesses. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely and safe day where no harm befalls you. Oh yes. Stating that I see no coincidence in the mass migration of Muslims to other countries is not derogatory. I did not comment on what I believe their agenda to be. I’m actually not racist because I don’t want anybody, of any nationality doing harm to anybody else. I use my sarcasm as a weapon instead of guns and bayonets.

  124. Well said Shaun! Ed

  125. Defending your country isn’t being a pawn! Fighting in Syria is being a pawn! Get facts right!

  126. Born sadistic? Keep taking the drugs! As soon as the media mentioned his name the shit stuck! You need to widen your thought processes! Same shit happened in the UK in 87! Suggest you research and you may find its a copy cat false flag!

  127. The simple fact is you cant change any ones mind when it comes to port Arthur, those who defend the official story cant change their mind for a number of reasons from being intellectually impaired (retarded) all the way to being complicit in the crime of mass murder that our government at that time allowed in the pursuit of tough gun legislation being passed, and even those in the opposition government would have been in acceptance of the process to reach the end result , therefore these people will come up with any nonsense argument to try to stem the tide of those who are now waking up since 9/11 and how our governments have no problem in murdering their own people to complete their agenda . Then there are those who are not brainwashed and that have higher level of intelligence that don’t believe everything that they are told and were not in any way involved in this crime, they can never stop asking questions and its not because they wish that their government was involved in this crime its they really are holding on to a hope that the government wasn’t involved with the overwhelming evidence being they were, and all they are asking is basic questions to basic facts and protocols that should have been easily answered a long time ago but all they get is abuse and slander without one sensible answer, because these questions cant be answered by the other side without implicating themselves, so we all know ( apart from the stupid ones) that our government murdered 35 innocent people to achieve an agenda to make this country less safe and put an innocent person in jail for life to take the blame for it, and the same prime minister sent our soldiers to die in an illegal war having full knowledge that it was on false information but could not get his nose out of George bush’s arse because it is the first time anyone has showed him any attention ,since then his co conspirators have been convicted of war crimes and are restricted from freely travelling around the globe and there are calls for Howard and Blair to face the courts with the same charge so with this in mind why should we bother them with this little incident of only 35 people getting murdered they wouldn’t have given it another thought to ,and its annoying that people keep bringing it up

  128. The concept of fighting for peace is ridiculous and contradictory. How many politicians were out there dying in the field of battle alongside the soldiers? None. You weren’t all dying to defend your home or way of life. You were dying to keep the politicians in the lifestyle they’re used to. You were dying for them. With all due respect to you and the many others why fought in that war, that makes you a pawn. I hope you’ve been able to deal with the emotional repercussions of the tragedies and misery you witnessed. I certainly don’t mean to disrespect the soldiers or what they do. The bravery and nobility they require is beyond the limits of my own. I have zero respect for the politicians who send them off to die though. I understand facts. I also understand human suffering and misery and who is usually responsible for causing it. Men and women who sit behind desks and yell over each other and wonder why they’re not heard cause a huge percentage of human suffering and misery. Boy, are we ever going off topic here.

  129. Damon Lee Griffiths

    I have always been a believer of this conspiracy theory, a book called ” crime scene port Arthur” should be read by anyone who believes John Howard and his corrupt accomplices before passing judgement

  130. Very well said Eddie.Ed

  131. Hungerford Massacre(UK) and the Port Arthur massacre are the same- both governments have set up false flags to disarm you all, import islam to divide and conquer! it’s certainly not rocket science and oh the government paid trolls are lurking aren’t they Chris! Its happening everywhere not JUST Australia but there again i suspect most Australians are not aware of the Hungerford massacre! The major problem within Australia is the media! Its the worst i have encountered, You are too isolated from the rest of the world and the media have most by the balls!!

  132. I do believe the governments are taking our countries from a democracy to a dictatorship. It’s been happening since we were disarmed. They seem to think that we will become placid and not rise up without guns. I fully believe that there is a major class/race divide about to happen and chaos is going to hit with devastating effects. As someone who believes in the chaos theory, this scares the hell out of me.
    Our census data is going to be held for 99 years. This is the first time in history it won’t be “destroyed” after the data had been extracted. They are using the information for something big. I’m not sure what yet but it won’t be beneficial to us in any way.
    We’re all in for a world of hurt and the Muslim radicals are going to be central to the plot. It used to be Castro, Mussolini and the like to carry the blame for international discord. The Muslims are just the next in a series of scapegoats.
    I’m not blind and I’m not a payed government agent trained in brainwashing people via social media. I just don’t believe Bryant is innocent.
    My beliefs may not match those you hold to be true but I do still live in fear of what is coming next. As an Atheist I don’t believe in an after life so I only have this one to live. I’ll be damned if I want to live it in subservience to anybody.
    I feel no need to comment any forever on this matter to be honest. I’ll not defend myself against ignorant claims of being a government sympathiser or a brain washed sheep any more. Think what you must to help you sleep at night. Taking cheap shots at me doesn’t affect the quality of my rest in any way. Just remember that if I was to meet you in a time you needed refuge, I’d offer it to you without hesitation. None of us deserve to die for somebody else’s cause so, just so everyone knows, I “got your back” if you ever need me. I won’t kill for anybody but I would offer food, shelter, a warm welcome and the use of anything you needed to make it on your way. I’m a wonderful person but I don’t take too kindly to being falsely accused.
    Hug your loved ones, never let an opportunity go by to tell them you love them and stay focused on spreading a positive message. There’s enough negativity out there already. I kind of want to hug you right now. I’m not sure if it would upset you or placate you though. It’s the not knowing that makes me want to do it the most. Vigilance and diligence will keep you safe.

  133. Believing? you believe sounds like you don’t like the truth! Believing isn’t proof of your thoughts, Negativity? its just the plain simple truth! You are in denial- paint it a different colour or wrap it up with some other fancy paper but underneath the truth is the truth. All happening over western Europe as we speak- government false flags every day but you are still in denial???? seriously get out of the office a bit more!!! Do some travelling and stop listening to the zionist jews media.

  134. I too was very skeptical but the more i read i found it just raised more questions 1st thing that stood out was the premier saying “We wont have gun reform until there is a mass shooting in tasmania” out of all Australia he just happen to pin point the very state by luck?

    The 2nd was the obvious custom built morgue truck for such a small population it was the biggest ever built at the time and proved a wise investment. But why sell it or try to sell it after it proved its worth?

    Then there’s the famous “Jamie” recordings why were his was deliberately altered when he clearly says ” he’s going to shoot he’s tryin to shoot he’s going to shoot ya main man” while in the background you can hear what was proven to be 20 gunshots not “coughs” how did he see the sniper without the aid of night vision?

    Then theres the fire at seascape so after all the shooting martin did the police held their line until morning when apparently he set fire to the cottage and fire crews were not allowed to engage even after he was captured and burnt himself in the process?

    This brings us to the guns found on site the ar15 found inside seascape and the .223 found in what was described as an outhouse some distance frome the main structure. Not only were BOTH guns damaged to the point that it was impossible to carry out proper forensic testing to match bullets to said guns but were presented as full functioning weapons with “borrowed bits” from the NSW weapons library.

    Now this brings us to John Howards actions afterward. 1st he orders the partial demolition of the main crime scene. Now this seems a bit strange Given the scale of the crime it just appears to hamper any & all future efforts to any possible inquiries.

    2nd our Pm saw fit to indeed break an Australian law part of due process of a coronial inquest in order to spare victims familys any extra pain and suffering by placing an Embargo of 30yrs. Again seems to hinder the grieving and judicial process.

    And of course there the letter received by wendy scurr stating she would not be needed to give evidence in a mass shooting with multiple crime scenes and a person who could ID the offender.

    Now these are just some of the points that have stuck out to me so to speak. I do not wish to trivialize this crime and in no way am i saying that my words are Expert testimony just my observation.

    I strongly believe that the only way to get closure in this matter is to have a coronial inquest and that will put and end to all speculation. But i doubt that will happen and im sure that even if it stays dormant for another 10yrs i predict martin bryant will no longer be with us.

  135. I noticed a few people here are desperately view trying to defend the official story ,some saying that they live in Tasmania and they knew someone who was there that day , hey , you can stop the bullshit you don’t have to pay any of Martin’s money back that was given to you for lying for them , but you will have to put up with your guilty conscience for being a paid troll to defend this corrupt government

  136. Thats interesting, because I happen to know that the witnesses of that event said that Bryant was not the person who shot up the cafe. These are people who saw the shooter up close and survived. This is why there was never a trial because those survivors would have testified it wasnt him. Personally I think you are an astro turf agent. I highly doubt you are real and lost anyone.

  137. There should have been a coronial inquiry, simple. It was legally required with deaths by fire and foriegn tourists. End of story. Howard should not have stepped in and stopped it. He wasn’t legally able to do it. Let’s get this inquiry underway! Australia deserves answers!

  138. The only crime here is the people doing the whole ‘You are crazy – you conspirators’ routine. Conspirators are just people who question, analyse, critique, inquire, suspect. It is in their nature to do so and, obviously are very different to the sheep who just accept what governments say. Look at how many dodgy, concealed and deceptive things the government has done of late (Baird attempting to close down the greyhound industry for example, only to find out he was only doing so to secure a dodgy land deal. I find people who question to be exceedingly honest, realist in nature and grounded in common-sense and thank God they do what they do otherwise there would be no one would be accountable.

  139. I was at Port Authur doing the tourist thing the weekend before the massacre and thanked god I decided to go when I did. In saying that I will never understand the friends and relatives reactions of those killed, with no disrespect of there was evidence of a cover up and perhaps someone or another group was actually responsible why would you not want to know?
    Fair enough if it’s just a conspiracy, but if there is evidence I know I would want to know who the actual bastards were that took the life of someone I loved.
    Again no disrespect intended

  140. Don’t Blame you mate. this fella held the gun and puled the trigger and people that came out alive seen his face seen him pulling the trigger. and if this paper has proof of Stephen parry like they say well parry needs to have the police on him right now, because this is slandering mr parrys name also.

  141. yes I agree

  142. People who cry “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS’ are terrified of answering questions or learning the truth a conspiracy theorist is one who questions the words of known liars so any one who doesn’t question the known liars are cowards or hiding the truth

  143. To ALL of those that have expressed concerns/theories that Martin Bryant was not at Port Arthur and did not pull the trigger. Please HEAR this. I was at Port Arthur with my grand parents that day and I SAW Martin Bryant with my OWN eyes. OWN EYES. There is no evidence that can be stronger, more true than that. To ANY person that has a theory that Martin Bryant was not there, your theory is INCORRECT. He was there and murdered innocent people in cold blood. PERIOD. Now stop, move on and cease this madness.

  144. Unfortunately we have direct testimony from witnesses who knew Bryant. They testified he was not the shooter. Research the evidence as we have and you will find there are so many anomalies that a commission of inquiry should begin immediately. His mother even stated he was not present at the site when the cafe shootings took place and we have substantial other testimony that he was having coffee miles away when a long haired shooter shot patrons at the cafe. If you care to read our section on the Port Arthur evidence in the RH column of Cairns News you will find your claim misleading at the least. We get government sponsored trolls making these claims every week. Ask the President of the senate Stephen Parry for his version of events in particular what he said at the Melbourne undertakers convention.Ed

  145. Dear EDITOR. I have no need to research evidence, nor do I need to ask Stephen Parry for his version of events. As teenager I saw and heard with my EYES and ears what happened. I also saw a young man with long blond hair carrying the gun around, that man was Martin Bryant. As for claims of government sponsored trolls – are you for real? Please save that nonsense for your fellow conspiracy theorists at your AGM. Evidently you have not seen the video footage showing Martin Bryant at the scene and his Yellow Volvo. You have not heard the testimony of the MANY survivors and onlookers that have also identified Martin Bryant as the shooter. An opinion from an anonymous editor behind his desk is just that, I just hope your readers can research for themselves and form a more informed opinion.

  146. Dear T Fingall. Unfortunately it seems you too have succumbed to the media propaganda campaign surrounding Port Arthur in 1997. The passage below was a response we sent to another reader who also has trouble with reading and understanding. “If one looks at the so-called educational curricula that the ALP in particular and with a few attempts from the Liberals, have over two generations introduced such terrible, jaundiced curricula. Adhering to United Nations dictates aided by Socialist International, we have produced two generations of factory fodder kids who have been intentionally dumbed down. Only the top 5% will be offered jobs by the corporations, parliaments and the judiciary to keep the uninformed sheeples in line. No kids have ever been taught about the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia and all law that is supposed to flow from it. Teachers are forbidden to implement discipline, kids run riot, thousands of teachers are physically attacked each year at school and many more thousands are verbally abused.
    This malady affecting two generations of kids, with the dumbed-down portion now holding senior positions with emergency services, bureaucracy, politicians, education systems and across the private board, is it any wonder as a society we are in trouble. Christianity has been abolished in schools and in society by the ALP/Greens nexus, and our kids run riot without any accountability. Kids are no longer taught how to learn. They just get socialist ‘poor fella me’ aboriginal agenda driven down their necks. Until the whole system re-embraces Christianity not Islam, we are doomed as a cohesive, educated and prosperous society.” Read the Port Arthur reports properly Mr Fingall. Regards, Editor.

  147. I agree with you nedsby…..Better to have been called names then to done nothing….

  148. only the most highly trained person in the world can shoot like the shooter did. i have tried and did not hit anything from the hip. time to realise the story about it being a set up is true.

  149. it was a hoax…..or…..@ least…a partial hoax!
    the Mikac kids are still alive!
    the whole country was conned!
    Port Arthur was a proto-Sandy Hook; ;

  150. Aussie pub brawler

    you need to remove “moderation” on comments here b’cs the debate/discussion cannot proceed properly…you are impeding people producing evidence for/against the Port Arthur massacre actually occurring….you will not achieve any sort of exposure with blatant censor-ship!

  151. Aussie pub brawler

    I SAW Martin Bryant with my OWN eyes. OWN EYES

    and…did you ID him in A POLICE LINE-up?
    did you ID him in court, under OATH ?

  152. Evidently you have not seen the video footage showing Martin Bryant at the scene and his Yellow Volvo. You have not heard the testimony of the MANY survivors and onlookers that have also identified Martin Bryant as the shooter

    the “video footage” shown on the media?
    yeh, right!
    uh….but….yeh….you are right…..we have not heard “the testimony” of the survivors and onlookers…b’cs there was no Coronial Inquest or trial-by-jury where these people could be CROSS-EXAMINED on OATH….
    sorry, champ!…but no-one is obliged to “tell the truth” to TV reporters and journos….and there are zero legal repercussions if you make shite up……..
    only in a properly constituted court of law can you be prosecuted for perjury!

  153. Conspirators are just people who question, analyse, critique, inquire, suspect

    “conspiracy theorists” are people who question the statements of known LIARs!

  154. There should have been a coronial inquiry, simple

    well…they couldn’t really afford to have a CI b’cs a Coroner has a lot of ind. discretionary power…a bit like a Royal Commissioner….s/he can follow rabbits down all sorts of burrows and ask all sorts of questions…unlike a trial judge who is, usually, constrained in what they can and can’t ask/pursue…

    but…here’s the kicker….no CI means no Life Insurance pay-outs….b’cs, in the case of un-natural death, almost all LI companies require a Coronial finding….
    shouldn’t be that hard to discover if any LI pay-outs were done for Prt Arthur……
    if there were none…wtf does that tell you, eh?
    (how abt this?….. )

  155. Always been a firm believer this was staged, let me know how i can help 🙂

  156. Thanks Reon, we have been overwhelmed in the past six months with comments calling for a Royal Commission into Port Arthur, which we discovered 10 years ago to be a training exercise. It was one of the biggest cons since Sandy Hook school shootings in the US where many of the paid crisis actors have been identified. It is also the subject of Supreme Court action by a film maker suing the television networks for $1 trillion for broadcasting false information to upset and terrorise the public. Thanks for your offer. Ed

  157. Aussie pub brawler

    ☞let me know how i can help☜

    how serious are you?
    next question: $how much$ have you got?
    the best way to expose this malarkey is to track down the Mikac kids who were not killed @ the PAHS on 28/4/1996;
    that would require retaining the services of a team of highly competent and experienced Private Investigators….possibly “backed up” by ex-SASR men to take care of any BS!
    if the Mikac kids were found alive….then….just that, in and of itself, would blow a hole in the PAM “narrative” that you could drive a Brizzy bus through….and would, in all likelihood, scuttle the whole she-bang….thereby, pretty much FORCING the to totally repeal most if not ALL current gun laws…..
    but….its gunna cost…BIG TIME….maybe even telephone n°s …… i said….
    $how much$ have you got?

  158. Aussie pub brawler

    ☞It was one of the biggest cons since Sandy Hook school shootings in the US where many of the paid crisis actors have been identified☜

    i can ID one PAM “crisis actor” to you right now….”Walter Mikac”….he even followed the same ‘trajectory’ as the Sandy Hook CAs….
    innumerable media appearances…dead kids….boo hoo!…set up “a trust foundation” that may well be a con job/fraud…lobby for massive gun confiscation…etc
    the PAM was proto-Sandy Hook…in fact: it and Dunblane (another hoax!) were back-to-backers most likely planned and executed by the same
    “crew”…..see here
    it was “pulled off” by the i/national gun grabbing cabal headed up, most likely, by George Soros, to see if these sort of hoaxes would work….
    they did and they have! (well….until now, least-ways! 😏 )

  159. You are full of shit and a government troll, anyone can wear a wig you thick shit!!!!! That’s why it’s staged!!!!!!! Government I’d it so they can disarm the sheeple for the NWO!!!!!! 9 years previously where I WAS BORN we had the Hungerford massacre- PORT ARTHUR is a copy cat set up!!!!!!

  160. Good God what is this country coming to. Inocent lives were lost, babies or children hadnt had a chance to live a life. All for the legislation for gun laws premeditated murder and corruption really guys, this is so horrifil have no words?????

  161. uh….that’s one of the main contentions……that the Prt Arthur massacre was either a partial hoax or a total hoax…..replete with “crisis actors”;
    there has been enough noise abt the PAM in the last coupla decades for some of the victims’ families to make a stink……unless, of course, there were no victims to begin with….

  162. I have always said Martin Bryant was innocent. All the papers and witnesses saw was a pimply faced long blond hair person who shot from the right hip with his right hand. Martin Bryant was left handed and could never have executed this catastrophe the way it was done. And he did not have a pimply face. Why didn’t the police get the tray that he was supposed to have eaten his lunch off and do it for finger prints. No nothing was done, if you read everything about that day and read the police inter view of Matin, you would realise he did not do it.

  163. Exactly Angela…. like top police officials told to attend a suddenly arranged convention in Hobart that weekend, the quick & easy access to transport for the high number of victims, & Martin himself supposedly admitted at first he was told to be at that place…..but that was ignored & made out it was just voices in his head… They did a very good job on a simple guy used as a scapegoat……….

  164. I feel for you I really do but dont be blinded by anger. There is plenty of evidence to support he did not do it

  165. After seeing very experienced shooters miss many targets, I realised Martin Bryant did not have the ability to do the shootings. The perpetrator was an extremely efficient shooter with skills far in excess of Martin Bryant who had hardly ever used a rifle. It was a very planned and executed job with many people involved. Maybe one day, we will learn the truth. In the meantime, Bryant will remain an innocent in prison.

  166. He can’t shoot with that precision.they killed too many with not enough bullets plus not enough misses for 45 degree recoil shooting from the hip. Interview Bryant.

  167. Interview Martin.

  168. Evidence is overwhelming of a government coverup. The political juggernaut will defend at any taxpayer funded cost to avoid transparency to the Port Arthur massacre. Their day in the peoples court of public concern is about to open the gate. Ed

  169. Robyne~ Evidence support what you say. Government accountability is just around the corner as Martin Bryant rots in prison being the patsie to their disarming Australia agenda at any cost by John Howard….Ed

  170. Parrys declaration reminded me of the 5 dancing israelis on 911 who where high fiving and filming the collapse( We were their to document the event)
    This boy/man needs to be released, my father who survived the King David hotel bombing in Palestine, told me this was an israeli hit, “only jews kill like this”

  171. Thank you Ian, we have received similar views in the past during the research into the Port Arthur rot. Similarly about 911 filed by our US contributors.
    Unfortunately the major media is so tightly controlled in Australia that not a peep will ever be heard about these false flags. Murdoch, Fairfax and the ABC run the false media front for the elitists who own the corporate political parties. Two decades ago a Labor insider told us the Sydney office of the ABC was tightly controlled by Jews Subsequent investigations have revealed this to be correct. This is how the country’s most well known Aboriginal ‘leader’ Noel Pearson, a solicitor, got his hands on much of the extensive and rich mineral fields on Cape York. He was trained by and did his articles with Arnold, Bloch, Liebler the largest Jewish law firm in Australia based in Melbourne. The former senior partner in the firm, Isi
    Liebler has strong ties to Mossad. In fact circa 1994 Liebler was accused in federal parliament of being a Colonel in Mossad. This law firm acts for the Australian Labor Party and Bob Hawke and has done for many years.Ed


    Dear READER,

    If you would like the details (includes references) of Stephen Parry’s inside knowledge of the official massacre at Port Arthur in April 1996, please email me for the 50-page summary document: “20 YEARS, CORRUPTION, DECEPTION, LIES” (no copyright, distribute freely) –

    This evasive embalmer from Tasmania has refused to explain his incriminating words which he presented at a government seminar in 1997. (see details in above-mentioned summary)

    What does it say about the affairs of State in Australia when Stephen Parry – a person who knew preparations for the massacre (allegedly 35 killed; 23 wounded) were made in Victoria “ready for the incident” – becomes President of the Senate? But don’t just condemn the Liberal Party. A copy of the Show Cause Notice which was directed to Parry was also sent to every senator at the time. None have replied or reacted.

    It seems every senator in Australia is quite content to see the torture of the poor patsy Martin Bryant continue. He has been wrongly condemned and imprisoned since 1996. Over 20 YEARS!!!!!!!!!

    There was NO hard evidence proving guilt, NO motive, NO fingerprints, NO credible identification, NO public inquiry, NO legal integrity, NO proper firearm ownership, NO DNA evidence, NO coronial inquest (with 35 killed!), NO free admission of guilt , NO witness ever testified in a court, NO forensic results, NO crime re-enactment, NO jury, NO complete list of evidence, NO explanation for the naked black-haired woman police wrote they saw at Seascape (it was not the owner who officials said was already dead), NO proper legal representation, and Martin had NO trial (hearings in courtrooms are NOT trials).

    All there was were official allegations all unproved and blown up to psycho-shock and unsettle the very gullible public. Just right as a prelude to the gun-control legislation which quickly followed.

    Of course officials could not have had a trial. The only witness who knew Martin Bryant and who was at Port Arthur said the gunman was not Martin Bryant. Terry Hill a gunsmith was pressured to say he sold a weapon to Martin, but Mr. Hill refused to lie. (All documented in the book MASS MURDER.) And the marksmanship and coolness of the gunman was way beyond mentally handicapped Martin. (And did you know two people – ASIO or MOSSAD? – voluntarily went and sat inside the vehicle WITH the gunman at the PAHS toll booth, and there had a discussion with him. It seems those two people knew the gunman and/or why he was there. They knew the gunman had already killed people, but they just went and had a chat with him. This is documented in the statements of witnesses who were at that tollbooth. You’re not supposed to know this. It’s all in the book MASS MURDER.)

    Do not believe for one minute the bullshit about him making a confession. For six months Martin Bryant clearly stated he was innocent. But to circumvent proper legal and trial procedures, that criminal lawyer Johne Avery worked Martin over and got him to accept Avery’s plea. (Even Martin’s bewildered mother was herself pressured to put pressure on Martin to get him to say he did it. And she did.) Given his mental handicap (IQ of 66; retarded), Martin should have had a protecting guardian with him at all times. But that did not happen. Three official mongrels John Avery (corrupt lawyer), Damian Bugg (corrupt prosecutor), and William Cox (corrupt judge) worked on poor Martin then locked him away forever.

    Martin Bryant is INNOCENT! It is Stephen Parry who is GUILTY!


    Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author
    Vienna, Austria
    t. 43-1-9712401

    free pdf of the book:
    MASS MURDER: Official Kiling in Tasmania, Australia
    (2nd edition; 2014)

  173. keep pushing at the heels of your elected reps and hold their feet to the fire this is reaching critical mass and when enough of we the people band together and demand justice for martin and not only him but for the family’s as well then the truth will come out. No army can stop an idea whose time has come, constantly call email write all members of parliament and your elected reps and bug them all day 24/7 and get the colonial inquiry underway this is the only way this whole event can be put to bed and the truth come out we owe it to every citizen in this country, to allow the truth to set the story straight for the truth shall set you free.

  174. Big Government promotes and enjoys “our class” fighting amongst ourselves and directing attention away from them. it is natural and easy to repeat those opinions from our favorite sources of media ,but, not so easy to construct an original opinion. The honest truth has become near impossible to locate, but it can be researched you are willing take the time. You will also need an open mind.
    So, innocent or guilty- and how do YOU really know? Good luck~

  175. Your’e the fucking joke! Blind Freddy can see Martin Btyant is innocent !!

  176. This from a site I like and quite obviously the same applies to Australia;

    “James asked: What is the main concern (meaning what is the biggest case) going on inside the FBI at this time?

    A: Israel. We are truly in danger of becoming the United States of Israel. They own 80% of our politicians. They have infiltrated our media, our tech companies, our banking systems.”

  177. J you’re just as evil as the rest of the moron that set Martin Bryant up !!

  178. The guns he used were handed into Bayswater police station in Victoria. Because they were bent. And did not shoot straight.
    They were possession of the Australian Government.
    Do you need my uncle to tell you why they handed them in for $150 each. Cost to fix them was more.
    PS. All those in comps that went up against Bryant were better shooters. Bryant had a 45/100 average.
    Did they not say he shot 92/100.
    The exact number our top SAS sniper has.
    I sympathies with you. But you need the truth. This was a government sanctioned false flag event. At the Top.
    Sorry I can’t say more on Spy Net

  179. Mr Noble I have some information that may be relevant to your case

  180. Thankyou Andrew we have addressed you note. Editor

  181. The truth always comes out, I admire you helping an innocent man. That’s what I saw in the interview, he seemed intelligent enough but simple that’s all.

  182. Remember, the Hoddle street massacre, with Julian Knight as the shooter? link: ….. It was a “warm-up” for Port Arthur. He couln’t remember anything about the shooting for many decades, but now with the opportunity of parole he’s “regretting his actions”(Think Manchurian candidate)(Sirhan Sirhan still can’t remember).

  183. Well said Robert and accurate. The Citizens Electoral Council exposed Martin Bryant’s pre-conditioning in an article which can be found on their website, . Bryant was sent to the Tavistock Institute in the UK for brain washing two years before Port Arthur. Although he was placed by others into the Seascape incident he was not the Broad Arrow Café shooter and there is overwhelming evidence to prove this fact. The elephant in the room overlooked by all researchers is no mention of ear protection from gunshot. Three shots from a .308 calibre rifle in the confines of the café would have left the shooter temporarily deaf and any more shots would have left the shooter with permanent deafness and probably perforated ear drums. Where are the trolls now?Editor

  184. Whatever’s best for Jackie! What did you expect?

  185. margaret di giovinazzo

    Martin Bryant is left handed and the shooter was shooting righthanded.

  186. margaret di giovinazzo

    I agree Matthew. How do they explain away the fact that Martin Bryant demonstrated that he shoots with his left hand whilst, by all accounts, the shooter was shooting with his right hand and from the hip, Martin Bryant was supposed to be burnt to death in the fire started by an SOG officer shooting a phosphorous flare through the upstairs window at Seascape Cottage. I imagine this threw a spanner in the works for a lot of people in the know.

  187. margaret di giovinazzo

    Jazz, can you give me a link to the confession video?

  188. I Love your words Brother.

  189. l Love You Brother.

  190. Dear, I don’t know, You are a very Poor excuse for a living Man. You are either being paid by some Evil banker or Government, Same same. You and your ilk are brain dead Sheep of the greatest order, take your uniformed idiotic and down right brain dead tin foil hat off, smell the roses and not the excrement

  191. Dear all,
    For the sake of our own sanity.
    The moral superiority lies with the opening of a trial, coronial inquiry, independent inquiry, royal commission( all of these ).
    We want the evidence heard.
    We want the truth, to set us free.
    Detoxify Martin and get him on the stand. Send the bugger to a health camp for 6+ weeks for
    a withdrawal program from the major tranquilizers et al.
    We the people, families, friends of the victims deserve an outcome not marred by the evasive and deceptive story of the Port Arthur Massacre as read to us by our governments and our law providers.

  192. You will have thousands of supporters Fred. Well said.Editor

  193. I agree 100%

  194. I would like to be able to share this but don’t seem to be able. I remember Pauline Hanson was laughed at when she said this many years ago.

  195. Michael Thomas

    Maybe they weren’t asked to give evidence.

  196. What your saying no one that was there that day says they the wrong man , that shows you’ve done 0 research on the matter go back to your computer and actually do some real fact finding instead of watching a channel 7 report , tip look up a woman who gives talks publicly about what she saw that day and then look up the Vic cop who has been telling everyone who actually did it for years

  197. Keith Allan Noble

    Dear READERS, Two new books on the Port Arthur incident have been released – WORDS OF MEN: Official Terror Shooting Tasmania (2019) & WORDS OF WOMEN: Official Terror Shooting Tasmania (2019). Paperback (pp.160) copies are available from internet booksellers. PDF copies are available from – FREE of course. Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author, Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7, 1030 Vienna, Austria t. 43-1-9712401

  198. I lost people to.
    But, wendy scurr, was no liar.

    I want the persoS who did this jailed.

    The Tasmanian government is so corrupt- so corrupt,
    American truck- (morgue) – advertised for ‘tender’. email…

    I have researched it myself- big questions, get my the proif he did it, give me the coroners reports. No, we cant have them- none done.

  199. This shooting was done by Israel. So was 911, sandy hook, NZ mosque shooting, vegas shooting, and many others.

  200. On and on it goes , same innuendos and assumptions he did they did, more documents and stories about who did what. Fuck up and do something real about it. Fucking story tellers and gossip mongers with no real evidence either way. Name the real individual perpetrators/ shooters , all you name is organisations. Put up or shut up.


  201. Well old mate if you searched our unique Port Arthur files you would discover the names of the shooters. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot just yet.Editor

  202. Martin is innocent. No mentally handicapped person like him could have pulled off such a massacre of people. There was obviously more than one shooter. Or one very good navy seal

  203. Chris , Jess
    Whether Martin Bryant is innocent or guilty is irrelevant, what is relevant is that a man has been jailed for life without following due process, sect 80 of the constitution guarantees a trial by jury of one peers, it’s a basic right that dates back 800 year to a document that ended up being the foundation for the creation of governments.

    unless you are communists you have no reason to argue against Bryant’s right to trial, the last this thing that the people of Australia should be undertaking is giving the government freedom to circumvent proper due process, even the most honest politicians(government) can be subverted let alone one that it already known to be corrupt, conspiracy theorists keep governments in check.

    I’m trying to understand why people who don’t believe Bryant is innocent are reacting in such a manner, why so angry and defensive, I don’t understand why you would be against having the justice system serve the people and carry out the task it is intended for, I thought you would have more confidence in the judicial system and government that you are so adamantly defending.

    I found some information regarding the port Arthur shooting that is only mentioned on a few occasions.

    Martin Bryant inherited 27 million from his old lay friend who was the niece of George Adams (tattersalls) , retroactive laws made after the shooting allowed the government to access those funds for the victims, 3 million was paid out to the victims and 24 million went to admin fees. (disarming the public is not the only motive)

    The serial number of AR15 used in the shooting was traced back to the 1987 Melbourne gun amnesty , the firearm was acquired by the Victoria S.O.G’s which is not unusual , they get to keep certain firearms and use them for police work, the part that is not okay is the firearm ending up in Port Arthur 9 years later.

    The commonwealth bank employee that was in the cafe recognized the gunman and stood up and yelled “not in here” before the gunman shot and killed him ( he was also an ex asio agent)

    Editor, cairnsnews you have done your research on the Port Arthur incident, but you certainly have no idea what you are talking about when it comes world war 2 and Adolf Hitler, you are making the same mistake that your adversaries are making.

    Hitler did not disarm the German people, Hitler expressed his disgust with the communist parties disarming Hitler labelled these Bolshevist as traitors in a speech.

    I for the life of me cannot understand why so many people cannot see this pattern that keeps repeating.

    To many people have this ill conceived perception that the world is perfect , that there is no evil, people perceive the world as if it is the movie clip of Julia Andrews singing ” the hills are alive with the sound of music”.

    I can assure you that no man in history has been misrepresented the way Hitler has been misrepresented, you are talking about a very educated, creative, empathetic and intelligent, who was democratically elected, who rebuilt Germany’s broken economy, who was a vegetarian because he couldn’t bare to kill an animal, who was responsible for creating laws against cruelty to animals, who banned all the smut art that the Bolsheviks brought over with them when the were finished destroying Russia, the man that watch Churchill’s planes bomb Germany for 3 months without retaliating, the man that kept pleading for peace while Churchill kept bombing, Hitler refrained from retaliation until Polish Jews murdered 5000 Germans that were living just over the Germany border in a polish town,then he was blamed for the murders claiming it was Hitlers propaganda designed to initiate a war.

    here we are 2020 the year of the covid-19,I’m seeing the world through a sentient beings eyes and it is crystal clear, while many see it through sheep’s eyes, an d i’m in noway condoning the behavior of the evil beings that control this world but these damn sheep who suffer from severe cognitive dissonance are the ones that make all these atrocities possible, this dimwits are happy to jail an innocent man and allow psychopath cold blooded murdered go free before they have their ego bruised. I am absolutely disgusted and at my wits end with these types of pathetic excuses for human being, what kind of absolute moron argues against his own inalienable inherent right, why is it so hard for your people to see right from wrong, it’s because you bloody don’t have a clue what is right and wrong, get a grip of your righteous self and wake up. if you want to live under a communist regime you wish is about to come to fruition.

    What kind of moron argues with such conviction against his own rights, looks like you’re going to get you wish, the communist cabal has arrived in our neck of the woods as many of the conspiracy theorist figured they would, just our luck, we don’t have any semi automatic rifles to defend ourselves with, and even if Bryant did it, does that mean that were are supposed to get our asses handed to us by this tyrant government.

    These sheep wont believe that we are under attack because it will be our police that initiate this attack on the Australian people , they have already started and the people are supporting their actions —> “thank you Vicpol for making people wear masks and saving my precious life how dare these people risk my life just because they are trying to protect everyone’s rights, shoot and kill anyone that puts my life in danger”

    I honestly thought people were much smarter but I was obviously wrong, the majority of people are so damn stupid and even if you try to educate then you wont get anywhere, they become so engaged in the argument defending what they believe, they don’t realize how stupid they look because they are opposed to common sense, 800 years of common law, basic fundamental rights, law of equity, the bible, western democratic society and logic.

    The more i see this people and their subjective argument the more I realize how this country has become a communist country overnight, these subverted fools have helped usher in the Bolsheviks, these fools that watch the 6 o’clock news and believe that the majority of the 26 million people in Australia are murdering,criminal,drug dealing, violent, bank robbing, street racer, outlaw, tax evading, psychopaths who are a straw on a camels back away from dowsing their family and pets with fuel and striking the match, while these dumb asses cheers our government on for implementing road side speed detection cash registers, random blood alcohol testing of sober motorists and we can’t forget the fining notorious p plater not displaying P’s, registration or license expired psychos, busting weed smoking pablo escabar serial killers, thanks to you morons that have been subverted, we are all F**KED now, you people allowed this to happen, you useless POS caused this, F**K you and your precious enslaved life, we’ll see if your life is going to be worth living now , you wanted a communist police state, you got it.

  204. Steven T. Ofcourse Martin Bryant deserved a trial. Everyone accused of a crime deserves one. It’s quite an escalation from “I think he’s innocent” to “Die at my communist hands you scum!”

    You know, it’s the name calling that really makes me laugh. “Sheep” is conspiracy nut for, “Oh, you think that private citizens can actually do bad things based on their own thoughts, desires and beliefs?”. “Communist” = pretty much the same but is more commonly used in less general disputes.

    As far as our government is concerned, I hate our current leadership. I never voted for them, nobody I’ve spoken to has ever admitted to voting for them. I’d gladly look the other way if they were led out back of Parliament House and *CENSORED*. Anyway, I’ve never trusted our government and probably never will.

    Give Bryant a trial and have an inquest. I 100% believe that the tax payers will gladly fork out millions for it. The answer will be the same as it is now regardless because;
    A) If it’s really a cover up, they’ve got this covered.
    B) If it’s not a cover up, he’s guilty.

    Anyone can get multiple head shots on people who are seated in booths when firing a gun from the hip. Most of his kills were made where?. Oh, a little place called a cafe where people were seated and eating their meals. It’s actually mind blowing to me that people read that one simple fact and conclude that there is a government agent or 10 doing all the killing.I’m all for overthrowing our current government and installing a decent one but there isn’t a decent one to replace it with 😦

    I really didn’t want to get drawn back into this rubbish but I choose to not live my life in fear. I won’t be afraid of our government, I won’t be afraid of being called names and I won’t fear speaking what I believe is the truth. If you’re all so adamant that Bryant is innocent, let him live in your homes with your partners and children. If you’re not prepared to do that, sit down, shut up and admit that you could be wrong. I know that there is a chance I could be wrong. I don’t believe I am based on the evidence I’ve read though.

    Anyway, please leave me out of your tin foil hat party. I’d rather use that tin foil to cook a nice roast in than have my brain fried by questioning EVERY ridiculous thing that gets played on mainstream news/media. While you’re arguing with me about this BS, our overlords are taking more of our freedoms away from us.Let’s focus on that instead. It won’t make a lick of difference now if he’s set free or kept in jail to die. Are we going to overthrow our current keepers and make Australia a decent place to live again or are we just going to cry about Martin Bryant?

  205. It is simple really – the shooter(s) was right handed – Bryant was left handed as demonstrated on the current affairs program. Several eye witnesses said he was at a different location when the shooting started. And on it goes. If they can frame Bryant they can frame you. Regards Editor

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