7000 Syrian refugees will be resettled in NSW

Churches in Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburbs have been targeted in a poster campaign by the Party for Freedom which has garnered public support to keep refugees out of their iconic area.

St Stephens Belrose is one of 30 churches on the northern beaches working with the Settlement Services International (SSI) on a refugee support initiative.

The church asked those wanting to help, to offer low-cost self-contained accommodation for at least three months, help refugees find paid employment or help them become familiar with the Australian way of life.

With many thousands of Australians genuinely out of work in the Sydney district, housing refugees of doubtful origin has fired up Party for Freedom spokesman Nick Folkes.

Anglican Minister Michael Aitkin says the church would continue to help the Muslim refugees.

Many of the refugees are Christians seeking safety, Mr Aitkin said. “But we welcome Muslims too as Jesus taught us to love our neighbour.”

“If, despite all the government stringent screening, an extremist does come, the best remedy is to welcome them into an Australian home and to love them.”

This Minister epitomises the combined stupidity of the churches, thinking that Muslims with an inherent desire to kill all infidels, will somehow convert to Christianity.

This email (below) more than clarifies the treason practiced by many misguided churches on the northern beaches that have shamelessly committed to the invasion initiative by donating money and paying of rental properties in the area, Mr Folkes said.

Listed under the heading Accommodation:

We have had 2 Sundays since the ‘Call to Action’ video and there has been some encouraging response with regard to housing but we still need more.

So far we have –

5 granny flats – separate entrance, self-contained etc – provided by people from the community, St Stephens and Beacon Hill Anglican, Seaforth Baptist.

CLC Mona Vale has committed to renting a 2 bedroom apartment.

St Stephens Belrose has several families committed to renting a 3 bedroom house for 6-12 months.

Avalon Baptist has pledged $4000 to subsidise rental housing.

St Matthews, Manly has pledged $6000 to subsidise rental housing.

Balgowlah Uniting has committed to some financial/housing support.

Uniting Church has offered conference space in Lane Cove but negotiations continue with government bodies on whether this is suitable.

I have spoken to several people at Pittwater Uniting where I attended January 24, for them as a church to consider renting a 3 bedroom house.

C3 Oxford Falls is looking to support this initiative and will have a proposal ready soon.

Undefined financial support from Frenchs Forest Catholic
If there is more please contact us on this email or fb message us as a priority.

In deploring the offer from the churches, Mr Folkes said: “The financial backers working with Minister Michael Aitken and Premier Mike Baird have been exposed in this damning email highlighting the financial contributions and housing support supplied by church groups listed, so far. The misplaced and misguided compassion industry is alive and well within church hierarchy.

“The multicultural gravy train, refugee advocacy groups, church groups and political establishment are more than willing to fund and promote the genocide of the Australian people. Minister Michael Aitken, Premier Baird and the various church groups should hang their heads in shame and turn away from the wickedness.

“There are millions of Australians living in perpetual poverty struggling to make ends meet each week yet the demonic government and anti-Christ church groups continue to work behind the scenes in destabilising the once prosperous lucky country. Australia should close its doors on Muslim refugees and re-direct the money to help locals doing it tough,” Mr Folkes said.

Premier Mike Baird is making room for Syrian refugees to be dumped onto the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Nick Folkes, Party for Freedom Chairman, calls on Premier Baird to support the many thousands of unemployed and homeless Australians, not Syrians of doubtful origin.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Magic-Man-In-The-Sky-No-Thanks!

    This initiative by the loony Left and the loony churches….is nothing short of criminal sabotage.


  2. They will be happy there. Plenty of bikinis to drol over.


  3. THIS is a Country committing SUICIDE


  4. Why in hells name does Mike Baird expect all these desert dwellers to fit in with the Beach Bums all along the northern Beaches to get along when as soon as they get there they will try to do what they did in Cronulla and start telling locals to convert to islam or else this is total madness


  5. Stupid idealistic fools who have been sheltered from reality. Especially the Anglican church which is pathetic. Muzrats will take over no matter how nice you have been to them. They will pack rape your families in every hole brutally and saw off your heads after making you watch like they have done for 1400 years. We need to build special welcoming centres for the “refugees” complete with gas chambers and high temperature incinerators. These sick cult members have replaced their conscience and humanity with the virus of Islam. They have already openly declared war upon us a long time ago.


  6. Relax folks, its all good. They are just hastening the time when they will be hunted down and beaten to death in the streets…..AS has happened before!!


  7. I was taught if i have nothing nice to say……


  8. Thats the best response ive ever heard !!!! I don’t think it can be topped 🙂


  9. So all those homes you have and will find for refugees, you couldn’t have possibly found them for our own? Remember our homeless?, our jobs for our own unemployed?? Even our ex servicemen. I think Australia is struggling, so let’s just help to make it struggle more? What is happening to our once beautiful country? They say we are racist. But in their countries I would have to be what they wanted me to be. How can they come here and hate everything about us? Try to change everything about us? Our food, our women, alcohol, can’t forget the way we dress. Yet we are the ones being racist in our own country? Hmmmm makes no sense to me.
    Help our own first. Simple! !


  10. Gregory Robinson

    Don’t do it. Christ taught love also to watch and pray so that theif doesn’t take away your inheritance which is Peace and Security


  11. Plenty of us hard working Aussies can’t afford to live in beach side suburbs…


  12. You poor people of cairns.. Please don’t take your eyes off your daughters, sisters or mothers because rape statistics will now rise in cairns as they have in every other country that took in such a large volume of people from a culture that thinks rape is acceptable behavior.


  13. I believe it is total madnessAll they want to do is convert Aussie people to their cult.


  14. Never ever in a million years would i let any one of those demented sons and daughters of Baal ANYWHERE near me, my family or my home . TAKE CARE OF THE VETERANS AND HOMELESS . There is no way those pple will assimilate. Personally i am all in favour of deporting the lot !!!


  15. You are pack of very sad disillusion people who are obviously not concerned with the truth or facts.


  16. Father of Three

    after living next door to one of them… they were fine. BUT the ones who came to visit them, scared us, we locked up our daughter till they left. Got a polite chinese guy living there now, we’re much happier. Just up the road is some University accommodation, where some of these ‘refugees’ were placed. One of their visitors (another refugee) RAPED the 21yr old international student next door.

    If its not the ones you give the house to, its their ‘friends’ that visit.

    And you wonder why I don’t want them anywhere near here…

    1400 years these guys have been fighting, do you expect them to stop just because we ask nicely????


  17. Well said father of three. Ed


  18. Well said


  19. So so true!


  20. I would have to agree with you cairns news.


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