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16 October 2015

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United States not leaving Afghanistan: US Defense Secretary | 15 Oct 2015 | The US is not leaving Afghanistan, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said, while asserting that such a narrative is "self-defeating". [?] "The narrative that we’re leaving Afghanistan is self-defeating. We’re not. We can’t, and to do so would not be to take advantage of the success had to date," Carter said at a luncheon hosted by the Association of the US Army Sustaining here yesterday. The US, he said, is in the process of formulating options for 2016 and beyond, and make adjustments to the planned American presence based on current circumstances.

Because those CIA poppy fields and opium routes are not going to protect themselves:Obama Plans to Keep Nearly 10,000 U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Through 2016 | 15 Oct 2015 | President Barack Obama announced plans Thursday to keep nearly 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan through most of next year and 5,500 when he leaves office in 2017, casting aside breaking his promise to end the war on his watch and instead ensuring he hands off the conflict to a successor…According to a defense official, the president approved the highest number of troops requested by commanders, with the greatest amount of flexibility. Key to the commanders’ requests was a continuation of the current counterterrorism mission, which Obama said would indeed be part of the effort after 2016.

Combat report: Russian jets make 41 sorties against ISIS in Syria, cut off its arms supplies | 14 Oct 2015 | Islamic State terrorists in Aleppo province have been cut off from their arms supply sources, the Russian Defense Ministry has stated. Over the past 24 hours, Russian jets made 41 sorties and carried out 40 attacks against the terrorist group in five Syrian provinces. Russian warplanes attacked dozens of Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) [but still I-CIA-SIS] strongholds in Aleppo, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Deir ez-Zor provinces.

U.S. airdrops ammunition to Syria ‘rebels’ [aka I-CIA-SIS] | 12 Oct 2015 | U.S. forces airdropped small arms ammunition and other supplies to Syrian Arab ‘rebels,’ barely two weeks after Russia raised the stakes in the long-running civil war by intervening on the side of President Bashar al-Assad. One military official said the drop, by Air Force C-17 cargo planes in northern Syria on Sunday, was part of a revamped U.S. strategy announced last week to help rebels in Syria battling that are the Islamic State militants. Last week, Washington shelved a [failed] program to train and equip "moderate" rebels opposed to Assad who would join the fight against Islamic State.

Israeli Military Begins Deploying Hundreds of Troops in Cities | 14 Oct 2015 | Israel’s military says it is beginning to deploy hundreds of troops to assist police forces in Israeli cities. Wednesday’s move is the first implementation of measures decided upon by Israel’s security cabinet to combat a rash of Palestinian shooting and stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers. The cabinet met late into the night and released details of the new measures early Wednesday morning. Steps approved include allowing police to impose a closure on points of friction or incitement according to security assessments.

Ship laden with nuclear waste heading to Australia despite safety concerns | 16 Oct 1015 | A ship laden with nuclear waste is heading to Australia from France despite concerns raised over its safety record. The BBC Shanghai, flagged to Antigua and Barbuda, is on its way to Port Kembla in New South Wales from the French port of Cherbourg with a cargo of reprocessed nuclear waste. The 25 tonnes of waste was originally generated by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and sent to France in 2001 for reprocessing. Environmental groups have raised concerns over the safety of the BBC Shanghai, pointing out it has been blacklisted by the US due to its record.

‘Catastrophic’: Underground fire creeps towards nuclear waste site | 12 Oct 2015 |Beneath the surface of a US landfill lurk two things that should never meet: a slow-burning fire and a cache of Cold War-era nuclear waste, separated by no more than 365 metres. Government officials in Missouri have quietly adopted an emergency plan in case the smouldering embers ever reach the waste, a potentially "catastrophic event" that could send up a plume of radioactive smoke over a densely populated area near the city’s main airport. Although the fire at Bridgeton Landfill, near St. Louis has been burning since at least 2010, the plan for a worst-case scenario was developed only a year ago and never publicised until last week, when St. Louis radio station KMOX first obtained a copy.

Radioactive wreckage: inside Fukushima’s nuclear exclusion zone – in pictures | 11 Oct 2015 | Supermarket aisles strewn with packets. A school blackboard covered with notes for an unfinished lesson. Cars tangled with weeds in an unending traffic jam. These are eerie pictures from inside the 20km exclusion zone around Fukushima nuclear plant, which went into meltdown after a tsunami and earthquake struck Japan in March 2011. Photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski donned protective gear to visit the "terrifying" ghost towns of Futaba, Namie and Tomioka last month and this is what he found.

Customs computer outages, glitches reported at multiple US airports| 15 Oct 2015 | Problems and outages affecting Customs and Border Protection computers have been reported at multiple American airports. The cause of the problem is unknown. So far, problems have been reported at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, Logan International Airport in Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, and Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Maryland. There have also been reports of problems at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest.

Air France A380 declares emergency 45 minutes into flight after cabin crew realise two passengers are MISSING | 14 Oct 2015 | An Air France flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Johannesburg, South Africa was forced to declare an emergency and turn around 45 minutes into its journey, after crew discovered that two passengers were missing. Crew onboard the Boeing A380 triggered the security alert after realising that the passenger list and baggage did not match – with four bags loaded without their owners. Flight AF990A which was scheduled to fly at 11.30pm last night, had been delayed by technical issues until 09.30am this morning before the mid-air emergency.

Utah State Capitol Evacuated After Rifle Found in Box | 15 Oct 2015 | Utah police were searching Thursday night for a man who strode into the state Capitol and placed a wreath and a cardboard box containing an unloaded rifle on the floor before leaving the building. The Salt Lake City building was evacuated shortly after Capitol security officers watching surveillance cameras spotted the man leaving the package Thursday afternoon, state Highway Patrol Trooper Lawrence Hopper said…The rifle was a semiautomatic rifle but Hopper did not have details about it.

Busted: Sandy Hook video footage spliced into Oregon shooting news By Anthony Antonello | 07 Oct 2015 | Why is video from the Sandy Hook incident showing up in a "news" report for the Oregon incident? No, seriously…What is going on here? (Video)

Fully Vaccinated Child Gets Measles –CDC Scrambles to Find Excuses to Not Blame Vaccines | 14 Oct 2015 | A Fairfax County child has a confirmed case of measles. The child is reportedly fully vaccinated. The child is being treated at Fairfax Medical Campus in Falls Church, Virginia. The child was not old enough for the second MMR dose, which is likely to be the point of contention by the CDC as a way of creating an excuse for the child contracting the illness.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey critically ill in deterioration that shocks experts | 14 Oct 2015 | Pauline Cafferkey, the nurse who suffered complications from the Ebola infection she contracted while volunteering in west Africa, is now critically ill, the Royal Free hospital in London has said. The announcement shocked medical experts. While it is recognised that the virus can linger in parts of the body after a patient has recovered, it has never before been known to trigger potentially lethal disease months after the initial illness. Jonathan Ball, a professor of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, said it was "frankly staggering".

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Bad Deal for American Workers | 08 Oct 2015 | There’s been a lot of talk about winners and losers in various aspects of this [TPP] deal. Spoiler alert: Corporations seem to win at every turn at the expense of working people…The inclusion of corporate courts (for investor-to-state dispute settlement) is a win for global business. Giant firms who use the U.S. as a flag of convenience but produce little here can now invest in Australia, Japan and Malaysia, then sue over laws and regulations they don’t like. They will be able to collect billions from taxpayers to compensate for lost profits.


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