from a California police officer, Matt

Yesterday while working, a bunch of coworkers and I responded to a shooting that took place in an apartment complex, one that we visit on a fairly regular basis. This was by no means the first shooting in this complex, BUT this one was definitely different.

All the other shootings at this complex during recent years, at least the ones where I was present, were pretty well covered by the local media, but the media was conspicuously absent yesterday. Could it be because the shooting was a completely justified, self-defense shooting? Could it be because the person who got shot (the suspect) was a crazy guy who was stoned out of his mind? Could it be because the shooter (the victim) used an evil semi-auto rifle to defend his home and family? Could it be because the shooter (victim) was a black man and the guy who got shot (suspect) was white? Could it be because the shooter (victim) was a black man and all the cops were white, yet we did not arrest him? Even in anti-gun Commiefornia?

Could it be the media did not cover this incident because in so many ways, this incident flies in the face of all of their various agendas? Or was it because this one day was the one day that none of the 5 local stations were listening to their scanners?

Reader’s Digest version of the incident: Cops got several calls because crazy, drugged out of his mind white guy is running around a shopping center trying to fight people and steal things. Cops arrive and cannot find him. A couple of citizens direct cops to the apartment complex across the street where the crazy guy was last seen. As cops pull into the complex, they hear a gunshot. Crazy white guy runs out and flops on the ground with gunshot wounds to both legs.

A few minutes later, a black male teenager comes over and tells cops his uncle just shot a guy in their apartment. We (the cops) go to the apartment and a black male in his 40’s comes out with his hands up and tells us he just shot a guy who broke into their apartment and that the gun is inside the apartment. Not knowing what happened, we detained the uncle, talk to a bunch of neighbors and other witnesses.

Turns out crazy white guy booted open the apartment door armed with a large shard of broken glass and begins yelling at the five (5) residents inside that he is going to cut their throats. The black male had already grabbed his gun when the crazy white guy started trying to boot the door open. Crazy white guy starts to come into the apartment and the resident fires one shot which strikes the suspect in both legs. Suspect flees and the cops find him bleeding like a stuck pig just around the corner. Suspect went to the hospital, and once cleared, will be off to jail. The man who shot him sat in a cop car for about an hour while we investigated the scene and spoke to witnesses. He cooperated fully, told us his version or what happened, which matched the witness statements and the physical evidence, was released and went back to his apartment with his family.

Everything worked out like it is supposed to, and no one other than the people involved would have ever heard about it because the media either did not care, or consciously chose not to report it.

A .30 cal M1 Carbine, issued to Marines in WW2. It fires a relatively low-powered round and was popular with farmers in Australia until John Howard’s unlawful gun buyback removed a percentage of those in circulation.

Here is the kicker. Here in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, they have tried to pass laws reclassifying the M1 Carbine as an “assault weapon”, you know, the type of weapons that are only used for horrible acts of evil… The gun used in this legal, fully justified self-defense shooting? WWII vintage M1 Carbine manufactured by Inland, with a legal (owned prior to the CA ban) “high capacity” 30 round magazine.

So much for all those narratives by the media… Evil, racist white cops did not arrest a black man who shot a crazy, drugged up white guy with an evil semi-auto “assault rifle”, the very type of gun that is never used in a home defense scenario.

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