When the flowers have gone and the blood is cleaned from the walls and the bullet holes spackled over in the Lindt Cafe, outrage will slowly replace grief and the true story of a well-planned, albeit amateurish, terrorism attack will emerge.

A forensic Coronial inquiry could take a year but the initial inquiry into the Martin Place abomination should be completed by February and it will present the Government with an agonising quandary…continue to shield the Islamic community from blame and be eventually damned by the Coroner’ s report, or show Australians what really happened.

It will be a testicular test for Tony Abbott and it s one that he must eventually face. Only a fool would persist with the notion that this was a lone wolf attack. There are too many open links to Islamic support from Sydney’s west and the links extend to the heart of Green/Left operatives embedded in the Public Service.

Before the siege was three hours old, Islamic leaders knew very well who the gunman was, they said so, and the Lakemba disability boys, prevented from travelling to Syria, were high-fiving each other, salivating at the obvious outcome.

If Abbott’s inquiry is fair dinkum it will blow the lid off the entrenched Islamic rorting of our welfare system. It will show the money trail from drugs and the halal certification scam to ISIS, via sham charities. It will show the complicity of the terrorist’s partner and two other close associates. It will reveal the 14,500 who followed him on Facebook and those who subscribed to his website.

It will show the culpability of magistrates and damning phone calls and text messages leading up to the siege.
A subpoena on the bank records of Chris Murphy’s law firm will show who financed the terrorist’s appeal to the High Court.

Legal aid does not extend to High Court appeals, and it doesn t come any cheaper than $50,000 upfront. The inquiry will show who provided the sawn-off shotgun and cartridges, what mosques he attended and who gave him support? This is the first inquiry into the underbelly of Sydney’ s protected Muslim enclaves. Enclaves that have been allowed to fester unchecked and unmonitored for decades, and it will likely lead to places Abbott fears to tread. But tread he must. We have had enough, now we need answers.

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