The host of Q & A and socialist international troglodyte, Tony Jones along with a grinning Green dyke in the audience tried to upstage Bob Katter in an otherwise excellent presentation on Monday night of the increasing spectre of mental health issues.

For the (Gay)BC, the last bastion of shirt lifters and pussy platters, it was on a par with the usual performance of stooges in the audience, baiting political identities with the poofter agenda.

On tasteless Tony’s cue, the impish Green muff- muncher, having the appearance of a female, launched into Katter with the normal routine of “…why do you hate back door bangers?”

Katter was not given any opportunity to be heard, instead being shouted down by another puncher sitting next to him, outing himself to denigrate the long-standing Member for Kennedy, who by now, had left viewers with the distinct impression he rated the gay lobby in the same vein as those suffering from mental illness, the very subject of the show.

The online comments by viewers did not adversely reflect the attempted coup by Jones and his hand-picked audience members.

Katter and the other guests on the panel spoke about many aspects of mental illness prevention and told of suicides within the farming industry, with an average of one farmer dying every four days across the nation.

A rural mental health panellist and Katter related their experiences in dealing with families that have been devastated by drought, poor commodity prices and severe economic hardship which were causing suicides, marriage breakups and depression.

It would have been an excellent presentation on a vitally important subject it were not for Jones’ pro-homosexual agenda, which as Katter said, came in at a zero level of importance in such an important discussion.