by Larry Pickering

The next international meeting on “climate change” is scheduled for 2015 in Paris and it’s Ban Ki-moon’s last ditch stand to define his tenure as UN Secretary General with meaningful global agreements on emissions.

With the dismal failure of Copenhagen still fresh in his mind he is drafting, with the IPCC, an all-out onslaught on climate truths.

The latest is the UN news release showing thousands of doomed walruses, beached and headed for extinction as arctic ice recedes and they have to settle for pebbly coves and rocky inlets. .

The problem with the UN footage supplied to unquestioning networks is that the same footage could have been supplied each and every year since Adam and Eve decided it was cold enough to get dressed.

Walruses have been returning to mate at that same pebbly beach each year since forever where 4 ton beachmasters tear each other to pieces to decide who gets most of the yummy females.

Any National Geographic devotee would know walruses do not mate on ice, and they really wouldn’t want to try it, neither would you, because it’s impossible to “get a grip”, which is exactly what Ban Ki-moon should get.