Hate filled Australian Muslims at Sydney meeting


Recognising the face of Islam

Letter to the editor:

I have never been an “in your face” guy about political or any religious concerns , and have a truly great love of our beautiful country Australia, with all her natural beauty and easy civilian and community ways.

Recently, Della plus 3 other mature adults, one a 73 year old German National whom I had never met, and myself went to a “Muslim” open to the public day in a 1,200 seat Arabic community centre in the Auburn area of Sydney .

We did this to broaden our understanding of the Muslim in “our” Sydney community, we went peacefully and did not really know what to expect. We entered the Arabic community centre freely, and respected without compromise all Muslim ways and were totally compliant to every request and custom without fail.

All the “on stage” male speakers were exceptionally well dressed and groomed, the one hate-filled female speaker in traditional garb, with just her face exposed, was only allowed to speak from the very side of the venue in front of the “women’s area,” but still behind 10 rows of men abutting the full width of the base of the stage.

Within 2 minutes of the first speaker starting, I was already feeling very concerned about what was being said to the very attentive overflowing 1,200 seat audience.

After the end of the second speaker’s calculated but crazed ranting’s, I was actually feeling scared for the safety of our little group, but more so our ” Australian way of life”.

To cut to the chase, this was in absolutely no doubt a Muslim sleeper cell being formed, amongst many dozens of others already in existence around our Australian cities, with the sole intent of taking over Australia and overall the world, and I am 100% serious, this is no joke, you had to be there, to feel the hatred towards Australia and the non-Muslim West.

Our little group witnessed these words first hand. It shocked all of us “hardened business people” beyond description, to a point of Della crying
in despair for our countries future, on the journey home.

The venom and heated hatred, plus absolutely crazed religious emotional outpourings against all non-Muslim Australians, our Government, our way of life, plus the ways of all other non Muslim Governments and peoples of the world, was unable to be misconstrued, no matter which way you looked at it.

The exact words, “The war” that “will be won” against Australia and their non-Muslim, non-Sharia society , was clearly screamed into the PA system dozens of times, to the absolute frenzied verbal backing of all the speakers, and by the 99.99% Muslim audience that also had many dozens of young children in it.

The exact words, “All Brothers and Sisters do not have to vote in Australia any more, because “Sharia Law” will be your only guide, and Australian law is to be 100% discounted and abolished”, was a real shock to our little group.

The exact word,”All Brothers and Sisters this God forsaken land will be conquered , and become the new homeland for the true Muslim believer
and Sharia Law will rule, all non believers will be dealt with and severely punished under Sharia Law”.
I could quote 6 hours worth of crazed hatred, but I feel you all understand. I honestly fear for my children, and our special Land, and none of you have ever heard these sorts of words from my mouth.

To finish, the 73 year old German National sitting next to me leaned close to my ear and quietly said at the end of the second speaker, “This is exactly how Hitler started.”

With all honesty and sincerity,”

Submitted by

David Shreeve


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I’m absolutely against Islamic extremism… but I can say without any doubt that what you described did NOT happen.


  2. tehcal…all the climate change hoaxers give us absolute assurances without any shred of evidence, in fact most mass manipulators are more convinced of their own certainties than the facts, so I just want you to know that your comment is rejected. The more so because you seem to have a concept of iSlam extremism that true iSlam rejects…that there can be a distinction between moderate and extreme…


  3. Oh? Were you there with a recording device to prove that? Every time a quiet Australian reports on Muslim evil, some apologist pops up and says, “It didn’t happen”. Yeah, right.


  4. David Shreeve, do you have any proof?


  5. without a doubt do you have any way of backing up that statement ????


  6. Then put up ya proof,then eh ?

    I don’t trust those in denial ! Without cause… :p…


  7. Yes! We find it hard to believe that this venom has come amongst us .Wake up Australia.Speak up against mosque applications.Once a mosque is built, that is the beginning of muslim freedom to implement loud speaker calls to muslim prayer ,teaching,indoctrination,enforced child marriage and all that that entails.Australians selling homes in mosque proximity,allowing muslims to move into these areas.This is a take over,all steps in their sharia plan.Too late when it given legality.Then our Australian way will never be the same again.Our freedom will
    never be free again.


  8. FUCK ISLAM! kill all those dirty fucking terrorists they have been nothing but a virus spreading over the world. When will our government wake up! Dont jail scum, get rid of it


  9. What a load of shit! How convenient – at an open Muslim event with a 73 yo German who draws similarities to Hitler.
    Any Australian that buys into this blatant fear mongering is an idiot!
    To be like Hitler you would need an unstable constitution like the wiemer republic to be able to bring a nation undone.
    The Australian media are dogs. Extremists of any religion are bad news yes – but beat ups like this are just stupid.


  10. ‘Dont jail scum, get rid of it’
    I would say ‘starting with you’, but I do not believe in replying violence with violence. I can safely assure that your hateful comments do not speak for all Australians. Terrorists are a problem, and there have been terrorists of many different faiths over the years, and they never speak of for everyone of their faith not matter how much they claim to. It is a problem with people who become extremist, not any particular religion – you are a perfet example of this.
    Surely you realise you are an extremist in your hate of other people, wishing death on an entire group of people just because you are afraid of them; you are acting like a terrorist.


  11. I agree. Nothing except “the war” “will be won” is quoted. Im pretty sure last time someone made a genuine threat in my presence I remember more than just 5 words of it. Blatant slander if you ask me and as a anglo-australian im pretty ashamed of this. As for the hitler remark. This is how he started, propaganda like this. If the shoe was on the other foot and we were being backed into a corner like the muslim community is, id be preparing to defend my friends and family from the hate crimes and attacks that are coming as well. Live and let live.


  12. Luke, have you ever bothered to read the Koran? Do you understand anything about what Sha’ria dictates with regards to the world being under the rule of Islam? Do you think it’s all a game?
    Wake up FFS!


  13. I read these comments with a smile on my face… its funny how the left wing apologists come out of the woodwork every time Islam is mentioned…. I bet not one of you bleeding hearts have even read the Koran… Oh and if you actually get around to doi9ng it I might let you know that only the passages written in Medina towards the end are the ones that Islam follows. Mohammed was a warrior and Islam is spread by the sword… please for your children’s sake do not think that it is like other religions because you do so at your peril.


  14. So you went from Cairns to Auburn Sydney for a “Muslim Open Day” and they did that did they? LOL bahahahahahahahahaha Which Mosque was it and describe the inside of the Mosque for us will you? For the people who believe this crap, how do you guys manage to tie your shoe laces up?



  15. What I see is this if we let them take over we will be sorry and when we come to ourselves it will be to late they go into all the world to take over that country they are like eals slimy and evil do not give them room to take over the went to the UK now they have many problems now they are trouble in Australia and they will be trouble in new Zealand we need to stop them coming to our country’s


  16. I’m sick of this shit. If their not willing to live & abide by our laws fuck them off!!! Ban those burkas they obviously have something to hide if you can’t show your face!!! The politicians need rooting stop letting these lowlifes into our beautiful country or there will be no Australia


  17. Funny you should mention she wasn’t there with a recording device to validate that assumption. But was the writer of this article recording everything he assumed was said? No. But because his fear mongering style of writing resonates with your patriotism you’ll take his words for ‘face value’, won’t you?


  18. I’m not sure what is sadder. That an ‘Australian’ thinks it’s okay to fabricate a story like this in pursuit of hatred, or that some Australians are gullible enough that they can’t see through the gaping holes in this story.

    See here for some genuine footage of a mosque open day in Sydney:

    Plenty of headwear on both men and women (and some Muslim women with no head coverings). Not a burqua in sight.

    Better still: go visit one yourself.


  19. this video was in 2011 a lot has happened since then its called progress… so who says that the speech did or didn’t happen this video proves nothing and those speeches do exist and there is many people who believe this … we shall see if we are wrong


  20. im against my life style being taken over but im also against villification how did u understand these words did they speak english did u have an interpreter? I hate propganda but if this is true it surely does show the end steps of our culture


  21. How naive to think these terrorists are not in Australia. Ive heard enough on TV interviews to see how they feel about our country. I have met muslims at my childrens school. Lovely people, but there are killer muslims out there. Big raids last week proves it. They hate Australia. Why do they stay? Good welfare system? Don’t say they have nowhere else to be!! They could become Australian and choose where they want to leave to live!! How many of these terrorist actually work for a living??


  22. RE OPEN DAY 2011: The bag they give to the visitors is a method of proselytizing – information on Mohammed and also courses that they run. The whole purpose of the open day is for conversion on Non-Muslims. If people don’t see this then they have been conned. If I was a Muslim and held an open day, I would be loving this opportunity to explain my religion in such a way with an unsuspecting captive audience. For those unaware of Islam and its teachings, There are some good aspects to Islam, but there are also what is witnessed in Muslim countries around the world, on You tube. These will not be shown of course.
    They give the traditional sound of the call to prayer – and no one realises that they are listening to the call to a foreign God and that he alone is to be praised. Only the Muslims believe that they are of the Abrahamic faith. The Islamic God – Allah, says that Jesus DID NOT die on the cross, and is not the Son of God, or God. And of Judaism, Allah says that all its prophets are Muslims.
    ALLAH is Most Great. ALLAH is Most Great.
    I testify that there is no god except ALLAH.
    I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAH.
    Come to prayer.
    Come to success.
    Prayer is better than sleep.
    ALLAH is Most Great.
    There is no god except ALLAH.’

    If you won’t go to a Mormon temple or a Kingdom Hall (Jehovah’s Witnesses) then why go to a Muslim Mosque. Islam wants you to convert more than any religious cult on this planet.


  23. Kim, I didn’t say the video proves anything. However, a letter to the editor proves nothing either. Believe what you will, but until you actually witness anything for yourself, it’s based on nothing but 3rd and 4th and 5th person accounts over the internet. Is that what you tell your children to base their beliefs on? What someone they never met said online?

    I’ve seen a lot of hate speeches. They’ve all been made by white Australians, some of them even claiming to be ‘Christian’.

    I believe that terrorists exist in our country. I believe that some of them are Muslim. I don’t believe that all Muslims are bad people. I don’t believe that all white Australians are good people either.

    Still waiting to see that Muslim hate speech……


  24. Susan, how many people were charged in last week’s ‘Big raids’?. 4? And you think this proves Muslims hate Australia?


  25. Do you claim to have read the Koran? If so, I’m calling you a liar. It’s actually the Qu’ran. If you are going to try to be condescending, at least get the spelling right.


  26. Actually it’s Qur’an. Damned autocorrect.


  27. They hate,we hate……except theres more of us here,and eventually we will SNAP


  28. Have looked at all the replies and suggest all the people worried about Islam have two alternatives. One: stick their heads in the sand like all the people who say we have no need to be concerned that our carefree Australian way of life is under threat. Or two: Make it known to all that anybody is welcome in Australia provided they accept our flag, our democracy, our government, our man-made laws, our carefree Aussie attitude and more importantly that they respect all women both theirs and ours as equal. Let everybody know that if people from overseas who wish to enjoy our way of life have a religion that does not agree with this please stay at home and it is not because you will not be made welcome it will be because there is no place in our society for people who want to change us Australians. If you do not like us do not call us racist, religious bigots, white Australians or anything else just because we Aussies, we are realists and we reserve the right to say what we think in our own country. Thousands of Australians have died over the years to preserve our freedom of speech.


  29. Josephina, I didn’t say all muslims are terrorists! I have muslim friends. Im saying there are many which hate Christians and they are here in Aust. You cant deny it. Yes 4, I think. And many they don’t know about! Im saying they are world wide and ISIS is World Wide. I believe they will be the cause of WW3. They will be in your town!!


  30. That story is internally flawed beyond belief. Its almost like a poorly constructed fable. That 73 year old German would have been born one year after the USA entered WW2 and the Nazi’s had already overreached themselves in Russia. By the time he could understand anything about anything Hitler was dead. I find it difficult to believe that conspiring Muslims would communicate what you say they did in that sort of forum. Did they forget that it was an ‘open day?’. What you put in your letter is either true or it isn’t. However you haven’t given us enough information to verify any of it. So it is blurry misinformation. I don’t pretend problems aren’t there. They are and they are real. But you are just making it worse. So David, can you give us more details – address of the Mosque and the date of the open day?


  31. Let’s build Christian Churches and give freedom of religion in their country first, stand back and see how that is accepted. . Then make your own judgements….. But I somehow don’t think this will go down, cause it has already been tried. Countries that behead their own for not compling to their rules, are well, we have seen it before in history. But unfortunately you are going to get the fundamentalist who take it way out of the ball park. We do have to be aware that there are plots out there that we are unaware off, that’s why you read of the cell groups that have been broken up, not because we are being mean. It’s because they can become dangerous, they have whole units whose aim is to infiltrate these cells. Australia sees them as a threat. They are a threat. Because Australia’s why of life is one of acceptance of many cultures, a lay back, she’ll be right attitude, it would be very easy to take advantage of our way of life.
    You can fight amongst each other with hate words and things she said they said, But the bleak reality is, have you investigated the facts for yourselves. There are enough sites and enough information for you to access on what is happening in their own country, that can sicken you to your stomach. I can’t remember the last time be headings where held in our streets, can you, and if there were there would be a huge cry for justice, cause that’s who we are. Don’t let complacency clouds your own judgements. But just remember a house divided will fall.


  32. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – and none is provided here – strange especially in the age of the recording device. Could it be true? Sure it could be. Problem is that it could just as likely be completely fabricated. Without any evidence, there is no weight to give to this article. Doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on – if you base an argument on what you read and do not bother to find anything to back it up, then you are doing yourself and everyone around you a disservice.


  33. Was it only 100 years ago that this same argument was being made against allowing women to have the right to vote in Australia?


  34. Serious question to the editor – do you actually publish these kinds of letters without making any kind of attempt to verify the accuracy of the source?


  35. Susan, the vast majority of Muslims in Australia are second, third generation Australians, just like the vast majority of Christians. Please get past the ‘brown immigrant’ belief.


  36. Susan, I didn’t say you said that either. What I did question is what you think is proved by “Big raids last week”? You followed this with the statement ‘they hate Australia’. Sounds really awful, but if you change the line to “Hundreds of homes raided, but only 4 arrested”, it implies something else entirely. Ask a journalist how to play that game.

    I am not denying that there are terrorists in Australia. I’m also not denying that some of them are Muslim. 4 that I know of for sure. The rest is speculation.


  37. oh come on people just open your eyes go on the internet watch the news look what they are saying in protests ect ect doesnt that back it up enough they do not like us australians thats that


  38. I like everyone, I don’t mind Muslims living here but the one thing I don’t understand is you always see a public demonstration saying how bad Australia is , the country that lets anyone come in and practice their own religion freely . You have many extremists in this religion and we have raids to make sure there aren’t any so instead of demonstrating cause you have been raided demonstrate against the extremists that are causing this panic not the country that you are freely living in and the hatred towards Muslims might disapear . I mean really its like we brought you in from the rain , fed and clothed you and you turn around and slap us in the face


  39. I lost my desire to be all embracing the moment I started to trawl through You Tube videos depicting the truth of what is happening under Islamic rule, under Sharia. I was shocked, heartbroken, crying at my computer, lost in moments of despair. As a mother I cannot comprehend a man reaching into a blanket and holding up a child under 5 yrs old who had been beheaded, one of a family that were all dead. Watching 2 x 10 yr old boys kneeling together and being shot countless times to shouts of Allahu Akbar – God is great; a woman with her breasts cut off, having been used for sex slavery and then her throat cut and discarded by Muslim soldiers in their latest war – allowed by Islam, allowed by Mohammed and allowed in the Qu’ran because she is known as “booty” and sex with captive women was encouraged; little girls being married to old men at the age of 9 yrs, being raped so hard on their wedding night that they tear and bleed to death; or if they survive and go on to bear a child, they die in childbirth because the real God who created puberty meant 9 to be the start of Puberty – not the end. Men who defend this practice. And the reason given by the Imams of Yemen, Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries was that Mohammed himself – Islam’s beloved prophet, married Aisha at 6 yrs old, and consummated the marriage at 9 yrs. Whatever Mohammed did is to be emulated.

    Then there are the battered women. Islam allows a man to beat his wife and none to question it. They even show you tube videos for men to discuss HOW to beat your wife, what implement to use! The rules are: no broken bones, no bleeding and not on the head.
    Then there are the girls who stare at the cameras in despair – “I am like his shoe,” one said, “He puts me on, and then discards me.” They burn themselves to end their marriages. And then there are the ones who are raped. Being raped in Islam is an unforgivable sin – it is called adultery. Some are stoned – besser blocks dropped on their heads after smaller rocks don’t do enough of a job – yes I’ve seen that one too; the penalty under Sharia is 100 lashes – one young girl who had been raped lasted 70 lashes before she died. I’ve seen the results of those lashes, women being lashed, women pleading. Muslim women trying to advocate for these women under death threats to themselves.
    I’ve seen men like animals surrounding women and baying at her like rabid animals, as if they are righteous. It is the most barbaric thing I have seen and I want to snatch that poor woman from their midst. It has broken my heart. Many times.
    And then there was the video of the thief having his hand cut off. Did they use a humane method? No! They hacked and sawed, and sliced with a blunt knife and tried to tear the hand off all the while the man is in utter agony. All this before yet another crowd of excited men – yelling Allahu Akbar.
    And the animals. Watching them having their heads half hacked off, struggling, wide eyed in absolute terror and pain, their spinal column intact, legs thrashing, until they bleed out. Halal slaughter – that which they want to bring in to Australia!
    No I could not watch all the way with the human beheadings – but that would be the last straw. That the Prophet of this religion and the god Allah condones all of these atrocious acts within the law of Sharia leaves me speechless, sitting in shock, literally.

    Islam is not a religion of peace. It believes there WILL be peace – once Sharia rules as law over all the earth and only Muslims reside there in. Their belief.

    Why did I watch all those horrific videos? Because their story needs to be told. Otherwise they have suffered in vain. And I am one who will not be silenced and sit back and say it will never happen here. View before and after photographs of both Iran and Iraq on You tube. You will be utterly shocked. Read Ayatollah Komeini’s little green book to see what a mad man cleric of Shia Islam really believed and taught. A man who led 78 million Muslims.
    Everything is on the net these days – everything.
    Islam hides nothing because it believes it has nothing to be ashamed of. Only Western Muslims try to hide the truth of Islam, because once someone sees what I have seen, their eyes will be open to what Islam brings to a country – 7th Century Arabic customs. Everything done in the 7th Century in Islam is permissible in 2014. That is sharia – that is the Qu’ran – it does not change.

    Do not think that Muslims do not want Sharia. It is an integral part of their faith – it is how they live, intertwined in everything they do. Do not be fooled. Go on the internet and see. You don’t believe this man, fine. Then listen to what Islam has to say. And be warned. It is not pretty, nor is it sanitised for easy viewing.

    Islam is NOTHING like Christianity or Judaism. It is a totalitarian political ideology not unlike Nazism or communism. A whole of life agenda that all must come under including the “kuffar”, the derogatory name for you and I. It conquered all of the Byzantine Empire in the 7th Century at the point of the sword and without mercy until it was stopped at the gates of Vienna.

    What date was it stopped??? 9/11 . Osama Bin Ladin chose that date for a reason. To begin again the quest for a Caliphate that will rule the known world.

    The Qu’ran states that you and I are the worst of creatures. That is what Islam teaches Muslims, and what Muslims must believe because it is the exact words of Allah.
    Sahih International
    Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures. Surah 98:6


  40. Maree, perhaps you need to stop watching Youtube videos, depicting the most extreme end of the spectrum, and start talking to everyday Muslims.

    Please note that quoting the Qur’an is much like quoting the Bible. It’s a book that is entirely outdated, and doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the majority. You are aware of some of the horrendous behaviours sanctioned by our Bible, yes? And that the majority of Christians don’t consider them acceptable? What makes you think Muslims follow a religious book to the letter when we don’t?

    Rape, murder and violence are never acceptable. They still occur in all cultures, our own included. This is what needs to change – that we accept violence, and moreover, that we let people claim there are justifiable reasons for committing them.

    Everything is indeed on the net these days – and much of it is false. When you were seeking out these videos, did you also look for video footage of Christians behaving badly? If not, you haven’t been open minded at all.

    Have you ever personally been treated badly by a Muslim? Do you personally know someone who has? Have you ever personally been treated badly by a Christian? Do you personally know someone who has? I can answer ‘yes’ to the last 2 questions only.


  41. If you say that the Qu’ran is outdated then you do not know Islam. The Qu’ran is the word of Allah for all time. It never dates, it never changes. The same as whatever the prophet did or said, is never outdated, no matter whether that was the 7th Century and 2014, or 3014. The old Testament however, is exactly that – OLD – no longer practiced. I think I recall Jesus intervening in a stoning case and ending up telling the girl to go and sin no more. I do not think we have been big on stoning since then, unlike Islam.
    That Christians do or don’t do something bad is not the issue here. What is at issue is whether what they do is condoned by their religious laws, and scriptures and the leader they follow.
    Child marriage is practiced in many religions, but it is only condoned in one – Islam.
    Beating of women is present in all religions but it is only condoned in one – Islam.
    Killing happens in many religions at least in the past, but it is only condoned in one – Islam.
    Rape happens in many religions but it is only condoned in one – Islam.
    Slavery occured in many religions but is only condoned in one – Islam.

    I am not against Muslims. Not at all. After watching those terrible videos I know that Muslims for the most part are the victims of Islam. It is for them that I am standing up. And for the future victims of this barbaric ideology that seeks to destroy our world, whilst thinking it is bringing us what we need.

    I am not stupid. I am well aware of what the internet is capable of. I am watching films put together by reputable journalists, by Muslims who are seeking to alert the world, by Isis seeking to reveal their terror.

    I am against Islam. And Islam is equally opposed to Christianity.
    This is about truths and differences between our two religions. What we believe, and how that is displayed by the teachings of our scriptures and the one we follow Jesus or Mohammed.


  42. Maree, I have never claimed you are stupid, but what you are also not is either a Muslim or a religious scholar. You have no authority to speak on what Islam does and doesn’t condone, or what parts of it especially based on your interpretation of it from watching Youtube videos. (Hint: journalists aren’t religious scholars either). Has it occurred to you that your external perspective might lead to misunderstanding?

    For a start, claiming to be against Islam, but not against Muslims is a moot point. Muslims are people who practice Islam (either as religious, or a cultural practice). It’s like saying you are not against Jews, just Judaism.

    You also don’t seem to understand that Muslims, although nominally of one religion, will interpret and practice their religion to varying degrees in their own home, as Christians do Christianity.

    People choose their own behaviours. Muslims often justify their behaviour using the Qur’an (particularly when advised to do so by a solicitor during a criminal trial). Christians do the same. If you really believe that the New Testament can’t be interpreted to support rape, violence, slavery, murder, then you need to read it again, with an open mind. Slavery, domestic violence, child abuse (including murder) are all referenced as acceptable in the ‘New Testament’. The fact that you don’t accept it doesn’t mean others don’t.

    I’ve personally seen ‘Christian’ priests encourage victims of domestic violence to remain in the home, because it’s their ‘responsibility’ to make the marriage happy. I’ve also seen them harass underage victims of familial sexual abuse in an attempt to make them retract charges and return to the family home. You may believe Christianity doesn’t condone violence. I disagree. I’ve seen it happen.

    I don’t believe this to be the fault of the Bible, or the individual churches in question. I believe individuals are responsible for their own behaviour. That includes Muslims.


  43. If Muslims won’t or can’t speak up for their sisters or the child who is being abused in the name of Islam, does that mean nobody should because ONLY Muslims and Religious Scholars have the right to do so? And when it is those same Imams who bring the degradation and abuse on the victims, what hope do they then have?
    I think the average person can use logic, intelligence and compassion to know abuse when one sees it. As one Muslim man commented in Lakemba in 2010, “If they ban the full burqa, then our women must remain home or we will divorce them.” I do not have to be a Muslim or a scholar to know there is something inherently wrong with that statement.
    One CAN speak up against an ideology and political system without hating those who practice it. Many POW’s at the end of WWII proved it was possible. They did not allow the brutality of Japan reflect on the way they treated their captors when the tables were turned. The story of the Burma railway is an inspiration to mankind. Why were they like that? They followed the example of Jesus – to love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you. The exact opposite of what Islam teaches.
    Your own interpretation of what I am saying, clouds your ability to hear what I am actually saying. This is not about what Muslims practice in their home, if they are secular or radical. My stand is against Islam, its origins, its beliefs, its suppression of women’s rights, its draconian laws and its goals of Sharia for all people, Muslims and “kuffar” alike. I am against its supremacist ideology which aims to divide the world into a two class system. This should not be acceptable to any non-Muslim anywhere in the world.
    Find me one passage in the New Testament that supports rape, sexual slavery, violence, child abuse, and murder. One statement made by Jesus Christ himself that condones it.
    If a religion teaches that girls should be married at the age of 9, and can be married prior to their first menstruation, then I will stand up and denounce that religion. Islam is that religion.
    If a religion teaches that a woman can be stoned to death for adultery, that she must be buried up to her chest and stoned by men baying for her blood, and there is no-one to stand up for her and say this is wrong, then I will denounce that religion on her behalf.
    If a religion teaches that as a Christian I have 3 choices under Islam: Convert, be subjugated under degrading laws and rules, and pay money in order to be allowed to live, or else be beheaded, I will denounce that religion with my dying breath before it takes control of my country. Or for the Atheist or polytheist, who only have 2 choices – Convert or die. I will denounce that religion.
    Do not be deceived. Those fighting for Islamic State, are what one Muslim told me, “pure” Islam. They take the Qu’ran literally. They are fundamentalist to the core, and therefore dangerous in the extreme.


  44. Time for genial attitudes is over.Islam’s true intent in Australia and the world is in this venomous outpouring.We must fear to be silent not to fear speaking out to stand up for our constitutional foundations and heritage.


  45. Maree your response is very emotional but unfortunately you’ve missed the point.

    I agree that all should speak against violence. Nobody here is arguing that the actions of ISIS are acceptable. What I am arguing is that the actions of ISIS are not the only interpretation of Islam, just as your interpretation of the bible is not the only one. I am saying that violence is not attributable to religion. If it were, then Christianity is just as culpable as Islam. There are many examples of crimes committed in the name of Christianity, and sanctioned by ‘Christian’ extremist groups.

    Using the statement of a single man ‘in Lakemba in 2010’ to represent a whole religion shows a complete lack of logic, in spite of your claim that this is the basis of your convictions. It’s an anecdote, not evidence that Islam is ‘bad’.

    I don’t need to provide quotes from the New Testament, the internet is full of pages devoted to this. You can Google it for yourself. Seeking out information that is consistent with your viewpoint proves only one thing – that confirmation bias exists. You’ve already shown us this with your original post.

    It’s a much greater challenge to seek out information that is inconsistent with your beliefs. I asked you to do that in my original response. Have you? In your viewing, have you sought information about positive aspects of Islam? For good things done by Muslims in the name of their religion? For Muslims speaking out against violence and against ISIS? Have you sought information about crimes committed by Christians, in the name of Christianity?

    You and I both know that a Christian ethic is not consistent with harming others. It still happens. Most Muslims will tell you that Islam is also not consistent with harming others. It still happens. Logic tells me they know more about Islam than you, or I.


  46. Agreed Moira. This ideology will not allow Islam to be subservient to Non-Muslims. Its goal is always to wrest control from us, be it by military Jihad or by cultural Jihad. What other 2% of our population holds this country to ransom, telling it what it will do or not do, threatening us if we go to war with the US. Demanding rights not given to any other religion, even its founding religion Christianity.
    eg: Wearing the burka is not a right, it is a sign of oppression across the Muslim world – where a women must either remain in the family home, or else be completely shielded from anybody’s sight except immediate family. To be denied fresh air, but forced to rebreathe their own expired air, an abuse of the child that cannot see its mother’s smile or her expression, but must seek his mother by the colour of her shoes! The only way he can tell her apart. By NOT banning the Burka, we are condoning this form of Sharia and enforcing it on women who may not want this, but have no choice because of their husband’s or family’s demands. We must advocate for these women who have no voice in Islam. And for their children who suffer more than our own under this draconian 7th Century practice which has no place in 2014, in Australia. If they want to wear this, and want to enforce it on their women, I am sure a Muslim country will accept their application to emigrate there.
    I will not uphold oppression of women in my Australian community in the name of Political Correctness. It is not acceptable.


  47. And you Josephina, like many others in the West, are still looking at the actions of Muslims and Christians to determine what that faith teaches. This is the opposite of what one should do, even though it makes us think we know a religion. It does not. Adherents of all faiths err, some minorly, others tragically.
    There are many very good Muslims, who would not consider harming others, who faithfully practice their religion as they know it, and do good deeds. From what I hear, genuinely believe that Islam is a religion of peace. How they come to that conclusion, I have no idea, other than it is wishful thinking.
    To know what a religion teaches you must go to the teachings of that religion contained in, in Islam’s case, the Qu’ran which is seen to be the actual words of Allah for all mankind for all eternity, never to be altered. A copy of which is enshrined in Heaven itself. Truly acceptable only in Arabic. And the Hadith which explain the Koran, some of which like Bukhari and Muslim are almost as revered as the Qu’ran. Sharia and jurisprudence law are the outworking of the texts and sayings of Mohammed. How to live the life of a Muslim, they detail every aspect of their lives even to toileting and eating.
    Even Muslims themselves are confused by the enormity of material that must be read to fully understand Islam. That is why I learn from the experts both inside and outside Islam, as does every Muslim and those who study Islam. Only Muslims are not permitted to question or doubt or study outside their religion. This is well documented. It is too easy to be called an apostate, with all the consequences of that charge in its variance.
    That single man in Lakemba voices the laws of the governments of Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other countries that support the wearing of the Burka. He is not a lone voice, but expresses the laws of those Islamic countries. It is quite logical to use his statement, when one knows why he made it. And what country he is from.
    You bring all the argument down to Isis. That it is all about Isis. That this group alone in the world is one of such violence that it cannot possibly be representative of Islam. The position the government of Australia must take because to do and say otherwise would invite a Muslim backlash.
    There are 19 groups listed as Terrorists by Australian National Security. ALL of them are Islamic. Within those groups ALL of the members are Muslim. And the target of these groups are Non-Muslims and what they consider Apostate Muslims – ones that are NOT following the Qu’ran and the teachings of Mohammed.

    Isis has a plan. The first is to eradicate Apostates from their ranks. Assad is an Apostate, the Government of Iraq is apostate because it is aligned with the West, Shia are apostates, and Kurds are apostates, etc. Sunni Islam is practiced by 80% of Islam. To not support them is to be an apostate. Isis is Pure Islam and within Islam is a push to return it to its roots because the middle East believes [as do Christians] that the end is near at hand.
    There is no doubt that they follow the Qu’ran and Mohammed’s teachings. Muslims in Australia Know this, especially Sunni Islam – why do you think they leave Australia to fight there? And why Muslims are so careful in what they say in the West.

    When looking at individuals or groups ask WHY they do what they do.
    Or say what they say.
    You will not find a Christian group on the Terror list. Why not?
    Read the autobiographies of well known ex-Muslims some of whom were Imams. They risk their lives by telling the truth about Islam. A death threat hangs over their heads. Then they must have something important to say. Men like Walid Shoebat, Mosab Hassan Yousef who was the son of the founder of Hamas, and Mark A. Gabriel (pseudonym) or Nabeel Qureshi.

    These are serious times we live in. We have survived Nazism, Communism, and now we fight against Islamism. Without doubt I think it is the most dangerous of all.


  48. Yes, I understand what you are saying now Maree:

    You know everything there is to know about Islam because you have read a few people’s interpretations of it. You ignore the bits that aren’t consistent with your preconceived ideas because of cognitive dissonance. You ignore what the majority of Muslims say because they ‘are confused by the enormity of material’ (it’s not possible that you are confused by the enormity of material?), and instead view the words and actions of the minority as correct, again because it suits your point of view.

    That’s outright narcissism Maree.

    Islamic councils have internationally denounced ISIS, stating that they do not represent Islam. Oh, but I forgot, you know better than them, because they are just confused Muslims right? Hence your conclusion that it is all about ISIS, because you know better than them. (Narcissism Maree)

    Oh and you are incorrect. Here is a complete list of terrorist organisations.


    Using an Australian list is necessarily limited because of our geographical location. There are indeed Christian terrorist organisations, including the infamous KKK. You can argue all you like that they don’t represent Christianity. News Flash: It doesn’t matter what you think. They claim to represent Christianity. Who are you to tell them otherwise? (Narcissism Maree) They don’t care how you interpret the Bible. They interpret in a way that is consistent with their belief system. It’s called confirmation bias. You know that one, we already talked about how you are using it to justify your religious vilification.

    Am I the only one getting a sense of deja vu here? Oh wait, if we read that paragraph again, but replace KKK with ISIS, Christianity with Islam, and the Bible with the Qur’an, we have the same story.

    So we have Muslim terror groups, Christian terror groups, Jewish terror groups, Sikh terror groups and yes, even Buddhist terror groups. Yet only Islam promotes violence? The Islamic terror groups, or should we call them the unconfused minority of Muslims, have correctly interpreted their holy book, whereas all the other terror groups have it wrong. This is what you are saying, Maree. Explain to me the logic behind this (without the belief that you know more about Islam than anyone else please).

    Muslim women do have voices Maree, in spite of your condescending attitude toward them. I say it again: talk to them. Ask them what their experiences of Islam are. Ask them how they are treated. Like all Australian women, you will find that some are treated badly, but the majority are not. Many of them are educated, well-spoken, politically active professionals. Stop hiding behind Youtube videos and talk to some real people.


  49. And you Josephine, I beg to differ – given your first paragraph – do not appear to understand at all. You seem to be taking a leftist / Atheist agenda on the issue, without understanding the core of Islam.
    I will say it again seeing as you still have not understood how to judge the truths of a religion:
    [Quoting from my last letter]
    “To know what a religion teaches you must go to the teachings of that religion contained in, in Islam’s case, the Qu’ran…” Also the Hadith and the life of the Prophet Mohammed.
    It has nothing to do with: [Quoting from yours] “the words and actions of the minority”.
    And therefore you are wrong about my method of appraisal. And therefore also your accusations are baseless. You simply did not read my comments.

    Islamic councils can denounce ISIS in public – it makes no difference – Islamic groups world- wide do not agree with each other. That is a given. Sunni reject Shia and say they are not Islamic and on it goes. Isis declare they are pure Islam and reject everyone else, that is why they have such a high death rate from apostasy. It is more about Politics than whether one is true Muslim or not. And so they will support Isis with one hand and deny them with the other.

    Public figures like Yasser Arafat used to say one thing in public and another in Arabic in the Mosque. This is a well-known principal of deception allowed in Islam called Taqiyyah.
    The truth is the authority is the Quran, the authentic hadith and the practices and life of Mohammed. If what they do and say, lines up with those three things then they can be classed as Muslims under Islam.

    You use Wiki to give a complete terrorism listing?? Surely not!

    Sorry, but what counts is a country’s listing of what constitutes a terrorist group. I have given the one applicable to our circumstances. America’s is far more reaching: It has around 56 groups. Most are Muslim, <10 are Communist, leftist, political, Jewish far right, and a Japanese Cult. No Christian groups. No KKK. You cannot hope to say that KKK are following the teachings of Jesus, the New Testament in their daily lives. It won’t wash. The Muslims we speak to try that one out on us all the time, as do the Atheists. It doesn’t matter what a group or person says they are, what matters is if they are actually following in the footsteps of their master. Doing what he said and did. Or at least attempting to do so with the best of their ability. If they are killing in the name of Jesus they are not following Jesus. It is that simple. It goes for the whole of history and the atrocities committed in the name of religion.

    Some examples:

    It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although they who associate others with Allah dislike it. Surah 9:33 Repeated twice more in the Quran. Islam is superior and must be above all religions. Until the whole world is under Islam. Oh BTW have you checked out Saudi Arabia's laws for Atheists?

    Born in 1905, Mawlana Sayid Abul Ala Mawdudi was an Islamic scholar from the Indian subcontinent. His sermons (khutbat) and writings are world-renowned. He is viewed throughout the Islamic world as one of Islam’s greatest scholars. Here is what he had to say about Islam and global domination:

    Islam is not a normal religion like the other religions in the world, and Muslim nations are not like normal nations. Muslim nations are very special because they have a command from Allah to rule the entire world and to be over every nation in the world.

    Mawdudi explains Islam’s goals and purpose:

    Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. Islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in a better condition than another nation. Islam doesn’t care about the land or who owns the land. The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy. In order to fulfill that goal, Islam can use every power available every way it can be used to bring worldwide revolution. This is Jihad

    Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR:

    Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.

    Muslims openly protest in the streets of Britian, France Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands carrying signs with the provocative slogan, “Islam – our religion today, your religion tomorrow.”

    Aduallah al-Araby in his book The Islamization of America re a letter given to the Pope.: "During a recent gathering of Christians and Muslims for the purpose of interfaith dialogue an authoritative Muslim stood up and spoke very calmly and assuredly:

    Thanks to your democratic laws, we will invade you, Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.

    As for Muslim women – the ones who are truly suffering, they cry out in books, the internet, videos and photos declaring what is done to them in the name of Islam and you would whitewash it, because the Muslim women YOU speak to deny it. You are a “Kuffar”. They don’t air their dirty laundry in front of Kuffar.
    The population of Muslim women is small compared to the world wide population. And yet, even in our small population, in the name of Islam, there are those who suffer because they are Muslim. Those who lack a voice because they are women, dominated by men.
    You can deny it all you want, but the truth will out.
    I will stick up for Muslim women, and for my faith, and for freedom of the West.


  50. Maree, I do understand you. I am not interested in semantics. I’ve tried to make this clear to you. I am criticising the logic (or lack thereof) of your approach.

    Yes, a Wikipedia list, because it’s the most comprehensive you’ll find unless you want to spend days scouring UN PDF’s, and I’m not that interested frankly. It is compiled from individual country lists, although there are certainly no guarantees there. There are no guarantees with anything you read or view on the internet, as we’ve already discussed :).

    Which US terror group listing are you referring to? This one?: http://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/other/des/123085.htm.

    There is a reason you won’t find the KKK there; they are a US group, not a foreign group. They are listed by the FBI as a terrorist group, as are the Phineas Priesthood and the Army of Jesus, all of which label themselves as Christian groups. The Army of Jesus are known to be linked to the Oklahoma bomber, and to Timothy McVeigh. (Try the FBI website)

    I don’t claim that I believe the KKK’s actions to be consistent with Christianity, I am pointing out the similarity of the situation. Why does this keep escaping you? They say they represent Christianity, just as ISIS claims to represent Islam. The majority of Christians disagree with their interpretation of the bible, just as the majority of Muslims disagree with ISIS’ interpretation of the Qur’an. (same:same)

    I will say it again: I am not interested in semantics.

    Yet you continue singing the same refrain: quoting phrases from the Qur’an out of context and according to a singular interpretation.

    You have claimed that we should analyse religion based on its documented tenets rather than the behaviour of its members (paraphrasing), but you don’t seem to understand that interpreting written text is a behaviour. It occurs in context and varies from individual to individual. You also state we should ignore written parts of the Bible because they are outdated and ignored by Christianity, but selective ignoring is a behaviour. You are applying different rules to Islam and Christianity, and you keep defending it with questionable semantics, not logic.

    I say questionable, because I have seen many, many passages from the Qur’an preaching love, acceptance, tolerance and respect. If you have read a full interpretation of the Qur’an, then you have seen these too. That you choose to ignore them, selectively, doesn’t surprise me, but I will call you out for poor logic and egocentricity.

    Good luck to you Maree. I hope you can find a way to stop discarding information that isn’t consistent with your beliefs. As I said, perhaps you should try talking to a Muslim woman in real life; you will very quickly learn that they do have voices.


  51. Obviously, I am unable to explain myself clearly enough in order not to be misunderstood.
    Perhaps this man can say more eloquently what I believe and wish to express.

    Ali A. Rizvi Headshot
    Pakistani-Canadian writer, physician and musician
    An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

    “Yes, it’s wrong and unfair for anyone to judge a religion by the actions of its followers, be they progressive Muslims or al Qaeda. But it is appropriate and intellectually honest to judge it by the contents of its canonical texts — texts that are now accessible online to anyone and everyone at the tap of a finger.

    Today, you need to do better when you address the legitimate questions people have about your beliefs and your holy book. Brushing off everything that is false or disturbing as “metaphor” or “misinterpretation” just isn’t going to cut it. Neither is dismissing the questioner as a bigot.

    How, then, to respond?”

    Ali Rizvi who grew up in a Muslim Family speaks about reform and the credibility of Islam today. A very good article, if a long one. But worth reading by Muslim and non-Muslim alike. I could not say it better. Of Course.


    Copy and paste to your browser.

    Another writer also encapsulates my understanding and beliefs about Islam and what needs to occur.
    Fathima Imra Nazeer
    Writer, scientist, mom

    “To Counter ISIS Propaganda, Let’s Stop Treating the Quran as Infallible.”

    “We can continue to be in denial and claim that ISIS’s ideology has nothing to do with Islam, hoping to dissuade the jihadis and silence the anti-Muslim bigots. Thing is, with the Quran at so many people’s fingertips these days, neither the jihadis nor the anti-Muslim bigots are believing this anymore and we are simply hurting our own credibility.”

    To read her blog:

    I also follow the beliefs of this Man: Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim and public figure in England.
    Follow him on Facebook:

    Unless the literal interpretation representing fundamentalist Islam is stopped by Islam itself, then there will be ever more groups like Isis evolving to create terror across the planet.

    I hope this helps you and other readers, better than my previous posts.


  52. Good on you Maree . And in the mean time, ALL progressives (but esp. the women) have this wan, vapid, punch-drunk look in their eyes when supporting muslim women wearing the Burqua for a publicly stunt. Ha! FOOLS !. They actually believe that making nice and being “tolerant” and “inclusive” will cause unicorns and rainbows to flood the world with peace and love.

    They are the most dangerous of quislings, the ultimate “useful idiots” and the virus that has infected (and will destroy) western civilization. Under that veneer of peace and love, they are a self-loathing bunch of losers who want to rid the world of white Christians and Jews. They are beneath contempt.


  53. Sad that so many are in denial isn’t it Judo? All it would take for many, many people to wake up to exactly what’s going on, is for them to read and research so that THEY could make THEIR OWN informed opinions, rather than going along with what the flock of sheep they choose to follow along with says…


  54. your softness and kindness and generosity and tolerance and all of the excellent qualities which many australians are voicing here, will also be your downfall.

    when confronted by a rabid dog, who has no chance of returning to sanity, there is only one alternative.

    the radical muslims are not soft like you, and the moderate ones do not speak or act against the radical ones. the radical ones are unbelievably savage and cruel and heartless. they are filled with hate and teach this hate to as many as they can.

    go figure, as the americans would say.


  55. From the pic itself you already wrote: “recognizing the face of islam”.
    Obviously anyone with half a brain will know it was about spreading hate, and then you proved me right.

    I can also assure you that what you said did not happen, you can spread the lie all you want and create more hate in society but a hate filled society affects everyone. Obviously the writer and poster is too dumb to see that.

    Muslims have populations in their billions, and I am also a Muslim, your hate spreading won’t make me stop being a Muslim. It will only make dumb people like you keep hating and society will keep being bad.

    Dumb ass!!!


  56. Well, in the measure of fairness, I went to the local Mosque open day yesterday. 2 police in attendance just in case, but only “nice”people showed up, including myself.
    It was actually a very pleasant event. Good food, gracious hosts and lots of Islamic information which is what I wanted and expected.
    The Imam who came from Holland Park, Brisbane, spoke very clearly about Islamic truths about Jesus, and prayer etc, along with a fairly whitewashed history of Islam. They explained quite clearly that they were anti-Isis, and it went over well with the public of around 300 who went along. There was no animosity at all from either side.
    Basically I think it is probably a good idea to go along, but if you have not read the Qu’ran, are not versed in the truth about Islam’s history and realise that Allah is not the God of the Christians and Jews, you could be sucked in to believing it is all rather benign. And that Islam must be just like Christianity and Judaism. Which it is not.
    Did it spread hate? No. Not at all. It did the opposite in fact.
    The average Muslim is not the one to be concerned about.
    The Hatred for the West and the “Kuffar” comes from the radical Muslims in their midst whom you would not know. If their Imams claim not to know who they are, then we are hardly going to locate them in an open day.
    Open days are for prozelytising Non-Muslims, breaking down stereotypes and being more open in the society. I am sure it was effective in this case.
    I will go to the next one too, and take my mum. She would like to see what Islam is like and meet a few Muslim women.
    Overall, I do not have a problem with Muslims. Met some lovely girls on Sunday. But I do have a problem with Islam and Sharia. And what it says about Christianity and about Jesus. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a serious committed Christian would I?


  57. Well explained! editor


  58. Patrickkrogdahl

    are you serious?
    I am all for religious freedom, but to compare women’s equality to this false religion is hostile.
    I hope you are not closed to knowledge when I ask you to investigate where this religion came from.
    Search Catholic created Muslim,
    This is not hate it is history.


  59. Too easy to pick the socialists on this page and we certainly know what their agenda is. However Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, much more like fascism. There is plenty of evidence on fb of Hitler conspiring with the grand mufti especially in relation to the extermination of the jews. Hitler based many of his ideas on Islam and the q’ran and in many protest marches muslims carry his banner. While Islam is invading our country with their own agenda I sometimes wonder if Hitler lives on.


  60. You mean an unstable constitution like France? Belgium? Nederlands? Austria?


  61. I think it is important to remember that anyone who believes in an invisible being is in need of help, Those who believe their God directs them to slaughter need to be removed from the Gene pool completely as they are beyond help.
    Religion is comedy for the informed and gospel for the ignorant.


  62. This same ‘report’ was sent to me in an email early last year. I spent considerable time trying to verify the source. I couldn’t. So I agree. It’s a fake, unless someone can provide definitive proof it’s true?


  63. Ah…I see…please define a ‘moderate’ and an ‘extreme’ moslem. Don’t they all follow the same pedophile, mass murdering, raping, slave taking “prophet” Mohammed? Don’t they all read the same evil terrorist training manual the koran? Don’t they all worship the same moon god Allah? Don’t they all owe their allegiance to islam and never to their host country?

    Or is the moderate the one who holds your legs while the extremist chops off your head?


  64. That is a specious and illogical argument Silvia Kutle. It’s got nothing to do with the revulsion we feel against islam. Get your priorities right. And try arguing the point.

    I don’t disagree with the views in the article. Islam really is a horror show. But to post an article like that without proof doesn’t help anyone.

    Why don’t you read this to learn what islam really is?


  65. Vastmuse, perhaps you are not aware of the Constitutional crisis we are facing…and most people are not even aware of it!


  66. norman r scott

    Why can we not get rid of these non believer in our audtralian way of life and who attack our freedom


  67. Maree, You have explained all the details of Islam so well. You will never change the mind of those like Josephina who are too blind to see as hard and as eloquently as you tried. Until islam touches her negatively she will bury her head deeper and deeper. They say it has nothing to do with islam. This does not help my niece gang raped by a group 9-10 muslim youth in Western Sydney who made it very clear that it was all about race calling her all the horrific names under the sun because she was Australian and that they owned her and would own Australia under Sharia. She was abducted off the street walking home from the train station on her way home from work and she was left bashed, bloody, bruised, bleeding and swollen face to the extent she could not see. A number of these animals were already out on bail from a previous gang rape which made it easy for the Police to identify them and when in court sniggered and made threats to her and our family (my sister, her brothers and sisters and my mum and dad). They again got bail as the judiciary in Australia as everyone is now aware having learnt from the Sydney siege case is soft on Muslims and they use the excuse that the girl was asking for it because she had on a short skirt and that it is accepted in islam to do this and they did not know any better…2nd or third arrest for some?? While out on bail they somehow found out where my sister and her daughter (my niece) lived and they and their families including thier parents terrorised them beyond belief to the point where my niece could no longer take it and felt guilty because her mum and family were also being targeted and she worried about her little sister and so took her own life. The Police seemed unable or unwilling to do much at all to protect them. This was all about race and islam and the teachings of islam and it makes my blood boil when I hear the apologists and appeasers making excuse and talk about the religion (it is not a religion) of peace. It is a ideology of hate, violence and subjugation of women.


  68. Fuck me judo. 95% of these replys are in serious denial. I seen a dozen vids that have been filmed in Australia at meetings held by Muslim community’s. That talk about the spreading of Islam across Australia. And the hate that they have for us real Australians.


  69. Oh I am so sorry Suse. Words cannot convey how I feel to hear your story. I am sitting here stunned to silence. Your story is one told daily in Syria and Iraq,and Kenya and Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Yemen and right across the Muslim world. And now also in Australia. For your family their story and their pain is also your own.
    Those boys managed to shut you down, to destroy your niece. But if they win…it will not just be your niece, but someone else’s daughter, or sister or niece.

    This young girl inspired me just a few days ago:

    A 14 year old girl on Change.org stood up to be counted after a lifetime of domestic abuse and the final suicide of her mother 4 weeks ago.

    “She’s an extremely bright, intelligent young girl who feels, very strongly, that something good has to come out of this situation. If she can stop one other child from going through what she went through, she’ll be happier.
    On her online petition she had this to say:
    20 Apr 2015 — Words can’t even describe how over 32,000 signatures makes me feel right now.

    Your support means the world to me and proves that even though I am only 14, I can still help create change to protect other children from going through what I have.

    My story and passionate petition was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday – how amazing!! Here it is:

    I went to the local Mosque again last Sunday – as I said I would. In the Mosque were fathers, uncles, brothers and such lovely young women. And I was fortunate to attend a wedding. Again the Muslims warmly welcomed us all and the guest speakers from Holland Park Mosque spoke about how they are trying to deflect young men away from crime and to stop them from going on to radicalise.
    As I have always said, my problem is not with Muslims. It is with the supremacist ideology that, in the wrong hearts and minds, can lead to hatred and violence played out in the world today.
    It is like viewing violent video games – to one it will not affect them, to another they will go out and murder a shool teacher in Leeton.

    Maybe in this instance it is time to put aside our ideological differences and relate as people to one another. To seek the help of fathers, brothers, uncles, parents from the Islamic congregations who may read your heartfelt story and choose to do something about it. To do what would appear to be, the most unlikely thing and support you and your family when the non-Muslim society will not.
    We fight against the socialist left who would rather put their heads in the sand, and get nowhere. We fight against political correctness that tries to pretend to know more about what the Muslim wants than the Muslims themselves.
    But if we approach Muslim families as who we truly are, a grieving Uncle, a broken parent, though they may not agree with our ideology and we with theirs, they are still parents, families, who would not want this terrible senseless tragedy that has occured in your family to happen to anyone else. Perhaps you will be the Catalyst for change in the Australian Islamic society. And a bridge between the two. A cause for change, and like Rachel said, “that something good has to come out of this situation. If she can stop one other child from going through what she went through, she’ll be happier.”

    If we can prevent one more daughter, one more niece and their family from going through what yours did then there also will be some closure. A sense that evil did not win afterall.
    God bless…may you find fertile ground to sow seeds of change and may you reap a harvest you had no idea was possible. I pray God to comfort your family.


  70. Dear Suse, I wrote a long reply and somehow have managed to lose it into cyberspace. So I start again. If it pops up – you will have two letters. Probably not identical!

    My heart goes out to you and your family. What heartache and tragedy you have suffered.
    Words can never be enough in these circumstances.

    Your story needs to be told to both Muslim and Non-Muslim alike. That the result of the Islamic ideology in the wrong hands can lead to such tragedy. That it is time to pull our collective heads out of the sand and work together to find a solution to what will only grow worse in Australia.

    I went to the Mosque Open Day again last Sunday – as I said I would – and the speaker revealed how those who turn radical, or to a radical hatefilled interpretation of Islam usually have a criminal history, or the need to join a gang to gain a sense of belonging. And that they have been trying to work with youth on the edge so to speak.

    That the boys who harmed your niece were within this category is obvious and are a serious risk to society as a whole. But what is also obvious is that their families have infected them with an ideology that is 7th C and supremacist, steering them on the path toward what they did without guilt or remorse.
    That they gained bail and were able to terrorise the family must be shouted aloud until someone takes notice. And somebody is willing to step out from behind the PC billboard and do something about it.

    I also believe that there needs to be something good come of such tragedy to stop evil winning. What happened will always be bad, but the legacy can be good. eg. The Morcombe Family who work tirelessly to make a difference. How many lives have been saved because of this family will never be truly known.

    Having been to the Mosque, one wonders if your support may come from an unlikely source, and that is from everyday Australian Muslims whose lives you touch with your story of brokenness. If you can step past the anger toward the boys who perpetrated it, the ideology behind their actions, and the hate filled families who refused to see their boys in the wrong, and meet up with fellow Uncles, Fathers, brothers who would not wish this on their own family, nor yours. Who may be the catalyst for change in their own communities which spills into ours. And also at the same time bridge the gap that causes so much fear and tension.
    It’s a dream…but are there Muslims out there who would care enough about an Infidel’s pain? Who would NOT act like the families of these boys who blamed the victim and not their sons as is done in the Middle East countless times over.

    Who consider all rape wrong in God’s eyes because it is always about power – the power of the perpetrator.

    Muslims who would dare to say a young girl doesn’t deserve to be raped and beaten and to die of shame for what she wears or doesn’t wear. Or because she is a Kuffar. Or booty.

    To stand up and be counted regardless of the cost?
    That this is 2015 not the 7th Century.

    To turn all this on its head and “radically love” instead of judging and bringing condemnation on those who do not believe as they do.

    For Muslims instead of just saying “Islam is a religion of Peace” actually live it. Actions speak louder than words after all.

    To bring reform.

    I do hope so. That is my prayer.


  71. A socialist critiscising her own spelling mistake? Now I’ve seen it all! Islam was founded by a narcissistic madman. For the last 1400 years they have invaded, populated, conquered, stolen land and possessions and committed genocide. For 1400 years, people had 1 of 3 choices, convert, become a slave and pay jizzia tax, or get their heads chopped off, and nothing has changed except they have become more sneaky and organised. ISIS is the TRUE FACE of ISLAM if you bother reading the qu’ran, and moderate muslims are just sitting on the fence having a bet each way. If you bother to look up videos of the first world meetings of Hitz UtTahir 3-4 years ago and since, you will find all the complaints in the above story pretty well covered and more. Socialists are funded to protect Islam, they would sell their souls for sixpence. They have no moral compass!


  72. That is so sad Suse! There many ways individual muslims have destroyed other peoples lives. But they are inbred to fight, torture, rape and kill. These low life are obsessed with the afterlife and are indoctrinated by their parents from before birth. The adults do not spely CANCEL REPLY

    ak out against terrorist acts, because they support them, which is why I have absolutely no sympathy for their parents when they join ISIS and get killed. That’s the only way their mothers can get a ticket into paradise as Mo said that hell is full of women!. They may not have hearts and souls but they still have choices and I resent the fact that their unrealistic demands are appeased at the expense of disadvantaged Australians. They are a fascist political ideology hiding behind religion to flaunt our laws. There should be an investigation into our judiciary for having two sets of rules and why.


  73. MAREE Well done for standing our ground against another delusional member of our society, most likely a muslim, or at least, a socialist. They only have to look at what is happening in other countries to see how the game is played, and where we are headed. Hypocrites who believe that only white Australians can be racist, which is racist in itself. The Old Testament is a record of history of the times, which Christ came to change. The New Testament is the beginning of Christianity. There will always be bad people, but nowhere in the bible does it tell people to murder, rape, steal land and goods, treat women as possessions and take over the world. People were given freedom of choice that did not break the laws of the land or human rights. Islam controls the total lives of muslims down to how to wipe their bums. We have been invaded and our greatest risk is having the biggest muslim country in the world as our neighbour. There are lots of lovely muslims, but most of them want sharia law or islamic states and make unreasonable demands that are “in you face”. We have never had the massive crime gangs problems with drugs, rpes and murders that we have had since Islam gained momentum. There will never be any peace on this planet until muslims take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming everyone else, or biting the hand that feeds them.


  74. This has been circulating on the Internet for some time – who IS David Shreeve, WHERE and WHEN EXACTLY did this happen?. Did he have camera or phone to record (exact words) any of this? What person in their right mind would subject their family, children, to this for 6 HOURS?! Much more proof is needed to confirm this type of story – it may be true but I find these stories ALWAYS fail to provide concrete proof/details!! Seems like a typical fearmongering “story”!


  75. Oi your views are so one sided wake the fuck up idiot


  76. Your a fuckwitt


  77. How much voting do you think you will be doing if you allow Sharia law in this country. They have other plans for the women of a conqured land. In countries around the world ,even those without any connection in culture, language ,race or colour except they allowed Islam to grow have the exact same outcome. Look what these animals are doing in Papua right now. Its the exact same thing they did in Turkey a hundred years ago and what they have done for 1400 years. Do some research. Not for me, do it for you daughters, your sisters and your other women in your family .Wake up and don’t fall for the rubbish your fed by muslim apologists.


  78. He certainly speaks for me. Don’t talk rubbish about Islam being highjacked by a few nutters. They aren’t nutters . They are muslims following the word of Muhammad. If anything they are the purest muslims. . You cant bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away. It wont. Itl grow and grow till it cant be stopped. If you don’t value your freedom or lifestyle at least research the subject and read the Koran and educate yourself. to what is coming your way.


  79. Well ,Hitler did have his own Muslim Brigades that were used against the Jews because of their hate for them. So I can see the connection.


  80. Christians don’t have over 100 passages in their book that tells them to kill people because their faith or lack of,atheists get it worse by the way. Before you try to convince people or yourself ,do some research. Do you know that muslims are directed in the Koran to hide there intention until they have the upper hand? Or that lying and deceiving is halal( allowed) to promote islam . If your trying to compare Muslims and Christians as far as violence is concerned your not paying attention. 270 million killed in the name of Allah . I wouldn’t bother quoting the Chritians figures. It wouldn’t even be worth looking. Muslims bring up the crusades, what a joke. Around 5000 muslims killed in all the campains. Muslims have killed five times that many since 2001. Your not comparing immigrants like chinese or Italians or greeks or Vietnamese . Those people weren’t planning to kill you and take over your culture as they are directed to under Sharia.


  81. Taqiyya I think you speak


  82. I am not for any religion. If they keep to themselves they can do what they want just so long as it is not violent. That is why I particularly abhor Muslim/Islam It is all inbred. They are al extreme and there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. The are also not a race they are a religion coming from many races. That is something I can’t believe intelligent people cannot get into their heads. The Australian Government has made me hate China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and few others so yes I am racist against these countries. With regards to religion I am just atheist particularly not tolerating muslim/Islam both are the same thing.


  83. Your going to look bloody stupid when the shit hits the fan!


  84. Hahaha women’s what ? Under Islam you women won’t be worried about voting . slaves don’t vote !!!


  85. I realised the story was nonsense the moment I saw the stock burka-photo at the top used so often by Facebook bigots to terrify us all.

    It’s not even a photo from this country and is placed in a way that everyone would have assumed it was from the Sydney school we are all talking about.

    And more importantly, the “German man” would have recognised that articles like these are how Hitler got the German people to be so terrified of the Jewish minority. Through falsified claims of how the Jews are taking over German and ruining no their way of life.

    These comments are what’s truly scary here.


  86. Open your eyes everyone as to what’s happening all over Europe ,, the raping of woman in Sweden France etc all up by 90% by guess who Muslims ,, there are no go zones were non Muslims are harassed and bashed young woman are groomed for rape,,,,, check the internet do some research look at you tube…. Were there are infestations in numbers by Muslims there is and always will be trouble…


  87. What is scary is the ignorance of ordinary people including so called “Moderate Muslims” about the active force behind the political and religious ideology of Islam. Militant Islam is far worse than anything Hitler threw at the world, its zealots already screaming out slogans like “We will finish what Hitler started!”. “Behead the Infidel who insults the Prophet!”. “Islam will dominate the World!” The difference between Nazis and these Zealots is that Militant Islam is against “everyone” who does not hold their particular brand of Islam be they Muslim or non-Muslim. Anyone who gets in their way are considered a legitimate target. This is evidenced in Iraq and Syria today. Remember that it was Mohammed’s dying wish not only that Arabia would be purged of Non-Muslims, but Islam would dominate and control the world. Where do these Zealots get their ideology from? It is obvious: Mohammed.


  88. Elaine – it does not take much to destabilise an economy or its society. Look at countries around the world for an example. There is nothing fear mongering about this reference to Islam. Nobody believed Winston Churchill either about the Nazis – but he was proved right.


  89. I am Muslim, and I love Australians. So I call Bullshit on your statement


  90. May Allah bless you Andrew. I will pray for you


  91. Allah and I have nothing but love for you my brother


  92. May Allah forgive your hatefulness my brother. I pray for you


  93. Facts are not hatred…they are simply facts.
    Most Muslims are good people…but the truth is Islam is itself an elitist, and a supremacist ideology which spawns people who will try to dominate others and the world because of its inherent teachings: That one day Islam will be the dominant and preferably ONLY religion on the planet. All Jews will be dead and Christians converted. And that out of this non-Muslim women are fair game as the the Ummah is at war against the “House of War”.


  94. Muhammed – Your Koran does not allow you to love the un-believer because your god Allah does not love the unbeliever. It is that simple.

    He does not love the unbelievers (30:45)

    Neither does your Koran consider the Unbeliever equal in Islam’s sight.

    Are those who know equal to those who know not? (39:09)

    Is the blind equal to the one who sees” Or darkness equal to light? (13:16)

    A believing slave is superior to a free Mushrik (one who ascribes partners to Allah) (2:221)

    Muslims are to show mercy to fellow Muslims but harshness to unbelievers:

    Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are severe against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves… (48:29)

    Allah intends for Muslims to triumph over unbelievers:

    And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way to triumph over believers [Pickthall – “any way of success”] (4:141)


    If Allah says this about unbelievers then you MUST agree:

    Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe. (8:55)

    Australians who fight are fighting on the side of Satan so fight against them.

    Muhsin Khan Surah 4:76
    Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Taghut (Satan, etc.). So fight you against the friends of Shaitan (Satan); Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitan (Satan).


    Do not take unbelieving family for friends either:
    Pickthall Surah 9:23
    O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are wrong-doers.

    If you can’t even take your family as friends – then what does it say about the average Australian?

    Sorry but the evidence is ample to prove that Islamic doctrine does not allow Muslims to have any form of love or friendship with the unbeliever. Exception: A Muslim man can marry a woman of the Jews or Christians and her children become Muslims. I one generation the lineage of Christians and Jews is wiped out.


  95. Um, this is actually happening.
    Go to youtube and see for yourselves.
    WAKE UP!


  96. Just a quick question – why is time and place and name of person giving speech not mentioned?
    For validation – who what where and when are very pertinent.
    Until this is provided I’m a little sceptical.


  97. Hi Lew the article says it was submitted by David Shreeve of Sydney in September 2014. You will find another article about weapons being found in Australian mosques particularly the origins of the revolver that was used by that Islamic kid to shoot the police employee in Sydney. Editor


  98. How can the german 73 (born 1941) know how “Hitler started like that” when in fact he initiated the push around the mid 1920’s..He made a comment like I have by looking at history!!!


  99. Sam From Muslim france

    What David Shreeve desribes is nothing,

    It’s a bit late, but I wish to clarify, what David Shreeve described is just plain normality. The truth is far worse, here in france, in some places we do not dare even look them in the eye, we are afraid to get our throats sliced, we close our car doors when we drive. We are afraid of getting out of our driveway and facing one of them getting upset because if you are not muslim you don’t deserve to live.

    They have rights but no due to western society, soon they will like here in France, ask for pork free meals in schools. Some do gooders say it’s ok it’s not all of them…. just watch and see…

    Westerners are nothing to them.. They have with their law the right to absolutely do anything to you if you are not muslim, they don’t owe any respect…

    They dress with their religious beliefs, no matter what you think, try to find one muslim country where westerners are just welcome…..

    David Shreeve is far below reality, I am no racist of any kind, I just have to open my eyes and listen to them insult me daily….from not working on the job, and listening to one of them complaining and having checked out whether they would be better on welfare than working…

    Our prison are 80% filled with people having a muslim first name….

    Let Australia provide for them and they do gooders, and get what you will.

    Best of luck, this is only the beginning, and nothing compared to what you are going to get.


  100. I too went to a meeting in Melbourne at Latrobe University. There was an Imam speaking and I felt the same way. So much hatred. I also felt very scared for Australia. It is unbelievable that this is happening.
    We need to vote for politicians who are going to stand up and not be afraid of being politically correct.


  101. Hi, I also went to an islamic talk and it was filled with hatred toward any non believer. In particular the Jewish community. Telling everyone if you befriend a Jew you are not a good Muslim.
    I was horrified and discussed.
    We need to vote for people like the Australian Liberty Alliance party. http://australianlibertyalliance.org.au

    Check them out. They seem to be standing up for Australian values and against Sharia etc


  102. Yes our government doesn’t help. We need to vote for the Australian Liberty Alliance Party. They are standing up. Check them out.


  103. Rita Swanson

    David Shreeve wrote a letter to the editor of the Cairn News. Proof? If an eye witness testifies in court, there is no “proof”, just his testimony, while swearing on a bible. I believe Mr. Shreeve’s eye witness testimony.


  104. This guy found what he went looking for. He should do his homework and learn the difference between Muslims and Islamists. And stop dragging Hitler into it !
    God help the Church of England
    Jan smith


  105. Were you even there at that meeting?!!. Do you have proof?!!


  106. So Jan, you obviously do not realise there really is no difference between the two except that one lot is more active and louder about their faith than the other. We do not have as much to worry about the latter as we do the former, but what we do have to worry about is the political ideology that is Islam. Its doctrine does not allow for Muslims to be ruled by “Kaffirs” – ie Us. They will put up with it until they can change the status Quo. And right now this is what is happening. Islam is not just a religion. It is a political, governmental, religious entity rolled up in one. That you think it is like Judaism and Christianity is your and our world’s downfall. It is nothing like us. and we are to be subjugated TO Islam and under Islam. Muslims are the best of Creatures and we are the worst of creatures. Their Koran which is the supposed word of their god tells them this in these exact words. You cannot fight them on this. They MUST believe the Koran. No matter what it says. So take your blinkers off Jan. Start reading about what Islam IS. There are enough ex-Muslims around to guide you.


  107. My sincere, heartfelt compliments to Maree. My belated condolences to Suse and her family. Maree, you really have studied political Islam and it’s global agenda ! The epi-centre is Europe folks. Perhaps listen to this wonderful young lady address The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.

    …and ponder this ..’If Islam wins Europe and imposes Sharia (the two ARE inseparable) it will mean the millions of deaths in two world wars for freedom and for country were for nought. To many Aussies this would mean grandfathers and great grand fathers died in vain.’

    THIS is serious folks. Perhaps consider voting Australian Liberty Alliance in the Senate.


  108. So by your logic on lets say a per capita basis Josephina, muslims make up around 2%of Australias population. People who identify as having christian beliefs make up around 65% of our population. You claim that religions other than islam have also been hijacked by terrorist groups claiming to represent Christianity? In the last 18 months in Australia 2 muslims have murdered Australians, they claim, in the name of islam. So wouldnt that equate to people who identify as having Christian beliefs ,murdering at least 60 Australians in the name of their god? I know that all muslims are not terrorists, but the vast majority of terrorists are muslims. And before you start attacking me personally as you did when you could not convince Maree to adopt your interpretation of islam, know that i have read the bible, old and new testaments, the torah and the qu’ran. I have travelled extensively throughout the middle east and other muslim nations including indonesia, Malaysia and even the southern parts of the Phillipines where islam is practiced more than catholicism though it is still not the only accepted religion there. You claim that most muslims do not follow the qu’ran literally, and that many verses, scriptures etc are well open to interpretation and i somewhat agree. But, and this is a big BUT….Globally in my experiences, wherever islam is the religion practiced by the majority, there is no room/tolerance toward any other religion, with Malaysia and Indonesia being exceptions. Wherever islam is practiced as the majorities religion, human rights and animal welfare are almost non existent. The murders of gays, non believers (kuffars,infidels) apostates, women accused of adultery, etc etc. is simply astounding. These poor people are not given a lethal injection or face a firing squad but are slowly killed in some of the most heinous ways immaginable, that is the reality of living under sharia whether you like to admit it or not. Islam is not justxa religion but a complete guide to how every aspect of life should be lived. There is no divide between church and state in countries under sharia. No jurisprudence, nor any modern legal arguments are accepted especially in cases involving women being charged with adultery or any alleged crime committed by kuffars. Heres an example. While traveling along a side street in U.A.E (I wont disclose too many details for my own reasons regarding safety) myself, 2 colleagues and our Arabian driver were involved in a relatively minor car accident. Our injuries were limited to a few broken bones but the other vehicle, which had passed through a stop/give way sign to collidecwith us rolled and the 2 adult males 2 adult females and one male child were all injured far more than we were. Whilst rendering assistance it became apparent that the 2 women were by far the worst injured, but we were told by one of the adult males to leave them and help the men only. As we extricated the men they were yelling abuse at us for being in there country and that the courts would either jail or kill us. One of my colleagues was a former nurse who was directing us in how to render the best treatment we could to the adult males but when she tried to inspect one mans neck for spinal injury the other man spat in her face and hair, which had become uncovered during the treatment of these men ( she gave me the scarf she was wearing to make a sling for a broken arm) this was done because a woman especially a kuffar cannot touch a man. So she tried to attend to the deteriorating women only to be told to tend to the boy. After all 5 were treated on the roadside ( amid a hail of thrown objects and insults) an ambulance arrived shortly followed by a police car. Myself and my colleagues were abused, beaten and handcuffed. Our driver was beaten even worse for trying to tell the truth of how the accident occurred. By the time i was treated for my broken wrist, thumb and 2 fingers, my hand was black as the police would not remove my handcuffs nor offer medical care. This occurred 17 yrs agocand i still have the scars from where the cuffs split my skin and flesh. Skin had started to grow over the cuffs by the time i was given medical care. I was then jailed for 12 days until we were marched into court in rags, unshaven, bloodsoaked filthy and stinking. I was told by our legal representation that we faced up to 10 yrs in prison. The logic being that as foreigners/infidels only we could be responsible for the accident. If we were not in the U.A.E the incident would not have occurred. Only diplomatic intervention and a hefty compensation/ bribe to the alleged victims got us the hell out of there. Within 6 hours of my “court” appesrence i was on a chartered plane out of U.A.E never to return nor will I.
    I have seen the remenants of child brides who covered themselves in petrol in the ultimate act of defiance, their bodies arent removed quickly( as one man said “she is only woman,she wanted this”) Really, i think she wanted to not be raped daily by a man 40 years her senior, not to be a chattal used to try and produce more “beautiful” sons, not to be a slave and a punching bag to a toothless lazy old pedophile. While traveling in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Jordan with a fenale companion, blatant discrimination and often sexual assault, was sickening and i will never take a western woman to the middle east again, with the exception of maybe Lebanon where the only imposition was leering men and teenage boys, some of whom exposed themselves to my “whore” who was always dresses modestly including hair covering.
    I have many good friends in the middle east still and im lucky enough to have seen Syria before its destruction but what i can never erase is the base lifestyle of the citizens. Almost all who are muslims. Most of the coptic Christians have left and almost every church destroyed. The utter barbarity, subjugation of women, blatant child sex abuse and discrimination against any kuffars leaves me in no doubt that islam, the qu’ran and its teachings, and especially sharia has no place in civilized society. Do not ask me for specific dates names or locations as i will not provide them for my safety and that of my colleagues and friends.


  109. We fight an insidious evil in our midst…not the Muslim…but the ideology which drives them.
    But worse is the fight against ignorance which is by far the most dangerous. When we remain ignorant of the enemy, the enemy will plan for our destruction. And we will sleep on unaware that the rug is being pulled out from under our feet.
    We are doomed unless we open our eyes.


  110. I can recall several hundred muslims meeting in sydney CBD, Hyde park many carrying signs announcing ” behead all those who insult the prophet” and ” death to the unbelievers”. Several police were injured and that one lovely photo of a hijab wearing mother taking photos of a small child holding up a behead etc etc sign. And im pretty sure that lovely little Elomar chap was arrested that day, you know the same guy who went to join ISIS with Khaled Sharrouf who then went on to post photgraps of his children holding up severed heads in Syria. But…… according to you Josephina, no problem here is there?


  111. michelle the left and other idiots that defend them are just cowards who don’t want to no the truth go to Lakemba and other places in sydneys south west and and se whats going on they wont . look whats going on in Europe no they don’t want to the fools say it wont happen here it will . and you no who these cowards and defenders of this evil cult will blame . every one else . they are perthetic cowards and when it happens capital punishment should be brought back for these quisling fools


  112. It did happen you fuckwit. Muslims who are peaceful and prey have nothing to fear. I’m not Muslim and never ever will be. Practice your religion prey. Keep it to yourself. Those here who have never lived under sharia law love the concept of it. Fuck off to a country that has sharia law and you can live by Allahs sword and die by it every single fucking day. Oh that’s right u can’t those countries don’t have social security Centrelink benefits.


  113. Beats me why Muslims love Sharia when it is obvious that those UNDER Sharia do not. They are fleeing Sharia led countries in the millions.
    Sharia is harsh, unforgiving and lacking in mercy. It is oppressive to women, and is more likely to kill the innocent along with the guilty. It is mysogynist based.
    Anyone who prefers Sharia should immediately be shipped back to the most oppressive Sharia country on earth for a year. Then they will come back chastened and willing to work within our laws. Or don’t come back at all.
    Iran were prepared to give 50 lashes and imprisonment to 5 performers who made a “Happy Farrell” video because it was indecent!! Good grief. If you want that sort of living then please by all means emigrate to Iran or Saudi Arabia. But I don’t think the women of the family will thank you…but we will.
    And yes John – it is time we tightened our generosity. Or we will end up like Greece.
    When a Muslim considers our generosity their right because we are Kuffar and all land belongs to them and their god..and we owe them Dhimmie tax as 2nd class citizens – there is something seriously wrong with their supremacist, totalitarian political ideology that masquerades as a religion.


  114. Thanks Maree for your continued, excellent commentary. We do appreciate your point of view.Editor


  115. Obviously there is a fair amount of brain washing involved in teaching of all religion. The most logical solution for mine is to outlaw religious study for all children and let them grow up free of any influence. Let them decide if and when they choose to study a religion of their choice at an adult age they can then choose if they wish. Good luck with that idea I hear you say !


  116. What most people are unaware of in regard to Islam – including many peaceful Muslims as well – is the principle of abrogation, at which ealier verses which were ostensiably revealed to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, and taught tolerance toward other religions have been abrogated by later verses which were revealed (?) to him in later years.

    “None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgetten, but we substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah Hath power over all things?” (Qur’an 2:106).

    The most infamous of these `Verses of Abrogation’ is known as `The Verse of the Sword’.

    “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Qur’an 9:5)

    Concerning this verse, the fourteenth century Sunni scholar Ibn Kathir said:

    “This honorable Ayah (9:5) was called the Ayah [verse] of the Sword, about which Ad-Dahhak bin Muzahim said, “It abrogated every agreement of peace between the Prophet and any idolator, every treaty, and every term.” Al-Awfi said that Ibn Abbas commented: “No idolator had any more treaty or promise of safety ever since Surah Bara’ah was revealed.”

    Although scholars are divided over the exact number of verses that have been abrogated, Kadri Sadakat, author of `Heaven on Earth: A Journey Through Shari’a Law from the Deserts of Ancient Arabia’ estimated that 113 verses in the Koran have been abrogated by the `Verse of the Sword’.

    Peaceful Muslims maintain that Islam is a peaceful religion, and then cite verses from the Koran in an attempt to prove it. According to Serbian-American Serge Trifkovic, author of `The Sword and the Prophet’ and `Defeating Jihad’ – and who was a former advisor to the Serbian President Voiislav Kostunica, who advocated human rights & freedom of speech:

    “There are indeed some verses in the Koran that could be called peaceful and tolerant, notably the injunction against compulsion of religion. Those verses almost invariably date back to the beginning of Muhammad’s prophetic career in his native city of Mecca, where he was powerless, when he was only just beginning to attract followers. Well, it all changes with the establishment of Muhammad’s autocratic statehood in the city of Medina. He becomes a warlord, he becomes the head of an authoritarian state, he becomes very rich, very powerful, and very intolerant. And then, in fact, many of these early verses get abrogated.”

    Muhammad’s behaviour then mirrored that of your typical seventh century warlord. When you translate that to twentyfirst century behaviour, then what you have is terrorism. There really is no such thing as `Radicalized Moslims’. This is politically correct speak which belies the fact that Muslims who follow the priniciple of abrogation follow what their prophet taugh – and see Mahummad as the `perfect man’, the example which they must follow if they are to obtain Paradise. in `True Islam’ – the verses which teach toleration in Muhammad’s prophetic career are abrogated by later verses, which teach, for instance:

    “Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme” – (Sura 8:39)

    `True Islam’ is a heinous religion.


  117. We in the West have been incredibly slow to understand the most fundamental aspects of Islam. Here in the U.S. we have a presidential candidate who thinks Muslims can make good citizens, and there is absolutely no reason they should be excluded. She will take votes wherever she can get them.
    Want to understand Islam? Simply read the Koran. Everything you need to know about this barbaric religion is there in black and white. It represents the greatest threat to civilization since Genghis Khan.


  118. I think you need to read the Koran. It is considered to be the perfect and immutable word of God by all Muslims. Having read it you will realize that there are no moderate Muslims, and those we call extremists are merely doing what the Koran prescribes.
    Being a little bit Muslim is like being a little bit pregnant. It isn’t possible; one simply is or is not. There ca be no middle ground


  119. Even better – read the Hadith. The Koran is worse than the King James Bible. The translation from Arabic to English makes it almost gibberish.


    Pick a topic and have a read. It is enlightening.
    After all – ALL Muslims must obey not only ALLAH but ALSO his prophet. And you will find out what he said about everything in the Hadith – which Bukhari is considered authentic.


  120. The English spelling is Koran. And given the Querty keyboard is much easier to type. When you type Koran over and over again in forums etc…the Arabicised version is far more difficult. So stop acting like YOU are offended. You aren’t a Muslim…and it is not offensive to use Koran. WHY are you defending Islam so vociforously??? What is your agenda?


  121. Actually Patroni – you have to source which are Medinan and which verses are Meccan and then read the Koran chronologically. They are all mixed up on purpose to make it easier to recite. And it confuses people because the end of the book is actually the earliest verses from Mecca. The verses of the Sword from chapter 9 are Medinan.


  122. We are awaiting the Disney production of the Koran, they cater to fairy tales better than most


  123. Walk around western Sydney with your white Australian family, there is all the proof you’ll need, don’t listen to the government mouthpieces the news media. Move in to an area where you have to rub shoulders with them, then you’ll know exactly what they think of us, I will guarantee you’ll see, and if you’re not really careful you’ll feel what they think of us. We never see politicians or the bleeding hearts living around them.


  124. The problem is that we have written revisionist history into our classrooms and Universities so that we are blind to what is coming – what befell the civilisations conquered in the first wave of Islamic militancy. We are ignorant fools.


  125. I question the ultimte aim of the Muslim movement. World domination perhaps. If so It may take a hundred years or more to convert or eliminate all ‘infidels’on earth but is that what the silent majority expect of their Muslim leaders while hoodwinking us in believing this is not their agenda?

    I like most other Australians embrace multiculturalism providing those immigrants add value to our society and don’t bring their radical religious beliefs with them including sharia law which is surely a front for something more sinister lurking in the shadows. Hmm !


  126. Well, go on!!
    To quote Pauline H…
    “Please explain!!”


  127. The exact same question could have been asked by a thousand times over of the Catholic / Protestant conflict that has raged in Ireland for centuries, or the Latin West / Greek East Christian wars that took place between 1054 & 1204 AD (approx.).


  128. This is How Our Politicians Wanted it .There is No room for the Old Lie of I Didn’t Know What They were Like. There is No giving the Benefit of the Doubt, They Knew Alright. They Pulled the Wool over All your eyes Especially the Gullible Do-Gooders Who Still Haven’t Woken Up.


  129. I’m glad you went there and had your stupidity scared out of you.




  131. The problem is the government will do nothing until it is too late. These Muslim’s are arming themselves while the government take a stand on disarming the Australian people. I for one will never bow to the Muslim people nor their sharia law. If this government and people do not wake up it will be too late!!!!


  132. This is EXACTLY what we have been trying to tell everyone. Leftists and the dumb moronic elite are facilitating the whole thing. This nwo has been in motion for many many years. Only now are the people seeing it.


  133. Shy cant this be shared ???


  134. Absolutely believe you. It is terrifying.
    So many Aussie
    S either don’t know or think it really isn’t going to happen.
    We Must discuss this openly more.


  135. Ammar Hazziq Abdul Hamid

    If its true, please dont easily judging us (the other muslim), coz muslim believers are varies. Me, especially, from a Malay ethnic bckgrnd, frm Malaysia, got nothing to do with arabs or others with such hatred. We are unlike them. Never succumbs to violence and such that might gives a bad names and against our beliefs.
    So if y’all wanna bring them down, please go through their ethnic communities. We also fucking hate what they did and tarnishing the religion beliefs. So fuck em all.


  136. Thanks Ammar well said and we support you.Editor


  137. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this.
    It is certainly not the Australia I grew up in.


  138. Is it not true that all Muslims believe that their ‘Sharia Law’ takes precedence over any and all laws of any country that they happen to be living in ??? .


  139. All Muslims should be deported it is the only way us non Muslims will be safe one never knows when a mad muzshits feels the need for 72virgins


  140. Well nationalism is a crock if taken too far, Hitler showed that. Too many put themselves as their highest priority, and this mskes them act selfishly. You become a better person if you see something higher than yourself. Your allegiance to God should be higher than the one to your country, but it should be the Christian God, not the satanic Allah of Islam. Mohammed advocates his followers practice deceit against non-Muslims, whereas the Bible says “God would not lie to you.” Mohammed advocates violence, whereas Jesus does not. Talk about knowing them by their fruits. Misogynist Islam is backward religiously and culturally and has no place in our world or the future.


  141. Tehcal…Were you there? If not your word counts for nothing!


  142. Well said, Ron Slade.We cannot believe anything a Muslim says because they are allowed to lie in the name of Allah!


  143. Its time to send all of them back to rebuild their country instead of bringing in more. They have come to invade and take over, they hate 😡 us but our stupid cunty government is letting them do it and they know what the outcome of a vote on immigration that’s why the won’t have one. DEPOT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE


  144. Deport all these bastards and their families ASAP!!!


  145. raymond fleischman

    time to stand up for our grandkids a member of the A.L.A PARTY


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