from On Target

These farmers are welcome to immigrate to Australia from Africa. Let the savages starve!

The headlines read: “32 White Farmers Killed in 30 Weeks”
As of 18 July 2014, thirty-two – yes 32 – South African farmers have been killed over a 30-week period. That’s more than one farmer murdered per week, over 30 weeks. If this were happening in Australia, America, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Canada – in any country around the world – this would be an outrage. It would be on every front page – how the farmers were being slaughtered. Yet, South African farmers have been murdered in this manner for over 20 years now, and the world isn’t interested in their story. It’s not interesting enough. Well, here’s one farmers’ account, who was made to watch as they gang-raped his wife and 8-year old daughter, and then watched as they butchered them to death – after they’d gang-raped him and tried to bludgeon him to death as well. His 6-year old son survived, apparently unharmed…. But, the world just shrugs, and says, that’s Africa. Leave if you don’t like it there. Yes, leave – where to? If you don’t have the opportunity, or if you can’t leave, or if you don’t want to leave, then what? Yet, South Africa – just like most colonised countries in Africa – was once a peaceful, successful and mostly civilised country once upon a time. All that hard work was thrown out the window the day the country was handed to a bunch of terrorists, headed by Saint Dead Terrorist, whose only legacy will be that he couldn’t control his own people, and he ruined a once great country through crime, corruption, lies, hatred and greed. The farm attacks are also a way to keep the White people in South Africa traumatised, scared and disheartened. For those of you out in the world who are interested in what White South African farmers have to live with, read the story here… It’s just one of many. Report by Eddy von Maltitz
I post a true story, told by a victim in his own words: He was raped, his daughters and wife also raped and killed. The reporters were warned that they will be arrested for obstruction of justice and charged with racism if they published anything about the case, before any arrests are made. Why?? The criminals are still at large. When reporters approached the police for a comment about the frequency of such attacks, they simply responded by saying this attack, like many other unsolved cases cannot be added to any statistics since murder has not been proven yet.