Five months after the Malaysia
Airlines flight went missing,
mysterious withdrawals were
stolen from the bank accounts
of four passengers aboard the
doomed flight MH370, totaling
20,916 British Pounds, according
to the UK Daily Mail.

A bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
reported the apparent discrepancies
in their accounts on July 18, before
lodging a police complaint, Assistant
Commissioner to the crime
investigation department, Izany
Abdul Ghany revealed.

According to reports, the transactions
were made on July 18 when money
from the accounts of three passengers
was transferred to the account of a
fourth passenger before it was

This news comes as the search team
prepares to conduct a deep-water
search across 60,000 square kms of
the Indian Ocean.

‘We are investigating the case as
unauthorized access with intent to
commit an offense,’ Izany said,
according to the Mirror.

‘We are getting CCTV footage from
the bank to identify the suspects

A source told the New Straits Times:
‘We believe the suspect withdrew the
money through the fourth victim’s
account via several automated teller
machines (ATMs) in the Klang Valley
[surrounding Kuala Lumpur and its

Video (around 42 and half mins):

Mystery Withdrawals Made From Bank Accounts of MH370 Passengers

– Alexandra