This post is not to offend the

memory of lives lost in two

anomalous mishaps involving

Malaysia Airlines. This article

has been written by me with

information gathered mostly

by David Vose.


The Russians have released their

radar readings. Why will the US

not release its own satellite

imagery of these events? They

certainly have these.

Instead, the USG wants to sell us

primitive drawings of the event

made on a 4-year old Google Map

and to broadcast discredited

YouTube footage (created several

hours before the missile attack)

and from Social Media posts of

alleged separatists, bragging

about the shoot-down.

To watch the exchange, here

between AP Reporter, Matt Lee

and the State Department Deputy,

Marie Harf is to watch a snarky,

prevaricating government official

exude toxic deceit, as he traps her

into a corner, by pointing out that

the only evidence being offered by

the US Government for its claims

derive from Social Media posts.

After bluffing for a while, she finally

shoots back that she "doesn’t have

the clearance to de-classify" the US

satellite images, which the journalist

believes it is everybody’s right to see,

in a circumstance of a shoot-down of

a civilian airliner.

And what of the numerous reports,

from completely separate sources,

that bodies found in the wreckage

of the purported Flight MH17, were

already heavily decomposed and

drained of blood, within one day of the

crash, with many showing evidence of

having been tortured?

Several other details shown in this clip

point to the the scene of the crash as

being heavily tampered, with invalid

passports neatly piled together with

their boarding passes, showing no sign

of a 33,000-foot impact or fire of any

kind, let alone human use. Many were

invalid, clipped or hole-punched and

would not have been admissible for

boarding the plane.

More importantly, the plane, itself

shows evidence of not being the

designated plane on more than one count.

The ID for the plane scheduled for Flight

MH 17 was 9M-MRD.

However, a photo published by the Daily

Mail, taken by a passenger about to board,

shows its ID to be 9M-MRC. The ID of the

plane used in MH 370 was 9M-MRO. It

would not be very difficult to paint

out an "O" into a "C"…

Another oddity is the fact that according

to a live flight tracker,

in a screen capture made on July 18, the

day following the crash, MH 17 (9M-MRD)

was shown as "canceled" on the date

of the crash.

In addition, from the positioning of the

window in front of the right wing and

Emergency Exit – the window in the

corresponding wreckage is exactly where

the window was positioned on the craft

of MH 370 (and in the passenger’s photo).

This disparity was caught before the

original photo from the scene was released

publicly but we are shown here, the original

photograph at the scene and the one

published by the MSM, with a fake window,

photoshopped in. (I wonder how this

photoshop jocky feels about his or her job?)

I’ve said enough. Watch the clip and decide

for yourself whether or not the USG’s and

its propaganda outlet, the mainstream

media’s portrayal of this event is on the


Video (18 and a half mins. Yes, you read that right):

MH17 Shot Down Over Ukraine is Missing Malaysian Flight 370

– Alexandra