July 4, 2014 by Susan Horton Patriot Update

Tens of thousands of Palestinian children hurried to register for Terrorists (summer) training camp 101 and to attend programs which indoctrinate the youngsters in hatred toward Israel and trains them for their ultimate goal, the destruction of the Jewish state.

A short time after its attack against three Israelis, Hamas encouraged Palestinian youth to embrace its ideology of hatred and terrorism. Pro-Hamas students glorified the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers two weeks ago during a graduation ceremony. Thousands of attendees waved green Hamas flags in support of the terrorist organization while dozens of graduates held up three fingers to represent the three Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas.

Days after the graduation ceremonies, Hamas invited journalists to photograph its annual summer camp for Palestinian children in Gaza. Nearly 100,000 children attended the camp, where they dress in military fatigues and take orders from Hamas terrorists. Since 2007 when it rose in power along the Gaza strip Hamas has been running these camps. The experience aims to promote Hamas’ ideology, teaching children the techniques behind kidnapping and terror attacks. Participants learn how to use weapons and Hamas terrorists encourage them to participate in actual operations.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister, declared on Hamas Al-Aqsa TV that: “These summer camps emphasize that the Islamic enterprise and the Palestinian enterprise are on the rise, in a state of renewal and in a state of victory, great and powerful, and that the Zionist enterprise is in its regression, decline and weakening, along with all of its allies and those who stand at its side. There is no future for the Zionist entity on the soil of Palestine. It does not suffice to say that we do not recognize Israel. Rather, we say this with a shout and as a slogan during summer camps [of the Generation] of Return: There is no future for Israel on the soil of Palestine!”

Hamas has Garza children training in Jihad throughout summer vacation. The new camp program for Gaza’s youth has been launched under the banner of “Generation of Return”

Most parents around the globe and especially in America don’t allow their children to even make their finger into the resemblance of a gun much less play with real guns. Obama is trying to outlaw all guns here in America even for sport hunting. Depending on the state we have to be 18 years-old, have a background check, be registered and even then we may be denied our 2nd Amendment right to owning a gun.

What a stark contrast to Palestinian children attending Hamas / Palestinian Islamic jihad summer camps who are between the age 6 and 16 and are given military training and anti-Israel indoctrination. These children are (given AK-47’s) that are sometimes bigger than they are and told to jump over fire and crawl under barbed wire with these weapons in order to attack a mock war zone.

No background checks or age limits on jihad training camps handing out weapons, in fact it is part of their curriculum. These tools are just as necessary to their terror training as computers and ink pens are to the training of American students in school.

Thousands participate in these activities which include military exercises using (live) ammunition.

The program has an obstacle course where students swing across monkey bars above open flames of burning car tires, walking on a one-foot by one-foot board of two-inch high nails, a tight-rope walking section and a jumping across to brick stumps to stump. The assault course offers shuffling through make shift tunnels on your stomach through hot sand and under a net of ropes or barbed wires. Elementary-age children take part in semi-military exercise at the camps as well as running in formation and standing at attention.

Hamas claims there are 70 sessions such as this and that the kids arrive fully motivated, “our children grow up with the sounds of rockets and explosions” Nasser told Israeli news site. During training the children learn to shoot weapons such as a Kalashnikov rifle and anti-tank weapons.

A senior Hamas official, Khalil Al-Hayya confirmed, “The camps aim to build a generation armed with Islamic values and to instil Hamas’ fundamentalist brand of education and nationalist ethos in the youth of Gaza.

Jihad camps will take place over two weeks with four hours of activities each day. Hamas operates training programs in Gaza schools having for one hour a week terrorists, from the izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades- Hamas’ military wing, train school boys to use assault rifles and anti-tank weaponry. This training makes use of the school’s facilities and takes place on school grounds.

We aim to connect through the camps the key-of-return to their hearts and to indoctrinate the youth to return to occupied Palestine. This generation will liberate Palestine and will not give up Jerusalem.”

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh declared at a graduation ceremony for one camp in January 2014, “You are the generation of rocks, the generation of rockets, the generation of tunnels and the generation of suicide bombings!”

The purpose of these camps is to radicalize the next generation of Palestinian children against peaceful coexistence with the state of Israel.

An Islamist jihad director stated that the goal of the camp was to “raise an outstanding generation of believing Muslims that are well aware of goals in the conflict with the Zionist enemy and to adhere to the honorable Koran and to the Prophet’s Sunna, as Islamic jihad founder, Dr. Fathi Al-Shqaqi ordered us to do.”

In November 2013, Hamas introduced new textbooks for 55,000 high-school students in the Gaza Strip. The textbooks deny the existence of Israel, do not mention the Oslo Accords of the 1990’s and describe Zionism as a racist movement which aims to drive all Arabs out of the area between Egypt and Iraq. This propaganda shows Hamas’ true face as a terrorist organization which celebrates death and seeks to destroy Israel.

A model camper, 12-year-old Baraa says, “I will not rest until I am on the battlefield, burning the enemy with the volcano of my vengeance.”

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