Dear Editor,
I would like to share my testimony of what happened to me recently,
so that when men stand up they are aware of what they are facing.

I left WA in 2012 after being tortured in court
there for asking magistrate Tanya Watt her name, and having the court
transcripts falsified.
With zero assistance offered by commonwealth attorney general I had to
abandon my home and become effectively a political refugee in NSW.

After failing to access the licensed media regarding the most
monumental act of treason since the American revolution, taking place
in Western Australia.
Whereby parliament simply wrote out the queen as authority for law,
replacing their own company as government. And whereby the entire W.A
Police reneged on their oath to the queen and made a new oath to this
foreign owned company, becoming a standing army in violation of the
Bill Of Rights 1688.
A standing army , armed to the teeth, fortified in every town, with
every member of it with a capital charge of treason hanging over his

Yet this is not considered newsworthy in NSW , at the ABC or even
community radio/newspapers.

So in frustration I decided to make my car an advertisement of this
news. As I am a landowner in W.A. that is where I must register my
car. I cannot do so at the moment without contracting with a defacto
government, which is treason.

So I made my own number plates and put a sign on the car explaining my
reasons for doing so.

I drove around the Coffs Harbour region for some weeks, unmolested by
police. I parked it outside Belligen Police station , while I shopped
and noticed the police looking over the car. But they did nothing as I
drove away.

Indeed the police saw me many times and did nothing.

On Thursday morning of 28th November 2013, I was pulled over by a
police paddy wagon on the way to the dentist., driven by 2 plain
clothes police, who refused to identify themselves.

One of these men, who calls himself Senior constable Brett Green in
legal documents, was visibly shaking, with what appeared to be
adrenalin, whilst standing at my car window.
He shoved a random breath tester at my mouth, as I pulled my head
away, I noticed a spiralling wire emerge from the mouthpiece.
I was perfectly sober, but refused to put that thing near my mouth.

I was arrested ,handcuffed and taken to Macksville courthouse/police
station. When sitting in the police cell I noticed a large blood
blister on my inner forearm.

I was sent to prison by one Magistrate Evans , without establishing
jurisdiction, let alone conviction.

That evening as I was processed into the North Coast Correctional
Facility, I was inspected by the prison nurse (Peter,, forgot his last
I showed him the blood blister and asked him what it was , because I
couldn’t for the life of me recall any physical contact that would’ve
caused it. He instantly recognised it as a needle stick injury, showing me the
thin red line under the skin leading into the blister itself.

The head guard, who may have been the warden, interviewed me and noted the
needle stick, injury and my reasons for being in prison, rang the court
to question the necessity of imprisoning me.
He put me in protective custody out of concern for my safety.

I believe this Senior Constable Green injected me with some pathogen.
I believe it was because the police are working in cahoots with this
foreign cabal taking over Australia through the backdoor, through the
law and that I was exposing it to their detriment.

And I believe that they will murder those of us who stand up to them,
in as cowardly a fashion as they are conquering us.

Any man who is standing up, be wary of the dirty way these bastards fight.

I’ve been injected with god knows what, imprisoned for 6 weeks
not convicted of breaking any law. Indeed would have broken serious laws
to do otherwise.

I’m not sharing this to scare you from fighting, but to impress on you
the dangerous situation currently in Australia, just below the
surface. And to cater to it. Know your enemy

They think threats, punishments etc will scare us off. To me they are
fuel to the fire that drives me on. But nonetheless I was unprepared
for this dirty tactic.
Be aware of injections through random breath testing gadgets.

The blood blister was completely painless, not even an itch.
Had I not refused a random breath test ,I would never have known
they’d injected something in me.

Dave Hageman

Coffs Harbour