hi everyone!

my name is chris wallin

i used to work with the queensland state government

as a public servant geologist in the mines department

with everything i learned from there and stuff

i decided to start a coal mining company – yeah!!

my company is qcoal…look me up, i’m no.1 big-guy in coal

even richer than clive palmer!,

i’m reputedly worth around 1.8billion!!!

and number one on the rich-list for years….ha!!

(not bad for a public servant just a few years ago, hey?…)

i paid $120,000 to the ‘liberal government’ prior to the election….

me and my team have organised exclusive exploration rights

to the bowen basin…‘best coalfield in the world’ i reckon!!

qcoal and its ‘subsidiaries’ now own or co-own

5 mines in the bowen basin,

so far exporting 4million tonnes a year

and byerwenmega-mine’ plan to export 10million tonnes from 2015

– that’s out thru the abbot point ‘coal terminal’ port,

(from where dredge-spoils plan to be dumped near the reef – o well!)

me and co-horts(including) adani (look us up!-

we have a very interesting environment record and corruption issues in india

and have acquired our own power companies and our own ports there too – handy!)

and (also indian-corp) gvk hancock, yes, gina rinehart and co.! and others

want to export more than 80 million tonnes of coal thru abbot point!

(that’s quite a few more ships going thru the reef hey – o well!).

i have also been in the media lately because i want to dig up a creek! – yeah!!

i want to get a whole six months more coal out of my ‘sonoma’ mine

and that darn ‘coral creek’ is in the way…dang you mother nature!

and some lowly farmer wants to stop me just because he needs the water,

just coz his intergenerational farming family relies on the creek for survival…

what’s up with that garry reed? geez! i don’t know…some people just don’t get it…

life is all about profits, not nature, not people’s well-being or the flippin future!

i do wish everyone would just let me do want i want, when i want, and how…

i’m number one coal man!!!, dang your future generations and biodiversity…

(please note, that this is not r e a l l y written by chris wallin, duh!! – tho these details are found in media reports – look it up yourself)