Coal Seam Gas has invaded the best farming country in Australia.

The Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Party have embraced the overseas-owned gas corporations allowing them to plunder and export our domestic gas reserves and in doing so destroying some of the most productive agricultural and grazing country left on Earth.

Around the hubs of CSG activity, Toowoomba and Chinchilla, stories abound about how many CSG company shares and other favours former ALP Premier Peter Beattie and now Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney and others in the LNP Government have been showered with by the various gas companies.

The ability of the next State Government to control and fix this mess is going to be much harder than resurrecting the ruins of the financial tsunami left by the Labor Party in Queensland.

Clive Palmer is a miner of substantial proportions, but he has been quiet about the upcoming CSG earthquake set to destroy regional and urban Australia.

A State Parliament controlled solely by Clive Palmer should be of great concern to every voter. Palmer steadfastly refuses to create a coalition with Bob Katter. One can only ask why?

Bob Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy

Bob Katter’s three State parliamentarians have been the only members in the unicameral State House voicing any opposition to CSG and its foreign ownership.

If Clive Palmer could separate his ego from his abilities, he would realise he cannot form government or even an effective Opposition without Katters Australian Party. KAP has the policies, particularly for rural Australia, which have been developed by Bob Katter over 40 years of his Parliamentary service.

Unfortunately, the Murdoch media, which controls 75 per cent of the state’s city and regional newspapers is a great fan of the Liberal Party and will never concede Katter has developed the best policies for the very survival of agriculture and a sustainable continuation of mining.

These policies will provide real jobs, employment and prosperity for our own people, not 457 visa workers from Asia.

The majority of the state’s farmers and graziers, strangely beholden to the avaricious Liberal National Party, with cult-like dotage on this autocratic government, have become their own enemies and will reap the results of their ignorance when their water resources and their land becomes too contaminated to allow their continued existence west of the Great Dividing Range.

With the LNP now on the nose even more than the ALP, which in itself is a great achievement for just two years of governance, the LNP is taking us down the path of public asset sales and user pay schemes for every mortal necessity of life thanks to its discredited ideology of deregulation and free trade.

Free Trade, Supply and Demand and a debt finance system are part and parcel of Adam Smith’s and John Maynard Keynes idealism that has been adopted by the ALP and LNP parties.

“We demand you supply, no strings attached,” exclaim our trading partners.

If anyone thinks this is a great system of government then they have been living under a rock for 50 years.

Don’t miss this extraordinary CSG video released by Lock the Gate Alliance:

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