Dear Editor,

Salaries of retired Prime ministers and Ministers these are the salaries that are paid to these people that in the main couldn’t run a dog pound and that have got Australia in debt for six hundred and eighty billion dollars.

Past Prime ministers get paid $ 507.338 per year

Past Deputy prime ministers get paid $ 400,016 per year

Past Treasurers gets paid $ 365,868 per year

Past Leaders of the opposition $ 360,990 per year

Ex house or representatives speaker $ 341,477 per year

Ex Leader of the house $ 314,477 per year

Ex Minister in Cabinet $ 336, 599 per year

Ex Parliamentary Secretary $ 243,912

Ex Other ministers $ 307, 329

Chief of defence Base Salary $ 535,100 to $ 764 420

Commissioner of taxation $ 518,000 to 740,000

And this goes on for life once they have served a number of terms in government or parliament. These people are not worth that sort of money even if they were running the country to the benefit of the share holders (You and I) most of them would be flat out running a chook raffle and yet they give them self raises in the payment without our permission, We employee these people to manage our economy, they even fail to do this at a professional level and yet they bring in laws and act to protect their own arses, This has to stop. Once a member of parliament is voted out of office, or leaves the service of the people as a Member of Parliament or public servant they get nothing except for the superannuation that they have contributed to like any other person in Australia and they must wait until they are sixty five to be able to access that money They are using their power of members of parliament to steal off of the very people that elected them.

They also use the information that they gain and the contacts to make even more money using the tax payer funded offices and staff along with their free flights and cars to make even more money.

Ask Bob Hawke how much money he has made as a facilitator arranging the sale of OUR LAND to the Chinese. Ask if he has made around 380 million dollars from these business interests.

Total annual salaries for one hundred and fifty seats and this is only commonwealth not state members is $ 41 , 694,311 Yes that right for one hundred and fifty seats we pay these people forty one million six hundred and ninety four thousand and three hundred and eleven dollars , and this is only for federal members of parliament . IF they live for another twenty years after retiring from parliament we pay them a total eight hundred and thirty three million eight hundred and eighty six thousand and two hundred and twenty dollars $ 833,886,220 and that figure does not include what we pay them the whilst they are sitting members of parliament . And these very people are screwing our elderly, our infirmed our people that are either mentally or physically handicapped. What sorts of grubs are they ?

Peter Schuback

Hervey Bay